Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Get Ready for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
  • All Hell is about to break loose. Get ready witches.
    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina tells the story of Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka), a half-witch half-mortal teenage girl. She’s been waiting her whole life for her 16th birthday, but something wicked this way comes, forcing her to choose between the path of light and the path of night. A Netflix Original Series from the makers of Riverdale. CAOS arrives October 26th.
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    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Get Ready for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 998

  • bkbroiler
    bkbroiler 6 hours ago

    i love that little dance she does up the stairs more than anything

  • pringleman FBI OPEN UP

    I don’t know why I like this so much but it’s everything

  • Darlly VLOGS
    Darlly VLOGS 20 days ago +1

    I can't stop thinking about period blood in a menstuation cup whith that background music. Is it just me? Hahahaha

  • Retro 1974522
    Retro 1974522 Month ago

    Anyone asked what the song is yet? (What is it?)

  • Sharkie Alami
    Sharkie Alami Month ago

    I love this teaser so cool and catchy

  • vampiros mitos matadores de lobo

    Hello eua eu sou do brasil

  • Sam Balckbee
    Sam Balckbee Month ago


  • Valentina Agredo tugfa

    Disculpen cual es el nombre de la cancion

    • Carolina Lopez
      Carolina Lopez 25 days ago +1

      Valentina Agredo Blood In The Cut -K. Flay

  • Ezequiel Abuin
    Ezequiel Abuin Month ago

    CAOS its like Riverdale new version, its like producers listen to fans kejdjd

  • MekhiSean Frederick Thoulouis

    This show the baddest fr 😭❤️

  • John Michael Ligtas

    y'all wishes came true it ain't bad as Riverdale lol also season 2 anyone? How was it? 😈

  • Iulia Denisa
    Iulia Denisa Month ago

    Who doesn t love that part when she is dancing 0:16

  • leviOsa
    leviOsa Month ago


  • C.J. Revan
    C.J. Revan Month ago

    Great show and love this trailer. (Wish had the cat on the end though like on Netflix)

  • Çill Tuber
    Çill Tuber Month ago


    PEGASUSES 99 Month ago

    I love the song

  • Wolverine Pete
    Wolverine Pete 2 months ago

    Two weeks to Season 2. Can't wait.

  • J.M.J.S Campos
    J.M.J.S Campos 2 months ago

    this kind of stimulus subverts the values ​​of many young people and unfortunately some of these become murderous shooters in schools.

    • Aria Foregin
      Aria Foregin Month ago

      Wtf are you saying? The show doesn't embrace murder... Sabrina is against old arcaic dogmas and tries her best to be good...

  • Frances O'Connor
    Frances O'Connor 3 months ago

    Riverdale has bad dialogue but the plot was still good. And also, jughead, bughead, cheryl, cole sprouse, fangs, sweetpea, and how happy I was when Archie wasnt stupid anymore

  • Saachi Shetty
    Saachi Shetty 3 months ago +1


  • Milind Sharma220
    Milind Sharma220 3 months ago

    fuckkk that walk that she does is hot

  • bhargav bobby
    bhargav bobby 3 months ago

    Hope she leaves %Harvey%

  • Mauro Augusto
    Mauro Augusto 3 months ago

    Cuando sale la segunda temporada?

  • Isra Castillo
    Isra Castillo 3 months ago

    Copy of scream queens

  • Ämetchen
    Ämetchen 3 months ago

    Until now the show is great but i swear if riverdale shitty writers ruin it. I'll get a heart attack.

  • HocusPocus Sally
    HocusPocus Sally 3 months ago

    Cant wait for april

  • Gilmar Kaufka
    Gilmar Kaufka 3 months ago

    Best série 🙌❤ i Love

  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson 3 months ago

    Still creepy they're sexualizing a little girl.

    • Liz
      Liz 2 months ago

      Jason Wilson she isn’t a little girl in real life lol

  • MARI G
    MARI G 3 months ago


  • Jia zubair
    Jia zubair 3 months ago

    only watched it for Ross

  • arunkumar5710
    arunkumar5710 3 months ago

    In the promo girl looks absolutely stunning but cannot say the same about actual episodes!

