Leica M Monochrom discussion with professional photographer and Leica fan, Minyan Zhu

  • Published on Apr 2, 2014
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Comments • 98

  • Tony & Chelsea Northrup

    📷 Leica M Monochrom Buy on Amazon at help.tc/mm 📷

  • ZappaBlues
    ZappaBlues Month ago

    I haven't owned a Leica for over 35years, but if I ever win a lottery, the newer Leica M Monochrom 246 is the first thing I would buy, forget about the Porsche or the 100" 8K TV

  • Alan C
    Alan C 11 months ago +1

    Leica brings out the true romance of photography, today modern cameras will all the digital aids make us forget, light, shadows, shutter and aperture. Leica makes me a better photographer...

  • Antonius Lecuona
    Antonius Lecuona 11 months ago +1

    Nobody will buy a Leica if they were sold for $500 - $1000. People pay for features. Phycologically Leica is promising photographers the false promise that they will shoot better images due to the price.

  • Patrice Longchamps

    No Video, no image stabilization, no autofocus....it is a manual camera that takes picture like a film camera.....I luv it !!

  • Magnus Christensson

    If you not fully understand or appreciate the great heritage of the Leica M system and previus vintage 135 mm, who are the most copied cameras of any manufactures incl by Canon and Nikon, maybe you should't do any review of Leica?
    This review was really embarrassing and far from objective or serious.
    You still end the review that you want one...why then give illogical criticism based on lack of knowledge?
    Sorry Guys - You usually do good, serious and objective reviews.
    Both the Leica M camerasystem and their photographers are all about express the love of photography as art and craftmanship as well as one of a kind camera heritage.

  • Benson Stein
    Benson Stein Year ago

    For the "Leica Man" lack of AF is not a "drawback" but rather a "feature." Leica shooters *prefer* manual, rangefinder focus. Or else why spend so much money on a Leica digital? Leice shooters nail manual focus in their sleep. Ken Rockwell understands the "Leica Man." - kenrockwell.com/leica/leica-man.htm

  • Martti Suomivuori

    You don't have to be rich, just own tons of money to have a recently calibrated body at hand for professional use.
    Sounds enticing.
    BTW: Tony has his sense of humor that some people might have missed. He slips irony in with a straight face and people get upset for nothing. I like his verbosity. 44200 views, I guess somebody else does, too.

  • steph Blafr
    steph Blafr 2 years ago

    Chelsea has so much class!

  • Nathaniel Cash Jr.
    Nathaniel Cash Jr. 2 years ago +1

    I have a friend who shot the Democratic National Convention last year using this Leica Monochrom, so it can be used in professional circumstances.

  • Steve L
    Steve L 2 years ago +1

    there you go...shoot film.....

  • Anthony Barrett
    Anthony Barrett 2 years ago

    Many many thanks for the only objective and realistic review of Leica that I have seen.I usually love the images but there are limitations,for example I look for ward to seeing Chelsea's birds in flight with a Leica.

  • 齐枫
    齐枫 2 years ago

    why is it you guys' videos are always with a sort of nervous ambience?

  • Youssef Hamidi
    Youssef Hamidi 2 years ago

    Paying $10,000 will inspire anyone to go out and shoot. Otherwise you just flushed that $$$ down the toilet.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 3 years ago +20

    Complaining about no autofocus on a Leica misses the entire reasoning and point of the camera.

  • Torque of the Devil
    Torque of the Devil 3 years ago +1

    Over priced Veblen bought by camera snobs.

  • Akira Wisnu
    Akira Wisnu 3 years ago

    I think I agree with Tony's arguments, except for dont manual focus with the modern camera. Mirrorless technology with recent peaking system was awesome when it's combined with legacy lenses..love it! :D (especially when AF system in mirrorless is kind of lacking compare to DSLR)

  • User
    User 4 years ago

    I understand the appeal as i am a watch enthusiast and would much rather an expensive mechanical watch than a cheaper, more accurate quartz or digital watch. Old technology is imo more evocative and personal, they seem less like tools and instead have there own character with their quirky drawbacks. Similar to watch snobs however, they do have camera snobs and i get the feeling that those who tend to own leica exclusively are somewhat shallow and pretentious. A sort of "i'm better than you because i do things the hard way" attitude. I have met people who make decent photos with leicas and when they see a superior photo taken by a more technologically advanced camera like a nikon d4s they say "i bet that camera does all the work".

