Sony 24mm 1.4 GM - Final Review with RAW downloads! Is it worth the money?

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • So its been a few months since I purchased the Sony 24mm GM (yes I did pay full price) and its time for my final thoughts!
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    RAW Files download
    24mm Initial thoughts
    A7R3 vs EOS-R
    Sony Camera Settings
    This Review was filmed with:
    Sony A7R3
    Sony 16-35mm 2.8 GM
    SmallHD Monitor
    Rode NT-USB Mic
    Edited in Final Cut X on the iMac Pro
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    Facebook: christurnerphotographer
    Instagram: chris_turner_photographer

Comments • 116

    ADOUANI RIADH 4 days ago

    Great Video! Please I have a question I have a hesitation between buying the FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM and Buying FE 24mm 1.4 GM for Wedding & Daily Photo.
    I have already the FE 85mm f/1.4 GM. Which one do you recommend me?
    I am open for any other suggesstion

  • Socrates Vela
    Socrates Vela 7 days ago

    So you are sharp with both sharpest lenses, the 55Zeiss and now the 24gm.

  • World Wide Wheatshafts

    How is the 24 + 55 combo working out? What do you mostly shoot?

  • Jeffrey Tucker
    Jeffrey Tucker Month ago

    Which dual harness did you use?

  • J Cooper
    J Cooper Month ago

    You have a bad sound recording, use an off camera microphone

    • MellowGuy
      MellowGuy Month ago

      Idk what you're talking about

  • sam holt
    sam holt Month ago

    Just got mine absolutely love it on my Ar3!

  • jameel pugh
    jameel pugh 4 months ago +1

    I got this lens on your recommendation and I absolutely love it!!!! I use it in crop mode often as you suggested. I pair it with my second body 7iii and 90mm macro for weddings. 7R3 with 24GM and 73 with 90macro is the perfect wedding combo. Thoughts?

    • CCRStudent
      CCRStudent 3 months ago

      @Plowmanjoe Well I think it cuts down the amount of time it takes to edit each photo because I did it in-camera. I think if I can get the composition I want in-camera with enough megapixels to print I am good to go. Plus to decreases file sizes and I can more shots per memory card.

    • Plowmanjoe
      Plowmanjoe 3 months ago

      @CCRStudent so you find it better to use crop mode vs cropping in later in Lightroom or whatever you use?

    • CCRStudent
      CCRStudent 3 months ago

      @Plowmanjoe great question, its two lenses in 1. In crop mode on an A7Riii its 18Mp and 36mm. The Zeiss 35 2.8 is $800, so is the Sony 1.8. lens, therefore, I save $800. Plus if I need the full 24mm I have it at 1.4. I just got the A7RIV and now I can get 26mp in crop mode, which is higher than A7iii, A9, A9ii and all crop bodies. As a wedding photographer, the 35mm is a very pleasing focal length but sometimes I need a wider lens to get large groups. Hope that helps

    • Plowmanjoe
      Plowmanjoe 3 months ago

      why use it in crop mode?

  • J Dean
    J Dean 4 months ago +1

    Honestly mate your work is inspiring and your informative reviews are quite thorough. Overall just a very very pleasant experience watching your videos.

  • Pixelbox Workshop
    Pixelbox Workshop 5 months ago

    Great review!!!
    Photos didnt impressed me as the 35mm 1.8 did!

  • rrrjjj 05
    rrrjjj 05 5 months ago

    Hi Chris! Do use creative style for your photos? Or its just set to standard? Thank you!

    • rrrjjj 05
      rrrjjj 05 5 months ago

      Chris Turner Photographer oh wow! I just found out about that. Lol. Thank you for your reply Chris. Love your videos!

    • Chris Turner Photographer
      Chris Turner Photographer  5 months ago +1

      I just use standard cause it doesn’t apply to RAW files anyway

  • SuperLitherland
    SuperLitherland 5 months ago

    example images look awesome chris

  • Laurie Wahlig
    Laurie Wahlig 6 months ago

    In your opinion, if you didn’t have the 24mm, would you still prefer it over the upcoming sigma 35mm 1.2?

