Monsta X - WHO DO U LOVE? ft. French Montana

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
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    (Verse 1 - Monsta X)
    In the heat of the moment
    When you’re all alone and out of breath
    What’s keeping you going?
    What do you see up in your head?
    When your eyes are closing
    Where do you wish you were instead?
    You got me hanging by a thread
    Oh tell me now
    Who’s the one that takes you higher than
    Than you’ve ever been?
    Baby I just gotta know the answer
    Who’s the one you think of night and day?
    Ain’t no time to waste
    I’m just tryna say
    Who do you love?
    Is it him or me?
    Cause I can’t take the pressure anymore
    Who do you love?
    Girl it’s killing me
    If you can’t say that I’m the one for sure
    Then I’m walking out the door
    (Verse 2 - French Montana)
    Imma need me a new thang
    Cant believe this boo thang
    Show me a titty boy like 2 Chainz
    Now the beef cookin like Gordon Ramsay
    We should be somewhere that’s hot and sandy
    We used to post up in NY like Marcus Campbell
    My two things fighting like Monica and Brandy
    Knock knock it’s that two door coupe way
    They ask me who you love like Cool J
    80’s baby down
    Middle like Katy
    And what that’s my Other lady
    Them boys is next
    Montana, Monsta X
    (Monsta X - Chorus)
    Who do you love? (Hey)
    Is it him or me?
    I can’t take the pressure anymore
    Who do you love?
    Girl it’s killing me
    If you can’t say that I’m the one for sure
    I’m walking out the door
    (out the door, yeah)
    Who do you love?
    Who do you love? (Who do you love)
    Who do you love? (Said who do you love)
    Who’s the one than takes you higher than
    Than you’ve ever been? (Ohhhh)
    Who’s the one you think of night and day
    Ain’t no time to waste
    I’m just trying to say
    Who do you love?
    Is it him or me?
    I can’t take the pressure anymore
    Who do you love?
    Girl it’s killing me
    If you can’t say that I’m the one for sure
    I’m walking out the door (out the door, yeah)
    Who do you love?
    Who do you love? (Who do you love)
    Who do you love? (Baby, said who do you love?)

    (C) 2019 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
    몬스타엑, 몬스타엑스
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  • Welinam Grace
    Welinam Grace 19 minutes ago

    I am new monbebe
    I love these guys wow

  • TheFutureIsYellow
    TheFutureIsYellow 39 minutes ago

    This is such a good song. Def a new fan!

  • Micca Daniel
    Micca Daniel 54 minutes ago

    Q: who do you love?
    A: Monsta X

  • Méline Luisetti
    Méline Luisetti Hour ago

    I was wondering why there weren't any subtitles and I realised it was in english🤦

  • kim blondae
    kim blondae Hour ago

    The thumbnail to this looks similar to love shots thumbnail and i-

    • kim blondae
      kim blondae 25 seconds ago

      @WonBunny there's literally loads of comments about monsta x in here and barely any are about the thumbnail/theatre. So I don't know why u said its all that's everyone is talking about it

    • WonBunny
      WonBunny 53 minutes ago +1

      @kim blondae I'm fine hun what does that comment even mean?

    • kim blondae
      kim blondae 58 minutes ago

      @WonBunny loads of ppl are talking about the group are you ok-

    • WonBunny
      WonBunny 59 minutes ago +2

      All these comment about the theatre no one even bother to say anything about the music/song itself because they are nothing alike just the same theatre which BTOB used before exo and i-

    • Que Hana
      Que Hana Hour ago +1

      bcoz of the place?

  • WonBunny
    WonBunny Hour ago +4

    Congratulations MONSTA X for winning both New wave award & Bonsang at the 2019 Soribada Awards!

  • рюджин ;j
    рюджин ;j 2 hours ago

    3:05 - Exo - Love shot?

    • WonBunny
      WonBunny Hour ago +2

      The theatre? Yep which btw BTOB used it before exo :)

  • Александра Москалева

    This is pearfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Always_Dying_ Rabbit
    Always_Dying_ Rabbit 2 hours ago +1

    Wow.... It's just a amazing Song.
    Really great.

  • Rachel Arthur
    Rachel Arthur 2 hours ago +1

    Always in my head when I walk up to my crush while he is talking to another girl this song comes up in my head

  • 윤아K-pop K-dram
    윤아K-pop K-dram 2 hours ago +2

    Who do u Love?