  • Roman Kralovic
    Roman Kralovic 4 years ago +5

    why pay 10k for a camera to simulate film, when you can shoot film and save thousands$$!!?

    • feynmans
      feynmans 4 years ago +3

      +Roman Kralovic Because ain't nobody want to smell like ass working with fucking fixers.

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel Stewart 4 years ago +3

    If you want to get into Leicas for a reasonable price and have a piece of history in your hand a Leica LTM model is a good way to go. A Leica IIIF will run you about $200-400. Plus the collapsable Elmar lenses are awesome and make it really compact.

    • sophrapsune
      sophrapsune 2 years ago +1

      Daniel Stewart
      I once bought a 60-year-old Leica IIIG with two LTM lenses. It was so exquisitely machined that it still functioned perfectly, in spite of its age, after 60 years. I have no doubt that, well maintained, it will still be shooting in another 60 years. Beautiful machines that represent fantastic value used, and resell for at least the price of purchase so are essentially free to use apart from cost of capital.

  • Damon Lam
    Damon Lam 4 years ago +11

    No autofocus - dumb electronics never works properly
    No video - you don't pay 8000USD for a camcorder
    No IS - why should I pay more for degraded image quality?
    No colour - I shoot full time B&W film on my Leica M3 - purely by choice.

    • *Veganislife*
      *Veganislife* 3 years ago +1

      The best shots I've ever seen have been on a Leica in B&W film. I've used all 5D's & L lenses, now Fuji cameras and still if I had the choice it would be a M246 & 3 primes with out a doubt. Not disagreeing that Canon and Nikon are nowadays industry standard cameras for professionals in various photographic roles, but M cameras feel great in the hand and Leica have that look that is unmistakeable in a photo. That's what draws people to them.

    • User
      User 4 years ago

      @Damon Lam Lets agree to disagree .

    • Damon Lam
      Damon Lam 4 years ago

      +KidWeazel Now this is just my personal opinion. But after a year and a half studying at a so called "art" college I'm sick and tired of people mentioning that very idea. They preach "art" here as if it's a dogmatic religion. All too often it's about the final product, whilst neglecting entirely the process that creates it. Has it ever appear to you that art may be a little more than just the physical thing you can see and touch? The experience? The very process of it? Of course there are times when I miss a shot I really want. But to me, photography is never just about the final image that you can see and manipulate. To me photography is a continual process of learning to see and observe the world in new light, and I learn new things every time, whether or not I get the shot. I must admit I don't shoot eagles flying at 60mph 500 yard away, that is beyond my interest. But what I shoot - street photos - allows me to make subtle interaction with people around me and see and learn new things every single time I raise the camera to my eye. You can disagree but doubtless, art is most powerful and empowering where it is most personal.
      You speak of art as if the final product is the only thing that matters, then in my opinion, you vision of art is very narrow minded. Go back to classical antiquity.

    • User
      User 4 years ago +1

      @Damon Lam The thing is, there will be a time where you just think to yourself, damn i just missed the shot of my life. Why risk it? there is a point when the error no matter how good the photographer is, will always occur due to the physical limitations of the system . A true artist imo will do anything to get the shot, whether it be camp out for weeks, crouch in deep mud, anything. I see little justification that an artist will intentionally limit himself by using old technology. A true artist has a vision and he/she will do anything to transfer it to reality.

    • Damon Lam
      Damon Lam 4 years ago

      +KidWeazel I am saying that it's justified because of the old technology. In an age where I am constantly bombarded with 'features', I want to be just left alone with the most basic features. Leica is the only company who's done that. Also about the eagle thing, I'd rather miss the shot knowing that it's because I'm not skilled enough than risk missing it because camera electronics are, in my opinion, very unpredictable.

  • Quique
    Quique 4 years ago +9

    This is so hard to watch.

