• Hey friends, today I'm unboxing and doing a first impression on Armani Code Absolu Gold which is the newest flanker in the Armani Code line. This follows up Armani Code Absolu which was one of my favorite designer releases of 2019. As always, thanks for watching!
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Comments • 80

  • trung hieu nguyen
    trung hieu nguyen 24 days ago

    If you have to choose between Armani Code Absolu and Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, which's one that you reckon?

    • Adnan 30
      Adnan 30 18 days ago

      2 of my favorites. I cant choose one i choose both

  • TJ Roberts
    TJ Roberts Month ago

    You should definitely do a video comparing the two (along with a full review).

  • Chris Mccullough
    Chris Mccullough Month ago


  • lee macdonald
    lee macdonald Month ago +2

    Completely sick of these companies pumping out flankers.

  • Louis Caeiro Ramos
    Louis Caeiro Ramos Month ago

    Nothing beats Ultimate.

  • FRLplano
    FRLplano Month ago

    Ashton Thanks for keeping it real !! Great video !!

  • Craig Austin
    Craig Austin Month ago

    Where is this available to buy?

  • Talgat
    Talgat Month ago

    Ultimate is still the king of codes. Absolu and gold are nice but not as nice as ultimate

  • GluedTechDude
    GluedTechDude Month ago

    So it is super sweet, cloying and heavy? No thanks. I have enough generically sweet/cloying fragrances in my collection to cover this talentless boring category for several lifetimes. 👎🏻

  • Nik604 Nikolov
    Nik604 Nikolov Month ago

    Another candy shop.... We are sick already, we must reduce the sugar intake these days....

  • Дамир
    Дамир Month ago +1

    Code profumo or code absolu?

  • david tae
    david tae Month ago

    If you had to pick one for more compliments? Armani Code Absolu or Armani Code Absolu Gold. (I can't buy both) which one would you pick. Thanks for your advice brother. Love your channel

    • david tae
      david tae Month ago

      Aah wrote that in 2019 Armani code absolu was ranked #2 as the most compliment fragrance.

    • Seashell Mermaidian
      Seashell Mermaidian Month ago

      Girls like aqua di gio absolute the most out of all the fragrances from Armani.

  • david tae
    david tae Month ago

    Better compliment cologne? Armani Code Absolu or Armani Code Absolu Gold

  • Antonio Flores
    Antonio Flores Month ago

    My bad bro. But. Jus sayin. Even though. I trust you so much. Jus sayin an idea thats probably nothing new but a video on even. Fragrance houses that you prefer over others

  • biggboi1967
    biggboi1967 Month ago +1

    This sounds worth buying. I’m checking it out at my local Macy’s.

  • The Caramel Cat
    The Caramel Cat Month ago

    Absolu was a bit too harsh for me on the opening. Sold my bottle.

  • TheCologneCub
    TheCologneCub Month ago

    New cheapie list plz for spring

  • Manfred Krepsky Z.
    Manfred Krepsky Z. Month ago

    I have a natural resistance to the idea of unending flakers like Armani -> code -> absolu -> gold.....and many do this. This scent must be nice, yes, but anyway....
    Thanks for the review though!

  • Kelly Bocock
    Kelly Bocock Month ago

    It doesn't have sinus bite... the sting in your upper sinus.

  • Penguin Chairez
    Penguin Chairez Month ago

    Do a review on dan bilzerians cologne “alister”

  • Ernest Gallo
    Ernest Gallo Month ago

    I’ll stick with Absolu! I’m tired of all these flankers of flankers of flankers smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Ernest Gallo
      Ernest Gallo Month ago +1

      Truth Teller the money these houses make, one would think creatively they can come up with a new name. They just keep churning them out without any thought

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller Month ago +1

      I agree. The extensions/branches of existing fragrances is getting too ridiculous. It seems like all designers are doing this now. It seems like there's now 7 different versions of "Code." I mean, just call it by a different name. It's just too much. I'll give you the original classic, and then one or two extensions of that. After that, it's just ridiculous.