    • Chris Turner Photographer
      Chris Turner Photographer  6 months ago +1

      I couldn’t tell you till I tried the 35 haha. But I’d say I’d probably still use my 24 yeah

  • Todd Cross
    Todd Cross 6 months ago

    Chris, “hey!” from NYC area and thanks for posting this video. Question for you: if the 24mm 1.4 is the widest lens in my bag, do you any tips / suggestions for shooting and processing composite landscapes? Thanks 👍

    • Todd Cross
      Todd Cross 6 months ago

      Chris Turner Photographer “stitching panoramas” yes. Thanks 👍

    • Chris Turner Photographer
      Chris Turner Photographer  6 months ago +1

      Hey man, you mean stitching panoramas? If so just make sure you get rid of the vignette before you stitch them. Lightroom usually does a good job and make sure the camera is level

  • Rick Vestuto
    Rick Vestuto 7 months ago +1

    Thanks for all you do Chris.....Subbed
    I just ordered mine should be here in a few days
    Can't wait to use it
    If it's anything like my 135mm F/1.8 I will be extremely happy
    Best regards, Rick

  • Laboo Studio Channel
    Laboo Studio Channel 7 months ago

    I think you got it out of focus at 2:35

  • Robert Holloway
    Robert Holloway 7 months ago

    Great video, thx Chris. Still waiting for my 24 😥

  • Xander p
    Xander p 7 months ago

    I just ordered this lens from Dell (only place in stock) Is it true chromatic aberration is inherent to any 1.4 lens? Your wedding pics are beautifully rendered.

    • Brew Review
      Brew Review 11 days ago

      Xander p Yes, optically speaking it’s inherent. No real way around that one unfortunately.

  • Abubakr Braaji
    Abubakr Braaji 7 months ago

    Is it good for portrait?

  • Thunderflick Production

    The landscape raw file with mountains have A LOT of chromatic abberations,they unreal to reduce even in camera raw.... This lens is pretty bad or you just bad photographer man.

  • Dissolve03
    Dissolve03 8 months ago

    Hey Chris, nice review, and excellent shots! While I realize the focal length is quite different, i'm torn between 18mm Batis 2.8 and the 24gm. I like the extra width of the of the 18 but I am not sure if the depth of field would be shallow enough for me. (As I'm just starting my lens collection I'm looking for this lens to fill a couple roles: Outdoor events/portraits, and some real estate.) Any thoughts?

    • Dissolve03
      Dissolve03 8 months ago

      @Chris Turner Photographer Appreciate the response, thanks man!

    • Chris Turner Photographer
      Chris Turner Photographer  8 months ago

      Like you said they are very different. You won’t get any shallow depth of field with the 18 it’s to wide but good for real estate

  • AaronGrubbPhoto
    AaronGrubbPhoto 8 months ago +1

    Beautiful work. I can't wait to get one for myself

  • Shaobo SUN
    Shaobo SUN 8 months ago +3

    i just sold my perfect (well centered) FE 35/1.4za, and bought the 24GM, and love it.

  • Sam Sornvai
    Sam Sornvai 8 months ago

    I love watching Lens review from person who "really" know how to use them properly. Most of the reviewer they just talk about their experiences with bad example of their photos. Yours, however, was very nice! Beautiful photos!

  • CaptainAwasome
    CaptainAwasome 9 months ago

    It will not give that much bokeh.

  • Overdrive Entertainment

    Would i get better photo quality to use a lens adapter and a vintage lens over modern lens? A youtube video said modern lens is controlled by software.

  • Zed
    Zed 9 months ago

    Love the images, wedding shots are 10/10

  • kristianmag
    kristianmag 9 months ago

    AF-S, aperture priority @ f/4. Does your lens make a noise when you try to auto-focus? (Noise when the aperture closes/opens up, between f/1.4 to f/5.6)

  • jillian horsley
    jillian horsley 9 months ago

    Sigma f 1.4, a superb lens and only $400.

  • kareem walid
    kareem walid 9 months ago +2

    i'm fan of negative spaces as well it's an addiction haha

  • C Y
    C Y 9 months ago

    really thinking about purchasing this lens ! i have the 35mm 1.4, but want to add something new to my arsenal

  • Hello Mikee
    Hello Mikee 9 months ago

    Also a 35/85mm guy and wanting to try 24/55mm. Any blog links/session with 24mm? Thanks!

