(OLD VIDEO) Viruses

  • Published on Nov 23, 2013
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  • Amoeba Sisters
    Amoeba Sisters  Year ago +10

    This video is old and has been redone! The revised video includes better drawings, improved audio, and a little bit more detail in some portions. However, the new version is even shorter than this one! Hope you enjoy: ruclip.com/video/8FqlTslU22s/video.html P.S. We're constantly trying to improve our work. Check out our milestones: www.amoebasisters.com/milestones

  • Ryan Robert Ventolero

    nursing school is hard

  • canadiankewldude
    canadiankewldude 8 days ago

    A head full of *_facts-_**_-even memorized facts-_*- -- is better than an empty one.

  • Eric Gu
    Eric Gu 13 days ago +1

    It's rewind time

  • Anonym Freunde
    Anonym Freunde Month ago

    Irgendwer hier aus der 9 A vom GSG? 😂

  • Nah
    Nah Month ago

    The link to the redone video does not work. :o(

    • Nah
      Nah Month ago +1

      @Amoeba Sisters Yay! You gals are awesome! :o)

    • Amoeba Sisters
      Amoeba Sisters  Month ago +1

      Thank you so much for letting us know! Fixed :)

  • Mike Ockburns
    Mike Ockburns 3 months ago

    Just remember, if the virus starts in Madagascar, we’re all screwed!

  • Morgan Jordan
    Morgan Jordan 3 months ago


  • denis germain
    denis germain 4 months ago

    Not thank you

  • Cami2346
    Cami2346 4 months ago

    “Sniffles B’gone” the best fake medicine name I herd

  • placek jjh
    placek jjh 5 months ago

    cool video :)

  • Muammar Ssamad
    Muammar Ssamad 7 months ago +1

    Any one 2019

  • Naomi Weida
    Naomi Weida 7 months ago

    So helpful thank you so much!

  • Caesar Salad Poptart
    Caesar Salad Poptart 9 months ago

    Just pointing it out but why did you use a Bacteriophage as a evil virus

  • Leroy Benggon
    Leroy Benggon 10 months ago

    this video was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 11 months ago

    I subscribed! This video was SOOOO helpfull for me science compotition. Thanks :)

  • FreshCookieMan
    FreshCookieMan Year ago

    wow your sisters art style was VERY different

  • Ellen Lathrom
    Ellen Lathrom Year ago

    Technically viruses can target white bloodcells.

  • Massinissa Amir
    Massinissa Amir Year ago +1

    you guys are trash, i legit threw up eww

  • Underrated_MVP
    Underrated_MVP Year ago


  • Underrated_MVP
    Underrated_MVP Year ago


  • Underrated_MVP
    Underrated_MVP Year ago


  • Underrated_MVP
    Underrated_MVP Year ago


  • dee h
    dee h Year ago

    0.52 love the prokaryotes its so cute!!!

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Year ago

    congrats your are my new teacher !😂 btw , thanks and i subscribed to you

  • Mirza Sefrizal
    Mirza Sefrizal Year ago

    Nuclear Polyhedrosis virus that goes after insects

  • Anshu rai
    Anshu rai Year ago


  • Renha RNA
    Renha RNA Year ago

    Can someone tell me.......
    Which part of animal virus is not reproduce in multiple copies
    1) envelope
    2) protein
    3) capsid
    4) ribosome

  • Kiwwai Kwamimi
    Kiwwai Kwamimi Year ago

    2:38 it reminded me of a book sires

  • Rita Maria Groba
    Rita Maria Groba Year ago

    Um rico resumo, em poucos minutos!!?

  • MDL
    MDL Year ago


  • Ryan Rohlfs
    Ryan Rohlfs Year ago

    It is me or does the jingle at the beginning while the text "viruses" was on screen sound a LOT like the beginning of the overworld music for the US version of Super Mario Bros. 2?

  • computer guy
    computer guy Year ago

    You are amazing and funny
    Explanation is so good

  • [ChrisTheMan9]
    [ChrisTheMan9] Year ago

    Yo mom is a common cold lmao

  • nexus1g
    nexus1g Year ago

    I've heard that it's a pretty heated debate in the life sciences as to whether or not a virus constitutes as a life.

