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  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • A wind park needs to get from Europe to Asia. Over two thousand tons of highly sensitive and valuable cargo. On one of the world’s largest heavy lift vessels.
    The team has only 37 days for loading in two ports and travelling once around half of the globe. To be able to transport the entire cargo, the crew even has to build another level altogether - in the middle of the deck.
    It’ll be an ongoing battle for five straight weeks. Against time. And against weather.
    The load: Five gigantic nacelles, each as heavy as a Boeing 747 and nine 75-meter-long blades. All these wind park components have been specially designed to fit together - and can only be replaced with a huge effort. Any damage to the cladding or the electronics could delay construction of the whole wind park project by months.
    The loading process is extremely complicate and has been developed especially for this transport! So no one has any experience with it. The crew has to trust the plans of the engineers. And they don’t have ANY margin of error. Just a couple centimeters too far to the left or right would mean: everything out again.
    A project never before undertaken - anywhere in the world. And no one knows if the risky plan will prove successful in the end.
    A mega transport in the superlative. Over two thousand two hundred tons of cargo on three levels. Below deck, on deck, and above deck.
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Comments • 195

  • jaue82
    jaue82 7 hours ago

    God. So dramatic. This can't move even a centimeter. Bullshit. I've loaded cargo like this before.

  • Richard Wall
    Richard Wall Day ago

    Best part is reading the comments from the little sissy's ... Great Videos - keep them coming!

  • myingxue
    myingxue Day ago

    the irony of this video is taiwan can get the generator from china in half price.

  • risk Esc
    risk Esc 2 days ago

    47:00 i want that toy.

  • Blade Ranger
    Blade Ranger 3 days ago +2

    The "Free Documentary" site is one of the very best and most interesting of all sites on You Tube. Extremely professional in narration, cinematography, sound, and story - watching each of these videos is time well spent.

  • Bill D
    Bill D 4 days ago

    Please get ri of the background music during the narration. Also drop the drama, it does nothing for the content of the video.

  • ian moore
    ian moore 4 days ago

    seems english is second language LOL

  • Helmi MuZa
    Helmi MuZa 4 days ago

    1:18 it's been awhile since the last time I saw that logo,

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 5 days ago +1

    I love the irony of powering the rotors of a wind generator.

    • Quentin Piliero
      Quentin Piliero Day ago

      Chris Wilson iv been told it’s used when they are put up too Because of how heavy they are it takes so much energy to get the first turn in is a lot of times wind can’t do it but once it starts turning the wind can keep it turning and it will quickly generate back to the power of lost from initiating to start

    • James Lavanway
      James Lavanway Day ago

      Me too, I suppose its to stop fretting on the race if the rotor were to pendulum back and forth

  • K1TT3NM1TT3N5
    K1TT3NM1TT3N5 10 days ago +1

    These are such good docs, my favorite kind of content

  • Ian Potter
    Ian Potter 11 days ago

    Why are the nasills spinning?

  • john evans
    john evans 13 days ago +1

    Why didn't they erect them on the ship, then they would be blown along? Thus saving fuel.... Simple!

  • Des Silverson
    Des Silverson 16 days ago

    9 blades, 5 turbines ? don't add up?

  • asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw
    asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw 16 days ago

    The usage of metric is an improvement over past North American "documentaries", but there is still massive room for improvement to get these to the level of proper European documentaries.
    Step 1: Stop with the dubbing.
    Step 2: Stop with the sound-effects and overly dramatic music.
    Step 3: Graphics are good, but should be used sparingly only where needed. Overly using it is garish.
    Step 4: It's supposed to be a documentary. Just do that. You're not making a Tom Clancy film. There is very little story here, so stop trying to desperately cram one in or find one where there isn't one.

    ICE BEAR 20 days ago

    Holly adds....

  • Jeff Wood
    Jeff Wood 20 days ago +1

    Fake drama is fake. I'm surprised we didn't hear the line "Just one big wave and this million-euro load will be at the bottom of the ocean!!???!!!"

  • Peachiz
    Peachiz 21 day ago

    4K, please.

  • MZ
    MZ 21 day ago

    Annoyingly over-dramatized.
    Everything is 'CATASTROPHIC' and any delay will cost billions, nay, TRILLIONS!!!!
    That, plus 48 min of action scene music,
    Makes it impossible to watch most modern documentaries.

  • Doubtfull1988
    Doubtfull1988 21 day ago

    Gotta love how we fuck up our "environment" SF6 says hi.

  • one world
    one world 21 day ago

    Just want to know....
    Who got ad a women cooking 5 star cat food ?

  • Mark Whitfield
    Mark Whitfield 22 days ago +1

    That's a whole lot of resources being poured into this piece of green equipment. How long before it needs a major overhaul or replacing entirely? Green my arse.

