• Published on Sep 20, 2019

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  • Zian Chloe Lopez
    Zian Chloe Lopez 3 hours ago

    I don't need to like your video and subscribe your video because i hate it

  • Ruth Malimban
    Ruth Malimban 8 hours ago

    Hahaha karma

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 9 hours ago

    this is morgz twin😅😅😅😅😅

  • Jesus Tovar
    Jesus Tovar 11 hours ago

    Do the challenge of last to stop eating noodles

  • ning li
    ning li 11 hours ago

    Ameerah : ur never going to eat all of that
    10 minutes later
    Paul : I’m done!

  • Miguel Ducot
    Miguel Ducot 13 hours ago

    Fake as f

  • Kassidy Kennedy
    Kassidy Kennedy 13 hours ago

    What is a arbys

  • Laycee boggs
    Laycee boggs 14 hours ago

    This is how many people that don’t like pasta or spaghetti

  • Lamyah The VSCO girl kinda

    “Were not them where clones” I’m a cat” “no your-“ meow

  • Miss sparkle
    Miss sparkle 20 hours ago

    Who else just sits there when they do the subscribe challenge cause we already subscribed

  • Anitha Satheesh
    Anitha Satheesh 20 hours ago

    This is just like morgz😵

  • Hi Sup
    Hi Sup 20 hours ago

    Omg I can’t this so annoying no offence sorry

  • Molly Gacha
    Molly Gacha 22 hours ago

    paul never eat in any challenge now this is eating challenge so he eat alot i cant even eat a pack of noodle and i look so fat i mean i look normal size but my tummy is big

  • gacha coockie girl
    gacha coockie girl 22 hours ago

    Ooh paul is soo cute😂😂

  • princess Hernaez
    princess Hernaez Day ago +1

    This is ho2w jeddah cheats

  • xd Momin
    xd Momin Day ago

    They faked it and anyone else noticed how big Paul's eyes were

  • timoci kini
    timoci kini Day ago +1


  • Yvonne Ngo
    Yvonne Ngo Day ago

    Hey pickles are really really good, I would eat them forever

  • Evan Ouellette71

    You suck

  • mikax Xkikaax3
    mikax Xkikaax3 Day ago

    I been wondering if Paul is adopted or what is he ?

  • Christiann
    Christiann Day ago +1

    Are these Morgzs cousin?

  • Karli Chambliss
    Karli Chambliss Day ago

    All these commemts say this how many times amirh said im done and if you got a problem come solve it with these hands 😃

  • Kendra Kilcrease

    She teaches she cheated look over the video she cheated

  • Kendra Kilcrease

    What is the best friend of

  • TheQueen_ ROBLOX

    Paul technically isn’t out because that “you can’t eat the same food twice” wasn’t originally a rule. I think Paul should demand a redo

  • Hannah Eiler
    Hannah Eiler Day ago

    This is how much Paul loves noodles 🍝 🍝🍝🍝❤️💕❤️💕😍

  • Giao Bui
    Giao Bui Day ago

    How about you do last to eat noodles win

  • PengwengUnicorn
    PengwengUnicorn Day ago +2

    This is how many times Paul gets out a challenge because he eats noodles

  • Monique Thomas
    Monique Thomas Day ago

    Yuuuuuuum food 🍴🍟🍕

  • Diann Sparks
    Diann Sparks Day ago

    I like pickles too

  • Ashley Khryss
    Ashley Khryss Day ago

    I hate it when ameerah and jeddah teams up to make paul lose. i want him to win tho .you always ruin my hope.

  • edward prince
    edward prince Day ago

    Yes sir

  • JustGigi
    JustGigi Day ago

    Hope you see it🥰

  • JustGigi
    JustGigi Day ago +1

    Miz_MarshMallowQueen you‘r Picture is so prety

  • Sahir Inam
    Sahir Inam Day ago

    Plz part 2.

  • KARA
    KARA Day ago

    How the hell is this hideous family so popular

  • Rubirosa Quiogue
    Rubirosa Quiogue 2 days ago

    Jeddah is a cheater

  • Maryam Omar
    Maryam Omar 2 days ago


  • Maryam Omar
    Maryam Omar 2 days ago


  • Bahtah Bahtah
    Bahtah Bahtah 2 days ago


  • Aliaa Ali salah
    Aliaa Ali salah 2 days ago

    Ya because you love eating gaintfood because you are SUPER FAT

  • Cassandra Fernandez
    Cassandra Fernandez 2 days ago

    Isnt it supposed to be "last to stop eating giant foods"? Because the title last to eat giant foods means they have to not eat giant foods

  • Ysabelle Sambayan
    Ysabelle Sambayan 2 days ago +1

    This is how many times jeddah
    "Because Im so super hungry"

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 2 days ago

    Ameerah said that she loves pickles

  • cheryl vallo
    cheryl vallo 2 days ago

    who poors the cereal before milk?!?

  • Yaneth Barrera
    Yaneth Barrera 2 days ago +1

    I wonder who’s going to win my name is Veronica I’m a big fan of you guys I like to play and I like to watch your videos I know Spanish and English I live in🇺🇸 bye guys I love you and I hope I get a shout out I hope I get A shout out one day my guys love you and I hope you’ll get a stomach ache Amira I hope I get a shadow one day I never got a shout out you are the biggest I am the biggest fan I always watch your videos when I come back of school I watch your videos

  • Dede Kg15
    Dede Kg15 2 days ago

    Last one to get diabetes wins!!!

    YUNA HA 2 days ago +1

    This is how much ads that are in a 20 min vid

  • Crazy Ava
    Crazy Ava 2 days ago

    Jeddah is so immature and annoying

  • Cathy Galang
    Cathy Galang 2 days ago

    Did you copied morgz’s effects.

  • Mischief_ Master
    Mischief_ Master 2 days ago

    6:08 where’s my spoon ah fork
    I don’t know why i loved that so much

  • Leah Skye
    Leah Skye 2 days ago +1

    pickles are so googd give a thumbs up if you like pickles

  • Cookiesonfire123
    Cookiesonfire123 2 days ago +3

    This is how many times Ameerah wins the challenges

  • Aubrey Rose Engler
    Aubrey Rose Engler 2 days ago


  • Party Like Nico Chico 7

    2020 anyone ?? 😂

  • Elaina Tavantzis
    Elaina Tavantzis 2 days ago

    Paul loses every challenge for noodles! Lol! He should’ve thought about how much noodles he could’ve bought with the money.

  • Ahmed Islam
    Ahmed Islam 2 days ago +1

    Who ever is reading this comment you are beautifull and nice and don’t let any people hurt ur feelings just ignore them

  • sandra arroyo
    sandra arroyo 2 days ago

    is paul are son

  • Imaani Gayle
    Imaani Gayle 2 days ago

    I love watching you jeddah ameerah and Paul I wish to see you

  • francisco madrid
    francisco madrid 2 days ago

    I HATE you Amerahaa MOM