  • Mike Pratt
    Mike Pratt 4 years ago +15

    This is a very awkward discussion. Everyone looks uncomfortable, especially Minyan.
    Also, you do not have to be rich (or give up your car / live in a box) to own a Leica. This is one of the biggest pieces of misinformation that people interested in Leica are getting.
    All of the MM users I know absolutely love the camera - and they are serious photographers who don't baby their cameras.

    • Sam
      Sam 2 years ago

      Even the woman in the viewfinder looks awkward..

    • Sylvain Paquette
      Sylvain Paquette 2 years ago

      It's true the discussion was awkward.
      You don't need to be rich to buy a leica it's true but you need to want one. I don't get what's so amazing about them, I don't even like to handle the form factor and the UI. If it was that good I would sell couple of lens and buy one in a heartbeat.

    • *Veganislife*
      *Veganislife* 3 years ago

      I'd be nervous around Tony too. He's a gimp

    • Najja Foluke
      Najja Foluke 4 years ago +2

      @Mike Pratt I totally agree! They do look uncomfortable, especially Minyan. It was like he was being attacked. I didn't get what she meant when she said he lived in a box. And then Tony said something about having a better camera bag than a house to protect the camera. I thought he was putting the guy down for spending so much on his cameras. Overall, I would say this is one of the worst videos I ever saw on the review of the Leica! Almost made me puke!

    • ChronoMail
      ChronoMail 4 years ago

      @Mike Pratt Agreed. Too long and drawn out, plus awkward. In fact it was so uncomfortable to watch, that I had to quit halfway through the piece . . .

  • LeicaBob
    LeicaBob 5 years ago +13

    As a former wedding and sports shooter, I understand the need for consistent results. Canon and Nikon rightfully own this space. As a current Leica shooter, I own them because I'm a bit pretentious... but also I like simplicity. My M9/three lens kit weighs as much as a Nikon D4 alone! If you are a minimalist and love 35-90mm fast primes then this is your system. I shot a friends wedding recently, and the only negative was the lack of reliability using PW's. It was such a relief not having two tote a ton of gear. Current Leica models have closed the ISO gap. It takes a solid and sometimes frustrating year of consistent shooting to begin mastering Leica. I promise you it is worth the hassle.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 5 years ago +20

    People just can't seem to deal with a lack of features. To me, having a simple, more rudimentary camera such as a Leica makes me feel more a part of the scene. There is a great deal of pleasure in using it. People who have been spoiled with automation their entire career will never be able to appreciate the feel of a Leica, understandably.

    • Marian Palko
      Marian Palko 2 years ago

      Andrew Wrong. I am very able to appreciate the feel of a Leica, as a matter of fact I love the M design and understand why people whose primary goal isn't taking the highest quality photos as effectively as possible buy Leica cameras. However, as CAMERAS, the digital Ms are garbage. They might be a pleasant garbage to use, but they are garbage nevertheless. Now, let me say that again. AS CAMERAS. If you are looking for a nice object to play with and appreciate its design, and don't care that much about actual photography, of course, the Leica M is the perfect choice. But as cameras, they are garbage. Cheers!

    • Sylvain Paquette
      Sylvain Paquette 2 years ago

      So removing feature is needed for you to not use them or improve the way you use the camera ? We are not all like you apparently. For me it's a tool, not a luxury object so I don't get the leica interest unfortunately. Buying one is not the problem, it's wanting to have one that is.

    • Najja Foluke
      Najja Foluke 4 years ago

      @Andrew Hartnett Amen!

    • Đorđe Gajanin
      Đorđe Gajanin 4 years ago

      I can't say I don't like it , but someone must spend maybe 2-3 years working to get one opposed to an SLR. Unless you are born rich of course , The only somewhat affordable leica would be an used M8 , but the lenses of course kill it , and it's old now.

    • Mike Pratt
      Mike Pratt 4 years ago +7

      Excellent comment. The simplicity of my Leica is definitely one of the biggest reason for owning one. It's an absolute joy to use.

  • x7stringinJSCx
    x7stringinJSCx 5 years ago +3

    Really?? Leica is not a professional camera?... whatever. he's so bias. His other video he doesn't even like it.. whatever dude. You must not know wtf Leica even is. No technology is in the old ones.. Don't compare it to a New camera bc it makes u look bias and sound stupid to those who know everything Leica. Get real.

