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    1:44 🔥💃💯


    *beautifull game*
    1:34 🔥💃🎥

  • Sports Channel
    Sports Channel Month ago +1

    Did you know Zion Williamson in his first game he has more threes than Ben Simmons

  • Tamir Hall
    Tamir Hall 2 months ago

    R.i.p kobe

  • Seni
    Seni 2 months ago

    At 1:05 DeMar DeRozan had to tie his shoe. Less than 2 minutes later, he does it again at 1:24

  • Ghostgamingent
    Ghostgamingent 2 months ago

    Man that boy is something special

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago

    Zion too much of a liability to be a problem

  • Joel Harris
    Joel Harris 2 months ago

    when u dominate the 4th in 2k and coach subs u

  • Dado -
    Dado - 2 months ago

    All threes not contested. Now start with flame.

  • MalRulesAll
    MalRulesAll 2 months ago +1


  • Yung Søl
    Yung Søl 2 months ago +1

    That’s alright bro, don’t show em too much

  • Domo_ Collects
    Domo_ Collects 2 months ago

    Zion is overrated

    NATURALTALENT 2 months ago

    He's not Lebron, but he's going to be a legend

  • Euan Greig
    Euan Greig 2 months ago

    Did any one else notice Zion made more 3s than dunks 4 to none yeesh

  • Jeezy24
    Jeezy24 2 months ago

    The pelicans ass beside zion

  • N K
    N K 2 months ago +1

    The GOAT chris smooves 2019-2020 preseason debut - the only debut i came to see

  • Moyosore Oriyomi
    Moyosore Oriyomi 2 months ago

    Why you post about the Toronto raptors

  • Fahad A
    Fahad A 2 months ago

    0:38 “crosses HIMSELF over” NOW thats a new mooove😂😂😂

  • Cloyd Bilog
    Cloyd Bilog 2 months ago


  • AllDayUmDay
    AllDayUmDay 2 months ago

    They got zion on the bike to burn calories lmao

  • danny huang
    danny huang 2 months ago +1

    Zion can shoot?! 😱

  • MyTopSpinner
    MyTopSpinner 2 months ago

    In zion first game he has made 2 more 3's then ben Simmons smh

  • Supreem Court
    Supreem Court 2 months ago

    Mark jackson was throwing shots all night

  • gary outlaw
    gary outlaw 2 months ago

    Zion shots in the 4th was pure magnet shots.

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 2 months ago


  • Matthew N' Renee Griffin

    Zion just extended his career by at least another season by focusing on his shooting. He really does not need to be driving and trying to cross people over...

  • 2L’orsurLesBras& LesMains


  • ijeoma chukwujindu
    ijeoma chukwujindu 2 months ago

    Hopefully Zion will be worth the hype.

  • ijeoma chukwujindu
    ijeoma chukwujindu 2 months ago

    Come on man you funny

  • Mazing
    Mazing 2 months ago

    Dude looks heavy as heck running. Rofl.

  • PyromancerSorcerer
    PyromancerSorcerer 2 months ago

    Zion Williamson had his debut before Moses cuh

  • Matthew Goliath
    Matthew Goliath 2 months ago +1

    Imagine getting double teamed on your debut, when you haven't gotten any stats yet

  • Kurtland Elliott II
    Kurtland Elliott II 2 months ago

    Was that John cena rapping at the end?😂🔥🔥

  • Blue Waves
    Blue Waves 2 months ago

    Zion jumpshot gone be cheese in 2k21

  • Vignesh
    Vignesh 2 months ago

    Trash 🗑

  • Shawn Kemp
    Shawn Kemp 2 months ago

    Steph Really Changed The Game It Definitely Wasn't LeBron FACTS

  • Suchith Munigati
    Suchith Munigati 2 months ago

    I'm not going to lie, it's just that Zion's knees look very suspicious.

  • GTR life
    GTR life 2 months ago

    Gonna be the GOAT

  • David 'DRX' Rebel X
    David 'DRX' Rebel X 2 months ago

    Greg Oden

    MR MIYAGI 2 months ago

    man the lane for the spurs is packed when Zion gets the rocks .

  • Malachi Ashes
    Malachi Ashes 2 months ago

    Anyone else think Zion looks slower? Although, he is coming back from injury, so I can understand if he is slow.