  • 윤아K-pop K-dram
    윤아K-pop K-dram 2 hours ago +1


  • Lou Ya
    Lou Ya 3 hours ago +1

    I heard this song in my gym in France and I was like : finally a good song !

  • Taehyungiee
    Taehyungiee 3 hours ago

    Who does this give me LOVE SHOT kinda vibes?!😂❤️

  • Just a lazy Potato
    Just a lazy Potato 4 hours ago +3

    This deserves so much more viewsssss

  • F&M& M
    F&M& M 4 hours ago

    احبكم انتم

  • Jia Khan
    Jia Khan 5 hours ago +1

    Will monsta x have a comback this year?

    • Jia Khan
      Jia Khan 4 hours ago +1

      @Regina Messina oh thanks so much💚

    • Regina Messina
      Regina Messina 4 hours ago +1

      Yes, according rumors, around October.

  • sciencefre
    sciencefre 5 hours ago +5

    I'm not into KPOP but all I know is Monsta X waaaaaay better than BTS after this joint with French Montana!

  • Agust SKZ
    Agust SKZ 5 hours ago


  • htoohtoo73
    htoohtoo73 5 hours ago

    That is the red place that exo love shot take a mv

    • Que Hana
      Que Hana Hour ago

      which is used by Btob before exo..? yes

  • Mela Luu
    Mela Luu 6 hours ago +1

    Love it so much ... Big love from Germany

  • ARMY loves BTS
    ARMY loves BTS 7 hours ago

    Guys 💓 what do you think about the bodyguard? 😔

    • ARMY loves BTS
      ARMY loves BTS 3 hours ago

      @Regina Messina Wrong wrong... 😪 idk whats the point. I saw it, bcs my friends were commenting to...its not right. After he uploaded the new selfie, the comment section became a mess

    • Regina Messina
      Regina Messina 3 hours ago +1

      @ARMY loves BTS I honestly didn't event go to check because I was never interested, so what I know I know it from Twitter, but it was enough to realise how wrong this whole thing is.

    • ARMY loves BTS
      ARMY loves BTS 3 hours ago

      @Melaniaa So it was really you. I wondered because the name was same. Monbebes were really hating on you 😿 so sad 😢

    • ARMY loves BTS
      ARMY loves BTS 3 hours ago

      @Regina Messina His replies are really creepy.. can't agree more 😣

    • Melaniaa
      Melaniaa 4 hours ago +3

      Don't even mention him.. I wrote under his post what I think and he apologized to me, but you know what? He isn't sincere. He was waiting for his 5 min of fame. The boys are working hard all the time and we are dropping everything in the trash just because of some random guy? No thank you. Hyungwon was sick, Wonho collapsed on the stage, Kihyun IS PROMOTING THIS ALBUM WITH THEM and for what? My tl is full of "sexy bodyguard".

  • Ariana Monbebe
    Ariana Monbebe 7 hours ago

    11 660 953

  • Maria Lüchow
    Maria Lüchow 8 hours ago +1

    I have a friend who liked the song until French Montana came and she doesn't stan Monsta X

  • 꾸앙뿌앙
    꾸앙뿌앙 8 hours ago +1

    아까 TV 보는데 이 뮤비 나와서 깜놀. 노래가 들매여. 몬엑이 불러서 그렇게 느껴지는 것일 수도 있지만 아무튼 노래가 참 좋음요.

  • Kenai&over
    Kenai&over 9 hours ago

    Canção dos anjos

  • Nina Jona
    Nina Jona 9 hours ago +2

    Skip French Montana part please.

  • pamela Ramirez
    pamela Ramirez 11 hours ago

    En el minuto 1:33 like si te diste cuenta que es el mismo lugar de exo de love shot

  • Irregular Gigi
    Irregular Gigi 11 hours ago +5

    It's nice to see so many new fans in the comments ❤

  • Sakshi Shah
    Sakshi Shah 11 hours ago +5

    Its just so refreshing am in luv with this song 😍😍😍

  • V.E. Gray
    V.E. Gray 12 hours ago +2

    Fingers crossed for a Korean version so it won't have French Montana. Monsta X deserves better

  • Lys_ San
    Lys_ San 12 hours ago +1

    Jooheon cantando es mi debilidad.

  • Lilly Sanchez
    Lilly Sanchez 12 hours ago

    Am I the only person that realized on 1:34 the background they used in EXO's love shot?

