THE BENEFIT OF FAILURE!!! | Life Changing SERMON | TB Joshua

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • "Don't waste your time lamenting on past failure - because no one can live a perfect life without mistakes... All men fall; the great ones get back up." - T.B. Joshua
    Learn to fail forward in this practical, life-changing teaching from Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN - filled with his own life-experience and Biblical examples - titled, 'The Benefit Of Failure'.
    "Don't allow fear of failure to rob you of productivity and the joy of life."

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  • Okojie Vincent
    Okojie Vincent 15 days ago

    Hallelujah hallelujah AMEN God take away my falling

  • Grace Nzuki
    Grace Nzuki Month ago

    I thank God for the teaching. Now I know failure has benefits and they make me strong and achieve big. Glory to God

  • Ochekpo Stephen
    Ochekpo Stephen 2 months ago

    This preaching give me hope as a Christian to have faith in God amen

  • Felix Pawandiwa
    Felix Pawandiwa 3 months ago

    You rarley get messages like this in church I thank God for the life of Prophet Tbjoshua, what a blessing God has given us.

  • Olivia M. Ndayisenga
    Olivia M. Ndayisenga 3 months ago

    People of God me too I really need morning water l don't know how I can have it l stay in Zambia please help me I beg

  • Gloria Musoke
    Gloria Musoke 3 months ago

    Failure is not falling short of your goal. Failure is simply not making the effort!!!

  • Stephen Batsa
    Stephen Batsa 3 months ago

    Please, do you have a podcast version of these messages?

  • Rajni Painuli
    Rajni Painuli 4 months ago

    Can u translate tb Joshua message in hindi language

  • Domingo Remou Garcia
    Domingo Remou Garcia 4 months ago

    Glory be to God ? Good sermon from God. I going to continue Believe in God? he is real. Aleluia

  • rostom tetrauli
    rostom tetrauli 5 months ago

    l like the unseen hand of God!

  • Tuombe Mwakyusa
    Tuombe Mwakyusa 5 months ago

    Ooooh!! Thank you my beloved Dady, Thank you Man of GOD. Although my challenges increasing I never never never lose hope because my GOD is able

  • cheryl-ann battle
    cheryl-ann battle 5 months ago +1

    God is prospering our household and i stopped fasting the way i use too but i would still pray n worship but little by little i notice my prayer n worship doesn't have any power. I started talking to God about it
    and He said " pride" i was shock because im not a proud person.. However, let every man be a liar n the Holy Spirit truth... So i started searching the scriptures about pride and got a revelation that fasting and prayer is humbling yourself b4 God. I instantly went on a 7 days fasting and not only that my fire came back, i learned a lot about the benefits of fasting and one must not only fast when there is/ are trouble but as Christians, we should live a fasting and prayerful life for our journey to be easy... God bless you all

  • Rumbidzai Eliah Maswabi
    Rumbidzai Eliah Maswabi 6 months ago +1

    im very blessed.

  • solomon Balogun
    solomon Balogun 6 months ago

    God wiLl see us thought

  • Mariam Fahmy
    Mariam Fahmy 6 months ago

    Can you please translate every word pastor Joshua says, I can’t understand his English but I want to capture every word of it. I know that these words are of the Holy Spirit

  • Helen Ikebugo
    Helen Ikebugo 6 months ago

    I know that my God will not abandon me in any situation i see my self

  • Patricia Musongela
    Patricia Musongela 6 months ago

    Thank you God for your message

  • Samukelisiwe Meyiwa
    Samukelisiwe Meyiwa 6 months ago

    Failure was the part of bring me to HIM , JESUS and it was good for me to happen then today I know abt Him.

  • Samukelisiwe Meyiwa
    Samukelisiwe Meyiwa 6 months ago

    I was wondering why me suffering like this in my life but today I know I got answers God wanted me to come closer to him for my sake to be safe and my family too THANK YOU JESUS.

  • Samukelisiwe Meyiwa
    Samukelisiwe Meyiwa 6 months ago

    Thank you prophet TB JOSHUA 🙏is like you have seen my situation now I have hope that one day my situation will change in Jesus Name Amen.

  • Janet Wambui
    Janet Wambui 7 months ago

    Thank you man of God.

