Game Theory: We Were Right ALL ALONG! (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

  • Опубликовано: 22 июл 2018
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    FNAF Ultimate Custom Night confirmed what we've said since the beginning. Today Theorists, it all comes full circle. Who is Golden Freddy? What is the POINT of Ultimate Custom Night? This is what the story has been leading to ALL ALONG and I am here to explain it all!
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  • oasis
    oasis 15 минут назад

    It’s sad how many times I’ve checked to see if there was s new theory

  • Laela
    Laela 15 минут назад

    "It's me."

  • ProTayToe Gamer
    ProTayToe Gamer 15 минут назад

    I actually don't like FNAF but i love the lore.

  • The AudDraws
    The AudDraws 15 минут назад +1


  • Eitan Seitchik :D
    Eitan Seitchik :D 15 минут назад

    They all died by ligma :(

  • Jay WW
    Jay WW 15 минут назад

    Wow #1 on trending :o congrats

  • Noah Schaefer
    Noah Schaefer 15 минут назад

    Until the movie comes out you mean?

  • Caution Classy1
    Caution Classy1 15 минут назад

    I want google liquidated because we tested your products and the devices do some hidious things for which not even the milatary was aware of. Then the general populacw has to deal with this desentized human rubbish!

  • santiago aguilera
    santiago aguilera 15 минут назад

    Que miedo xd

  • Dread Games
    Dread Games 15 минут назад


  • Caleb Liggans
    Caleb Liggans 15 минут назад

    Matt: Last FNAF Theory
    Everyone: *Sigh*

  • Some Random Name
    Some Random Name 15 минут назад

    Good job Matt, can't wait for you to make another FNAF theory in the next 2 years, continuously for the remainder of your life, until you die, and get resurrected so you can make even more FNAF theories for the rest of eternity.

  • Xavier Auger
    Xavier Auger 15 минут назад


  • I'm cluckbait
    I'm cluckbait 15 минут назад

    Before I watch the next fnaf theory I am rewatching every fnaf theory ever on game theory

  • Scotty man
    Scotty man 15 минут назад


  • Jarett Jackman
    Jarett Jackman 16 минут назад

    Dawko beat the 50/50 mode, watch it it's awesome!!!

  • that guy
    that guy 16 минут назад

    The beginning is disturbing and cringe worthy

  • Xxero Chronicles
    Xxero Chronicles 16 минут назад

    respect to Scott, it's hard to make a game with a proper ending and not just a happy one

  • harry Flaherty
    harry Flaherty 16 минут назад

    you look like sexy squidward

  • TheRamPaige
    TheRamPaige 16 минут назад

    This was amazing. I’m really happy with how the series ended. :)

  • coriontatereed
    coriontatereed 16 минут назад +1

    Please stop with the FNAF... please god

  • Nasigga
    Nasigga 16 минут назад

    Number 1 Trending In the US.

  • Cap Pruitt
    Cap Pruitt 16 минут назад

    The beginning is horrific

  • Simon V
    Simon V 16 минут назад

    Geez let fnaf die already

  • spacenoodles 123
    spacenoodles 123 16 минут назад

    this is technically DLC pack 2 of the series

  • Gerry Malungcot
    Gerry Malungcot 16 минут назад

    Mattpat keep it going

  • Gamerich9000
    Gamerich9000 16 минут назад +1

    Been subscribed since the first theory. Love you bro. Got any mortal kombat theories for me?

  • TheBlacknoodles _6720
    TheBlacknoodles _6720 16 минут назад

    the start though.... lol

  • ms.marvelous 815
    ms.marvelous 815 16 минут назад +1

    It’s poetic until the fnaf movie trailer comes out and throws everything off.

  • Anchor Rose
    Anchor Rose 17 минут назад

    You won't get tired of my comments will you?

  • Young Fella
    Young Fella 17 минут назад

    GG well played Matt

  • super potato
    super potato 17 минут назад


  • izzy chez147
    izzy chez147 17 минут назад

    Such a cliff hanger

  • AssassinGamer5_
    AssassinGamer5_ 17 минут назад

    ... I instantly realized Mat messed up here UNLESS either I'm an idiot or someone messed up, matpat says the GIRL is assumed to be "the one" is SPECIFICALLY SAID TO BE A BOY.