    • Hello Mikee
      Hello Mikee 9 months ago

      Chris Turner sweet thank you!

    • Chris Turner Photographer
      Chris Turner Photographer  9 months ago +1

      Hey yep all these photos are with the 24mm

  • Sam Spicer
    Sam Spicer 9 months ago

    How is it in crop mode on the R3 Chris? I'm also a 35 and 85 person but since buying the 50 1.4 I'm really considering a switch to 24 and 50! I guess the 24 is around 35 F2 in crop - pretty useful!

  • Oskar Scherdin
    Oskar Scherdin 9 months ago

    Hey Chris, would love for you to give us your opinion on the 135 GM!

  • A.ZY.LEE
    A.ZY.LEE 9 months ago

    Your wedding photos are beautiful. Wide angle portraits feel so "real" and spontaneous.

  • André Hôte
    André Hôte 9 months ago

    Hey, useful review and great shots! I am very positive with regards to your handling of negative space, which does remind me of Edward Hopper. Keep on the good work which is a welcome relief from all conventional glamorous shots out there. We need that space and dream. Splendid !

  • sniperv
    sniperv 9 months ago

    I need this lens! Love your work. Great tones!

  • Walter Ybanez
    Walter Ybanez 9 months ago

    Is it worth buying A7iii body this year?

  • Mr Tech
    Mr Tech 9 months ago

    Kinda crazy price really maybe some want a 24mm at a super fast speed but I don't think most want that, it's a bit too wide for portraits sure some do it but hmmm
    I think an F2 would have made more sense. The 28mm is a disappointment to me I had it and the Minolta 28mm F2.8, the Minolta just hammers it at every aperture

    • Mr Tech
      Mr Tech 9 months ago

      @Jose Lara Not in Europe it's more expensive a fair degree.

    • Chris Turner Photographer
      Chris Turner Photographer  9 months ago

      Can’t win sometimes eh

    • Jose Lara
      Jose Lara 9 months ago

      It's cheaper than the canon and Nikon equivalents

  • Rodrigo De Marchi
    Rodrigo De Marchi 9 months ago

    This is the video I was waiting for. Been considering buying the 24 for while now. After this, I'm just gonna order tomorrow!
    Thanks mate

  • al sarp
    al sarp 9 months ago

    I own this lens ! Any idea how I can order a new lens hood? My camera shop said they can’t get one :( thanks love the channel

  • Christopher Mahoney
    Christopher Mahoney 9 months ago

    These are great and really appreciate your style and knowledge

  • my sustainable capsule
    my sustainable capsule 9 months ago

    Thanks to you I bought a 24mm instead of a 35 when switching from Fuju to Sony and LOVING it! Unfortunately, the sony was out of stock everywhere in the Usa - I think it still is! - so I opted for the Sigma, but I really want to upgrade when I'll have the budget for it.

  • Liam Good
    Liam Good 9 months ago

    I ordered mine after watching your initial review! SO incredibly stoked. Although it's back-ordered so won't ship until the end of the month haha. I'll have it soon enough. Much love from Canada Chris.

  • Thorsten Hollweg
    Thorsten Hollweg 9 months ago

    Awesome as always!
    Quality at it´s best.

  • Mic Jam
    Mic Jam 9 months ago

    Great review, great photos 👍

  • antant06
    antant06 9 months ago +5

    Great photos mate. Wish my wedding tog was as good lol

  • Kai S
    Kai S 9 months ago

    Hey Chris, I currently have Samyang 35mm F1.4 and I am debating to sell it and get a sigma 35mm f1.4. My issues with the Samyang is that first, it causes my camera to freeze randomly. I can never tell when its going to freeze but sometimes it does more frequently. This issue is only with this lens and I have heard some people experience the same thing. The second thing is that I feel like the lens is not that sharp. I see Canon users with their sigma lenses produce very sharp images! So I am starting to question myself if this is a lens issue or camera issue. I am using the Sony a7iii.
    Would you please do a comparison between the 2 lenses for sharpness tests / contrast/ colors ? And add a combination of close ups/wide shots for sharpness test. I would love to see the performance of the two for portraits/lifestyle. Really appreciate the work you do in this channel, thank you!