  • Alberto De f
    Alberto De f Month ago +2

    All i hear every time this dude talks: “tss ssttsstst sttsts sts ts tssts sss ss ststs”

    • Miami Sammy
      Miami Sammy Month ago +1

      Snake Jazz

    • Alberto De f
      Alberto De f Month ago

      Hahaha juST kidding.. iTS hiSts pronunCiaTscion

    • ZOTIC
      ZOTIC Month ago

      The background music tho haha

  • lysyrg25
    lysyrg25 Month ago

    Just off the subject for a moment. I have a bottle of Mont Blanc Legend. I've use a fair amount and I really like it, it also gets many compliments. But, for the life of me, the bottle is so dark, I can't tell how much is left. I've tried flashlights at all angles, but it seems to be all blacked out. Of course when I shake it, I know there's some left, but it's too hard to tell even how much. I figured I'd you as you're one of the best fragrance guys on You Tube. Any ideas?

  • Progressive Liberal Viewer

    Another one..? I stopped at code Profumo

  • Sadjad Alikhani
    Sadjad Alikhani Month ago

    Is armani code profumo a parfum or an edp? it says parfum on the box but edp on the website of retailers

  • joshua_fry_speed
    joshua_fry_speed Month ago

    holy jeez, way too many flankers and i own like 3-4 of them.

  • Makin’ Scents
    Makin’ Scents Month ago

    Sounds like a nice mix. I still need to bogey Absolu to my collection but believe I need both of these now.

  • Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald Month ago

    If you wear Rag & Bone shirts, you should try out their fragrances if you haven’t already

  • Bigboy 75
    Bigboy 75 Month ago

    Say man, u reeeally gotta shorten these vids by at least 5 mins.

    • Ron Nelson
      Ron Nelson Month ago

      I have to agree, I find myself skipping around a lot through his vids anymore

    • Josue Aparicio
      Josue Aparicio Month ago

      They get paid more if it's more than 10 minutes lol.

    • adamp108
      adamp108 Month ago

      10 mins tops, if it's just a review of one fragrance

  • Robert Quill
    Robert Quill Month ago

    Where did you purchase? Can't find at discounters yet (obviously). Did you buy direct retail?

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T Month ago

    Dior sav EDT = BDC EdT = Armani cd profu
    Dior sav EDP = BDC EDP = Armani cd absl
    Dior sav Pf = BDC Pf = Armani cd absl gld
    Does anyone see that Armani wants in on the party?
    I cant be the only one

  • Oskar Radecki-Mikina
    Oskar Radecki-Mikina Month ago +2

    When are you gonna get your hands on the AdG Profondo?

  • نزار حمدان

    ..!!land of warriors perfume what about

  • Toni F.
    Toni F. Month ago

    I´m also interested in reviews of Emporio Armani Stronger with You Freeze!

  • FatDave
    FatDave Month ago

    See I knew he was a shill

  • Raul Saavedra
    Raul Saavedra Month ago

    Sounds very interesting, looking forward to checking it out

  • It's Kyuu
    It's Kyuu Month ago +20

    3:17 he smells it.

  • adib faisal
    adib faisal Month ago

    Your faces seem struggle to explain ash but great content😂😂

  • Michael Bullock
    Michael Bullock Month ago +1

    Great first impression and I enjoyed it and i cant wait to see full review because I like the original and profumo and absolute and have a blessed day

  • uhsemehicieronlas3
    uhsemehicieronlas3 Month ago

    great description! thanks! looking forward to the full review

  • HustleHabit
    HustleHabit Month ago

    Code Ultimate is my new signature scent, so Code Absolu was a day one buy the moment I smelled it. I'd like to pick this one up, but I'll just give it a smell, enjoy Absolu more for the year, and wait for Gold to hit a discount.

  • J W
    J W Month ago

    Thanks for the great video Ash! I am all about a more mature version of Code Abs. Will def check this out. 👍👊

  • boOya
    boOya Month ago

    How's the performance?

  • Brandon Krulik
    Brandon Krulik Month ago +1

    Absolu is my signature scent at the moment. When I’m done with this bottle I’ll pick up Gold because it sounds like I’m going to get the same vibe.