  • Bacon Retard
    Bacon Retard 17 минут назад

    I know the story and it's been confirmed by scott but i won't tell because i wana see more theory`s an i just wana see how dumb you all are 😸😸😹😹😹😹😸😸

  • DJGreen
    DJGreen 17 минут назад

    Congrats on #1 trending great video!

  • Jorge Medina
    Jorge Medina 17 минут назад

    Is there even gonna be a movie of FNAF still?

  • Slinky Wolf
    Slinky Wolf 17 минут назад

    *I'M PUMPED*

  • Cameron Schroeder
    Cameron Schroeder 17 минут назад

    Did we ever find out what happened to the older Afton brother??

  • ThatOneGuyCris
    ThatOneGuyCris 17 минут назад

    #1 Trending GG

  • Zoey H
    Zoey H 17 минут назад

    Congrats on trending Matt!!

  • The Steelix Master
    The Steelix Master 17 минут назад

    A.k.a Vengeful Spirit

  • Lightning Mix
    Lightning Mix 17 минут назад

    Aww. At the end, I thought the fan would switch on.

  • 21_ animal
    21_ animal 17 минут назад

    Anyone else notice the bone said Afton in hell?

  • Z-Dog Standlee
    Z-Dog Standlee 18 минут назад

    (spoiler maby dont read if not wanting a maby spoiler)f you read the 1st book of the seires youll find out who goldenfreedy is he is micheal afton yes him.

  • That One Gamer
    That One Gamer 18 минут назад

    Am I still the only one who thinks it’s almost funny how there have been, like, 5 “last” FNAF theorys?

    SEMENIAS R 18 минут назад

    Da fluck is wrong if the intro XD what a perfect mach

  • Corrin the Red Dragon/Ghoul
    Corrin the Red Dragon/Ghoul 18 минут назад

    So wait...if Golden Freddy is not the Crying Child we play as in FNaF 4, then who is Golden Freddy other than just being called the one you shouldn't have killed?

  • Don't Go
    Don't Go 18 минут назад +1

    The *KING* back again with the FNAF theories
    I'm really glad your back😄👏

  • How To Draw/ Rydrick
    How To Draw/ Rydrick 18 минут назад

    MattPatt for weeks Iv'e been trying to figure who was the one we should not have killed, and you've done it fore me. Thank You!
    BTW, I subscribed ;3

  • The Raptor Pack
    The Raptor Pack 18 минут назад

    8:07 - 8:16 I’m dying

    • RremJei Gaming
      RremJei Gaming 15 минут назад

      Hahahah "they deserved it" lol

  • Kanato Sakamaki
    Kanato Sakamaki 18 минут назад


  • Creamchiz5OnYT
    Creamchiz5OnYT 18 минут назад

    Once Again Matpat Takes Over The Trending Section #1 Forevar Congrats Matpat And Team!!

  • Manuel Castro
    Manuel Castro 18 минут назад


  • XQ DC
    XQ DC 18 минут назад


  • Hastune Miku [PN]
    Hastune Miku [PN] 18 минут назад


  • Coop Conley
    Coop Conley 18 минут назад


  • Fnaf Gaming/Mashups
    Fnaf Gaming/Mashups 18 минут назад

    4:53 You Say We Are Playing As Springtrap(William Afton), But If We Were Playing As Springtrap, He Wouldn't Be In The Ultimate Custom Night. Neither Will Scrap Trap Be In There

  • Eddie II
    Eddie II 18 минут назад

    Gotta give props to editors for that intro. ✔💯😉👌

  • Clonewarsfan555
    Clonewarsfan555 18 минут назад

    Number 1 on trending matt

  • Jason Blevins
    Jason Blevins 18 минут назад

    but then who is affton

  • Gaming4Life123
    Gaming4Life123 18 минут назад

    #1 Trending in the US

  • izzy chez147
    izzy chez147 18 минут назад

    Wow Mat amazing work

  • Marcrica Macaling
    Marcrica Macaling 18 минут назад

    & Congrats Mr. MatPat

  • Anakin Joesph
    Anakin Joesph 18 минут назад +1

    Look, it's a pika Matt!