    • Kai S
      Kai S 9 months ago

      @Jesse Martinez why don't you mind your business?

    • Jesse Martinez
      Jesse Martinez 9 months ago

      Kai S why dont you compare them yourself?

  • Strengthoftenmen
    Strengthoftenmen 9 months ago

    Great review and beautiful photos. Subscribed 😊👍

  • Alp Seb
    Alp Seb 9 months ago

    Great photos chris as usual !

  • Noealz - Anime Photography

    Looks like a sweet piece of glass, I don't have sony but nice to see they are adding more and more glass to their arsenal

  • HuaFun Dx
    HuaFun Dx 9 months ago

    I have Canon equipments and I'm determined to change to Sony but I am saving some money to buy a Sony a7iii and 24mm f1.4 GM. Thanks for the raw files and for your review because it has been so difficult to find videos with this great quality.

    • Kai S
      Kai S 9 months ago

      You don't necessarily need the GM, you could go with 24mm sigma f1.4. Saves you a tons of money to spend on other lenses

  • BiscuitLazers44
    BiscuitLazers44 9 months ago

    Fantastic photos! I feel like wider primes especially embody the extra "creativity" that's supposed to come along with using primes. The extra wideness definitely makes you think about composition and how you can make your surroundings work for you.

  • Shock-Tech
    Shock-Tech 9 months ago

    i got my 24GM last week and I'm so excited to use it this summer! great review Chris

  • T. Karim
    T. Karim 9 months ago

    I ended up getting the Zeiss Batis 25mm.. The GM was forever on pre-order, but I’m very happy with the Zeiss.. hopefully I made the right choice.

    • Jaron Quach
      Jaron Quach 9 months ago

      I just got a confirmation email from Adorama on my 24 1.4 G. You should go check it out

    • Timothy Gordon
      Timothy Gordon 9 months ago +1

      Batis is great, I went with the 24 gmaster only because I needed the extra stop of light - focus breathing isn’t as bad on the 25 at all whereas the 24 GM is not ideal.

    • T. Karim
      T. Karim 9 months ago

      Chris Turner keep up the good work, I find a lot of value in your videos.

    • Chris Turner Photographer
      Chris Turner Photographer  9 months ago +1

      They are both great. I must have shot 49 weddings with the Batis 25, great lens

  • The Simple Gentleman
    The Simple Gentleman 9 months ago

    Great review on the 24mm. I sold my 35mm 1.4 Art to go native and wider. So far so good.

  • Latte Double Shot
    Latte Double Shot 9 months ago +7

    After seeing the 24 GM, I really wish Sony would release the GM version of 35 1.4. The current 1.4 version is good but wide open is not worth 1500 and its reputation of bad copy really make me want to stay away from it.

    • Felix Morsdorf
      Felix Morsdorf 8 months ago

      I have both the GM and ZA and find sharpness very comparable on both. Apparently, I have a good copy of the 35mm 1.4 (or a bad one of the GM). But fully agree on the 35 1.4 GM; if a 35 GM was as light and small and well built as the 24GM, it would be perfect ! See my sharpness test of the 35 1.4 ZA here:

    • Chris Turner Photographer
      Chris Turner Photographer  9 months ago

      I’d buy one for sure

  • Nathan Elliott
    Nathan Elliott 9 months ago +7

    Would you prefer this lens over the Sony 16-35 2.8 GM?

    • Chris Turner Photographer
      Chris Turner Photographer  9 months ago

      Probably 16-35, thats what I use for my RUclip videos@Tu-Lam Pham

    • Tu-Lam Pham
      Tu-Lam Pham 9 months ago

      @Chris Turner Photographer great video! which one would you buy to shoot youtube videos in a home studio?

    • Chris Turner Photographer
      Chris Turner Photographer  9 months ago +6

      I have both it just depends what you want to use it for. For portraits, weddings, street, anything other than like landscape or architecture etc I’d choose the 24mm 1.4 for sure