  • Joseph M Elario
    Joseph M Elario 5 years ago +9

    . . hipster . . . overpriced junk, really ? We use all three systems in our operation , Canon ,Nikon & Leica , they are all wonderful , I myself shoot the Leica M (240) 80% of the time which includes client work .
    Love these guys who knock Leica - without any experience really using it , sour grapes.

  • y2ktube
    y2ktube 5 years ago +3

    Wow, this is like trying to convince Lexus "Automatic" transmission drivers about the unique feel & performance of a "Manual" transmission Porsche.
    Now, a few corrections about the discussion of this "Minimalist / Purest" German camera:
    1. He talks about using a 90mm Summarit lens, this is their "economy" f/2.5 lens-line (Not Leica's best f/2 offerings)
    2. In another one of his videos, he didn't read up on setting the "Exposure Compensation" (It does in-fact have this feature)
    3. There's a reason it's one of the rare digital cameras that holds it's value; without time consuming post processing, the B&W images right out of the camera, are AMAZING! - No joke, it's something that has to be seen to be believed...

  • kliveo
    kliveo 5 years ago +14

    Draw backs! no auto focus or video, these are not draw back. Great images were captured long before these gimmics. I hate cameras packed with loads of features or should I say shit I dont want or use.

  • fallenentity2
    fallenentity2 5 years ago +1

    Why would you interview someone who doesn't use Leica professionally? I know 3-4 photographers in just my town that could be (are) world renown wedding photographers that shoot 95% Leica, some 100%.

  • sokklei
    sokklei 5 years ago +3

    I've had 7 Canon EOS bodies, including two 1 series, now I have two EOS bodies and 8 L lenses...., but When I want to relax with photography, I do B&W using my Leica Monochrom and 35mm Summilux. The Monochrom is like the one woman you can live with, all other cameras are like all the rest of the women you can enjoy but not live with ;-)

  • Christopher R. Perez
    Christopher R. Perez 5 years ago +24

    not to compare, It's not a DSLR....... I only use Leica, This review is BS

  • Fulin Sun
    Fulin Sun 5 years ago +1

    it seems to me that a real photographer should not pay much attention to the looks of a camera, especially not the difference between a film camera and a digital one, it is the image that matters right? otherwise you are talking about the design of camera

  • b pa
    b pa 5 years ago +1

    i grew up with leica in my house. i started in film using yashica rangefinders. Its not just the lenses that are great, the bodies and metering are awesome too. I think its a great way for anyone to learn the art. I don't know if its fair to say, it was made for rich people. I know a bunch of poor people that worked 3 jobs to afford one because it was what they preferred. With leica, you constantly learn photography and you constantly learn about yourself, limitations help you progress on your own without help. its all in the way you want to produce your work and the type of pictures you want to make. I still use my Leica film camera. I use it for paid assignments and for personal work. I got tired of digital. too many things to think about and carry. I wanted simple and effective and use more of my thought to making a picture. I think if you cant afford a leica then the fuji x100s is your best bet. it has auto focus and auto iso, you can set everything else manually and get to work. its light, unobtrusive and you are able to capture the fleeting moments more effectively.

  • b pa
    b pa 5 years ago +11

    Leica is why art is alive and well in photography. thats why leica guys make pictures and all others just take them.

    • MacClellandMan
      MacClellandMan Year ago +2

      Oh good grief. Just enjoy your kit. If that is not enough to justify owning, demeaning photographers using different equipment isn't going to do it.

    • Najja Foluke
      Najja Foluke 4 years ago +1

      @brian pangilinan Well said!

  • TH3MS
    TH3MS 5 years ago +2

    My car isnt "that" nice, and my appartment is a "box" xD but that is because I have passion for Leica, I like it ^^

  • Malessons
    Malessons 5 years ago +2

    "No autofocus, no image stabilization, Too expensive" man are you guys for real? the whole point this camera is to NOT have a camera make ALL of the decisions including focus for you... right? Check out Nikki Six he has one and has published some killer shots...

  • Mitch Gurowitz
    Mitch Gurowitz 5 years ago +9

    Yes, but in 10 years people will be chasing this camera on eBay and the Sony full frame will be fetching 125.00. They are made fort a different feel, I'm sure a burger king digital watch keeps time as well as a Rolex. If you follow my lead...

