The Girl Across My Table Called Me Ugly

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • This is a story about a girl with very low self-confidence. She looked in the mirror and didn't see the image she had hoped and the spiraled out of control with the realization that she wasn't as attractive as some people are. It took her a while to realize that it really is about how you look on the inside and not how you look on the outside. Everyone has flaws, you just have to learn to live with them. You may not be Angelina Jolie, but the secret is realizing that no one (except her) is! So accept yourself and love yourself no matter what! ❤️
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  • I.L.F Is
    I.L.F Is 10 hours ago

    I really dont want to sound conceited but I want to state my experience. I'm a sophomore and I've always been called attractive and other compliments along those lines. I never thought of myself as ugly.. so did older guys and guys my age. At times, I would be afraid to leave the house, compliments feel like nothing, and I get called dumb and stuck up because of my appearance. Point is, redefine other opinions to see the better you.

  • derpbearfilms
    derpbearfilms Day ago

    Narcissistic personality Disorder

  • Steven Maillie
    Steven Maillie 2 days ago

    Bugger them!

  • Bijit Borah
    Bijit Borah 3 days ago

    I have been said ugly at my face.

  • Kaden Toh
    Kaden Toh 4 days ago

    Wow. A B is ok.

  • Jazzmine Ramsay
    Jazzmine Ramsay 4 days ago

    Well, start shaving, and take better care of yourself

  • Fatou Sacko
    Fatou Sacko 5 days ago

    You are not ugly you are just poor 🤷🏿‍♀️

  • Atea1793
    Atea1793 6 days ago

    Beauty is only skin deep. It's how you are on the inside that truly matters.

  • Cait Cat Skull
    Cait Cat Skull 6 days ago

    that teacher should be fired for calling you that

  • • iiSilvqr•
    • iiSilvqr• 8 days ago

    Do people not know what stress and depression is?

  • Grace Jeffery
    Grace Jeffery 8 days ago

    XD all they did to make her face "ugly" is add those lines on the side

  • Kemi Ane
    Kemi Ane 8 days ago

    Girl across the table: Ur ugly

  • nolyn Baker
    nolyn Baker 10 days ago

    Ok tell the teacher -_-

  • sugaa agust d
    sugaa agust d 12 days ago +1

    I have both problem im fat and ugly ●_●

  • Nea Zy
    Nea Zy 12 days ago

    Have you ever had people you care for tell you your ugly af

  • koya
    koya 13 days ago

    why is this me skskskksksk

  • Amber Awesomeness
    Amber Awesomeness 13 days ago

    “Only to get a low A, then I got a B😭”

  • Yasmine Yasmina
    Yasmine Yasmina 13 days ago

    Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "Allah does not look at your figures, nor at your attire but He looks at your hearts and accomplishments".

    we are all different and beautiful❤

  • just a ceiling fan
    just a ceiling fan 14 days ago

    I don’t give a shit lmao

  • Fax dé Sax
    Fax dé Sax 16 days ago

    I never thought I was ugly until I got new glasses

  • Poppy The Poop Karma Will Come

    Do you see a way we could get offended?
    You do? Where?
    I understand why you're looking at me right now...

  • Yolanda Pedraza
    Yolanda Pedraza 21 day ago

    Who tf cares if you're ugly? You're not here in this earth to be pretty. You're not here to give others something nice to look at. You're here to be yourself and enjoy your life. Fuck what everyone else thinks. Not everyone is conventionally attractive. There's nothing anyone can do about it.

  • the toes hand them over

    B? I get happy when I get a C-

  • Jαყxιιɳ
    Jαყxιιɳ 22 days ago

    Girl is sad she got a B
    And I'm here being happy that I got a C and D 😂😂

  • Koryssa Maisonville
    Koryssa Maisonville 22 days ago

    Stop bullying her! She’s a nice person. She’s also very smart. Getting a b is great actually. She has enough stress in her life. She doesn’t need stress from people that are rude to her.

  • Nana Adwoa Obuo
    Nana Adwoa Obuo 24 days ago +1

    Video: my grades dropped down to a B
    Me when I get a C: oh my gosh, mom and dad will be so proud and get me a new car

  • Nana Adwoa Obuo
    Nana Adwoa Obuo 24 days ago

    Video: my grades dropped down to a B
    Me when I get a C: oh my gosh, mom and dad will be so proud and get me a new car

  • MrPlague
    MrPlague 24 days ago

    If those tests were on the internet then don’t believe them your beautiful on the inside :)

  • Yazmyn Gillam
    Yazmyn Gillam 25 days ago +1

    Your not ugly people can't say that because there is only ever going to be one of you and your beautiful in your own way. That what i think personly

  • Thamizh Amudhu
    Thamizh Amudhu 25 days ago +1

    It's so good. I learned something from you. Thank you 😄😄😄

  • Captain Melon
    Captain Melon 26 days ago

    I failed the final by getting an A

  • Deezy
    Deezy 26 days ago

    She cries because of a b..

  • Arcane Senzen
    Arcane Senzen Month ago

    This is so fake. It sounds like she was paranoid and none of that stuff actually happened.

  • Eman Kamal
    Eman Kamal Month ago

    It's okay if you are called ugly by those people they are not worth it in the end

  • Ahkaf khan
    Ahkaf khan Month ago

    2:17 ok no way in real life would that happen cause that is just weird

  • Ranchez u w u
    Ranchez u w u Month ago

    Why would someone call her ugly up to her face?????

