Retired Navy SEAL Explains How to Prepare for Dangerous Situations | Tradecraft | WIRED

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL and crisis management professional, explains how we can prepare for almost any emergency situation by being ultra aware of our surroundings.
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    Retired Navy SEAL Explains How to Prepare for Dangerous Situations | Tradecraft | WIRED
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  • Cyrus The goat
    Cyrus The goat 23 hours ago

    What’s that movie?

  • Robert Gill
    Robert Gill Day ago

    Almost Nobody reads newspapers these days.

  • Robert Gill
    Robert Gill Day ago

    Lloyd- “But what if he shot you in the face?” Harry- “What if he shot me in the face?”

  • FlamingTP
    FlamingTP Day ago

    1: Buy a gun
    2: Shoot them first
    3: Lawyer Up
    4: STFU.

  • Flora Carpenter
    Flora Carpenter 2 days ago +1

    That is incredible! I am more aware than ever before! Thank you so much!

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee 3 days ago

    "We're shooting the interview with the guy talking about dangerous situations, let's have one camera that frames him on the wrong side looking out-of-frame so it looks like someone is sneaking up behind him!"

  • melissa saint
    melissa saint 3 days ago

    *Every* restaurant kitchen has a secondary exit. Also, *in malls and strip malls* most stores have a back stockroom with a rear exit where they receive shipments. If you are in a mall and there is gunfire and you aren't very close to a safe exit, go into the closest store and ask a clerk if there's a shipping and receiving exit in back,
    and then gtfo.

  • RIOT co No.15
    RIOT co No.15 3 days ago

    So sams butter sock was usefull after all

  • Serge
    Serge 3 days ago

    There are worse things than dying.

  • guagua
    guagua 5 days ago

    Salty pocket sand

  • judy males
    judy males 6 days ago +1

    I'm so aware, that a new sign or business change will happen and I don't notice till 3 months later that something is different in my world..... yeah, first causality

  • oldmansouthside
    oldmansouthside 8 days ago +1

    Every time I watch one of these WIRED videos I'm reminded that there are some extraordinary and terrifying people living among us

  • Condition Zero
    Condition Zero 8 days ago

    Interesting, that ceramic tile is going to feel great as it shatters the bullet and "displaces" it into your throat and face. An attacker that waits for you to tape up some "body armor" and grab a handful of salt isn't something to worry about. Clown.

    TYGRUS MAGAZINNES 9 days ago

    When I was educating myself on self awareness, I was over thinking it to a certain extent that my relatives said I was getting paranoid, but eventually it became a very useful and interesting habit. On the other hand, this video is focused on extreme situations (Thanks), but we also need to be aware of simple things, example: if you're walking close to a baseball camp, it could happen that a lost ball is coming your way: be prepare to avoid a ball instead of asking who threw the ball and why. Another example: you're using scissors while watching a movie and have to go to the washroom, then leave the scissors on the table and walk without any objects on your hands in case you fall, for not to hurt yourself. Scissors also have the characteristic to get stuck easily on your fingers if you fall, and might even cause a fracture on any finger if this happens.

  • Genarek8
    Genarek8 9 days ago


  • Bella DiRisi
    Bella DiRisi 9 days ago

    Lol this guy always carries duct tape

  • Knowledge Cartel
    Knowledge Cartel 9 days ago

    Let's get prepared...great to be ready

  • Liam Middleton
    Liam Middleton 9 days ago

    Dont smoke weed it destroys your memory

  • Alexander Hickerson
    Alexander Hickerson 10 days ago +5

    A regular day at a US School
    *Hears gunshots*
    Literally every student: Well this was bound to happen someday... so uh, nice knowing you guys

  • sherri masel
    sherri masel 10 days ago

    can we please shoot the body armor so i can see how good it works? The book with tiles


    This dude is a joke

  • raziyaswanart
    raziyaswanart 10 days ago

    So sad that anyone has to think of this. mercy. how horrible.

  • Charlie Ferreira
    Charlie Ferreira 10 days ago +1

    I wanna be his neighbour.

  • Janeth French
    Janeth French 10 days ago

    I'm watching this Bec I'm scared of ww3

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson 11 days ago

    Why does he look like a older John cena

  • george
    george 11 days ago

    Did someone else noticed how big his belly is?

  • Git Gud
    Git Gud 11 days ago

    The paper bat. . . I would rather use my body

  • Darko
    Darko 11 days ago

    Me asf

  • Tristan-Tyler Irving
    Tristan-Tyler Irving 11 days ago +1

    Ever since the London Bridge attack I've been teaching my younger teenage sisters how to get away by always being aware of their surroundings before anything happens. I live in South London where crime is so high you HAVE to be aware no matter what time of day it is. I think I might have done a job too well done because today one of them treated to punch my throat and push me in front of a bus when I pissed her off.