  • Ethan Pelt
    Ethan Pelt 19 минут назад

    I lost it as soon as I saw toy matpat

  • S h C k R
    S h C k R 19 минут назад

    That *You are Golden Freddy* part hit me so hard

  • Practical_ Squid012
    Practical_ Squid012 19 минут назад +2

    Watch, Scott will release another game in the next month and ruin Matpat's "final timeline" video.

  • N 18
    N 18 19 минут назад

    #1 on trending?!??

  • Dylan King
    Dylan King 19 минут назад

    Scott ended it the way it all started golden Freddy being the secret and a mystery

  • Paradox Plays
    Paradox Plays 19 минут назад

    DaNg WaiFu material 0:15

  • ulisesroine
    ulisesroine 19 минут назад

    I'll buy that for a dollar.

  • *insert clever username here*
    *insert clever username here* 19 минут назад

    Kaneki dies in Infinity War.

  • 13 Animations
    13 Animations 19 минут назад +1

    Congratulations on no. 1 on trending

  • Trinity Amour
    Trinity Amour 19 минут назад

    Its unreal that this is about to be over. I remember playing the first five nights at freddys game in my class 🤣🤣 i never thought this game would be THIS big :,)

  • Stylishskits !
    Stylishskits ! 19 минут назад

    How come afton can jumpscare you

    SHAFIN CHOUDHURY 19 минут назад

    Dadpat greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt start of the vid

  • Chickenwing !
    Chickenwing ! 19 минут назад

    Wtf is the intro

  • Trap Music VS Original
    Trap Music VS Original 19 минут назад

    nightmare mangle or mangle is the most interesting (opinion)

  • FatKiTKAt
    FatKiTKAt 19 минут назад

    I actually love this videos but god damn how many times is there the words the final theory in this series

  • Michelle Isnt Awesome Williams
    Michelle Isnt Awesome Williams 19 минут назад

    Waiting for scotts "good job you did it" comment

  • Awesome 360100
    Awesome 360100 19 минут назад

    Can you fix the order of the fnaf playlist? The order is kind of messed up, and it’s confusing.

  • Skylar Game
    Skylar Game 19 минут назад

    Finally MatPat is here to save me!! I'm getting sick of these kids that say we play as Michael Afton in hell in UCN but clearly we play as William Afton in hell! :D

  • Ladybug & Chat Noir
    Ladybug & Chat Noir 19 минут назад

    OMG!!!! Yes matpat I love this video and this has got to be amazing for you to have figured everything and I can’t wait for your next video. Also CONGRATS FOR GETTING NUMBER 1 ON TRENDING!!! You so deserve it. Thank you for sticking through this game and entertaining us with humor even through your frustration during your theory’s.

  • sebbb2707 guy
    sebbb2707 guy 19 минут назад +1

    Shut up Mr.hippo 1:08

  • Josué Vallejo
    Josué Vallejo 19 минут назад

    #1 on Trending
    And for good reason

  • PureGoku and Friends
    PureGoku and Friends 19 минут назад

    Fnaf 3

  • littleNightK
    littleNightK 19 минут назад

    well that escalated quickly

  • Jess
    Jess 19 минут назад

    #1 on trending yay

  • Crescentpaws5000Wolfpaws
    Crescentpaws5000Wolfpaws 19 минут назад +1

    kinda sad

  • Mini mix puppet
    Mini mix puppet 19 минут назад +1

    My life just flashed before my eyes

  • WhiteAurorus
    WhiteAurorus 19 минут назад

    So...this game is basically the Genocide run?

  • Gage
    Gage 19 минут назад

    this comment wont get 2 likes

    OOF THE OOFED 19 минут назад


  • Marcrica Macaling
    Marcrica Macaling 19 минут назад

    Deep man

  • Elite Potato
    Elite Potato 19 минут назад


  • LINK servis
    LINK servis 20 минут назад

    Starts video...
    ... wtf Matt?!

  • BitDestroyer 5000
    BitDestroyer 5000 20 минут назад

    dude........ I AM SO READY FOR THIS!!!!!!!

  • JellyBeanie Draws
    JellyBeanie Draws 20 минут назад

    oh my God Matthew you smartiepants

  • Black sheep
    Black sheep 20 минут назад

    I don't think Scott even knows what he's doing anymore and is just throwing this and that here and there because why not?