  • The warrior fan
    The warrior fan Year ago


  • Legend Groudon
    Legend Groudon Year ago +1

    So is HIV/AIDS a lysogenic cycle virus, even though HIV attacks helped T cells, not bacteria?

  • Aya Fahd
    Aya Fahd Year ago

    You are really gorgeous.. Thank you so much for this helpful video .. every time when i feel something hard and i didn’t understand it ,your videos make it easy and funny 💙😍

  • soul me
    soul me Year ago +1

    Cold is extremely common 😁😍 bhrup😂😂 i m in love with ur vedios

  • Jacob Estrada
    Jacob Estrada Year ago +1

    I hate your videos

    • Tiss fant
      Tiss fant 4 months ago

      What a helpful, well rounded criticism of the video

  • Fire Nation
    Fire Nation Year ago

    You help me in clas

  • Zainab B.
    Zainab B. Year ago

    can't thank you enough!

  • Soni Mar
    Soni Mar 2 years ago

    Great video! Good visual for understand the two cycles! Thank you!!!!!

  • Miriam Grace Latta Prasad

    and look at their videos now.

  • Quickfirefly
    Quickfirefly 2 years ago

    thank you sooooooooooooooooo much I'm waiting for virus updated video but this is really good thx :D :D :D :D : )
    P.S I am doing a class on viruses and that will help thx again

  • The wooden robot
    The wooden robot 2 years ago

    Dat mario song tho

  • Crystal Ss
    Crystal Ss 2 years ago +1

    Thanks 🙏

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 years ago

    This is partly incorrect- even though they can't reproduce viruses are classified as living things- they have biological matter that is not found in non-living things. (Proteins, DNA, and RNA are not possessed by non-living matter. Everywhere these things exist they will be traced back to a life form of some kind or another.)
    The fact that something can't reproduce on its own doesn't mean its not alive (contrary to the bogus science their teaching these days.) - that would be saying that If I get my dog fixed at the vet, all of a sudden its not "alive" anymore, since after all, if the surgery went well, she wouldn't be able to reproduce on her own anymore.
    Further, the replication isn't as simple as this- otherwise, we wouldn't be able to recover from the cold or flu at all. This forgets to mention those all-important things called phagocytes, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, etc. That go after viruses. That, and we also have drugs called antivirals. One of them is Tamaflu.

  • eldwi ruziqa
    eldwi ruziqa 2 years ago


  • Craftytuna _
    Craftytuna _ 2 years ago +1

    I'm only watching this because I'm at school I would enter auctly want to watch this video if I wasent forced to but you are pretty smart and this video is well made and these videos are really good and now i watch your videos at home keep up the good work!!! 😀😁😃😄

  • Ben TopTrader
    Ben TopTrader 2 years ago

    Would like to just say thanks for the videos, I'm doing my GCSE's and these videos are really helping me go from a poor scientist to an improving one. Thanks!

  • himmy786 Pal
    himmy786 Pal 2 years ago

    thnx for this amazing video, really helps

  • thespeedyyoshi
    thespeedyyoshi 2 years ago +1

    I really don't like what the virus looks like. Reminds me of a spider. eghhghg *shiver*
    Otherwise, this is a really well done video. Nice!

  • Jonathan Wang
    Jonathan Wang 2 years ago

    Um... you should put “do not use for teaching” on this video.

  • Kashish Tiwari
    Kashish Tiwari 2 years ago

    This video made me understand the concept............ Amazing Video

  • Surrealish Content WareHouse

    im cringing now

  • Jb Collier
    Jb Collier 2 years ago

    Y’all are lit #i watch this in science class.

  • Elusive Clan
    Elusive Clan 2 years ago

    Best channel ever

  • Rafael Coutinho
    Rafael Coutinho 2 years ago

    Very well explain and very cute to!

  • Omo baba Olowo
    Omo baba Olowo 2 years ago

    This was such a beautifully explained video