  • ondaslab
    ondaslab Month ago

    Wanted by night or this one? If u had to chose one

  • Shave- a-thon
    Shave- a-thon Month ago +1

    *For those keeping track, Ashton's Armani Code Absolu Gold Limited Edition (first coldpress batch!) has a batch code of 38SN003 which is a Nov. 2019 bottle and a formula code of B245303 1.* If this is still for sale in 2 years, it might be wise to check the box codes against these.

  • Shave- a-thon
    Shave- a-thon Month ago

    Armani Beauty in the USA is the only place you can currently get it. They offer 20% off discount codes several times a year with free engraving, and with those codes, their prices are better than the discounters. The last offer was in Dec. 2019. Cashback sites offer up to another 8% back on Armani USA. Even Macy's with their 15% off sales is usually cheaper than the discounters for Armani. Unfortunately, "Stronger With You Intensely" is not offered in the USA.

  • Lucafa C
    Lucafa C Month ago +1

    Hi guys, im 21 years old and i have 3 fragrances, dior sauvage edp, aqua di gio profumo and versace eros, do i have all occasions covered with those fragrances? Or should i get more?

    • marxman 300
      marxman 300 Month ago

      @Josue Aparicio profumo is in a lot of spring to summer lists.check em if you're unsure

    • Josue Aparicio
      Josue Aparicio Month ago +1

      Not really lol. Summer fragrance will be the new Profondo or something like Light Blue Intense or Artisan Pure.

    • marxman 300
      marxman 300 Month ago +1

      @Josue Aparicio adg profumo is a summer fragrance

    • Josue Aparicio
      Josue Aparicio Month ago

      You'll need a summer fragrance.

  • FatDave
    FatDave Month ago +8

    Did you say it’s one of your “Absolu” favorites? Lol 🤭

  • Peekatew
    Peekatew Month ago +17

    Think you're due for a new mic, judging by the interference.

  • Just Add Light
    Just Add Light Month ago

    I'm hoping for Armani Discount Code. But apparently, gold eeez best.

  • ProPaleo
    ProPaleo Month ago

    I was first referred to code absolu from a retail sales lady who suggested it after having learnt that they were all out of ysl’s la nuit which I was looking for. Code absolu is way better smelling with longer projection, more sillage and greater longevity, also it doesn’t have that awkward lavender note. Nice review, i’m excited to try the new flanker.

  • JJimenez
    JJimenez Month ago

    *4:32** and Everytime you smell the crook of your elbows looks like your "dabbing"* 🤣😂

  • Jean Valjean
    Jean Valjean Month ago

    Like always i give Ash a like before I watch,but now you look upset somehow..

  • Denis Begic
    Denis Begic Month ago

    So in other words.. Lame..

  • Jeremy Hinze
    Jeremy Hinze Month ago +1

    🙄 how many ways can Armani dress up a sweet tonka bomb.

  • Pawel Rybicki
    Pawel Rybicki Month ago +1

    Anyone know if Macy’s will carry this and when ?

    • Pie Lucas
      Pie Lucas Month ago

      I know the one near me won't, they close in 3wks 😥

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb Month ago +3

    Ash I cant help but think you always have a dip inside your bottom lip everytime you talk. Lol idk not that's its a bad thing. Its just the way your mouth moves when you talk.

    • contour boar
      contour boar Month ago

      He actually explained in a previous video that he does dip on the one's that his wife isn't featured on. She isn't privy to this(she hates it apparently) but handling his addiction to fragrances takes priority over tobacco

  • Jonathan Serrano
    Jonathan Serrano Month ago +16

    I got my bottle last week and I'm liking it better than the original Absolu

  • Azima Zayan
    Azima Zayan Month ago

    Di Indonesia belum ada

  • Trey Kreiss
    Trey Kreiss Month ago +6

    This video makes me more hyped for his review on Profondo!

