Retired Navy SEAL Explains How to Prepare for Dangerous Situations | Tradecraft | WIRED

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL and crisis management professional, explains how we can prepare for almost any emergency situation by being ultra aware of our surroundings.
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    Retired Navy SEAL Explains How to Prepare for Dangerous Situations | Tradecraft | WIRED
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  • 12jmlnv7
    12jmlnv7 7 hours ago

    If you are going to use salt and pepper, might as well throw in some olive oil.Gorden Ramsey was highly disappointed after seeing this.

  • Danny Meer
    Danny Meer 8 hours ago

    Must be fun to go out to eat...

  • Nyikili
    Nyikili 11 hours ago

    nice advice

  • Kurt Jensen
    Kurt Jensen 12 hours ago

    Uhm think this is lost on the npc soyboys following Wired.

  • Mohel Skinberg
    Mohel Skinberg 20 hours ago

    *NB:* If you throw a chair thorough a window of a building where there is a fire, you risk increasing the fire intensity exponentially -- as it is oxygen that increases the heat of a fire, not the fuel. See example: how an oxy-acetylene torch works.

  • Blizzbee R.
    Blizzbee R. Day ago

    He can be a great Movie script writer.

  • Daniel Glaubitz
    Daniel Glaubitz Day ago

    Makes a lot of sense. Love it, Thanks!

  • judged by time
    judged by time Day ago

    3 stories and ur ok? no way

  • Grant Solder
    Grant Solder Day ago

    Brilliant...good talk man...awareness....

  • Ryan Crampton
    Ryan Crampton Day ago

    Why was a hand gun not mentioned as the proper tool for defending yourself?

  • Dan Snyder
    Dan Snyder Day ago

    I do this at red lights in a black neighborhood. I leave a little bit of distance to the car in front of me, watch people ,and my pistol is right near me.

  • Manny Calavera
    Manny Calavera Day ago

    LOL. 'Active Shooters' are a Reality.
    Right,so is Project Gladio A , B and C.....

  • Dave Kent
    Dave Kent Day ago

    Oh yeah, I could definitely take out a shooter with salt and pepper, a sock weapon and War and Peace as body armour.

  • Zoti Rruges
    Zoti Rruges Day ago

    People who walk around with airpods in, fully unaware of the world around them dislike this video

  • JF
    JF Day ago

    Yes i once had to make those newspaper sticks. They hurt THAT much

  • Raccoonus Maximus

    what Clint explains right at the end about using household items for defence is something i do with every item i encounter. "what potential does this item have to harm or to defend against harm" is a question i ask myself often its just a matter of finding the most efficient way to utilize said resources.

    if you are forced to fight its useful to know what can be used at short notice

  • Joseph DeCamara
    Joseph DeCamara Day ago

    This was awesome!

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 2 days ago

    Roll a newspaper, double-fold it, ductape the folded end. Now you got some killing news.

  • Flo Florence
    Flo Florence 2 days ago

    I wonder if Shipley can prove that this guy is the real deal?

  • Jwax Mcgeeg
    Jwax Mcgeeg 2 days ago

    wow hey he fought 21 years for a better Isreal

  • JK XO
    JK XO 2 days ago

    Don't mean to be a stickler, but..... i think he missed a window lol 4:20

  • Ass Napkin Ed
    Ass Napkin Ed 2 days ago

    9:09 engine blocks specifically.

  • R VB
    R VB 2 days ago

    Duct tape is the best ! it can also be used to trap your enemies in a web and tying them to a chair and make them shut up ! Then you can use your own t-shirt to waterboard them and make them also talk, or die, depending of the rest time you have this day, however that's wonderfull hobby ! Thank you !

  • Chamelea Gamers
    Chamelea Gamers 2 days ago

    The comments section has me deaddd. Easily one of the best comment sections I've seen on a video

  • Jeffrey Ngo
    Jeffrey Ngo 2 days ago

    It's boring

  • LC 716
    LC 716 3 days ago

    Guys definitely killed someone with a rolled up newspaper

  • William Swan
    William Swan 3 days ago

    Nylon dress sock marble leg and or 8 oz hold on LED improvise blackjack marble Legend go through metal detectors

  • William Swan
    William Swan 3 days ago

    They wouldn't have that many passports unless they cleared out their hide sixties and seventies they used to have free to 7 ID for passports not all in one place I was skimm assets physical in case of emergency or the computer rates lining of a suitcase Reba doors safety deposit boxes dead drop stash

  • yo lo
    yo lo 3 days ago +1

    I think I'm ready to go back to school now

  • billyblack3712
    billyblack3712 3 days ago +1

    🧂 = ☠

  • Dario Ramirez
    Dario Ramirez 3 days ago

    This guy is a badass.

  • Uber Tuber
    Uber Tuber 3 days ago

    I can't be the only one to think he sounds like Charlie Sheen?