    • Regina Messina
      Regina Messina 8 hours ago +2

      No, there was since the publication of this video a lot of comments about the shared location. But it is only that: a lot of groups used that theater before exo and a lot used it after. There is nothing deep about it.

  • -:ʝɛssɨċa քaʀҡ:-


  • THIS Soggybread
    THIS Soggybread 13 hours ago +1

    This gives me jason derulo vibes not gonna lie. Honestly this is such a good song 🎶🎶

  • Vutiful ••
    Vutiful •• 13 hours ago +5

    This song actually SLAPS!

  • l e e k n o u w u
    l e e k n o u w u 13 hours ago +8

    PEOPLE WHO DON'T STAN MONSTA X, WHAT ARE Y'ALL DOING WITH YOUR LIVES?! Not living it at its finest, that's for sure.

  • Dina Dolovac
    Dina Dolovac 14 hours ago +2

    They should’ve just given I.M the part of French Montana lol !

  • Rawrr
    Rawrr 14 hours ago +2

    Not bad. TBH I like it but Montana kinda ruin this song though. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Heard this song when they did a performance on stage with Montana.

  • Val Amorim
    Val Amorim 14 hours ago +2


    GIANNELA HERNANDEZ 15 hours ago +2

    I feel like iv'ed heard this song before but i just saw it today....

  • pinacoladagabby
    pinacoladagabby 15 hours ago +1

    tf does gordon ramsay has to do with this song
    french montana, get lyrics that go with the song

  • mjm coid1
    mjm coid1 15 hours ago +3

    V13wers for HERO had reached 90 millions! Pers make it 100M soon. Membebe, fighting!

  • Lynn Williams
    Lynn Williams 15 hours ago

    11.621.156 >>>MX

  • Exo L
    Exo L 16 hours ago

    This is not relevant but isn't that theater the same one in Exo's Love Shot?

    • WonBunny
      WonBunny 16 hours ago +7

      Yes Universal Arts Center in Seoul
      it's very popular many K-pop groups used it like Btob-Wjsn-Twice-Ladies code and many others...Many K-drama use it too it's really Beautiful :)

  • Beyza Karatepe
    Beyza Karatepe 17 hours ago

    Aww sanırım azım açık ve kapatmam lazım chjjvxdjkvxdyjbcdyjkjfccbj

  • Nargas Elwawi
    Nargas Elwawi 17 hours ago +1

    why is this not on spotify ugh i'm mad

    • Nargas Elwawi
      Nargas Elwawi 15 hours ago +1

      Lynn Williams i found it thanks lol

    • Nargas Elwawi
      Nargas Elwawi 15 hours ago

      Lily Kang oh damn i found it lol thanks

    • Lynn Williams
      Lynn Williams 15 hours ago +1

      It is. Look again. :)

    • Lily Kang
      Lily Kang 16 hours ago +5

      They got it on Spotify tho, search monsta x

  • Hyungwonperfect
    Hyungwonperfect 17 hours ago +9

    do not forget to listen the new album x~phenomenon ! its amazing 💜🔥

  • Jeff Robert
    Jeff Robert 17 hours ago +13

    Haters: Kpop idols can't sing good in english.
    Monsta x : Hold my alligator...

  • 「 ᴋᴀss 」
    「 ᴋᴀss 」 18 hours ago +15

    My non-kpop friend was listening to this song on the bus and she sent it in our gc asking who it was and she said it was pretty good lol
    Shes one step closer into becoming a monobebe and kpopper 😎

  • Daniela Navarro
    Daniela Navarro 18 hours ago +2

    What the fuck is French Montana's verse? It makes absolutely no sense, Jooheon and IM could've done it so much better

  • bb암캐
    bb암캐 19 hours ago +5

    I think that French Montana is necessary in this song, since a song to have a good rhythm must have an "ugly" part so that the rest of the song stands out.

  • Dreamer _94
    Dreamer _94 19 hours ago +5

    I really really love Jooheon's voice 😍😭
    Please give him more lines 🙏🙏🙏

  • JiMiN gOt JaMs
    JiMiN gOt JaMs 19 hours ago

    Is there album for this song? I’m new here

    • Lynn Williams
      Lynn Williams 15 hours ago +2

      No album but you can buy it from iTunes.