  • DKY
    DKY Month ago +2

    Hi Ash, have you thought about introducing a rating system? (Ex. stars out of 5, thumbs up / down, score out of 10, etc.) Might be beneficial for people who want more concrete answers to your reviews :D

  • Green Monkeyz
    Green Monkeyz Month ago

    Ash, you should really check Mercedes Benz Club Black, that thing smells amazing, one of my favourite designers

  • Vincenzo L
    Vincenzo L Month ago +7

    next Armani Profondo

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful Month ago +3

    I can see the goosebumps already ash. Flankers are just getting BETTER!

    • ThuggaThuggaBaby
      ThuggaThuggaBaby Month ago +1

      LeBeautiful eh not really a lot of flankers recently been pretty underwhelming like the one intense, new le male flanker etc

  • Jaime Luis
    Jaime Luis Month ago +5

    The mature older brother of Code Absolu... sounds like one for me.
    👋 from Puerto Rico

  • Orange Muscle
    Orange Muscle Month ago

    I won’t say it’s a bad thing, but absolu/ profumo smell like pencil shavings. Imagine those pencil sharpeners from grade school right before you have to dump it out. If you take a big wiff.... boom 💥 Code Profumo/Absolu. I’m not kidding at all.

    • Roy Smiles
      Roy Smiles Month ago +1

      I've never got that from it.

    • DarlingNikki2
      DarlingNikki2 Month ago +1

      I don't get pencil shavings from either of those scents, either. I can see why you might smell it in Absolu because of the woody notes, but my nose zeros in on the orange blossom and green apple, two notes that I can't stand for some reason. Profumo smells like a masculine baby powder bomb so I'm not into it, either. For me, the OG Code is the best, even if it has been reformulated within an inch of its life.

    • T4rTrail
      T4rTrail Month ago +1

      @D yeah me neither.

    • D
      D Month ago +1

      Orange Muscle I don’t get that at all

  • Elvin1337
    Elvin1337 Month ago +2

    Once I finish my bottle of Absolu, I’m gettin Gold 👍 thanks for the new info Ash!

    • Elvin1337
      Elvin1337 Month ago +2

      Tired of Fools Ya when I say finish, it honestly won’t take that long. I’ve only got like 25% my Absolu left. But thanks for the heads up! Appreciate it 🤜

    • Tired of Fools
      Tired of Fools Month ago +1

      @Elvin1337... Absolu Gold is a Limited Edition. So if you wait that long it may not be available. Just something to consider if you really want it.

  • Bill Corben
    Bill Corben Month ago

    So is this different enough than profumo that it's worth a purchase if I own profumo?

    • Bill Corben
      Bill Corben Month ago

      @Charles Gherman ok

    • Charles Gherman
      Charles Gherman Month ago

      The only reason to get into absolu if you own Profumo is if you are A. A collector. Or B. You think Profumo is too juvenile but like the dna and want to try something slightly more mature.

  • Jason Vegan
    Jason Vegan Month ago +10

    Absolu and Colonia are still on my list of frags to pick up

    • RNH0724
      RNH0724 Month ago

      Antim8ah Colonia is a very nice fragrance

    • Fernando Milan
      Fernando Milan Month ago

      Antim8ah yet it is.

    • Jay Rosario
      Jay Rosario Month ago

      I want to check out Colonia but am afraid it will be just another citrus generic freshy.

    • Robert Louise Drake
      Robert Louise Drake Month ago

      Donald Pump Profumo were reformulated. I own one of that reformulated one. January 2019.
      It’s so faint that you can barely smell it on yourself. Doesn’t project. It’s garbage.

    • seif samara
      seif samara Month ago

      Profumo is amazing too it’s really hard to choose between absolu and profumo

  • Shinobi905
    Shinobi905 Month ago

    So what you're REALLY saying is that this smells more 'old man' than Absolu. Got it. Anytime I hear 'mature' 'gentleman' 'business/office' I know thats translation for Dad Colognes. No more dancing around. Code used to be the date/seduction cologne in my arsenal - its actually the only one in the line I have - none of these others have lived up to it at all. Just wish these newer batches had the old sillage and longevity the original did. RIP.

