Designing your own PC Case - FAQ

In this last video in my silent PC case series, I answer some frequently asked questions.

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Автор arthur abraham ( назад)
What is the room/ambient temprature ? Usually temperature deltas help more than absolute values. Thanks!

Автор Jacob Flores ( назад)
That you have phone, the HTC One X, was my absolute favorite phone I've owned. Excellent screen clarity and colors, even by today's standards, the size was just perfect IMO, and it ran Jelly Bean so well. My father in law still uses it and it runs as buttery smooth as it did back when I let it go in 2014.

Автор chuckles de clown ( назад)
i wanna experiment with this.

Автор Thomas Mauer ( назад)
Hi Matt, are you still using this computer case and GPU cooling solution? I haven't seen it on your desk in follow-up videos. Would be nice to know if you still do use it andr if you've gained insight in the meantime about areas of possible improvement - should there be any.

Автор Budred123 ( назад)
What material did you use for the dust filters?

Автор Random Ryan ( назад)
Should've mentioned that the 460 tends to run at or above 90c when talking about temps.

Автор Normal Person ( назад)
And then your PSU says "fuck your silence" and ramps up.

Автор TriPeekProductions ( назад)
how about making a camera

Автор i ( назад)
Why doesn't this guy launch this on kickstarter, or sell the design! I'd bet that a LOT of people would be interested!

Автор SillyPotatoeSP ( назад)
you should try to get this mass produced i think it would sell well

Автор life Dropout Art ( назад)
Could u make a simpler Diy transforming ur current rig to a silent one??

Автор Kris Patel ( назад)
How the crap did you make it, whats it made from, where did you get the templates such as motherboard holes and drive bays?

Автор Konrad 29 ( назад)
Man you are brilliant !!!

Автор Adam Rich ( назад)
where did you send your design to have the case created?

Автор AstroposYT ( назад)
i thought ramsey Bolton was dead... clearly not

Автор luis _ ( назад)
Very well done, take a bow son. This is how PC cases should be designed, no compromises design from top-down.

Автор Rouchmi Ayoub ( назад)
DIY Perks
Can I Pay you to build another "Cloud Unit" for me !!

Автор Smidget ( назад)
Anyone know where to get good powerbuttons because I'm building a custom pc case and can't find a good powerbutton that isnt a piece of crap

Автор cyberjack ( назад)
you are very "English" .. hue grant English lol

Автор Steven Cook ( назад)
If you can, I would love to see you upload a video detailing the steps you took to build this. What materials did you use, what tools did you use, and maybe give a estimated amount of time you put into it. how did you put it all together. Did you hire a local company or did you buy all the materials and do it yourself in your garage. I like to hear about those specific details. How much effort does it take to actually build a good professional looking case?

Автор Bob Fergisoon ( назад)
Upgrading CPU or GPU anytime soon?

Автор Oihane Mariñelarena ( назад)
Do you happen to have skype? So i can send you my computer insites, I need some advices, please! Thank you!!! Great videos!

Автор sTroovE ( назад)
that looks amazing dude

Автор Gamer#1 ( назад)
Can you please sell this case? It could be without any additional ports, such as motherboard and what not.

Автор Lucian Iștoc ( назад)
Put a Gtx750ti in there,it has a 60W tdp

Автор pat ayala ( назад)
have you ever thought about 3d printing a pc case

Автор ShadowSlayer ( назад)
What is that black thing, over the side holes

Автор nnnkatze ( назад)
How much time did it take you to build the case?

Автор Cestarian Inhabitant ( назад)
Hey I'm wondering how you would go about designing a quiet case like this for two (M-ATX) computers in the one case enclosure, I'm trying to design one such myself, but fitting in all that hardware is a challenge if I want to stick with conventional mid/full tower case sizes (even if Phanteks managed to do it easily with a mid-tower, phanteks enthoo mini xl dual system; but it is neither designed for silence nor elaborate cooling solutions like you've got here.

Автор Izzy G ( назад)
Its bad, that you just told "nothings gonna burn" but you dont show the steps exactly how to prevent them from burning... So many steps aren't in your video and so I'm not able to build it... Bad! Greetings from germany and please make a new video with all the missed steps!

Автор diamond971 ( назад)
Hello Matt(From France)
Very good job on this PC Case.
Just one question.Can I Have the CPU and GPU Coolers reference.Its seems to be made by Titan, but wich model exactly.Thanks !!

Автор Apple Bloom Real ( назад)

Автор Ezra Ripps ( назад)
How did he make that power switch

Автор Lev Saunders ( назад)
What was the process of actually creating the case, it seems really interesting
(What service did you use, how did you design it, etc)

Автор Alienbraham Lincoln ( назад)
I didn't come here to here you talk about your case. I came to learn how to make one of my own. However that is a sexy ass case

Автор thePavuk ( назад)
Your work proves how shitty designed are cases nowdays. 95% designed absolutely wrong, all is just brands and ugly eyecandies on stock box covered in random ugly designed plastic. They ignores heat and air flow, put fans in worst positions, blocked by grids and billions of hdd slots. Tons of silencing foams but fans have intake with sharp grid aimed directly to user... you should patent that design and sell it to Cooler master, Fractal design or Be Quiet. They won't learn how to make cases without you.