  • david villa
    david villa 2 months ago


  • Open NBA
    Open NBA 2 months ago +1

    zion williamson the best player

  • vickram singh
    vickram singh 2 months ago +1

    Should have waited next year guess he don't care about winning roty

  • Nipsey Eternal
    Nipsey Eternal 2 months ago

    That rap song at the end 👍

  • Jeff Xors
    Jeff Xors 2 months ago

    “The WEIGHT was worth it”
    -Chris Smoove

  • Sid Sathya
    Sid Sathya 2 months ago

    The WEIGHT was worth it 😂

  • Santosh Patnaik
    Santosh Patnaik 2 months ago

    By benching an inform player, pelicans have ensured they don't care about winning or going to the playoffs...pity on them

  • Alex Elliott
    Alex Elliott 2 months ago

    How they gonna double team a guy who has just played his first game in the NBA after recovering from an injury? Are they paranoid that he'll turn into lebron james?

  • TDFan623
    TDFan623 2 months ago

    Chubby Steph in the building 😤😤🔥🔥

  • glen2003
    glen2003 2 months ago

    Shooting those threes he reminds me of sam perkins of seattle supersonics back in the playoffs against the bulls

  • DhajahTV
    DhajahTV 2 months ago +1

    Everyone saying Zion is the next LeBron whole time Zion saw himself as Steph 😂

  • Tamer Haddad
    Tamer Haddad 2 months ago

    zion deserved the splash music

  • jeje jeje
    jeje jeje 2 months ago

    Next up. Coach management.

  • Kenpo Kid77
    Kenpo Kid77 2 months ago

    Adding that 3-point shot may just be the best thing for his career, save those knees.

  • Jimmie Pringle
    Jimmie Pringle 2 months ago

    Pelicans went from running to the basket when Zion shoot to walking away when he shoots😂🐐

  • Cry6ix
    Cry6ix 2 months ago +1

    22 points in 18 minutes, dudes got 44points per 36m actual goat numbers

  • Mr. Noice
    Mr. Noice 2 months ago +1

    10 points in 1 minute crazy keep it up Zion

  • Wat
    Wat 2 months ago

    "The weight was worth it" -- Chris Smoove 2020

  • Not Me
    Not Me 2 months ago

    They are definitely a playoff contender next year

  • Ren·ais·sance man
    Ren·ais·sance man 2 months ago

    He looks chunky thick

  • Fresh Out
    Fresh Out 2 months ago +1

    Ngl Zion would have had about 35 if the left him in 😢

  • MrTeeRedd
    MrTeeRedd 2 months ago

    20 and 10 is easy work for Zion. With his strength and athletism he's so efficient in and around the paint. Only kryptonite is health he'll be in the HOF 💯

  • Hayden Macfarlane
    Hayden Macfarlane 2 months ago

    Don’t you mean the “weight” was worth it?

  • Prince99
    Prince99 2 months ago

    He walks with a limp

  • ZakiPlays
    ZakiPlays 2 months ago

    dooooooood has curry range with shaq paint dominance

  • Joel Kinqq
    Joel Kinqq 2 months ago

    Zion williamson only active NBA player with a career 3pt% of 100 %

  • HFH Beats
    HFH Beats 2 months ago

    *Dominate?* wtf He didnt dominats sheeeiiit he was left alone... part of the narrative

  • FleXx Lugar
    FleXx Lugar 2 months ago

    He got them back in the game!! Why take him out the last 5 minutes & watch the game slip away

  • Maria Isabel Melo Carrasco


  • USMC MSgt
    USMC MSgt 2 months ago

    Zion Williams as a ROOKIE, had more GUTs than Ben Simmons to take a 3 pointer and even make them.

  • Maria Isabel Melo Carrasco

    Lució tosco y creo que ustedes están muy emocionados, pues dejen que demuestre lo que ustedes hablan de el, la nba no ea igual que el colegio.

  • maxdamaster1
    maxdamaster1 2 months ago

    Icecream in his veins

  • KidKinsey
    KidKinsey 2 months ago

    Sheesh he already shooting better then ben Simmons

  • Clark Nebres
    Clark Nebres 2 months ago

    Ben Simmons is a damn fraud

    FS x BIG EEFY 2 months ago +250

    Whoever’s guarding Zion: “He’s a slasher”
    Zion’s Jumper: *allow me to reintroduce myself*

  • Sadai Adams
    Sadai Adams 2 months ago +1

    When you thought u drafted Shawn Kemp but you draft Stephen Curry😂

  • Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis 2 months ago

    His head coach genuinely cares about him cause you can see every move zion made on the court he is over there stressing worried as hell lol i love it

  • DynastyL
    DynastyL 2 months ago +1

    Zion got that Draymond backpack shot 🧐😅