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Автор Roger Levy ( назад)
7:38 Oh my, is this one of Japan's famous four seasons?

Автор Sabrin sab ( назад)
For a second I thought u we're speaking Swedish cuz I'm fluent then my dumbass was like it's in English

Автор A.M. R. ( назад)
Pancakes... aren't supposed... to be sexy... but these are... oh my LAWD

Автор Ravenclaw Sneha ( назад)
the Danish cookies :)

Автор TSETSI :: Leech Therapy :: Medical Leeches :: Hirudo Medicinalis :: Medicinal Live Leech ( назад)
you are the perfect couple

Автор thatgirlkelly1 ( назад)
Martina is such a cutie pie. She looks like a mix between Primrose Everdeen and Cressida. Gorgeous.

Автор huy mac duong ( назад)
PIN ME!!!!! Or else I'll kill my dog!

Автор mina mii19 ( назад)
I seriously started drooling while watching this video.

Автор Tara Browning ( назад)
I just think you are the absolute cutest couple ever. #relationshipgoals also #pancakegoals

Автор Adrian ( назад)
How much did you pay for all of that flavour goodnes?

Автор Revbaud ( назад)
is it true that in terms of living and working in japan, the community is very much a bubble in a sense that they dont really open up to foreigners?

Автор Ellen Chan ( назад)

Автор Eli Nathan ( назад)
wow ouran highschool host club gosh.. that takes me back

Автор Belinda Prince ( назад)
Food Porn! Love it... You guys rock!!

Автор Insert name Here_____ ( назад)
Wow I got a commercial for waffles that's ironic

Автор Emily Cobb ( назад)
I'm pretty sure Simon was about to cry when he got his pancakes.😂

Автор letspaintyourface Mayra Harper ( назад)
I HAVE canker sores right and to not laugh or smile is EXTREMELY hard . so much PAIN! it's worth it!!! Simon&Martina I love you 😚

Автор madude21 ( назад)
Hey your editing is amazing! May I ask what editing software do you use?

Автор Deathbrewer ( назад)
Perfection doesn't actually exist... but you can swear stuff sometimes comes damn close!

Автор Daniel Thobias ( назад)
So, um, is Simon a bit tipsy in this shot? Too much cough syrup, hangover?

Автор Morgan Taylor ( назад)

Автор miku maido ( назад)
XD That was amazing. I love the whole Ouran High School Host Club feel you gave this with the instrumentation and the little insert chibis of you both.

Автор Kasai Ichinose ( назад)
Did anyone else hear the intro to EXO- Wolf at 0:07?
Nah? Just me?

Автор midnightduo1 ( назад)
Your knees at the end... ouch...

Автор Ist van ( назад)
Food porn...

Автор childofyah ( назад)
Love y'all! What a wonderful find.

Автор Alves Rei ( назад)
I had to give a "like" right after the whale nipples part... XD I couldn't wait until the end

Автор FireFnafBoy HD ( назад)
did I hear exo in the beginning....

Автор Curly Gabie ( назад)
The pancakes were so huge!

Автор afnan hisyam hussin ( назад)
will you be doing a video about the uncle rikuro cheesecake?

Автор purpleeggkyu ( назад)

Автор L Blue ( назад)
I am sick while watching this,but i think you two healed me ahahahahaha i hope to have a relationship like yours!😂😘😍

Автор HeavyArmored Mage ( назад)
They could make small birthday cakes with those pancakes and stack them up and put iceing or cream cheese or chocolate or some other type of awesome cake toping mhmmm birthday pancake

Автор Felipe Bustamante ( назад)
Hi guys!
Great editing, loved the whale's nipples bit!

Автор Tilda :3 ( назад)

Автор Will ( назад)
Shit looks they cooked it in an oversized muffin tray - how else is it not burnt??

Автор Jessica Shorter ( назад)
the Ouran characters ha!

Автор Stephanie Reyes ( назад)
You two are beautiful human beings.

Автор Léa Racine ( назад)
I just remembered this video and started crying about how much I need pancakes in my life right now

Автор Kristina Burgos ( назад)
Simon's face when Martina took a bite of the soufflé... that was no acting!

Автор Guy Williams ( назад)
You guys are "wonderful and amazing" love ya!

Автор Cabbage Lettuce ( назад)
Trump 2017! love your shirt Simon.

Автор Pamela Succaw ( назад)
Challenge accepted. I will make those. In Montana.

Автор John Smith ( назад)

Автор Sarai Jaramillo ( назад)
Subtitulos en español piedad Г-Г

Автор Maria Elisa ( назад)
I love you guys

Автор Kenneth Donnelly ( назад)
lol......Simon looks like he is sitting at the kids table in the long shots.

Автор Kenneth Donnelly ( назад)
so its pancake tuesday i just aye some pancakes and syrup while watching the Ramen video.

Автор brokenredflag ( назад)
i like the litle drawings... thanks for the laghfter. i like oposites. oposites atract :)

Автор Mousr01 ( назад)
Possibly the best food porn shots in a food adventure... It looks so amazing!

Автор Alma Wade ( назад)
I've been so in love with these food videos. I wish I was there to eat it all xD

Автор VirtualLife ( назад)
Lol... Simon with creeper look... Everything in Japan, even food, is like an artwork. The pancake looks tasty, but i want my pancake to look like a pancake and irregular. Pancake is one o those things where the irregularities r wat gives it the character. Look how clean the restaurant is, the server even wears a glove and a mask lol. Look at that precision on the souffle. I think the souffle is better then the pancake.