  • Hans Lewinnek
    Hans Lewinnek 5 years ago

    The leica M240 is really good sensor and is very good in low light situation, comparable with the current sony and canon sensor performance.

  • Manuel Rendon
    Manuel Rendon 5 years ago +28

    So you guys gathered together to dislike Leica? Over-excesive comparison with DSLRs. What's the point? Are choper reviewers spending time comparing bikes with cars? I think this discussion is pointless, you didn't come close to a deep Leica variables' talk, which would have had sense, since you got a Leica in your hands.

  • igetsmart
    igetsmart 5 years ago

    Nice camera but not worth the money for most - except those who are purists and have good eye-sight for manual focus and steady hands for no IS - I think one can can accomplish similar results with good cameras and nice lenses that will be a fraction of the price -
    So the Leica M Monochrome for those who have lots of money and are purists -

  • SuperDigitalMe
    SuperDigitalMe 5 years ago +1

    Chelsea is a beauty :)

  • Johann Kwan
    Johann Kwan 5 years ago +4

    I'm a normal photog, and I shoot an M. It took me four years to save for my M (you know, and pay rent, eat, etc). I've been a Sony/Minolta shooter all my life and I finally just couldn't handle the obsolescence in my gear anymore... And I reeeaaaaally wanted one after handling my friend's M2 ages ago. Let's be honest... It's an object of desire as well. I don't regret it at all. I shoot nearly every day now, even when I'm not working, because it makes me happy to do so. I'm constantly engaged in the making of the image. Even if the weather is miserable (and living in Canada, it often is) I'm in my house, keeping my focusing skills razor sharp (you have to, shooting f/1.4 or f/2 manually all the time). It's definitely workable as a professional camera, for weddings, etc. But not if you're shooting tele a lot... For that I'll still grab the DSLR. Though I always hesitate before I do now.

  • Bluefan
    Bluefan 5 years ago

    Comparing against a tammron 70-200 is not fair, at least compare it to another prime like an 85 f1.8. A good comparison would be against the nikon 85mm F2 AI-S, both manual focus and build very sturdy.

  • Linus Andersson
    Linus Andersson 5 years ago

    The only camera manufacture that i close to Leica is fujifilm that comes close to the experience to shot with a Leica. A100S and X-T1 is good start to have a camera that is really fun to use. Maybe not as a professional photographer, then it is probably better with DSLR from the big brands. Fuji is the the ones besides Leica that that brings back joy in photography. There is also rumors that a full frame fuji soon will arrive.

  • SpartanWaveDave
    SpartanWaveDave 5 years ago +13

    Minyan- that was much better said. Leica's are not for everybody, but there are real reasons people own them. They are a rangefinder, which is a completely different way of shooting. For some people this is a way more enjoyable style of shooting. For street shooting, it allows for zone or pre focusing to be done very easily, and is much faster then using auto focus. The Leica's build quality is significantly higher then any other manufacturer. The cameras and lenses are all built to much higher/tighter tolerances. The products are all meant to last a lifetime, other manufactures goal is 10 years. leica has managed to make a full frame camera in a relatively small size, and their lenses also are much smaller then dslr lenses. Only sony has been able to make a camera with full frame that small, and that camera can't use legacy wide angle lenses. The Leica lenses are renown as the best in the world, and they only go up in value over time.
    Leica's are not for everyone, but people aren't crazy for owning or wanting one. If you are interested in trying one out, buy a used leica m6 ($800 or so), and a rigid 50mm summicron ($500). If you don't like it, you can sell both for no loss at anytime.

  • minyan Zhu
    minyan Zhu 5 years ago

    In retrospect I wish we punctuated the video with more penis jokes.