Автор Kaffi O ( назад)

Автор MA_DD ( назад)
It looks awesome I have watched the other videos about this PC but my question is can it run fallout 4?

Автор Evan Mark ( назад)
I would like to design my own case just like you have and I was wondering where you got the dimension for important things like motherboard mounting spots, PCI slots, and other standard dimensions like those.

Автор Emre Konuk ( назад)
And that laptop dvd drive... Can i connect one with sata in a desktop with the desktop psu?

Автор Geng Pan ( назад)
it is really nice! to build personal unique case is amazing.

Автор goingtobe ( назад)
You have awesome projects. I will have a lot of usages to this kind of silent pc for music recordings. I didn't get what is the cooler you used for the graphic card, and from where did you get all the parts. Also, I trust regular more then SSD hard drive since I heard they get "broken" much more frequently, sometimes less the a year. is it possible to mount 4 hard drives like the 1T hard drive you have there?

Автор Gran Gurbo ( назад)
First of all, congratulations, you've made one of the most impressive cases I've ever seen.
Now about the GPU cooling... Would an extra 140mm pull fan at the top of the case on the side of the card increase the noise too much? If not, it might be a decent way to squeeze a few more ºC out of the only hot component, even if it's only for bragging rights.

Автор jonnypanteloni ( назад)
what keyboard is that?

Автор The Cinema Boy ( назад)
Is a m705 mouse? i think it is.

Автор Daniel Bernard ( назад)
how thick are the alu plates? and what would you recommend? :)

Автор Louis Sherwood (1564 года назад)
You look like you could be related to Alfie Allen - played Theon Greyjoy in GoT.

Автор jerry bomcool ( назад)
My GTX 460 se got to near 100c on furmark, this was the zotac one and was really good, played skyrim and far cry 3 on high settings 40-50 fps, got the GTX 980 Reference now and it hits 80c Max

Автор David Varner ( назад)
Is there a way to monitor the temperature of the computer with thermistors?

Автор Ignatius ( назад)
what about adding some cool packs below so the air flowing can cool it further?

Автор Meagle Fan club ( назад)
I would really appreciate if someone showed me how to wire a power button to the pc and make light up

Автор Aleks S ( назад)
Der sir what DVD or CD drive is that? thank you

Автор Andrei Jedidiah ( назад)
Seriously you diy the case?

Автор Michael Madsen ( назад)
still no parts list in the description :(

Автор Pawiczekk (1031 год назад)
Wow. But my graphic card never reaches more than 40 C even after 2 hours of gaming with ~99% load. Same after 6 hours and etc. Maximum temperature that I noticed was 38 C so close but not higher than 40 C

Автор Eirik Hernes ( назад)
Did you draw the case in some kind of a computer program, before you ordered all the materials?

Автор kevin torgersson ( назад)
What´s the name of that PC CASE?

Автор Meowchin ( назад)
Is price of the CPU coolers and fans included in this 40 GBP? I guess not?

Автор javy0820 ( назад)
Its a good looking case. You should sell the design to a manufacturer. Even if its not THIS quite, it's still a good looking case

Автор Alex Suazo ( назад)
Theon Greyjoy? Is that you?

Автор lolololololololololololololololololol ( назад)
silent pc = watch porn more safely

Автор Pieter Ouborg ( назад)
I love this build! I'm looking to buy a new system (not a laptop anymore) before november, and I must say that this is really up there!
However, do you (or any other well informed person) think a giant heatsink like that will cool an Asus GTX 980 Ti Strix? Because that's most likely the card I'm going after...
This will be my first pc that I'm going to build entirely myself, with help of the manufacturers of components ofcourse, so I'm pretty excited :)

Автор Novak Antonijevic ( назад)
What is that TV or Monitor that you have ? please answer.

Автор Chris Smith ( назад)
and cpu

Автор Chris Smith ( назад)
what graphics card do you have in the pc

Автор Gustavo Bronner ( назад)
I think this was an amazing build and I loved how silent it was!
Just wanted to ask you one thing: how did you manage to keep the fans in place with a towel? How did you fold it to keep its shape? Are they filled with cardboard or something alike? Could you make a video or take some pictures?
Also, why not creating a facebook page where we can just ask you these questions and get it easier for you to contact us?

Btw, awesome channel! I liked your ideas quite a lot! Keep up the good work!

Автор Kim Strandberg (1051 год назад)
You cant really measure acoustics by wattage like you suggest, the actual fan speed / amount of fans / design.

50 celsius on an i7 ? Again depends on the cooler,.

Автор Mitchell Quinn ( назад)
Would you mind telling us where you sourced the aluminium? Thanks!

Автор Robix : ( назад)
+DIY Perks can you do an how to video for that data saving system please

Автор Percunas ( назад)
nice work man!
i rly would like a test from silentpcreview

Автор matt le'mon ( назад)
what program was that, in which youre using to test it?

Автор netsurfer912 ( назад)
"Litterally incredible"

... I don't believe it.

