Why Your Drawings Suck

  • Published on Jan 10, 2016
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Comments • 2 947

  • Ash
    Ash 10 days ago +1

    The last point was really true. Basically all of the point hits me hard. I had a long artblock period, like really really long. I, an art major student, didn’t draw for about 6 months. A single thing. Because I thought my drawing sucked so much, that I had no hope in improving or whatsoever. So I started getting into another fun things that aren’t drawing and kind of ditched the drawing life, because I felt insecure that I wasn’t not good enough. But one day, I saw my close friend’s artworks and I was so amazed and my friend introduced me to a good digital drawing software, so I tried the 30 days trial and it was really hard, just like any other software you have to discover and learn tools, but I became productive because of the 30 days trial. ‘Oh I have to draw or I’m wasting the trial time!’ so I drew 30 days... and skipped some because of the pile of assignments I had to do, but within the 30 days, I discovered and learned so many things, and gained so many motivations and just like you said - result. I gained lots of results that motivated me so everytime I’m lazy I look back to the drawing, reminding me of my one goal. ‘What does art mean to you?’ Everything. The only reason why I keep going. I’m grateful that I’m surrounded by good friends that has the same interest with me, and I’m looking back, thinking, I had a whole 6 months. 3 months of HOLIDAY. But you didn’t draw anything??? At first I thought it was because the lack of time but you were right, deep in my heart, it’s not that I DIDN’T have time, but I just DIDN’T want to draw which really upsets me. Why are you wasting so much time? In 6 months I could improve and learn so many things. I regretted that so much since. So I always thankful I’m surrounded by friends who always motivate me through their works. But instead of regretting, I say to myself that it’s okay I’m still young (like 19 haha) so I’m grateful I got out of this early, and I will continue to learn endless things from now on. Thank you for this video. You’re a great teacher, I’m grateful to have found you. I enjoyed all of your videos and learned a lot through them!!!! :D (Hopefully 5 years later when I see this comment I’ve became a decent artist (?)) xD (((wow sorry for the long rants haha)

  • Alyssa Good
    Alyssa Good 12 days ago

    The title hurting my feelings 😭😔😢😢 I am reporting

  • Jimmer E
    Jimmer E 13 days ago +2

    All true!!!
    I’m an artist with a drawing deficiency. I hide it as best as I can but it keeps my work out of high end galleries.

    • Istebrak
      Istebrak  13 days ago +1

      They make supplements for that

  • A Guy
    A Guy 13 days ago

    I say this from the preview. Fuck you

  • Iżży- Stüdiö :3
    Iżży- Stüdiö :3 13 days ago +1

    That really harted

  • Help me become a commenter.

    I literally searched "WHY CAN'T I FUCKING DRAW" and this came up...

  • Mark O The Sharko
    Mark O The Sharko 25 days ago +1


  • Sofia Seidi
    Sofia Seidi Month ago +1

    I still watch this video when I need a shake or two

  • bread
    bread Month ago +1

    My issues that impede my progress are:
    1. Not drawing enough, which leads to
    2. Lack of confidence
    Which all leads to
    3. Line dependency
    4. Lack of technique
    I need to find the time in my life to practice and get better.

  • Depresso Expreso
    Depresso Expreso Month ago +1

    I have been trying to improve my art..

    ZIPING YANG Month ago

    you fuckkkkk we need some help getting your coock

  • ShyGuyUs
    ShyGuyUs Month ago +1

    This was a hard pill to swallow but after a cigarette and some thinking, I finally started to get it. I've started to use references a lot more. Lord and behold that shit actually worked.

  • Istebrak
    Istebrak  Month ago

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  • BB143
    BB143 Month ago

    What do you think of my profile picture?

  • ironically_iconic
    ironically_iconic 2 months ago

    I really wish I didn’t have school because I’d have more time to draw oof
    Though I do procrastinate drawing even though I love it

  • Checkthebeemovie
    Checkthebeemovie 2 months ago

    Next video: why ur COLORING sucks!

