Disney+ | Start Streaming November 12

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • Watch all of these titles and more on Disney+, the ultimate streaming destination for entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Disney+ will launch in the U.S. on November 12, 2019 for $6.99 per month. Pre-order now at DisneyPlus.com.
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  • PimpedPistols
    PimpedPistols Hour ago

    Shutup and take my money + my personal info

  • Tariq Mitchell
    Tariq Mitchell 4 hours ago

    What's the name of the song though?

    TheJEDIBRANDON 12 hours ago

    When this comes out, my social life gonna be like: AIGHT IMMA HEAD OUT

  • Pavanetto Artaza
    Pavanetto Artaza 16 hours ago +1

    💔💔💔R.I.P Netflix💔💔💔

  • 4K Movie Unboxing
    4K Movie Unboxing 16 hours ago

    The biggest multiverses of them all

  • Хвощ Полевой

    Where are the Gargoyles?..

  • YukiTenpoin1
    YukiTenpoin1 21 hour ago

    Disney and chill here we come

  • ツÑikki
    ツÑikki Day ago

    lol in the netherlands we already have it

  • WaterlemonTheArtist

    Okay ya'll so this confirms that Disney channel shows and movies will also be available... Which means GRAVITY FALLS

  • dois Irmãos Meneses Da Silva


  • Verso
    Verso 3 days ago

    “And... snap!” Thanos enters chat

  • Angelo Lorenzo
    Angelo Lorenzo 4 days ago

    What's the name of the music?

  • Matthew0606X1999
    Matthew0606X1999 4 days ago

    Did you know the trailer music is from Alpha?

  • turtle power man
    turtle power man 4 days ago

    iam so glad that I preorder Disney plus I can't for November to come

  • stormlighter82
    stormlighter82 4 days ago

    This already looks more fun than hbo

  • MySunshine234
    MySunshine234 4 days ago

    I already canceled my Netflix which ends on November 10th so for that two days I will have school yoga Hulu and spin to keep me entertained. Streaming makes up a lot of my mother and I life. Yes we have cable but you still need your streaming sites. Might get the Disney t Hulu bundle we will see

  • wout LONCHAY
    wout LONCHAY 4 days ago

    When will Disney+ have the Simpsons.

    • Bobby Sharpe
      Bobby Sharpe 3 days ago

      At day one they will have every season of the show ever making having to buy the season sets feel outdated.

  • Julian Martin
    Julian Martin 5 days ago

    I Swear if y’all showed Avengers Assemble I would’ve screamed so loud they would have to kick me out the AC center

  • João Marcelo
    João Marcelo 5 days ago

    music please!

  • Sizeriu Semvak
    Sizeriu Semvak 5 days ago

    are this in tv?

  • devilmaycry1337
    devilmaycry1337 5 days ago

    What is this song????

  • The_Grim _Gamer
    The_Grim _Gamer 5 days ago +3

    All I have to say is Netflix is old news and the only reason I not going to cancel the subscription is because of stranger things and Lucifer

    DAVID MICHAEL PYPER 6 days ago

    Death to the DVD and the high street out of town cinemas

  • Crosby313
    Crosby313 6 days ago

    Song name? :O

  • Joschi Vloggt
    Joschi Vloggt 6 days ago

    Thanks Disney. My dream came true❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Paco Ramirez
    Paco Ramirez 6 days ago

    Simply beautiful

  • R3n3gad3
    R3n3gad3 6 days ago +1

    I love how the last frame of the highlight reel shows Scarlet Witch AKA best Disney wife!

  • Ana Gabriela
    Ana Gabriela 6 days ago

    This makes me crying

  • Danielle Santos Sousa

    Yeah simpsons in the disney plus

  • Denis Geek
    Denis Geek 6 days ago

    I love this video thanks Disney for emotions greetings from Latinoamerica

  • Blaze Nor
    Blaze Nor 6 days ago

    Does Netflix even have a response?

  • Timewarpiaman
    Timewarpiaman 7 days ago

    Just how long are we going to be waiting for this in the UK? Early 2020 isn't good enough when everyone else has a release date.

