Japanese All-you-can-eat Oyster Restaurant!!

In this video we visit ar restaurant called Mitsuryosen in Chiba. A popular izakaya amongst young people and lovers of seafood, especially Oysters! This restaurant has 90 minute and 120 minute all you can eat Oyster sets for as little as 2900 or $30 dollars per person. We ate about 20+ Oysters each in 90 minutes. How many could you eat?

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Animation by Studio DOULZIA

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Автор amazingdany ( назад)
*Looks tasty as fudge.*

Автор Jonbon Vonjan ( назад)
damn that guy fucking assuming disgusting piece of shit

Автор Patrick rey Villaruel ( назад)
ive never ever seen this kind of foods.those food taste like chicken right?

Автор 898792 ( назад)
will they let  you eat them raw there? cause I love raw oysters!!!

Автор Bao Vinh Peter ( назад)
Hey Ozzy! I wanted to check out this place. Do you have the actual address as I was trying to google it and can't find it on their map? Appreciate it!

Автор Dhbkvn Vinci ( назад)
Oh so sorry Mr. chink man but I can reply where ever I want that's called freedom of speech but you should be medicated who the hell eats dogs in 2017

Автор Dhbkvn Vinci ( назад)
No Asians cute !!!!Asians eat dogs stop the dogmeat trade stop boiling dogs alive stop scanning them alive stop eating dogs!!!stop yulin

Автор Sothea Bun ( назад)
She have a boyfriend already

Автор Holly M ( назад)
Micheal Jackson glove hee hee

Автор Jonathan To ( назад)
:o ...I need to go to this place...

Автор Rodi Roy Rodi ( назад)
She is so cute, how should I approach her so that she starts thinking about me seriously and does not take me for just another boy?

Автор mark lim ( назад)
Hihi I would really love to get that griller

Автор n3m3sis2 ( назад)
Do they not know about all the radiation in the water? How do they still eat seafood?

Автор TheyGoWhootnnn ( назад)
I'd shuck that asian girl! get it LOL

Автор Gordon Cheung ( назад)
Just stumbled upon on your channel. Seeing lots of rude comments. Just keep doing you man. Fun videos!

Автор TheoDerBOSS ( назад)
man I love japanese women... I'd definetely smash those two

Автор Great One ( назад)
change the title to "Gay trying to open an Oyster"

Автор Lbolting005 ( назад)
This is my first time watching this guy's video, but is he gay or something?

Автор Stephanie SC ( назад)
"DO IT LIKE A BOSS"....is that why it took you 20 minutes to opened one? hah!

Автор bananaman22 ( назад)

Автор Bria Pierce ( назад)
Hi Ozzy, I'm trying to visit this place today, but can't find it on google maps. 😣 Is there a way to find the Japanese address?

Автор Komega ( назад)

Автор Ethan Cochran ( назад)
Your intro is amazing

Автор monica geller ( назад)
i'm surprised she hasn't got one, she's very cute and attractive

Автор txhypnotist ( назад)
Thanks for posting this video. I enjoyed knowing more about the place and people.
Make's me hungry for more oysters. Where's the garlic butter???

Автор Nocturne22 ( назад)
I hear AAA's Paradise playing in the background at one point

Автор Artemio A. Mtz ( назад)
Hey Hello, regards of the Mexico of Monterrey City, Wich is the adress of this restaurant? Please...

Автор Vietlover92 D ( назад)
oh shit and we can smoke in it too, haha.

Автор Vojtěch Brezík ( назад)
Why not eat them raw?

Автор TavernAllDayers89 ( назад)
Ozzy Twist the knife mate otherwise you'll eat 3 oysters in 90min, Thanks for the video

Автор Play-a-maker ( назад)
If she wants a boyfriend, she needs to fix those fucked up teeth

Автор On On ( назад)
Mitsuryousen means "A Poaching Boat" in Japanese... haha

Автор Kirk Kennedy ( назад)
where do you get an indoor grill like that?