    • WonBunny
      WonBunny 16 hours ago +3

      No because this is a single however this year they have Korean album 'Take 2: We are here' and Japanese album 'X-Phenomenon'

  • Bleach the second
    Bleach the second 19 hours ago +2

    Monbebe's : **Checking out Wonho's bodyguard**

    If you know you know.

  • Lily Wang
    Lily Wang 20 hours ago


  • Amanda Bentes
    Amanda Bentes 20 hours ago +14

    damn, this song is goood!!
    not a Monsta X fan, but i just might become one hehe

  • Hélène VRTMN
    Hélène VRTMN 20 hours ago +4

    Yes I’m back to say how much I love them !!!!! Minhyuk is so beautiful in here ! That hair, that shirt, the earrings !!!

  • Rosé Shay
    Rosé Shay 21 hour ago +6

    I love you Monsta X and Monbebes ❤️

  • Rosé Shay
    Rosé Shay 21 hour ago +6

    Monsta X just keep getting better and Better

  • Herbert l'ange
    Herbert l'ange 21 hour ago +5

    what a song and what a question of course..............hmmmmmm, anyway I am looking for to see them live on 28th of September in my country !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • زهراء حسين
    زهراء حسين 21 hour ago +5

    WOW 😍😍😍 WHO DO U LOVE ? ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Chanyeol's Blonde Hair
    Chanyeol's Blonde Hair 21 hour ago +12

    Hello I'm a new fan a Monsta X,I love their music as well as their personalities,I'm trying to get to know them more,they are amazing

    • Fifi Indah
      Fifi Indah 12 hours ago

      Welcome to the monbebe family

    • Princess MONBEBE
      Princess MONBEBE 13 hours ago
      🎥 Guide to stan MONSTA X (몬스타엑스) - Shownu Version - RUclip

    • devilish pinkon
      devilish pinkon 21 hour ago +1

      Welcome dear!💙. Take ur time to know them better n feel free to ask any MBB if u have any question about them!😍

    • Pure blooded SONE
      Pure blooded SONE 21 hour ago +1

      Welcome to the Family!!

    • krito
      krito 21 hour ago +1

      Welcome to Monfamily.

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan
    Bangtan Sonyeondan 22 hours ago +4

    Friends are going very well.If it works a little more, we can get good results.let's watch more.🌸FOR THEM🌸

  • S T R A Y K I N G Z
    S T R A Y K I N G Z 22 hours ago +6

    Super proud

  • L o n e l y
    L o n e l y 23 hours ago +13

    Joohoney is so precious I can't

  • Suvi
    Suvi 23 hours ago +10

    This deserves vi3ws way more than 11million!!

  • Fully Funny Two
    Fully Funny Two 23 hours ago

    กีฮยอนเราจะชอบมองเป็นจอนอุงab6ix ทุกที ไม่รู้เหมือนกันว่าทำไม

  • Anne with an E
    Anne with an E 23 hours ago +7

    OMG tHat pLace loOks liKe...
    Here we go again:
    *Universal Arts Center*
    _Opened in 1981 the UAC is a performing art theater that has been contributing to the development of Korean performing arts for the last 30 years_

    Performances (classic, traditional music, opera, musical, play, dance, concert), events, *film & commercial filming* , fashion show, etc.
    Some M/V filmed there:
    Uhm Jung Hwa - Ending Credit (Dec 2017)
    BTOB - Movie Jpn ver. (5 Dec 2018)
    Exo - Love Shot (13 Dec 2018)
    Ladies Code - Feedback (May 2019)
    Monsta X - Who do u love (Jun 2019)
    Sori - I’m not alone (Jul 2019)

    aRe yoU telliNg me oppar does nOt own tHe plaCe!!??

  • joe lynn
    joe lynn 23 hours ago +7

    Str3am this gold,

  • My-Kee
    My-Kee 23 hours ago +13

    MX boys speaking English better than a native rapper(???)

  • Badboy ParkJimin.
    Badboy ParkJimin. Day ago +5

    This song made me pregnant 🤰🏻 🥰.

  • Nurjigit Abytov
    Nurjigit Abytov Day ago +3


  • Ashmita #
    Ashmita # Day ago +9

    What the hell . Where was this video 😠 r where was I tht I didn't saw it .. it's sooo good .. monsta x 💕 Jooheon 😍

  • oliver slander
    oliver slander Day ago +4

    they should collab with CNCO 🎶