  • Dangote Group
    Dangote Group 7 months ago


  • paul stephen
    paul stephen 7 months ago

    Im very Proud to call has Prophet ☺️😊

  • Teshaik Karto
    Teshaik Karto 7 months ago +1

    Yes, indeed Prophet. Thank you and God bless you in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  • Bonisile Thomas Nkweba
    Bonisile Thomas Nkweba 7 months ago

    Failure help us to understand our weaknesses and know the limitation of our strengths without Him. This further teaches us that everything starts and ends with Him.

  • Raja Balan
    Raja Balan 7 months ago


  • tinosam 97
    tinosam 97 7 months ago

    help me Lord to always learn from my mistakes and forged ahead

  • Joseph P Phiri
    Joseph P Phiri 8 months ago

    Thank God for the message!

  • Samson Osagioduwa
    Samson Osagioduwa 8 months ago

    Thank you lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen, glory be to god Almight hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

  • Samson Osagioduwa
    Samson Osagioduwa 8 months ago

    Thank you lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen, glory be to god Almight hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

  • Grace E. Otu
    Grace E. Otu 8 months ago

    Prophet my High Blood Pressure is very high pls. prey for me.

  • Matimba Kalonga Shitumbanuma

    I love you Prophet TB Joshua

  • Chimbinde Nelson
    Chimbinde Nelson 8 months ago

    Am strong as long as my Lord Jesus Christ is alive!

  • Tina Valdez
    Tina Valdez 8 months ago +2

    Growing up at a young age and going through life with so many wrongs decisions made me the person I am today. I'm very thankful and grateful for all the lessons I've learned and over comed.God plan in my life is to stay connected to Him in Spirit and in Truth with the Word Amen.

  • Prophet C.C Sangtam
    Prophet C.C Sangtam 8 months ago +1


  • Abinash Rai
    Abinash Rai 8 months ago

    Glory to God Thank you for the great message Mighty prophet of God

  • Queen Cinge
    Queen Cinge 8 months ago

    Get behind me satan in Jesus name

  • Mzitto
    Mzitto 8 months ago

    Thank you Jesus

  • Kingsley Jones
    Kingsley Jones 8 months ago

    didn't watch the whole video but let me say something... in 2012 it was suppose to be my graduating year but i didn't graduate. my cgpa was low and i didnt qualify. after i left high school with nothing and went to btvi. boy was it terrible. i end up wasting my scholarship and my parents money. even though i pass some class and advanced up i still didnt made it. i was suppose to be a electrical installation tech but i never made it into those classes. after leaving i became so jobless and kept backslidding from God. life for me was just terrible and unfair! eventually i found out in this year my true career. my talented in graphics made me realize that deigning was my thing. however it didn't solve any problem for me. my folks say i need to go school and STOP!!!!. I WONT CONTINUE MY STORY IS TOO LONG.

  • Fruit_Nuts Matezza
    Fruit_Nuts Matezza 8 months ago +1

    I was hurt deeply hurt bt that day Man of God appears..i was excited as if his talking to u..i thank god for giving as u in my life...

  • Ayodeji Adeogun
    Ayodeji Adeogun 8 months ago

    thank you lord.

  • Maria Hlavangwana
    Maria Hlavangwana 8 months ago

    If we as the people of God all over the world don't see the LOVE of God through the anointing upon Prophet T.B Joshua's life,oneday we will be sorry and regret our blindness to see the truth. God appears to people in many ways, one which is through people.The Prophet in our midst is God-sent,we need to value him and learn from words he says for God,Almighty uses him mightily to His Glory.We are blessed, people of God through Prophet and we dont see it, then oneday our eyes will open,and we will cry for our ignorance. Prophet T.B Joshua is a tool the Almighty is using in this endtime to give Hope to His people.This teachings had indeed brought forth revival into my inner being.We need to be reminded of who we ARE,the children of God and Prophet's teachings do so in a remarkable way.I thank God for the life of the Prophet and pray for him and will continue doing so for I see God MOVING in him to proclaim the Good News and to give Hope to God's dismayed people in this end time...

  • Adeke Sarah
    Adeke Sarah 8 months ago

    Thank you father for the wonderful prayer, teaching you given to your children ,we learned very many things jury of it think you God bless you in Jesus mighty name Amen

  • Boss iceman Studio
    Boss iceman Studio 8 months ago

    Good morning

  • Samuel Olukayode
    Samuel Olukayode 8 months ago

    Gold is not valued until it is tested. Trials and failures are to bring out the best in us.