  • Cameron Schmit
    Cameron Schmit 3 days ago

    Funny, notice how at no point is he like, "everybody should carry a gun in case of an emergency". These are methods you can use without deadly force

    • Cameron Schmit
      Cameron Schmit 2 days ago

      @Droidbot6 as I agree an active shooter gives you the right to use deadly force, and they should be shot, i disagree that it's your best option. If you can leave the premises without having to fire I think that is your best bet. If you're cornered in the kitchen, then I would agree with you. But if you can get an exit you take it. 1.) If there's more than just you concealed or open carry there, you could all be shooting at each other not knowing who the bad guy is. 2.) Your fine motor skills go out the window. Will this guy in the video be able to squeeze off some quality rounds? Sure! But let's not pretend for a second that everybody who open carries or concealed carries is trained in high stress situations. So you're probably going to miss a lot, putting bullets God knows where. Also, just cause it's legal to fire a gun at someone, that doesn't mean it's the best option

    • Droidbot6
      Droidbot6 3 days ago

      A gun is still the most effective way for you to defend yourself in that sort of situation. And also, if a guy is trying to kill you or someone else, at that point you're allowed to use deadly force as they have thrown away their right to live.

  • chen chao
    chen chao 3 days ago

    I think a regular pencil...should be enough.

  • QuizPubUK
    QuizPubUK 3 days ago

    The comments are way better than the video, in fact the funniest I've ever read on RUclip. Well done!

  • Repomeister
    Repomeister 3 days ago +1

    0:29 Good god - 21 years of combat! Not just having been in the military for 21 years during periods of time when the USA was at war but actual 21 years of solid combat experience. That is hardcore!

  • Sam Stewart
    Sam Stewart 3 days ago

    Has buds 131 seen this??

  •  4 days ago

    he should have mentioned carrying a handgun... that is the most effective tool you can carry to stop a bad guy.

  • Barney Lynch
    Barney Lynch 4 days ago

    I know that the first thing I'm going to do in an active shooter situation is find some books, ceramic tiles, duct tape and make a very small, slightly bulletproof contraption.

  • white trash gone mudding

    My dad is a jack A and tried to make me sneeze but just blew the pepper into my eyes, I can tell you it burns a lot.

  • Nicholas Vonrhine
    Nicholas Vonrhine 4 days ago

    I always imagine what I would do if a semi truck is coming at me on the highway.

    • 12jmlnv7
      12jmlnv7 7 hours ago

      Nicholas Vonrhine salt and peppa my friend

  • Jasponite!
    Jasponite! 4 days ago

    Is this guys accent Pittsburghese? His probably 'prolly' and other vocab is very strong.

  • ThunderLips
    ThunderLips 5 days ago

    That's great! I always carry a roll of duct tape, several books, a roll of quarters, and fishing weights in my back pocket whenever I leave the house.

  • poppy goat
    poppy goat 6 days ago

    The one thing he forgot to say is that never be up against a wall in a gunfight or active shooter situation. walls do weird stuff when bullets are flying.

  • albedo0point39
    albedo0point39 6 days ago

    The newspaper weapon is also known as a ‘Millwall Brick’. Famously used by hooligan fans of London’s Millwall football club.

  • GCT10/31/1990
    GCT10/31/1990 6 days ago

    John wick walked in while he was discussing objects to use in the fight... John wick said "No... Just a pencil"

  • Wayne Gittins
    Wayne Gittins 6 days ago

    I have used the rolled up paper against two guys not very affective had to beat them with my hands in the end and I fought with a guy who had a stone in a sock kind of like your sap it stretched to about two feet long and I took it off him and beat him badly but In my opinion the newspaper and sap will get you hurt if you try to use it on someone who is game

  • Angel Xoxo
    Angel Xoxo 6 days ago

    Any one else bored by this? All common sense, I feel like I didn’t learn anything new.

  • Caleb Godard
    Caleb Godard 7 days ago

    This is excellent...

  • N Peace
    N Peace 7 days ago

    Great lesson!

  • Gavin Stuart
    Gavin Stuart 7 days ago

    amazes how obessed Americans are with this sorta stuff. No other country has hundreds of videos about this stuff. Mad

  • Jean Astro
    Jean Astro 7 days ago

    Train the minds towards habit such scouting exits routes in crowded restaurants or building spur of the moment escape plan. This kind of vigilance allows an operative confronted with sudden danger 2 take immediate action #preparedness and awareness

  • Eva Davis
    Eva Davis 7 days ago +1

    Love this video!! Super informative

  • Maggie Smith
    Maggie Smith 8 days ago

    This video is worth it for the comments. Hilarious.
    Inmates used to do that sock thing. Certainly dangerous. Water bottles too. I worked in a facility where it was easy to escape through the kitchen but no one tried.

  • Paulster Werbung&Design

    He fogot one window on the plan

  • John Vicks
    John Vicks 9 days ago

    My self defense tool, after getting to cover or luckily making the exit? A SW Shield .45, I carry it every day. Salt and Pepper, books, paper? Nofuckinthanks!

  • ssssssssss
    ssssssssss 9 days ago +1

    Even more help: a nice sock you wore every day the past 12 months and never washed.

  • Suzy S
    Suzy S 9 days ago

    I just watched this and now I feel like a total badass. You exploiting my volunerabilities, come at me!! I have salt and pepper along with duct tape. BRING IT!!!

