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Автор Emedi Ekpenyong ( назад)
Conor's good but he's over hyped like shit.

Автор 4ST induction ( назад)
Jose aldo?

Автор Rowan Coley ( назад)
God damn Irish people can fight.

Автор Winny Lopez ( назад)
este video te quedo estupendo,me gustaria que los subieras con subtitulos para español,muchas gracias te felicito exelente fondo de musica,casualmente me encanta esa musica romantica junto a las peleas del rey connor mcgregor te hace pasar una exelente velada.

Автор Bob The Boss Saget ( назад)
Lol he couldn't show the most brutal ko without showing the entire fight and getting copyrighted.

Автор CH Warriors ( назад)
I think Jose Aldo should be in it as number one

Автор Kid Cassady ( назад)
Conors hands are lethal, you watch all his fights, his wins are all boxing style fighting, no take downs or submission tapouts, Floyd gonna regreat thus fight if it happens!!!

Автор Devan McClaine ( назад)
That left hand...

Автор Fight Club ( назад)
true fighter !!

Автор Javier Martinez ( назад)
Anyone know the song for #7?

Автор Moh Gilang ( назад)
What soundtrack McGregor vs dennis siver

Автор Ori Clayman ( назад)
Gimme your belt!

Автор jessie cabrera ( назад)
Subscibe me, i`ll subscribe you back!

Автор M.F capo ( назад)
HOW Dafuq you forget jose aldo 10 second knock out!!!!

Автор Krista Jimenez ( назад)
Catch me outside how bout day!

Автор Krista Jimenez ( назад)
No one yet put a like on my comment yet

Автор Cato Battle ( назад)
Floyd net worth 400 mill Conner net worth 22 mill who need the money . All u Conner fan y'all do the math.

Автор Cato Battle ( назад)
Keith Thurman will whip Conner ass to

Автор FifaSkillz99 ! ( назад)
That first honourable mention knockout looked like the Aldo knockout

Автор Matt 28 ( назад)
este wey si esta bien loco alv

Автор Moises Flores ( назад)
wats name of #4 song?

Автор Jeff Painter ( назад)
soooooo.... what about Aldo and Alverez? They didnt make the cut?

Автор Exploring with Rihards ( назад)
WHERE THE FUCK IS Jose Aldo bitch

Автор Kieron Meadows ( назад)
#9 Conor looks like Jay from TGF haha

Автор The Hash Slinging Slasher ( назад)
How in God's green Earth did you not include the 13 second fastest UFC KO in championship history brutal knockout of the undefeated for 10 years p4p best Jose Aldo? How Sway?

Автор 24 7 ( назад)
Where is the aldo knock out?!

Автор choopie T ( назад)
6:25-6:30 I love you Connor for this Moments. You are the great Fighter!

Автор Macyy ( назад)

Автор Kukyn600 ( назад)
#4 song ?

Автор Nnamdi Onwumere ( назад)
what song is that playing

Автор Krista Jimenez ( назад)
Conor is a beast

Автор Jo Ski ( назад)
"He's chinny he has a chin"
One of the best quotes I've ever heard in my life.
Connor is KING 👑

Автор Jaden King ( назад)
Intro "Lost"

Автор The Notorious ( назад)
what is the name of the song at 0:11

Автор George saint ( назад)
I love the LOST sound effect for the intro

Автор Jake Hunter ( назад)
I wish people would open their eyes to the fraud that is McGregor

Автор RacerX ( назад)
Where can I find that Broken Wings mix that played for 8 & 9?. That fookin upper cut came from nowhere!

Автор Bclass Cuea ( назад)
I fear for this guy. Floyd gonna fuck his ass up

Автор PFinty ( назад)
Conner won't wait around and play the game like a pro boxer,. Oscar for example tried to beat Floyd by the book and failed.. How is Floyd gonna deal with someone who moves completely different and fast,.
whereas Floyd will be slow to Conner..
Who knows .. it'll be a great fight

Автор Soufiane KreeD ( назад)
1st Song : Valhalla - nutstar

Автор FinPS ( назад)
Absolute monster.

Автор T- LOVEBONE ( назад)
vs. Aldo?

Автор KING L.P ( назад)
well deserved

Автор FightKings ( назад)
He's gonna rape Floyd

Автор Sergio Rocha ( назад)
Connor dont fight Mayweather, you'll lose for sure

Автор Kevin O'Keeffe ( назад)
Irish Conor McGregor Pride anyone 🍀🇨🇮

Автор Kevin O'Keeffe ( назад)
#10 song name anyone?

Автор S c ( назад)
the little bitch face aldo as a thumbnail. hilarious.