  • Tim Patrona
    Tim Patrona 7 days ago +1

    2019: Disney bought 20th Century Fox
    2020: Disney bought Sony
    2023: Disney bought Paramount
    2026: Disney bought MGM
    2030: Disney bought Lionsgate
    2035: Disney bought Universal
    2040: Disney bought Warner Brothers
    2050: Disney bought HOLLYWOOD

    • PacWii
      PacWii 5 days ago

      And everybody

    • PacWii
      PacWii 5 days ago

      And Pixar

    • PacWii
      PacWii 5 days ago

      And Marvel

    • PacWii
      PacWii 5 days ago

      And Fox

    • PacWii
      PacWii 5 days ago

      Tim Patrona but Disney already bought Universal

  • anandu ap
    anandu ap 7 days ago

    Ho yha ... I can see the future ...

  • pbscraze
    pbscraze 7 days ago

    No thanks

  • Lauren Garcia
    Lauren Garcia 7 days ago

    They should do a crossover

  • bruno rafael
    bruno rafael 8 days ago

    Se cuida netflix porque está vindo o rei do entretenimento

  • Alexander Franco
    Alexander Franco 8 days ago

    I wonder if when they make a new movie, will it come to Disney+ when it comes to theaters or when it’s available on DVD

    • Stubborn Sloth
      Stubborn Sloth 6 days ago

      digital download most likely, so like a week before dvd

  • Ekman
    Ekman 9 days ago


  • Fadillah 303
    Fadillah 303 9 days ago +2

    Woody:"too infinity and beyond"
    Marvel:too infinity war and endgame"

  • Fadillah 303
    Fadillah 303 9 days ago +2

    Thanos snap
    Pumba:"whats next?"
    Timon:"the future they all gone"
    Dr.strange:"even you not have anny time stone"

  • Rike Bandicoot
    Rike Bandicoot 9 days ago +1

    Aff odiei isso! 😒😐

  • murat demir
    murat demir 9 days ago

    yey this nice

  • Ian Dilts
    Ian Dilts 10 days ago

    will they add one of the best animes of all time because of its costing people their life saving just to get to Cory White House de Chou Taihen its impossible to even find an HD rip of them

  • Sıla Yılmaz
    Sıla Yılmaz 10 days ago


  • Erik Schultz
    Erik Schultz 10 days ago +1

    Anyone know what the song/score is named?

  • MrAnon00
    MrAnon00 11 days ago

    Nope. Not doing it. The rat empire has cannibalized nearly all of these once great franchises from a bygone era... I'm not caving in to nostalgia.

  • Abraham Gill
    Abraham Gill 11 days ago

    The Mulan scene still gives me chills

  • Wissam Zahabi
    Wissam Zahabi 11 days ago

    After some research i noticed it doesnt mention it will be available for Samsung smart tv users. Im so dissapointed

  • Aidan Bove
    Aidan Bove 11 days ago +9

    That “To infinity and beyond!” just hit different

  • Pew Pew Dave
    Pew Pew Dave 11 days ago


  • nick a320
    nick a320 11 days ago +1

    I can‘t wait to see how Netflix will do to rebound after the announcement of Disney +

    May be a feat with Warner Bros to set up series for the DCU

  • David Dolan
    David Dolan 11 days ago

    Just waiting for Disney to acquire HBO and Comedy Central as well.

    • Beastie Boys USA
      Beastie Boys USA 8 days ago

      David Dolan HBO is owned by Warner and Warner was bought by ATT. They’re starting their new streaming service called Hbo Max. Comedy Central is owned by Viacom and CBS-Viacom are gonna merger

  • Thrill Cam Productions

    Best non fan-made Disney trailer ever!

  • underdog65
    underdog65 12 days ago

    Yass me want it

  • souptroophat Esplin
    souptroophat Esplin 13 days ago

    Mostly Marvel
    Is why id get it

  • 둥가둥가
    둥가둥가 13 days ago

    wanna disney+ and chill? 🙈

  • Inge van der Heijden
    Inge van der Heijden 14 days ago

    Disney + is already out in The Netherlands as a test version and it's AMAZING!!

  • Anthony Levy
    Anthony Levy 14 days ago

    Can this be on phone's like google play

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 14 days ago

    You had me at THE MANDALORIAN.