  • Yoga Nymph
    Yoga Nymph 9 days ago

    Ready for the zombie apocalypse just as soon as I go stock up on duct tape.

  • Christopher Green
    Christopher Green 10 days ago

    very good

  • James Lim
    James Lim 10 days ago +1

    Or just have a conceal carry and shoot the active shooter

  • Lion Of Truth
    Lion Of Truth 11 days ago +2

    I promise you this is all I think about when I play horror games 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍😂 I am this guy.

  • Lion Of Truth
    Lion Of Truth 11 days ago +4

    3:45: Me when I play any Resident Evil game and I look at the map to calculate how screwed I am.


  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 11 days ago

    What dangerous situation

  • T W
    T W 11 days ago

    excuse me sir, could you stop shooting long enough for me to remove my sock and get change for this ten dollar bill? thankyou

  • 369 op
    369 op 12 days ago

    Paper bat is the funniest thing 😂😂

  • O J
    O J 12 days ago

    Dang it, I went to paperless online news....

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 12 days ago

    Lol the items improvisation part was awesome

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 12 days ago

    7:57 lol true

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 12 days ago

    3:20 Lv.1
    5:11 Lv.30

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 12 days ago

    999,562 views! Almost theeere

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 12 days ago

    A french a brit and a german? How did they communicate? Lmao

  • TrippyScarecrow
    TrippyScarecrow 12 days ago

    Salt and pepper? Nice try, buddy, but I'll stick with my pocket sand.

  • Taiya001
    Taiya001 12 days ago

    I am a bit of a prepared paranoid person. I always look for my exits when I go to a new place and I look for fire extinguishers as well; You never know when you will have to exit or put a fire out, I will also start looking around for defensive weapons just in case. However I travel with my pepper spray and my knife so I am usually good.

  • Foojum
    Foojum 13 days ago

    I don't think adding mass increases velocity.

  • McKenna Rinta
    McKenna Rinta 13 days ago

    As an anxious person.... isn't this normal???

  • Ломать
    Ломать 13 days ago

    Navy Seal: *shows me how to make weapons for an active shooter using socks and news paper*
    Me: *laughs in conceal and carry*

  • CGM
    CGM 13 days ago

    11:46 "POCKET SAND!"

  • big c pimp daddy
    big c pimp daddy 13 days ago

    Rolled up newspaper🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  • theProdigalSon
    theProdigalSon 13 days ago

    fear's a muthafucker....

  • Ana N
    Ana N 13 days ago

    This explanation doesn't help much. It's just common knowledge. And most of us already know that.

  • Amy
    Amy 14 days ago

    I wouldn't have survived high school without these kinds of techniques. It's something I have to do in life now and I've already used it to save myself and many other people. A lot of people freeze when they are confronted with a dangerous situation but you are less likely to do that if you learn to be aware before anything happens that raises your adrenaline levels.

  • Ambitious Num nums
    Ambitious Num nums 14 days ago

    Looking to defend yourself or deal some damage?

  • old limon
    old limon 14 days ago

    Where you get that flannel homie

  • West Cali
    West Cali 14 days ago

    @2:00 lmao watch out!!!

  • Nolann Janvier
    Nolann Janvier 14 days ago

    What are his shoes ?

  • Koketso Baholo
    Koketso Baholo 14 days ago +5

    Phyiscs Teacher:(Opens my textbook) ""What are ceramic tiles doing inside your book?"
    Me:" duh they displace the energy of bullets."

  • Nicole P
    Nicole P 14 days ago

    Great, we just taught all future inmate's how to take down the entire ward!

  • parkhAn 19
    parkhAn 19 14 days ago

    11:44 John wickd

  • Jonathan Leyva
    Jonathan Leyva 14 days ago +5

    Him: "Improvised saps"

    Me : grabs a shoe and throws at shooter.


  • Andi H
    Andi H 14 days ago

    Gunman with (semi) automatic weapon but you throw a chain on him.

  • borednow
    borednow 15 days ago +2

    he just said they dont store their passports together, ergo they have multiple passports while the CIA spy woman said they only have 1 passport/identity for life as a spy... hmm...

  • Audia Keny
    Audia Keny 15 days ago

    I'd rather survivor 101 on the long term !?

  • stiflingmystrife
    stiflingmystrife 15 days ago

    Okay, remember where doors and windows are. Check.

  • Chatmoon
    Chatmoon 16 days ago +2

    Thank you for your service, Clint Emerson

  • Hisoka
    Hisoka 16 days ago

    1. locate all windows
    2. throw out your fine motor skills

  • Stefania Mont
    Stefania Mont 17 days ago


  • Malachi Bathurst
    Malachi Bathurst 17 days ago +2

    what about knives usually found in kitchens

  • Miia Lamia
    Miia Lamia 17 days ago +3

    I like how they deliberately gloss over the steel pen as "puncture tool; alright moving on.."

  • Sampad Mohanty
    Sampad Mohanty 18 days ago

    Also hitman's situational awareness clip