  • Aaron Paul
    Aaron Paul 22 days ago +2

    It’s not green energy

    • Aaron Paul
      Aaron Paul 20 days ago

      nickmeason I agree bunch of liberals these people are

    • nickmeason
      nickmeason 20 days ago +1

      Aaron Paul ikr wind is basically invisible, must all be colourblind, should be called.invisible magic power

  • Михайло Сєльський

    Wasn't better to start in Aalborg from logistical point?

    • nickmeason
      nickmeason 20 days ago

      Common Sense maby they should have told it to stop being so hypersensitive

    • Common Sense
      Common Sense 22 days ago +1

      Nah because the hypersensitive main rotor structure had to go into the hold of the ship!
      And then the wings on top.
      So it is impossible unfortunately!

  • Kale Mercer
    Kale Mercer 22 days ago +3

    10:30 Windows XP is one the job!

  • Ronny Ron
    Ronny Ron 22 days ago

    Zink ze maar af op volle zee die tering dingen

  • Endy Arfian F
    Endy Arfian F 22 days ago +2

    The most important things in this video is, the creator use meters rather than feet, and Tons rather than lbs. Lol

    • Sucker Free
      Sucker Free 17 days ago +1

      @Common Sense United States customary units. When I was growing up it was referred to as universal. We use metric as well. SAE tool sets are common. I think I have a few sets. We have a mixture of both. I personally think using cm and mm is easier for measurements in certain applications. Not when it comes to km vs miles IMO or Farenheit vs. Celcius.

    • Common Sense
      Common Sense 17 days ago

      Sucker Free maybe its a slang then what are the British and American measurements system called?

    • Sucker Free
      Sucker Free 17 days ago

      @Common Sense There no such thing as "Imperial" measurement in the US. I don't know where people get this idea from. Probably video games. IMPERIAL is a word used for things to do with Royalty, sounds European if anything.

    • nickmeason
      nickmeason 20 days ago

      Wow I didn’t know uk still used tht old grotty system

    • Common Sense
      Common Sense 22 days ago

      Of course everything are calculated in the metric system!
      Its only 2 countries on earth that uses Imperial measurements still!
      USA, and the UK.
      But all trade, designs, measurements, are done in the metric system!
      Imperial measurements like in America and the UK is for Domestic audiences only!
      In USA they have tried a couple of times to change to the metric system but was met by opposition from its citizens! And caved in!
      People don’t like change even when its for the best for the country!


    But trump says windtubine cause cancer 😂😂😂

  • Ann Baber
    Ann Baber 22 days ago

    No comment

  • Fly Twin
    Fly Twin 22 days ago

    Good documentation, like it.

  • Alireza Jafari
    Alireza Jafari 22 days ago

    Warum fährt zu erst nach Denmark dann nach Taiwan?

  • Tien Foen
    Tien Foen 22 days ago

    Amazing thinking and lots of math/physics involved.
    The shipping rate must be astronomical.

  • TimetoWIN !
    TimetoWIN ! 22 days ago +2

    Wow and I cant even transport my ass to the gym

  • Dylan P.
    Dylan P. 22 days ago


  • Peter Seidel
    Peter Seidel 22 days ago +3

    I hate these americanized documentaries. Make a Documentary or a thriller, but don't combine them. Greetings from Germany

  • Richard Anderson
    Richard Anderson 22 days ago +4

    I've long thought that safety inspectors, engineers and schedule planners should have a minimum 5 years of actual in field work experience before they can come up with their ideas.
    Safety needs to be realistic Engineers need to understand maintenance requirements and Planners seem to forget that the real world is much different than their paper one.

    • Andy Peek
      Andy Peek 19 days ago

      Or that one on a screen.

  • mboh pye
    mboh pye 22 days ago

    Wow keren

  • 123arcadia
    123arcadia 22 days ago

    Need a new team...unsat! They could not foresee the weather for which month to commence!

  • Earl Wright
    Earl Wright 22 days ago

    What the hell is a meter

  • spankeyham
    spankeyham 22 days ago

    Absolute amateurs. For people that know how this works, it is embarrasing.

  • World Fish Cutting
    World Fish Cutting 22 days ago +2

    In my area it has to be seen before it is "not available".

  • Arrchee D'man
    Arrchee D'man 22 days ago +5

    This mega transport is an extreme dangerous jobs, it needs technical skill especially in the loading time and accident is not an option, extreme caution is a must and no deviation from the safety procedures..and weather also cannot be ignored...this video is fantastic and great...

  • Vinz From Philippines
    Vinz From Philippines 22 days ago

    Dadaan sila sa Philippine sea.. makikita ko sila hehehe
    Anyway i realize na ang boring pala ng trabaho ko simula ng mapanuod ko to. Mas nakakaexcite to kesa sa work ko. Very challenging..

  • Katie Giles
    Katie Giles 23 days ago

    Yawcub? Coulda swore it said Jacob.

  • Mountain Man
    Mountain Man 23 days ago

    No worries!.