Автор Fook Utube ( назад)
Stuff that,waiting for them to cook lol . Give it to me raw NOW

Автор MrDude88 ( назад)
90 mins of all you can eat oyster for roughly $30? That's crazy cheap.

Автор Ivan Alexander Jimenez ( назад)
i wanna be her boyfriend ! lol

Автор Nick H ( назад)
Raw is the way to go! I should put this on my list.

Автор MarettDale ( назад)

Автор Salman Khan ( назад)
background music is awesome

Автор bcgrote ( назад)
Do you get to keep any pearls that you find? LOL Looks like a fun place if you like oysters.

Автор トランペッタ ( назад)

Автор filldoporto ( назад)
It seems like you had fun! Nice :D

Автор 𝐵𝒶𝓀𝒶 𝒪𝓅𝓅𝒶𝒾 ( назад)
at the beginng she says "please" or even "I beg you" but certainly not "I'm waiting". nub..

Автор edtomorrow ( назад)
There is nothing more you can say about this video other than it was awesome!!!! I love cold oysters as sooooooooo have to check this place out. You have to take me, my treat though. And tsukides the lady too!!! I would do some serious damage to that place for sure!!!!

Автор Eva Smith ( назад)
That's to much hassle for me
. I like my food quick . that takes to long

Автор Qiao Ching ( назад)
what's the music playing in the background ?

Автор Kaygee79 ( назад)
Badminton Pose was Usain Bolt pose LOL!

Автор Alan Va ( назад)
Looks like a really cool place. I will definitely check it out. :)

Автор Clyde in Japan! ( назад)
Looks good! (Plus you get to don a sweet a Michael Jackson glove while eating, lul)
Keep em' comin! (^^)v

Автор joseph llanas ( назад)
the japanese workers lol they saying and indian walkd in our resturant oh shit lets run .

Автор li xue ( назад)
Nice place 😍 would like to visit when I go Japan

Автор FILTHY prank ( назад)
bro sign me up i would play the hunger games just too date her

Автор Stannis B ( назад)
shes cute, tell her to come to canada

Автор Coveted Mango ( назад)
Haha it's great when you interact with people!

Автор trang himachal ( назад)
belated happy birthday yoko

Автор Miss Deegee ( назад)
Cool video Ozzy ! I hope you did not get food poisend afterwards-- I tend to be a bit skeptic regarding oyters / scallops, though I like seafood a lot ( except oyters- too slimy for me ;) I'm happy seeing you enjoying this.

Автор Cerberus Tenshi ( назад)
I'd be up to date Akiho. She seems nice and fun.

Автор yng dn ( назад)
And happy birthday yoko!!!

Автор yng dn ( назад)
Tell that girl in the intro to come to Ottawa I can wait

Автор stupidkitten ( назад)
I just... don't trust oysters xD but the place looked great. Nice video :)

Автор Nathan Garza ( назад)
I almost forgot to give you props on the camera work in the beginning. I liked the panning. Oh and if Akiho likes older men do we just send you our resumes and you forward them to her? Lol

Автор Nathan Garza ( назад)
Happy birthday Yoko! I don't like oysters but Aki and Fumika would make the visit worth it. And this salarymen. They look like they're a barrel of laughs.

Автор KE4VVF ( назад)
I like mine with butter and garlic. A tiny bit of hot oil works too.
Thanks Ozzy!

Автор Annick Nasarallah ( назад)
Great video, love it. Definitely a place to add to my trip in November, excellent 😊 and Happy Birthday Yoko 🍻🎂🎉

Автор RazoRaptor ( назад)
I've never had fresh oysters before. Fun video :)

Автор SARSIMMANG28172 ( назад)
Cool.Shame I don't like oysters it looks like a cosey place. I may be a tad old for the usual customer demographic too😂

Автор Cooper's World ( назад)
I'm interested! I'll be submitting my boyfriend application via email. Be prepared for a strip tease down to my man-thongs to the song "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard.

Автор はじめしゃちょー 〈hajime〉 ( назад)

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