  • Broadway
    Broadway 2 months ago

    you are an awesome artist!
    i stole printing paper form where i work yesterday. I know what its like. i drew a picture on it. a girl face for the first time everyone liked it. i shred it on Facebook and and whats app. i only have one paencel and one eraser.

  • Red_Vibe
    Red_Vibe 2 months ago

    "Turn off your PS4 and turn off League of Legends" wow I just got called out lmao

  • Allen Clark
    Allen Clark 2 months ago

    Very helpful, thank you. Liked and subscribed.

  • Stale Bread
    Stale Bread 2 months ago

    boom roasted

  • Lovelytilly 78
    Lovelytilly 78 3 months ago

    for all of you guys out there who simply do not have the talent for drawing, it's okay, you are no less of a person just because you cant draw.
    Take it from someone who loves to sing, but can't draw to save my life
    *Art is a gift some are born with*

  • Nathan Le
    Nathan Le 3 months ago

    I recently started watching a lot of your older videios, is there is a chronological order in which I should follow? There's a lot of good information I am trying to utilize from you but I do not really know where to begin in improving my art.

  • Xx Łûńâr xX
    Xx Łûńâr xX 3 months ago


  • Yusuf Shihabi
    Yusuf Shihabi 3 months ago

    This is awesome, you really covered everything I am struggling with, you have a great voice and personality for a podcast! I hope you consider this.

  • Maria Animations OwO
    Maria Animations OwO 3 months ago

    Thank you! I will never draw again...😂😔

  • Joshua Mwaniki
    Joshua Mwaniki 3 months ago

    Wtf? Use edges instead of lines... As In?

  • Holy Cow
    Holy Cow 3 months ago

    This Video almost brought me to tears(in a good way)

  • snowyfishie
    snowyfishie 3 months ago

    I will never have friends though :/

  • Jackson Roof
    Jackson Roof 3 months ago +1

    Mine will always suck period. Drew nearly everyday for two years, got no help, didn’t improve and created a stack of shit that took hours to do. Its a talent this stupid god didn’t give me.

  • -제이다
    -제이다 3 months ago

    if anyone else is into drawing chibis as a beginner lets be friends and support and help each other with drawing

  • Black Jay
    Black Jay 4 months ago

    This video will not be long


  • hondosolo45
    hondosolo45 4 months ago

    Here's what I found has helped me. I try to see the image on the page ahead of time and when I'm starting. I rough in lightly till the image is there. It' s a lot like looking in one of those old View Master toys, the image just appears i.e. I'm never forcing the image. Also I prefer not to make shapes to generalize everything, they seem to block the image. Instead ill draw a small portion of say a cup, and allow my mind to project the rest onto the page, then I rough in. Like if you only saw an inch of a pen sticking out from under a piece of blank paper, you can easily visualize the rest of the pen. So its a lot like tracing what the mind is projecting on the page.

  • PinkStarTMAP
    PinkStarTMAP 4 months ago

    ...well uhm... that's... rude?

  • Ronnie Breeden
    Ronnie Breeden 4 months ago +1

    I didn’t shade my art until I was 11..... :(

  • julia potato
    julia potato 4 months ago

    Its not rude, its being honest

  • JULIA Wilke
    JULIA Wilke 4 months ago

    After watching this I picked up my sketch book and pencil then I couldn't think of anything to draw

  • ᔕEᖇEᑎᗪIᑭITY
    ᔕEᖇEᑎᗪIᑭITY 4 months ago +4

    Istebrak: “yeah so this video isn’t gonna be that long”
    Video: *is 26 minutes long*

  • Devilluke ラム
    Devilluke ラム 4 months ago +1

    I have been drawing for 5 years it feels like I never be as great as the pros, 😣 guess I should just give up on animation

  • Kinga Sk
    Kinga Sk 5 months ago

    how do I get rid of life dependency tho

  • Alicia VanCuren
    Alicia VanCuren 5 months ago

    Ok let me leave a tip please don’t leave a title that makes fun of people’s drawings for instance say “tips to help your drawings look better” instead of “why your drawings suck” because what the viewer hears isn’t let me help it’s hey you yeah your drawings are crap so let me help umm make em good so please make a title that would make it clear to people that you want to help them