  • Joe D
    Joe D 23 days ago +1

    The Schedule....! The Schedule.....! OMG.....! Someones gonna have to wait one day to get their Gazillions of money.

    • Joe D
      Joe D 23 days ago +1

      @Richard Fernandez , The Best thing they did was to call off the lift when the winds got bad. A schedule delay may
      cost in time.... But Look at the COST of an injured Human Being. Check the OSHA Internet upload of the Milwaukee Crane
      Incident, Try to tell a family their family member is injured or not coming home. Why because the schedule had to
      be met. Factor that against mere money. Think of the Fact that Medical Science still cannot repair a Human Being
      to 100% after an accident even with those Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars.

    • Richard Fernandez
      Richard Fernandez 23 days ago

      The receiving end of this shipment has millions and millions of dollars invested in workers, machinery and transportation to get these things on site and operational. It's not something that they just call you when it shows up and everything and everyone is in the right place. Day long delays can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Awilmy Martinez
    Awilmy Martinez 23 days ago +2

    Best documentarys hangs down 💯

  • Pyro Z
    Pyro Z 23 days ago +3

    What a huge pain in the a$$.

  • Dinul Manjitha
    Dinul Manjitha 23 days ago +2

    i love these kind of documentaries keep this up guys doing a really great job😍

  • Pedro Santos
    Pedro Santos 23 days ago

    Very, VERY COOL! Thanks

  • Tom Skadberg
    Tom Skadberg 23 days ago +3

    I have been working on a harbour here in norway dischardring parts for over 150 wind-turbines (thats over 2000 havy lifts), actualy a couple of the tims it was ships from SAL. It`s a bit of over dramatisation in this documentary, but looks impressive and is a fun job!!

    • nickmeason
      nickmeason 20 days ago

      Tom Skadberg lol they shoulda come to u

    LKNANML 23 days ago +2

    Now this is how you add drama to documentaries without crossing the unneeded added drama line turning it into a reality tv show. Yes there is a difference. LOL

  • Leo's Landscape & Lawn
    Leo's Landscape & Lawn 23 days ago +1

    I'm watching from 🇺🇸
    and you?

  • Prince Ataya
    Prince Ataya 23 days ago

    I love ❤️ this channel

  • Mike John
    Mike John 23 days ago

    5 nacelles and 9 blades, because,.........REASONS!

    • Joe D
      Joe D 23 days ago

      The Powers that Be are to Cheap to get up off their Wallets, and use a 2nd ship.

  • T.A.P. Gaming
    T.A.P. Gaming 23 days ago +1

    In the Blooper Reel of this the ship is underway in the open ocean, runs into a storm and ALL the blades go over the side 6 different times.
    This take 7

  • Jake Bagel
    Jake Bagel 23 days ago +1

    what an incredible waste of materials and energy to fight 'global warming'

  • Raimo Jackson
    Raimo Jackson 23 days ago +2

    Too many adds. Not interested...

    • Ezio Auditore
      Ezio Auditore 23 days ago

      @John Smith 8 ads

    • John Smith
      John Smith 23 days ago

      There was a add?
      with adblocker I have not seen one in 5 years.

  • T.A.P. Gaming
    T.A.P. Gaming 23 days ago

    A wind park to deliever "Green" Energy to China
    Transported by a Transport Ship powered by a Fossil Fuel vessel to a country who is the largest polluting nation on Earth...
    Talk about Hypocrisy

    • T.A.P. Gaming
      T.A.P. Gaming 23 days ago

      but but Taiwan isn't part of China...
      HA tell the Chinese that

  • Geisterfahrerüberholer
    Geisterfahrerüberholer 23 days ago +72

    Why always make it so dramatic with useless music and sound effects?!
    Just let me watch it, this is real life, not Hollywood.
    Makes it very unplesant to watch, even as a guy from that certain German region

    • deddybass deddy tetanel
      deddybass deddy tetanel 4 days ago


    • Geisterfahrerüberholer
      Geisterfahrerüberholer 13 days ago

      @Ashley Schaeffer BMW ok boomer

    • Ashley Schaeffer BMW
      Ashley Schaeffer BMW 13 days ago

      @Geisterfahrerüberholer kinda like losing the war lol

    • Geisterfahrerüberholer
      Geisterfahrerüberholer 13 days ago

      @Ashley Schaeffer BMW please be uneducated somewhere else now. You embarass yourself

    • Ashley Schaeffer BMW
      Ashley Schaeffer BMW 13 days ago

      @Geisterfahrerüberholer lmao you think bmw only stands for a car worldwide? Schaeffer is also not a name but a word in 3 languages so I am in no way associated with your dirty culture! Stop whining about documentaries or make one yourself :)

  • psycho crack
    psycho crack 23 days ago

    Why not use 2 - 3 ship?

    • Awilmy Martinez
      Awilmy Martinez 23 days ago

      psycho crack because it would be more expensive