Rocket Launch 360: Delta IV Heavy NROL-37

Step onto the launch pad as ULA’s Delta IV Heavy blasts off with the NROL-37 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office. The Delta IV Heavy is nearly as tall as the U.S. Capitol and generates more than 2.1 million pounds of thrust off the launch pad.

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Автор Juno Berries ( назад)

Автор NSEP of Doggerland ( назад)
That rocket looks very clean.

Автор King_Ursa101 ( назад)
If I'm right my grandfather who is soon to retire works on these

Автор piponwa ( назад)
this is amazing in VR!

Автор birdy thompson ( назад)
way cool

Автор Bane BlackGuard ( назад)
would have been better without all the chatting blocking out the sound

Автор Homeworld Channel ( назад)
Траву зачем там отрастили? Не хватило денег на бетон?

Автор Andrew Luxton ( назад)
u guys this is fake! XD

Автор Brooks Silber ( назад)
I predict the worlds nerdiest space pun in history will be a delta V rocket.

Автор Vulkan: Games & Space ( назад)
will this be on Littlestar again?

Автор stgkillerkill ( назад)
thx a lot ULA, greatest vid of 2016 for me. delta IV heavy is really my favourite rocket, i really hope to see one someday if i can make the drive from canada!!! keep doing the nice work you all do and thx a lot again for this amazing video.

Автор Alpha Adhito ( назад)
Whoa, it was so powerful. And watchout for that grass fire at 3:01 haha

Автор nicola facciolini ( назад)
The Proton are the best

Автор whuzzzup ( назад)
Nice. Thumbs up. Love the video.
3:02 look down, grass burning.

Автор chris topher ( назад)
spacex :)

Автор MrAtlantis646 ( назад)
...And now with an Atlas 551

Автор Sobociq ( назад)
why the hell are you using imperial units?

Автор Bruce Haddow ( назад)
I see how Falcon gets its carbon blacking now.

Автор Kerser Wun ( назад)
amazing vid!

Автор Caleb Knight ( назад)
You burnt the grass!

Автор 699backstab ( назад)
God has gifted His children with science so they may unwrap His Creation. Praise God for rockets. Without God we have nothing

Автор iworms ( назад)
3:00 set the grass on fire!

Автор Mark McCombs ( назад)

Автор Slow Mosho ( назад)
super #Ecuador

Автор Sam Cherubin ( назад)
Next, you guys should add a 360 camera to the rocket!

Автор Brian Streufert ( назад)
Love the IV but dangit, I am a lover of solids!!! Heck, I love all of it. But a fully loaded Delta with a full complement of GEMS is a personal fav of mine.

Автор UBERKalti ( назад)
Crank up the volume and hug that sub woofer tightly! Thanks for sharing o7

Автор Notre Univers ( назад)
Yes ! A 360 Video by ULA !!

Автор Noah vd Molen ( назад)
The Delta lV Heavy is my favorit rocket. Who's with me?

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