  • minyan Zhu
    minyan Zhu 5 years ago +5

    I've since bought a Leica M8, which is like a baby Leica Monochrom with almost the same tonal expressive range as the Monochrom, with the added benefit of color, but with the expense of really limiting (640 tops) ISO performance. I have to admit that I don't have the balls to purchase a strictly BW camera, as sometimes Color is absolutely necessary and beautiful.
    Leica is a very polarizing brand, with plenty of haters and lovers all around. The bottom line is that any camera can produce "interesting" pictures, just as any paint brush can produce interesting paintings. It's up to the user/photographer to know how to exploit the strengths of the camera they're using in order to fulfill their expressive intent. When I use a Leica, I'm 100% focused on the scene at hand. I can't eat pizza and fire off 1029809809 frames per second at a scene like I can with any Nikon or Canon. That razor like focus seems to pay off for me, as most of my favorite pictures comes from my Leica systems. If I could do the same with Nikon, Canon, Fuji, etc.... I would shoot with that system.
    I hate to say this, but people who rely on anecdotal experiences and accounts of Leica will never quite understand the strengths of the camera system. It's not perfect , it's not convenient and it's certainly not for everybody. I sincerely hope that interested parties will have a chance to use the Camera and put it though it's paces firsthand.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 5 years ago

    For people that love black and white a bit expensive but nice camera.

  • Lestat De Lioncourt
    Lestat De Lioncourt 5 years ago +5

    "no autofocus, no video.." thumbs down.

    • Lestat De Lioncourt
      Lestat De Lioncourt 3 years ago +1

      +carlomac I know what Leica is all about, I am a photographer and I own two of them (M6, MM246). I never leave my house without one. I meant HE doesn’t really get what this Leica is, if he starts this video saying that.

    • carlomac
      carlomac 5 years ago +2

      You're obviously better suited to another camera if you have to rely on autofocus and you are wanting to record video. This is a pure photographic tool.

  • Alejandro Cerdena Photography

    I like to know a realistic reason why Leica's have always cost so much. They always talk about the quality of their lenses but are they the only ones that really make the best lenses; is that really true to merit such a high price? What are they doing that no one else is able to do or match? curious :)

    • sophrapsune
      sophrapsune 2 years ago

      Alejandro Cerdena
      Rangefinder cameras are also intrinsically more expensive, as the precision opto-mechanical components alone cost in the order of $2k to manufacture and assemble.

    • Najja Foluke
      Najja Foluke 4 years ago

      @Alejandro Cerdena Well, I have the M3. Mine was manufactured in 1957, according to the serial number, and it still works like brand new. It's built to last. I'll be passing this down to the next generation.

    • minyan Zhu
      minyan Zhu 5 years ago +3

      Leica unfortunately costs so much because they don't crank out the volume of cameras that Nikon and Canon do. Leica is a boutique brand and can't rely on mass production and low profit margins. As a result, their quality control is much higher than other mass produced brands, but have to demand a much higher profit margin to stay in operation. I wish they were cheaper, but I'm certain that their quality control and die hard dedication to mechanical excellence would suffer as a result.

  • photographerjonathan
    photographerjonathan 5 years ago

    I thought it was funny at the end when Chelsea says it's well made and then she says *the pictures that it takes are interesting*, and I thought to myself, isn't it the photographer who takes the pictures, not the camera, but i think that is really the whole Leica myth that Leica photographers always sell, that the images are special and unique looking, just like when your guest was talking about the lenses, and he says how the glass creates a special look, I thought a ray of light was going to come in through the window when he said that, like the lenses are made by a higher power, this is why I would really like to see more image comparisons with Leica's and other cameras, just to see the myth get proved or disproved, because I am sure you could get black and white images with an XT1 just as magical as the Leica, and maybe even more magical, but I do love the small glass Leica makes, but I am not into manually focusing, I'll let the so called photography purest do that while they convince themselves that there more special than the rest of us

    • photographerjonathan
      photographerjonathan 5 years ago

      @Chelsea Northrup wow first a reply from Tony and then the Lady herself, I feel special haha, I understand that a camera can influence the pictures that you take, especially when the camera forces you to take more time with each shot because of old control dials and manual focus, but the camera itself doesn't take interesting pictures, witch is what you said, but I know you didn't really mean it the way it came out, but it was amusing to hear you say it, anyway thanks for saying hello, and I wish you and Tony the best

    • Chelsea Northrup
      Chelsea Northrup 5 years ago +4

      I know what you mean, but the camera you use with influence your photography. In this case it yields interesting results.
      This shoots exclusively B&W. That doesn't just mean your pics are desaturated, it means your choice of subject matter with be influenced by that feature. It made me gravitate towards lines, form, and shapes rather than anything with rich saturation and color (like flowers or sunsets)
      The fact that it only has MF influenced my photos, too. I sure as hell wasn't going to take wildlife shots or pics of anything with a lot of movement and low dof. You get better at manually focusing with practice, but the camera just wasn't made for action photography.
      As a result, a lot of photos I see that are taken with a similar setup (camera, lens, and features) have a similar style. The images are interesting because the photographer was working within the confines of the cameras capabilities.
      Oh, and I also thought the photos looked grainy and film like, but Tony's research suggests that was in my imagination.