  • Quantum Studios QBC
    Quantum Studios QBC 3 months ago

    Feels like CW sizzle but a better version for Netflix

  • Cosmic Dragon
    Cosmic Dragon 4 months ago

    American and Blonde version of Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson found! :0

  • Gursel Uygun
    Gursel Uygun 4 months ago

    Music is Amazing

  • Duc Minh Nguyen
    Duc Minh Nguyen 4 months ago

    Never has a protagonist had me cringing and eyerolling more than Sabrina. Were it not for the senior actors, she never would have gotten the chance.

  • noemie cansier
    noemie cansier 4 months ago

    This was came out in my 16th bday

  • Brandon Soto
    Brandon Soto 4 months ago

    Ok am i only one living for that strut the weird sisters did down that hallway?

  • City Point
    City Point 4 months ago

    Pff midnight aint witchinghour, amateurs!

  • jazzy darkness
    jazzy darkness 4 months ago

    This is better then riverdale in my opinion

  • Uriel Becerra
    Uriel Becerra 4 months ago +1

    Blood in the cut

  • LuaArgent
    LuaArgent 4 months ago

    *_"From the executers producers of Riverdale"_*
    Some people: that's supposed to impress?
    Me: *yes* the people who like Riverdale are impressed, for instance, I watched this show because of Riverdale

  • Voula Dimopou
    Voula Dimopou 4 months ago +1


  • Andres Bocache
    Andres Bocache 4 months ago

    Still better than Riverdale

  • Walking Dreams
    Walking Dreams 5 months ago

    Why glorify and normalize satanism? Seriously Netflix...

  • Ikwheremadelinemccannis


  • MrShaun42088
    MrShaun42088 5 months ago

    these trailers know how to deliver. so hyped!

  • y fl4sh
    y fl4sh 5 months ago

    Waiting for season 2

  • cesar garcia
    cesar garcia 5 months ago

    Stupid feminazi bitch witch show 🖕🏻

    • Aria Foregin
      Aria Foregin Month ago

      Ugh stop paying attention to the gender of the main and limit yourself to watch the show.

    • Walking Dreams
      Walking Dreams 5 months ago

      hahaha! The trailer "looks" stylish though. But it isn't like Charmed - TOS

  • Ed Camp
    Ed Camp 5 months ago +1

    Netflix out did's a great show and very scary..its updated the famous kids comic from the 70's..Keep up the great movies Netflix//also love Dumplin

  • CinePortal J
    CinePortal J 5 months ago

    Am I the only one who's cringing?

    ALLULA KALYAN 5 months ago

    Backgrond song is excellent :)

  • Mia Isabella Troncoso
    Mia Isabella Troncoso 5 months ago

    Everyone who is a christian hates this series because is the most satanic serie in the world

    • Aria Foregin
      Aria Foregin Month ago

      I'm Cristian and I LOVE this series. I see a lot of church based dogmatic nonsense in here. And how blind faith towards any human with power is dangerous cause they are flesh and blood and no matter their position they sin and have egos. I love wolves dressed with sheep clothing topic. PLUS I love Sabrina as a character as she stays loyal to herself, don't fear of making questions and stands her ground. Except for the satanic stuff, this show is awesome if you analyze it in a certain way.

  • TheVetoSkreeemer
    TheVetoSkreeemer 5 months ago

    Great song

  • Andy O'Connor
    Andy O'Connor 5 months ago

    This show is so good! That song is now my jam. Editing people!!

  • Arushi Patil
    Arushi Patil 5 months ago

    Pause at 0:28 😂

  • Sammy / Whiskey Fever
    Sammy / Whiskey Fever 5 months ago +1

    better than riverdale !

  • John Caral
    John Caral 5 months ago

    Guys it's produced by the producers of Riverdale but it has better writing which saves it from being trash

  • _hxney_bear UwU
    _hxney_bear UwU 5 months ago

    It’s a good show I’m watching it 😂

  • Amalium
    Amalium 5 months ago


  • Arushi Patil
    Arushi Patil 5 months ago


  • Jimmy Hrahsel
    Jimmy Hrahsel 5 months ago

    What's Sabrina's number?

  • Eldon Theadore
    Eldon Theadore 6 months ago

    0:21 best part of this trailer

  • Don’t talk to Me you gorilla


  • Adam Abader
    Adam Abader 6 months ago

    What's the song played in the video???