  • Oprah Cakey Poo
    Oprah Cakey Poo Month ago

    Story:i didnt shave,i wore baggy clothes
    Me:THat soUNdS ExaCTLy LIke mE

  • Red Miners
    Red Miners Month ago +1

    Girl: You ugly
    Me: NO U

  • coolkid23 m
    coolkid23 m Month ago

    No no no hell no you don't cry when a boy said ugly or ask is that a girl you slap the first one in the face and you kick the second one in the balls😊

  • coolkid23 m
    coolkid23 m Month ago

    No no no hell no you don't cry when a boy said ugly or ask is that a girl you slap the first one in the face and you kick the second one in the balls😊

  • The Pee pee poo poo man group poop

    Hey, no one is ugly! Everyone is pretty in there own way!

  • _*Mochi Mochi!*_
    _*Mochi Mochi!*_ Month ago

    People say I’m too skinny but I’m actually just on the lower side of AVERAGE. And I have chubby cheeks 😂

  • homura akemi
    homura akemi Month ago

    I wanna die

  • Raymond Rivers
    Raymond Rivers Month ago

    Why am i laughing at this 💀 I'm sorry

  • Taylor Swift 13
    Taylor Swift 13 Month ago

    I hate being underweight.

  • Traven Garnett
    Traven Garnett Month ago +1

    NOBODY is ugly. When we’re all 80 and dying, nobody is going to think about “that girl/guy was really cute” they are going to remember your personality. Looks fade, but kindness stays.

  • FanGirlNation
    FanGirlNation Month ago +2

    Funny, when I tell people I'm ugly, they say I looked beautiful...and a BOY said that! I still feel ugly...


    Bitch a b is still good

  • Hilary Whiting
    Hilary Whiting Month ago

    why would she trust a test? they are never true. like me if you agree!

  • Djuka I Mimi Djujic

    Truth to me

  • Hapstablook49
    Hapstablook49 Month ago

    Honistly shes not that ugly iv seen worse

  • Asian Dod
    Asian Dod Month ago

    When you cry bevause someone calks you ugly

  • _.TylersYellowFlowers Josh


  • Dede Love
    Dede Love Month ago

    I Always thought I was ugly but with myself as a person n how I kept up with myself I got a boyfriend to a husband

  • Chat Blog
    Chat Blog Month ago +1

    Shaving doesn’t make someone pretty 👀

  • Wei7125
    Wei7125 Month ago

    When i have a beautiful, young-look, fit, fashionista, model mom. With a rich, kind, intelligent dad and a handsome, tall, skinny big brother. Me like "Daddddd are you sure i'm your and mom's child????". We go out together, everyone praised my family, they just praised me for growing so fast when I hadn't grown up for 2 years. Me be-like ". . . .Mommmm are you sure you didn't pick me up at the landfill???". (At least internet said i'm pretty lol :DD)

  • Isabel Franco
    Isabel Franco Month ago +1

    Don’t worry ur not the only one who has harry legs

  • Asma Khatun
    Asma Khatun Month ago

    Brothers will always call you fat

  • sickcutepanther j
    sickcutepanther j Month ago

    Pretty much sums up ny frickin school. They call md ugly and thats not a lie. Its everyday

  • Dani For
    Dani For Month ago

    C mamo

  • Miki Krofna
    Miki Krofna Month ago +1

    the girl in the video:
    Gets called ugly

    Rest of the world:
    First time?

  • Crystal Meme
    Crystal Meme Month ago

    I wasen’t ugly until food started to flirt with me.
    I didn’t know I was ugly until I looked at the mirror
    Ok I’m not that bad but I think I am a little ugly

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams Month ago

    i feel this, im ugly af.

  • Itz Lincy
    Itz Lincy Month ago +1

    Your not ugly!!
    Your beautiful! And the most important of that is that you have a kind heart inside you no one can be beautiful without a heart like yours!😁

    (Also your lucky you dont have pimples)
    Cuz i do! 😑😭😂

  • Mohamed Valaarman
    Mohamed Valaarman 2 months ago +1

    Are you me Cuz really same

  • ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    This video should have shown a real picture because there is no way ....I an sure people just said that because they were jealous or saw her as an easy target since she didn't cry in front of them of fight back

  • ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    A lot of these minute video's are so effed up

  • Noojan Sadr
    Noojan Sadr 2 months ago


  • Shumila shumila
    Shumila shumila 2 months ago

    I think your bootifoll 🙂

  • Nathalee Wilson
    Nathalee Wilson 2 months ago

    I feel ugly too

  • Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait

    *me everyday*

  • Trolly Cat 2000.2
    Trolly Cat 2000.2 2 months ago

    Hey i am ugly too so what i know it and i am in 6. class

  • Trash Man
    Trash Man 2 months ago +5

    "Was that a boy or a girl?"
    *walks home crying*
    Imagine James Charles.

  • Gooper box
    Gooper box 2 months ago

    im sorry i had to say this:

    *No One* :
    *MinuteVideos* : A Girl Across My Table Called Me Ugly

  • Isabee The Orginal Bee
    Isabee The Orginal Bee 2 months ago

    This is my accurate life story