  • samuel gilbert
    samuel gilbert 8 months ago

    Indeed I am blessed by this message.

  • Beaux Pieds Beautiful Feet Schöne Füße

    Thank you God's general!! may the name of the Lord be praised forever

  • charity musonda
    charity musonda 8 months ago +1

    Truly u 're God sent ,this message is powerful ,thank u Jesus

  • charity musonda
    charity musonda 8 months ago +2

    Thank u Jesus for da life of my father senior prophet tb Joshua

  • Felix Adom Gyamfi
    Felix Adom Gyamfi 8 months ago +1

    Amen.......!!!! Amen.......!!!! And Amen.......!!!! GOD Is With Us.......!!!! Hallelujah.......!!!! As from now're days; we all will actually known ' That All The Universe has Belong. And Based Under HOLY TRINITY Belonging AT all the Time; unto Thou THEE Are THY WILL, our Heavenly HOLY FATHER.......!!!! YOU Are HOLY FATHER = THE GOD, YOU Are GOD = THE SON And YOU Are THE GOD = THE SPIRIT.......!!!! Without our Heavenly HOLY FATHER With HIS HOLY TRINITY At The FIRST Place As ALL IN ALL And THE ALL; there is nothing to be interpreting about thus collective we took stand off. Even as LIVE as Well.......!!!! LIVE To LIVE.......!!!! LIVE In LIVE.......!!!! Without LIVE.......!!!! There will be nothing to base off and have your being. Because THE Heavenly HOLY FATHER Is LIVING GOD = THE LIGHT, THE WAY And THE TRUTH.......!!!! IN JESUS HOLY NAME. Amen.......!!!! I THANK YOU. THE HOLY TRINITY.......!!!! THANKS.
    Hallelujah. . . . . . . !!!! YES. . . . . . . !!!! INDEED OUR HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY OF ALL THE UNIVERSE ; ' By HIS Grace - Let Us Knew THAT -OFF ' Of All Names. If Anything Does NOT COME FROM OUR HOLY FATHER LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST; means it is from satan. Likewise. . . . . . . !!!! Through It All. . . . . . . !!!!´´´´´´´ Emmanuel. . . . . . . !!!! How - ever, we should wait for GOD'S TIME.......!!!! And then also; we must pray AND ' Thanks HIM always, as we are waiting for THE WILL OF Our HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY to release us from any kind of moment in our lives onto HIS Glory. I mean we needed GOD 'S OPINION to move on at any - time unto THEE.......!!!! IN JESUS' HOLY NAME. Amen.......!!!! Hallelujah.......!!!! I THANK YOU, my HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY with THY HOLY TRINITY. IN JESUS CHRIST' HOLY NAME. Amen.......!!!! Emmanuel.......!!!! THANKS.

  • Julius Mose
    Julius Mose 8 months ago +1

    Very very true and powerful message.
    May God bless you prophet TB JOSHUA

  • Bryce Akwo
    Bryce Akwo 9 months ago

    Because you are a failure today does not mean you are not a Christian .failure ,afflictions,attacks ,problems and tribulations are part of being a Christian.Jesus Christ was made perfect through tribulation.If Jesus was made perfect through these then we too have to be made perfect through these same tribulations.

  • Mm Nn
    Mm Nn 9 months ago

    AMEN thank you man of God

  • David Oates
    David Oates 9 months ago

    Man of God ,please help me to pray for me in my life, i need a change of story father, things are not going well for me, I'm odiomeruena. Precious.

  • Patricia Kalemba
    Patricia Kalemba 9 months ago

    God remove the resistance to your will in Jesus Christ name....Amen Thank you Lord

  • Maureen Onyango
    Maureen Onyango 9 months ago

    Amen pastor,i hear you, hv benefit frm my failure, live longy pastor IN JESUS name

  • Reuben Muriuki
    Reuben Muriuki 9 months ago +1

    Thanks prophet for that revelational message!I had relapsed under the fear of past failure to start a ministry but I will now dust myself up and pick my mat and move on!

  • achom grace
    achom grace 9 months ago


  • Ruby S.S
    Ruby S.S 9 months ago

    Thank you Lord for Prophet Joshua

  • Jose Achu
    Jose Achu 9 months ago