    • Tony & Chelsea Northrup
      Tony & Chelsea Northrup  5 years ago +1

      I'll agree; I've never felt that Leica lens magic, and I'd bet that in a blind test few people could tell the difference.

  • SpartanWaveDave
    SpartanWaveDave 5 years ago +2

    I'm confused, in the caption it said you were having a discussion with a Leica fan. Instead we got a guy who says they designed/optimized the m cameras to shoot 35mm lenses, which is why he shoots a 50mm. He wouldn't want to work with a Leica camera because when he's working it involves dropping his camera several times, and then he would have to get it fixed. He likes old leica lenses because they are full of flaws and that makes him smile when he sees those flaws in old photos. He's also such a big fan, if the Leica drops to $500 he might buy one.
    Great job!

  • Luis Colon
    Luis Colon 5 years ago +4

    Leica is Leica, you can't compare with other cameras, is Leica. Everyone's is mising point here, Leica is define to produced beautiful pictures, is not design for everyone is design for someone who appreciate the best, only the best especially in the making of their own lenses. Beautiful cameras and lenses.

  • Jose Aguilera
    Jose Aguilera 5 years ago

    I liked LEICAs, but now I really hate them

  • Jerry Johnson
    Jerry Johnson 5 years ago

    Still love and shoot with an old Yashica Rangefinder and a Canon A-1. It's old school fun, indeed a 'style' of photography as Chelsea noted. In 40yrs imaging has made extraordinary advancements, yet it's good the old gear can still be experienced.

  • elr2141979
    elr2141979 5 years ago +5

    I just got my Sony a7 its better than this overpriced junk

    • sophrapsune
      sophrapsune 2 years ago

      elr2141979 I agree with you there!

    • elr2141979
      elr2141979 2 years ago

      sophrapsune you're right I should call it overpriced camera gear.

    • sophrapsune
      sophrapsune 2 years ago +1

      The fact that you describe the Leica M system as "junk" demonstrates that you have never seriously used it and therefore have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Blake Garcia
      Blake Garcia 3 years ago +6

      Lol yeah let's see how quickly your Sony A7 depreciates in value compared to my "overpriced junk" M9. When you buy a Leica you're not buying it because you're rich. You're buying it because you want to experience a whole new side of photography which changes the way you take photos.

    • Najja Foluke
      Najja Foluke 4 years ago

      @elr2141979 You can't be serious!

  • mp4podcastDOTcom
    mp4podcastDOTcom 5 years ago +1

    Type this in Google
    Canon DSLR modded for black and white
    B&W Conversion

  • Bellal Yaqub
    Bellal Yaqub 5 years ago

    Hi Tony thanks for the review on the Leica although its a little out of my price range! I'm still waiting for your review of the D5300 where is it please? I have that camera and would love to know your thoughts, particularly how to do 3D tracking with it. How do you tell it What to focus on if you're using the LCD? I can see a box that moves with the subject when I put my eye up to it. I hope you can please cover this in your review too thanks. Keep up the good work!

    • Tony & Chelsea Northrup
      Tony & Chelsea Northrup  5 years ago

      Here ya go, Bellal: Nikon D3300 vs D5300 and 18-55mm vs 18-140mm comparison review: AF, GPS, and Wi-fi. We have a how-to video covering all the major camera functions coming soon, too.You can't use the LCD for 3D tracking; you'll have to use the viewfinder.

  • Greg R
    Greg R 5 years ago

    gotta tweak that (audio) noise gate. but nice video nonetheless! $10k made sense back in the film days when bodies didn't go obsolete every 3 years. now, $1k is the norm.