    • thrxmyheart
      thrxmyheart 4 months ago +2

      Watch the video before criticizing :) she was honest, and if you just come around and ber like : oMg!1!1! My dRaWinGs dO nOt sUcK 1!1!2 then you have nothing to do here

  • vintagemirrors
    vintagemirrors 5 months ago

    My drawings sucks because I'm a failure at life and I don't deserve to be alive :)

  • Alice Harris
    Alice Harris 5 months ago +1

    Mini video=26 min.

  • Peter Anton
    Peter Anton 5 months ago +1

    Holy cow "use drawing as an escape." I've been tackling my addictions to tv and video games but still have trouble with drawing enough....use it as an escape....that's a breakthrough for me. Thank you!

  • 으악
    으악 5 months ago

    why your letters suck

  • JayImHere Everlastin
    JayImHere Everlastin 5 months ago

    I'm here before drawing from reference and my right side of my head hurts.
    Besides that I'm subscribing.

  • JayImHere Everlastin
    JayImHere Everlastin 5 months ago

    Crap...this really helped me, I bearly ever used references.

  • TheActs Of Crazy
    TheActs Of Crazy 6 months ago

    Im honestly tired of people always looking at my drawings and pointing out the bad things. I have a lot of friends that can draw decent but i know i can draw better and im not trying to be cocky but i know i can do it. My friends sometimes just laugh or always point out “how huge and annoying the boobs are” or “the shoulders are to down” i always complement them and i dont hear anything. I dont do it for the complements at all but i dont like the negativity around it. I dont wanna sound rude but i have some friends that are really bad at drawing but tell me things like im bad and show me their art for their “examples”. After all that i dont wanna be one of those people who fish for complements saying “omg its so bad” expecting someone to say no its not, but after all that i really kinda feel like i am a horrible beginner but i have been drawing for 2 years and my friends..idk 7? I just hate it that i only get negativity, I apologize you had to read all this 😅

  • Bork Nitis
    Bork Nitis 6 months ago +3

    My drawings are disgusting but they THICC

  • awais anwar
    awais anwar 6 months ago

    My biggest problem I found was that I was emulating other peoples drawings all the time. When it came time to drawing my own using references, I cant tell exactly where to shade, and how to add in the details, because everything is original and I cant just look it up. That's something I dont understand how to do still. I can draw any reference just fine since I emulated a lot of drawings. So now I'm in this dilemma thinking I didn't improve at all from copying.

  • Megan Norman
    Megan Norman 6 months ago

    Well dis is mean

  • darline gay7
    darline gay7 6 months ago


  • Chris Klimek
    Chris Klimek 6 months ago

    *Sees title*
    Awww! You made a video about me?

  • Renjin D'Monster
    Renjin D'Monster 6 months ago

    Boring TvT i love listening to your lesson but i hope u add a music

  • send this to anyone without any context 2

    My thinking prosess: if someone says it there saying i suck...WOW WHAT PERVS
    My brain: *"who you callin pinhead" on a loop*
    Yo im pretty smart
    Brain: your pretty dumb
    WAIT SH*T!

  • Tyson Walker
    Tyson Walker 7 months ago +1

    Listen, I KNOW my art sucks. Thank God someone is here to tell me WHY! That's what will make me better.

  • ThatOneSnivy
    ThatOneSnivy 7 months ago

    My drawings look like I just menstruated on paper.
    And I’m a dude.

  • Gamer Jon Plays Tube
    Gamer Jon Plays Tube 7 months ago +1

    Recomended for you
    Why your art sucks
    Thanks youtube

  • noob antimonitor101
    noob antimonitor101 7 months ago

    Thought I will never watching a video like this

  • Olivia L
    Olivia L 7 months ago

    Mini video : 26 minutes

  • Aziz Kala
    Aziz Kala 8 months ago

    Does being focused matter alot?