Автор Arti9m ( назад)
Hey, you're a cheater! :) Or your camera is. 60FPS is not real, I bet you did it with something like Twixtor.

Автор SuperAlecv ( назад)
GTX 460? What games are you maxing out with that?

Автор MineShift TV ( назад)
you can use Sapphire r7 250 ultimate for your build. it actually dont have any fan on it and it never go up from 50 C

Автор Jojojoostje ( назад)
If you put an i7 in that and stress it the computer will probably turn off because of far too high temps, the components you are using are so outdated that they simply cant create any decent heat.

Автор dragcham3 ( назад)
+DIY Perks  Can you do a video on how to make the back up button

Автор skylinevspec000 ( назад)
For reference here in australia, 1200x2400x1.6mm sheet is about $80. 20x20mm angle is about $30 for 6m length. Pack of small bolts and a pop rivet set $20 odd. Then its just Pc components. In my opinion id pop rivet the case rather than screw it.

Автор Emerson Holladay ( назад)
+DIY Perks I was curious if you can feel a temperature difference in the room when the computer is running under full load for awhile? I have my pc in a small room and with the door shut it after a bit it gets toasty inside. Wondering if you managed to make a completely unnoticeable desktop under load in every way, although I know youre not running the hottest components. Thanks!

Автор Tabish Syed ( назад)
We have the same QNIX 1440p IPS monitors !!!

I also had the same mouse lol

Автор Faizan Akhtar ( назад)
You need to make these for selling. I'd so buy one for 100-125 bucks!

Автор neon32 ( назад)
My old passive 8800GT used to go up to 100°C while gaming, It worked fine like that for 3 years until I upgraded it.

Автор Unorthodo_x ( назад)
I wonder what +DIY Perks does for a living? I'm guessing some type of engineer.

Автор paul young ( назад)
I've been checking out the home made case series, but have maybe a flaw, in your testing. How are the fans set up, are they static, or do you have them on a curve, set up to ramp them up, as the pc gets faster ?

Автор bobthebui144 ( назад)
A GTX460. Are you kidding me?

Автор GameHEADtime All Gaming All Tech All Platforms ( назад)
Start a case company that look amazing very amazing!

Автор newrhea13 ( назад)
so, where is that video on how to make the backup system? or is that not going to be a tutorial....

Автор TheBcoolGuy ( назад)
I like your videos and I love DIY-stuff. I don't really upload anymore, but I will do DIY stuff later on. I hope to see more nice stuff from you in the future!
My PC has these specs:
i5 2310 3.2 GHz (Quad Core)
Acer OEM motherboard (LGA 1155)
8GB RAM DDR3 1333MHz
WD Green 1TB - Windows 7 - Main Drive
WD Green 2TB - Sometimes Linux - Extra Storage/Testing Drive
2 140mm Cougar Vortex fans
2 120mm fans - 1 CV - 1 CoolerMaster
Fractal Design Define R3 Black Pearl
Corsair CS750M
Sapphire Radeon R9 270x 2GB Dual-X
DVD-ROM drive

I am upgrading in 2016 or 2017. The only real "bottleneck" is the 1155-socket motherboard. But it works fine anyhow.

Автор DigiDavidex Esperimenti ( назад)
Il ragazzo mi ricorda il protagonista del film Spiderman :D

Автор Gerald Luckett ( назад)
Just a thought, your temps would probably be better if the case fans were mounted at the top. Pushing air (fans on bottom) creates turbulence, while pulling air (fans on top) creates a steady flow. It's why things like indoor skydiving tunnels have the fans above you.

Автор Stanislaw S. ( назад)
Those are some great temps considering the noise [or lack of those].
One sad fact is that Intel is using thermal paste under IHS instead of soldering it directly to die. Result is - you get mostly same temps no matter what cooling you use. As a owner of i7-4770k, I can tell you, I had some ~30$ cooler which kept my temps at 58*C. I switched to custom water loop.. and guess what - 56*C under load. Not much of an improvement. [that's why people do delid their processors. but again, you can't really delid and slap tower cooler on top of that.]

Автор Christopher Wisdom ( назад)
What are the dimensions of the case and the larger sheet of aluminum before you cut it. And the size of the 90 degree aluminum corners.?

Автор Roar RAP ( назад)
You sir, are a genius!

Автор MGF100 ( назад)
I'm not gay or anything but he has a amazing smile (wow that sounded so gay)

Автор PulseVideoProduction ( назад)
how did you make your backup button system?

Автор mrpipps90 ( назад)
If you put a 960 in this thing you would get great performance in many modern games and it puts out way less heat than the card he currently has installed.

Автор Felix R. ( назад)
Didn't you want to make a video about the backup solution? I think that woul'd intrest many of us :)

Автор Invisibletwitte ( назад)
my laptop goes to 80°C in idle 96°C when playing graphics easy games

Автор RMoribayashi ( назад)
Great build. Someone commented on the lower than average view count for the series. YouTube suggested it to me at the end of a video unrelated to computers and I don't have much of a history watching DIY or computer vids. Maybe it's getting some deserved exposure.

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