Автор The Jeyps Perez Show ( назад)
Pancakes sooooo YUMMY! :P

Автор Marcie Reynolds ( назад)
Food porn yum

Автор Marcie Reynolds ( назад)
Strawberry and cream would be supper yummy

Автор schalazeal07 ( назад)
The outro.. You guys are toooooo adorable!!! XD

Автор Yuriko Uemura ( назад)
such a food porn

Автор lrjyb ( назад)
Whale nipples mwahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

Автор ailee rose ( назад)
10/10, you guys looked up my curiosity for me with whale nipples.💕💋 🐳💋 💕
love the video

Автор 超胡麻塩 ( назад)

Автор JannieJubille ( назад)
2:55 comedy gold cause thats just what I was going to do.

Автор Vee ( назад)
I love it when you don't act like adults :D hehe

Автор Alexander Kerkhoff ( назад)
Did Martina say "Danke, Schatz" at 4:51? Since when do you use German phrases? ^^ <3

Автор Meg Coffey ( назад)
The Ouran High School host club reference just made my day! 💜

Автор The Dale Tribe ( назад)
Wonderful, amazing pancake sorcery! I never thought foodie videos could be so entertaining and funny! I laughed so hard!!

Автор Candie Campbell ( назад)
Annyeon Martina, chubokhasaeyo!

Автор Poke Mon ( назад)
Those macro porn shots.

Автор Liliana Nazarbayeva ( назад)

Автор teila211 ( назад)
Aww, too bad. I hate pancakes 🥞

Автор AJ O'Day ( назад)
YAAAAS MARTINA your hair is slaying me!!~~~~~~

Автор Katya Rodriguez-Saldana ( назад)
I feel like Haruhi right now who has been lured in by Tamaki and Kyoya OMG

Автор Katya Rodriguez-Saldana ( назад)
AYE ouran high school host club simon and martina are our hosts OMG I'M IN HEAVEN love that anime

Автор ZombieBunnyPosse ( назад)
I live for your food adventures!!!

Автор MrsInAbox ( назад)
I think it's a universally accepted truth that the first pancake is sacrificial

Автор Mya Schaeffer ( назад)
Why are the pancakes so thick or is that because i am use to Swedish pancakes

Автор Daniela Flores ( назад)
+Simón and Martina, Martina you look so gorgeous with This look.

I love your channel since two years ago.

Автор Andy Oh ( назад)
@9:38 don't do shit like that please.

Автор The Crazy Reader ( назад)
i love the fact that the picture they used when she told about cokies and suger chunks. Yeah those royal dansk that is our cookies..... Like seriously i'm danish and we just make them at home and they are so delicious

Автор Jasmin Mijangos ( назад)
There was a two min unskippable ad before this video 🙃 I did it for you Simon and Martina! 🙂

Автор Gloria Celeste ( назад)
Unicorn outfit!😂😂😂 Martina I love you! 💕 hope you are feeling better 😘😘😘

Автор Nina Osvald ( назад)
You guys are the best, so cute!

Автор 유예슬 ( назад)

Автор seeing. dots ( назад)

Автор Abby Miller ( назад)
What she showed us the cookies I have theem...

Автор Sarah ODarnYou ( назад)
@5:42 you can see Martina's life flash before her eyes because that pancake fulfilled her life purpose

Автор Sarah ODarnYou ( назад)
Martina adulted for a pancake. That means they must be good.

Автор Schmutz Lord ( назад)
i heard its very disrespectful to wear a hat while eating.

Автор Adrian G ( назад)
It's so sad when I'm watching your videos and I realise that I live in shitty London where hardly any restaurant puts so much effort to master specific dishes. Most places here are ok'ish, but if you want really high end food you have to go to Michelin style restaurants and spend a lot of money. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of small, independent, really good places but I don't think they master products the same way Japanese do. Japanese will focus on one product and make if freaking awesome that entire city will queue up outside. Most places in UK will serve fucking everything and everything is average on the menu. I miss those places where you can think "hey I want noodles, let's go to this or this place because they make the best noodles in town etc." nah... all fucking the same everywhere with little tweaks here and there.

Автор joyjoyoo ( назад)
Oh my..

Автор Charlotte Musto ( назад)
I just drooled on my phone....

Автор msaimee2012 ( назад)
love the new editing touches...dan or martina, either way i dig it

Автор Chronos ( назад)
Simon looks like he's on a kid's table 😂😂

Автор anGelloves GazettE ( назад)
when Martina started growling, me 100% 24/7 with food

Автор Sara M ( назад)
"Eat your pancakes like you are human" - Simon 😂😂😂😂

Автор Ramen Noodle Slurper ( назад)
Simon: Where the (bleep) is my 'kookie'?
Me: Yes Jeon Jungkook is cool.👌

Автор Ramen Noodle Slurper ( назад)
i like Martina's watch

Автор bonjourstacy24 ( назад)
no lie. my husband walked up to someone at denny's and asked if he could have some pancakes. they agreed (probably because they thought he was nuts). so he sat down and started eating pancakes with them.

Автор Tactical_ Dan117 ( назад)
I want you guys adopt Me but I'm 19 years old lmaoo

Автор Tactical_ Dan117 ( назад)
why are you guys so cool

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