    • Shave- a-thon
      Shave- a-thon Month ago +1

      Mature. old man, geezer or alta cocker - what's the difference. Just buy it and if you feel you're too young to wear it and it's for an older gent, hold on to it for 25 years. It will not only be perfect for you in 2045, but you'll also own a vintage bottle!

    • Sympalogy
      Sympalogy Month ago

      Hey man, could you please let me know whether Absolu is still a great date night scent after 1h or so from applying it? I saw a review for it out this week, and the guy said the opening is gorgeous, but then within an hour, it smells like expensive body lotion and nobody can really smell it on you anymore. Is that the case? Also, which one appeals more to the ladies, Code Absolu, Prada Luna Rossa Black, or 1 million Lucky? Just for pure ladies' appeal date night, not talking about the "artistery" of the scent. Thank you @Shinobi905

    • Justin Thomas
      Justin Thomas Month ago +1

      Shinobi905 don’t know why you translate mature to old man. Don’t get that at all

  • Ron Jarrah
    Ron Jarrah Month ago +8

    Perfect 👌. I love the scent of Absolu, but felt I was a little too old for it at 47. More maturity sounds appealing.

    • Ron Jarrah
      Ron Jarrah Month ago

      @Fernando Milan yes sir. I am happy to see this release. I felt the same way about Azzaro Wanted by Night, but found Azzaro Pour Homme Intense to be the mature older brother as well.

    • Fernando Milan
      Fernando Milan Month ago +1

      Ron Jarrah I have to agree. I’m 38 and found it a little too much “bubble gummy”. Yet, a great scent.

    • Boofa _93
      Boofa _93 Month ago +3

      @Ron Jarrah Yeah well everyone is different thats fair enough! 👍🍻

    • Ron Jarrah
      Ron Jarrah Month ago +1

      @Boofa _93 it's not perfect for me. I found it too juvenile for me.

    • Boofa _93
      Boofa _93 Month ago +1

      Lol Absolu is a perfect fragrance if you are 47 years old!

  • BoB The Movie Guy
    BoB The Movie Guy Month ago +1

    Code absolu smells like rubbing medicine to me... do you get that scent from it? and does the code absolu gold smell like it

    • Shinobi905
      Shinobi905 Month ago

      I actually think Absolu AND Profumo smell REAL medicinal too. Almost like some form of chemicals. Mind you - I sprayed on tester strips at Sephora - but absolutely not worth the price point at retail

    • DJ B
      DJ B Month ago +2

      Rubbing medicine? Not at all. I pick up some rootbeer float vibes.

  • kevinfrancais SFKK
    kevinfrancais SFKK Month ago +1

    you are enjoying this a little too much.... kinda jealous!

  • JacobBryantMusic
    JacobBryantMusic Month ago

    Interested in this one for sure because the OG is a tad playful to me

  • agosto15
    agosto15 Month ago +2

    Is it as different from boss the scent intense from Boss the scent parfume? A review would help clarify this. And a huge boss wife rating would be greatly appreciated too.

    • DarlingNikki2
      DarlingNikki2 Month ago +2

      Okay, lol. I like when he has Chelsey on and Mary, too (can't think of the other young lady's name that he's had on the channel but I liked her, too) so hopefully he'll read your comment and get it done.

    • ZOTIC
      ZOTIC Month ago

      @DarlingNikki2 I agree with him, we want boss line wife rating haha!

    • DarlingNikki2
      DarlingNikki2 Month ago +1

      Not to sound mean, but why do you keep repeatedly asking for a Hugo Boss wife rating? I see you commenting this in every video LOL. Is it really that vital or is it something that Ash promised some time ago?

  • 2nd Shooter
    2nd Shooter Month ago

    8th !

  • Savinski Claude
    Savinski Claude Month ago +31

    Who else gets excited when Ash drops a video? Lol I do.

  • Dat Raucous
    Dat Raucous Month ago +3

    I just got this first one because of your recommendation. Love it!

  • Rudy Wilson
    Rudy Wilson Month ago

    Nice video.
    Waiting for your full review.