  • ilnodon
    ilnodon 12 days ago

    Orient....Orientate is not a word.....Orient yourself.....We're Moidering the Kings English... (Thanks Curly Howard)....

  • Radical Edwards
    Radical Edwards 12 days ago

    You can bet what you want my fist travels faster than 25mph, how can anyone punch that slow?

  • Saxon
    Saxon 13 days ago

    I'm a manager in a three story building so should I order an employee to throw a chair through a window for me and jump out first so that I have something soft to land on? It seems like the logical thing to do.
    I kid, (a little Army humor, you understand) you're doing a great thing, keep it up!

  • Classic Dimension
    Classic Dimension 13 days ago

    So... world war 3 rumor is hapening and these video start to raid my youtube homepage

  • jeff weaver
    jeff weaver 13 days ago

    Haha 4 cars no truck and out of shape guy

  • presston5 presston
    presston5 presston 14 days ago


  • Eliseo Martinez
    Eliseo Martinez 14 days ago +1

    For some reason no matter what, every public place I’m at, like school, a movie theatre, store. I make a plan instantly of how to survive in the area.

  • XxJosi Xx
    XxJosi Xx 14 days ago +1

    Thank you for your service❤️🙏🏼

  • anaconda386
    anaconda386 14 days ago

    So far today, I've watched:
    1) a video of a hacker critiquing hackers in movie scenes
    2) a video of a jewel thief critiquing thieves in movies
    3) a video of a Secret Service agent, talking about how to keep a president safe
    4) and now this video
    Thanks RUclip recommendations... I'm probably on a government watch list now 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeffrey Dohnger
    Jeffrey Dohnger 14 days ago

    In prison we used magazines as body armor. They will stop slashing and piercing to the arms, torso and legs. Benefits are light weight, availability, and maneuverability. Downside is open season on your face, eyes, and throat.

  • lazyartist Last
    lazyartist Last 15 days ago

    11:00 always have a drawer full of stretch armstrong figures. those things are great at catching rounds.

  • CA2SD
    CA2SD 15 days ago

    This is why I’m against earphones in public unless it’s off. Pay attention people !

  • Nancy Hayes
    Nancy Hayes 15 days ago

    Enjoying reading you new book The Right Kind of Crazy ( the redactions by DOD are extreme) have a great new year! Danny Hayes LEO.

  • Sanrick Lim
    Sanrick Lim 15 days ago

    and he wear salomon shoes...

  • Kathleen L Wright
    Kathleen L Wright 15 days ago

    how many people has he killed?

  • Shelly B
    Shelly B 16 days ago

    Thanks for your service Clint.

  • Akula
    Akula 16 days ago

    Don't forget movie whores too

  • FJ Nemo
    FJ Nemo 16 days ago

    I'm here to get ready for WW3

  • R. Aralar
    R. Aralar 16 days ago

    This guy is cute

  • GinGin
    GinGin 16 days ago

    Um...Do you do this every time you go to a restuarant? 😊😉🤗

  • anne welch
    anne welch 16 days ago

    A good tool for even young children to carry is a Tactical Pen. They are cheap and you can buy several for all of your relatives. If someone attacks you just hit them in the neck right under the ear. Even your grandma can use one. Jason Hanson and Wade Courtly have great advice.

  • Sarah-Ashley Boling
    Sarah-Ashley Boling 16 days ago +17

    “That’s just the average person” AKA not him

  • Marek
    Marek 16 days ago +1

    Gunman: starts shooting
    You behind the table: 11:05

  • Brandon roberts
    Brandon roberts 17 days ago +3

    It looks like he has a full battle belt on under that flannel🧐😂

  • art sky
    art sky 17 days ago

    Don't serve for system- by cool

  • R41 C2
    R41 C2 20 days ago

    Was just thinking bout this the other day! Where’s my tinfoil hat

  • RootStriker
    RootStriker 20 days ago

    Who is this made for, Europeans?We have the right to bear arms here

  • Toby Goddard
    Toby Goddard 20 days ago

    He was about to loose it with that pen before they cut to the next scene. The pen was his favourite one for sure, that and the fact he sits his wife in front of him everywhere they go

  • eizol568
    eizol568 20 days ago +9

    The way he talks so calmly, you know this guy is good.

  • Kevin Mojica
    Kevin Mojica 20 days ago

    Good thing he's a Navy SEAL because that is one uncomfortable chair he's sitting on.

  • - 33sendemir -
    - 33sendemir - 21 day ago +2

    So no ones gonna talk about how he kinda looks like Macklemore? 😂