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Автор Bao Vinh Peter ( назад)
Hey Ozzy! I wanted to check out this place. Do you have the actual address as I was trying to google it and can't find it on their map? Appreciate it!

Автор Shelly D. ( назад)
No Asians cute !!!!Asians eat dogs stop the dogmeat trade stop boiling dogs alive stop scanning them alive stop eating dogs!!!stop yulin

Автор Sothea Bun ( назад)
She have a boyfriend already

Автор Holly M ( назад)
Micheal Jackson glove hee hee

Автор Jonathan To ( назад)
:o ...I need to go to this place...

Автор Rodi Roy Rodi ( назад)
She is so cute, how should I approach her so that she starts thinking about me seriously and does not take me for just another boy?

Автор mark lim ( назад)
Hihi I would really love to get that griller

Автор n3m3sis2 ( назад)
Do they not know about all the radiation in the water? How do they still eat seafood?

Автор TheyGoWhootnnn ( назад)
I'd shuck that asian girl! get it LOL

Автор Gordon Cheung ( назад)
Just stumbled upon on your channel. Seeing lots of rude comments. Just keep doing you man. Fun videos!

Автор TheoDerBOSS ( назад)
man I love japanese women... I'd definetely smash those two

Автор Great One ( назад)
change the title to "Gay trying to open an Oyster"

Автор Lbolting005 ( назад)
This is my first time watching this guy's video, but is he gay or something?

Автор Stephanie SC ( назад)
"DO IT LIKE A BOSS"....is that why it took you 20 minutes to opened one? hah!

Автор bananaman22 ( назад)

Автор Bria Pierce ( назад)
Hi Ozzy, I'm trying to visit this place today, but can't find it on google maps. 😣 Is there a way to find the Japanese address?

Автор Komega ( назад)

Автор Ethan Cochran ( назад)
Your intro is amazing

Автор monica geller ( назад)
i'm surprised she hasn't got one, she's very cute and attractive

Автор txhypnotist ( назад)
Thanks for posting this video. I enjoyed knowing more about the place and people.
Make's me hungry for more oysters. Where's the garlic butter???

Автор Nocturne22 ( назад)
I hear AAA's Paradise playing in the background at one point

Автор Artemio A. Mtz ( назад)
Hey Hello, regards of the Mexico of Monterrey City, Wich is the adress of this restaurant? Please...

Автор Vietlover92 D ( назад)
oh shit and we can smoke in it too, haha.

Автор Vojtěch Brezík ( назад)
Why not eat them raw?

Автор TavernAllDayers89 ( назад)
Ozzy Twist the knife mate otherwise you'll eat 3 oysters in 90min, Thanks for the video

Автор Play-a-maker ( назад)
If she wants a boyfriend, she needs to fix those fucked up teeth

Автор On On ( назад)
Mitsuryousen means "A Poaching Boat" in Japanese... haha

Автор Kirk Kennedy ( назад)
where do you get an indoor grill like that?

Автор Fook Utube ( назад)
Stuff that,waiting for them to cook lol . Give it to me raw NOW

Автор MrDude88 ( назад)
90 mins of all you can eat oyster for roughly $30? That's crazy cheap.

Автор Ivan Alexander Jimenez ( назад)
i wanna be her boyfriend ! lol

Автор Nick H ( назад)
Raw is the way to go! I should put this on my list.

Автор MarettDale ( назад)

Автор Salman Khan ( назад)
background music is awesome

Автор bcgrote ( назад)
Do you get to keep any pearls that you find? LOL Looks like a fun place if you like oysters.

Автор トランペッタ ( назад)

Автор filldoporto ( назад)
It seems like you had fun! Nice :D

Автор 𝐵𝒶𝓀𝒶 𝒪𝓅𝓅𝒶𝒾 ( назад)
at the beginng she says "please" or even "I beg you" but certainly not "I'm waiting". nub..

Автор edtomorrow ( назад)
There is nothing more you can say about this video other than it was awesome!!!! I love cold oysters as sooooooooo have to check this place out. You have to take me, my treat though. And tsukides the lady too!!! I would do some serious damage to that place for sure!!!!

Автор Eva Smith ( назад)
That's to much hassle for me
. I like my food quick . that takes to long

Автор Qiao Ching ( назад)
what's the music playing in the background ?

Автор Kaygee79 ( назад)
Badminton Pose was Usain Bolt pose LOL!

Автор Alan Va ( назад)
Looks like a really cool place. I will definitely check it out. :)

Автор Clyde in Japan! ( назад)
Looks good! (Plus you get to don a sweet a Michael Jackson glove while eating, lul)
Keep em' comin! (^^)v

Автор joseph llanas ( назад)
the japanese workers lol they saying and indian walkd in our resturant oh shit lets run .

Автор li xue ( назад)
Nice place 😍 would like to visit when I go Japan

Автор FILTHY prank ( назад)
bro sign me up i would play the hunger games just too date her

Автор Stannis B ( назад)
shes cute, tell her to come to canada

Автор Coveted Mango ( назад)
Haha it's great when you interact with people!

Автор trang himachal ( назад)
belated happy birthday yoko

Автор Miss Deegee ( назад)
Cool video Ozzy ! I hope you did not get food poisend afterwards-- I tend to be a bit skeptic regarding oyters / scallops, though I like seafood a lot ( except oyters- too slimy for me ;) I'm happy seeing you enjoying this.

Автор Cerberus Tenshi ( назад)
I'd be up to date Akiho. She seems nice and fun.

Автор yng dn ( назад)
And happy birthday yoko!!!

Автор yng dn ( назад)
Tell that girl in the intro to come to Ottawa I can wait

Автор stupidkitten ( назад)
I just... don't trust oysters xD but the place looked great. Nice video :)

Автор Nathan Garza ( назад)
I almost forgot to give you props on the camera work in the beginning. I liked the panning. Oh and if Akiho likes older men do we just send you our resumes and you forward them to her? Lol

Автор Nathan Garza ( назад)
Happy birthday Yoko! I don't like oysters but Aki and Fumika would make the visit worth it. And this salarymen. They look like they're a barrel of laughs.

Автор KE4VVF ( назад)
I like mine with butter and garlic. A tiny bit of hot oil works too.
Thanks Ozzy!

Автор Annick Nasarallah ( назад)
Great video, love it. Definitely a place to add to my trip in November, excellent 😊 and Happy Birthday Yoko 🍻🎂🎉

Автор RazoRaptor ( назад)
I've never had fresh oysters before. Fun video :)

Автор SARSIMMANG28172 ( назад)
Cool.Shame I don't like oysters it looks like a cosey place. I may be a tad old for the usual customer demographic too😂

Автор Cooper's World ( назад)
I'm interested! I'll be submitting my boyfriend application via email. Be prepared for a strip tease down to my man-thongs to the song "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard.

Автор フェにツマグロ ( назад)

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