Автор Harvey7878 ( назад)
He throws BOMBS

Автор LEATHERFACE-JT ( назад)
maymeather who happens to be one of the greatest boxing fighters of all time....is gonna spank this,never had a professional boxing match in his life,conor McGregor.....easy money for floyd

Автор Luka Strbic ( назад)
First song anyone?

Автор Franklin Nanai ( назад)
I hope the fight happens, it should be interesting.

Автор sullay domba ( назад)
This fighting lazybones people that why all the people he fight they too soft

Автор DeathGun ( назад)
Gys 1st Song Name ?

Автор MJ J ( назад)
lol a weak ass irish is going to knock down the most dominant boxer of my generation? lol.. the last time a british dude talked shit about floyd, he got his ass handed to him.. this is all for show... Money is going to make more money..

Автор Joe Dirt ( назад)
Please do the world a favor and beat the shit out of Floyd!!!

Автор Christoph Leisibach ( назад)
does anyone know the name of the song for number 10? :)

Автор Lightup Darkness ( назад)
Obvious #1

Автор Ricky Cartel ( назад)
conor mcgregor mout is a chicken ass

Автор RedoranGuard-Games&Battles ( назад)
who the fook are these guys?!

Автор Og Lok ( назад)
name of song at 1:00 ? someone help me out please

Автор Viking ( назад)
Sorry mate but him wiping the floor with Alvarez or fully ko-ing Aldo in seconds should have been listed, infact you put a clean knockout on paddy docherty in the honourable mentions it should have been on the list mate he cleaned him out

Автор Shevili Habibi ( назад)
#6 song name ?

Автор dot 1337 ( назад)
2:44 song name anyone ?

Автор Cato Battle ( назад)
Floyd gonna dot da shit out of dat cracker He's not gonna be able to hit Floyd like dat .He's to wild he can't box Floyd can

Автор Mr.Mario 33 ( назад)
he never had any brutal KO
So don't spam shit boy

Автор DoobSac ( назад)
Dumbest fucking list ever. This uploader must be a drooling retard. No Alvarez or Aldo?

Автор Mel Makavali ( назад)
steroids time..thats why e no fighting now due to it incaebeh get fldiscalify of blood test Dana is covering for him....

Автор Mel Makavali ( назад)
he no longer hungry..off the dole

Автор ben eckard ( назад)
Is that the longest jaw on the planet?

Автор CHRIS198490 ( назад)
idiots doing this for money

Автор Jason Guyton ( назад)
#Floyd Mayweather Connor MacGregor fight

Автор Ant T ( назад)
#10 of nobody's

Автор andre escobar ( назад)
Connor can not and will not beat Floyd mayweather in boxing 🥊 sorry Ireland

Автор Byron Deithrick ( назад)
No Aldo ? Was this pre Aldo ??

Автор Colleen Ballard Silberman ( назад)
I love UFC!!

Автор Pastel ( назад)
Whoever the fuck is screaming @ 5:20 should fucking kill themselves.

Автор MickyAvStickyHands ( назад)
1:00 Mister mister remix? Random.

Автор Fernando Javier Barba ( назад)
falta José Aldo .. Eddi Álvarez.. Conor McGregor es el mejor peleador de todos ..

Автор ACHILLES.UFC ( назад)
Uploader, steal more faggot

Автор Dannybobby33 Maverick ( назад)
umm eddie and jose are missing here

Автор swiperboy sb ( назад)
in boxing.. floyd would knock conor out

Автор Konnie Figueroa ( назад)
Has Floyd watched this?

Автор Seif Modrić ( назад)

Автор Clementine ( назад)
lol jose in the thumbnail is all like please help god imma get knocked out

Автор Shaheen Jadali ( назад)
Shit music

Автор D Gee ( назад)
What's that opening song called? Makes me wanna fight alongside William Wallace n Conor Mcgregor!

Автор Headshot Havoc ( назад)
I will suck Conor's dick

Автор rantanen1 ( назад)
u did a top 10 video but didnt include EITHER ONE of his ufc title wins lo

Автор hulivar ( назад)
no jose no eddie? The Eddie TKO was fucking insane

Автор MDM_313 ( назад)
Jose Aldo?

Автор Austin Jennings ( назад)
Where is JOSE ALDO?!?!?!

Автор Brandon Van ( назад)
I thought #4 was a phantom punch at first, but upon replay from a different angle, you could see the fist make contact to the top of his head.

Автор Juan Antonio Guzmán ( назад)
Conor Mcgregor es el PUTO AMO y no hay más nah!!!

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