My Fiancé & My Ex Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
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    My Fiancé & My Ex Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut
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Comments • 2 206

  • Cut
    Cut  26 days ago +389

    Buy Truth or Drink!

  • Daiane
    Daiane 5 hours ago

    I'm in love with her and still have a lot of questions

  • Daiane
    Daiane 5 hours ago

    i have a lot of questions

  • daedal212
    daedal212 7 hours ago

    The dudes look like they are preteens or something.

  • ŔøñßåřĐ ŔøñßåřĐ

    Okay so two transgender men (gay)....but in actuality just lesbians being men🥴

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 10 hours ago

    Bruh 0:28

  • Hot crunchy Pizza
    Hot crunchy Pizza 10 hours ago

    Never seen 2 gay black guys


    People change, why do you hate the guy that cheat on her that way?? They say they were the first love of each other, obviously they were really younger

  • G Versace
    G Versace 10 hours ago

    tbh they all cute wtf

  • Linus Åkesson
    Linus Åkesson 13 hours ago

    He has been cheating, 😬 bodom dom dom dom dom dooom d dom dom dooom

  • Linus Åkesson
    Linus Åkesson 13 hours ago

    That guy sounds like he really wants to fuck her😂

  • Odaly Morales
    Odaly Morales 15 hours ago

    It seems they were clearly teens when she and him were together, so stop asking what did she see in him. She clearly GLOWED up and he still looks very young.

  • Rae Tellez
    Rae Tellez Day ago

    Were all 3 of them born female?

  • Vince Vaisako
    Vince Vaisako Day ago

    Am confused

  • Mr07
    Mr07 Day ago

    So was there ever a time u didn't know he/she was gay?

  • Dmr45
    Dmr45 Day ago

    So he went from a hot chick to a disgusting man ass. She must have that mushroom soil vagina or something.

  • Jess Marie
    Jess Marie Day ago +2

    They all look like they’re in high school

  • Julia Weiner
    Julia Weiner Day ago

    that did not go well...

  • Antonis Tsikelas
    Antonis Tsikelas Day ago +1

    He looks acts and sounds 12?

  • Danyale C
    Danyale C Day ago

    Ok but like they are all attractive

  • Tee Tee
    Tee Tee Day ago

    But did she see in him??? lol

  • Ilayda Kenning
    Ilayda Kenning Day ago +28

    the ex and the fiance looks cute together the boyfriend looks like a kid

  • Wavetech
    Wavetech Day ago

    After the fiancee found out about the cheating he already looked done with that shit

  • Barbara Veit
    Barbara Veit Day ago +2

    She reminds me of Alisha Boe who plays Jessica on 13 reasons why, also she seems very level headed and deserves so much better.

  • me8949
    me8949 Day ago

    Shit look like a sideshow

  • Harsh35
    Harsh35 Day ago

    Wtf how do you guys have like 50percent people gay we dont have any here in Asia

  • Tim Barba
    Tim Barba Day ago

    Is Ty a chick or a dude?

  • Sloth Queens
    Sloth Queens 2 days ago

    They are all so attractive what the FUCK

  • Dearius Hall
    Dearius Hall 2 days ago

    Do anybody know their social media?

  • Poldark
    Poldark 2 days ago

    how the fuck he has a girlfriend then a boyfriend?? something its wrong here.

  • ZekoPeko M
    ZekoPeko M 2 days ago

    i need their ig usernames please someone

  • Bad_milkz
    Bad_milkz 2 days ago

    Can y’all send me her number.... I’ll marry her on the spot and treat her right 😍😍😍

  • Cjstar01 Jones
    Cjstar01 Jones 2 days ago

    It was at this moment 4:25 he realized that he had died and is now in hell with his ex and fiancé talking about how he cheated and looking at him with look of murder.

  • Ski Skrt
    Ski Skrt 2 days ago +2

    Yeah, you’d have to be an undercover gay to leave her.

    • Ski Skrt
      Ski Skrt Hour ago

      Angela Badgal or are you just too stupid to comprehend time framing ?

    • Ski Skrt
      Ski Skrt Hour ago

      Angela Badgal clearly is. Are you stupid. He was undercover before he left her 💀

    • Angela Badgal
      Angela Badgal 2 days ago

      But he’s not 🧐 so what’s your point

  • Luisa Maji
    Luisa Maji 3 days ago +3

    She is soo gorgeous 😍

  • Reilly Schimmel
    Reilly Schimmel 3 days ago +3

    she was so chill and both guys were so weird ab it

  • Brooke Amber
    Brooke Amber 3 days ago

    I loved this

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 3 days ago +1

    So you gotta watch out for best friends

  • Aailyah M
    Aailyah M 3 days ago

    She kinda looks like the girl from the video "my body is not a political playground"... she gorgeouuuussssss

  • Sán Kafi
    Sán Kafi 3 days ago +1

    Anyone else think it was the girl that dated both

  • yung woes
    yung woes 3 days ago

    I was confused ... when I clicked 😩

  • Sage Montie
    Sage Montie 3 days ago +8

    see. it’s always the "bestfriends" that "end up" getting together.

  • Rey
    Rey 3 days ago

    I have a strong vibe that the mutual guy is cheating with the girl. I don’t know, maybe I’m just being weird but idk

  • John Blessed
    John Blessed 3 days ago

    Homosexuality or relationships is a sin against God our creator, repent people before it's too late and believe in the saviour Jesus Christ to be saved. Read the Bible to learn the truth about this life people.

  • Will Turnbull
    Will Turnbull 4 days ago +5

    "I just wish there was tequila" sis, is that bottle right next to you not a bottle of Jose Cuervo?

  • pimpinpoptartsandhoes daily

    But what’s the girls Instagram tho 🙄

  • D'Afrique Rousseau
    D'Afrique Rousseau 4 days ago

    A cheater, huh? 👌

  • IIsYouAndYouIsMe
    IIsYouAndYouIsMe 4 days ago

    She's so freaking nice 😍

  • retarded aunt
    retarded aunt 4 days ago

    Dont have this cheater in future videos please

  • Julianna Carcamo
    Julianna Carcamo 4 days ago

    What’s the girls name?

  • Waseem Abbas
    Waseem Abbas 4 days ago

    Messed up 😳

  • Shilpa Dhond
    Shilpa Dhond 4 days ago +4

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks a little like selena quintanilla?

  • Kid Zenith
    Kid Zenith 4 days ago


  • Kira Treat
    Kira Treat 4 days ago +2

    she looks like jessica davis from 13 reasons why

  • Yaxsiel Salcedo
    Yaxsiel Salcedo 5 days ago +84

    His face when he realized he got engaged to a cheater..... and I - oop

  • Juliana Gueno
    Juliana Gueno 5 days ago

    k, they asses all siblings for sure

  • hanna szczepaniak
    hanna szczepaniak 5 days ago +2

    She reminds me of Jessica from 13 Resaons Why

  • name
    name 5 days ago

    he looks like he’s 12

  • blake moneé.
    blake moneé. 5 days ago +1

    i’m so confused lmao the dude on the couch looks young af and looks like a girl????

    • Julia Farrell
      Julia Farrell 5 days ago +1

      blake moneé. He’s trans so he’s basically going through puberty again aka the young voice and look

  • Antflrs 15
    Antflrs 15 5 days ago

    I’m fucking confused nigga WTF?!? Blood cuz! Ping pow what??? Is going here