    • Korradoar
      Korradoar 5 months ago

      'Blood in the Cut" by K. Flay

  • soso العراقيه
    soso العراقيه 6 months ago

    شوكت يطلع كامل رووووعه

  • Rakan '
    Rakan ' 6 months ago

    Nice Nice Nice...

  • Mike Listire
    Mike Listire 6 months ago

    Oh My Dark Lord, its perfect.

  • Eos
    Eos 6 months ago

    Love this show! IT's exactly the amount of dark and scary and then playful and fun it should be. It's a perfect correlation! I couldn't imagine it'll be so good! Well done! Will await more seasons of witches and Satan! Keep up the spook.

  • Utkarsh Sharma
    Utkarsh Sharma 6 months ago

    First season is done
    Waiting for another !

  • Shubham Thakur
    Shubham Thakur 6 months ago

    Ese chhutad si shakal banana zaruri h kya..witch ban ke itta attitude

  • Sanam Singh
    Sanam Singh 6 months ago

    Harvey and ambrose. Damn

    LIGHT WORKER 6 months ago

    "There isn't the slightest doubt that Baphomet represents Satan. And the July 25, 2015 unveiling of 9-foot statue of Baphomet with an erect phallus in the presence of two children admiring him is horrifying!!"

    {Note: I Do Support LGBT and Women's Rights…}

    • Aria Foregin
      Aria Foregin Month ago

      Hmm... Wouldn't Baphomet and Satan be different tho? Baphomet is a deity of duality and contrast (which I don't really see evil, we live in a dual world as one thing can't exist without the other, doesn't he represents balance between the two?) On the other hand Satan does is evil

    LIGHT WORKER 6 months ago

    The Satanic Temple is suing Netflix and Warner Bros. Entertainment for $150 million for using what temple leaders claim is their "copyrighted" goat-headed statue (Baphomet) in "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"…

    Pic: Baphomet, now on Netflix…

    Pic: "Baphomet with Children" (2015) allegedly cost about $100,000 to design and build…

  • Congelashiom Congelashion alv

    Nunca me espere una canción de k flay en la serie

  • Naga Malleswari
    Naga Malleswari 6 months ago

    Doesn't any one know background song of this trailer

  • Isabella 0w0
    Isabella 0w0 6 months ago +1

    Nick is baeeee

  • Harmeet Sodhi
    Harmeet Sodhi 6 months ago

    Why a sixteen years old is doing everything for love. All she needs ONE TIGHT SLAP.

  • Kiran
    Kiran 6 months ago

    What's Ambrose doing outside the house? He's grounded

  • El Cosito
    El Cosito 6 months ago

    Suban nuevos capítulos la puta madre que los pario

  • R P
    R P 6 months ago

    Stopped watching after episode 2 either it was boring or it didn't suit me.

    • Korradoar
      Korradoar 5 months ago

      +R P your loss.

    • R P
      R P 5 months ago

      +Korradoar as I said "It didn't suit me" , so yes.

    • Korradoar
      Korradoar 5 months ago +1

      +R P you don't watch this kind of show for it to be interesting.

    • R P
      R P 5 months ago

      +Korradoar what was that "interesting" part that I missed out?

    • Korradoar
      Korradoar 5 months ago +1

      damn. you missed out.

  • Tóth Fanni
    Tóth Fanni 6 months ago

    Smh netflix reusing songs from other netflix shows

  • Ash and Pika
    Ash and Pika 6 months ago

    Why she looks like Emma Watson?

  • Ibomcha khundrakpam Ibomcha khundrakpam

    Ross Lync is here

    BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL 6 months ago

    Which witch is the real witch

  • Sassy Pohtato
    Sassy Pohtato 6 months ago

    I honestly feel like season 3 Riverdale ruined everything

  • Souvik Halder
    Souvik Halder 6 months ago +2

    I love kierman she so beautiful 😍😍

  • Gabi's art
    Gabi's art 6 months ago

    Seems to me like it's now a things to turn blond ex-disney stars into brunettes

  • Nasreen Fatima
    Nasreen Fatima 6 months ago +1

    I put this song every now and then and then walk down slomo and IT IS SOOOO GOOD!!!! 😋😋😋

  • Felicia Pattinson
    Felicia Pattinson 6 months ago

    I knew it!!! 😁 It has something to do with Riverdale 😂

  • Incredible Gia
    Incredible Gia 6 months ago

    This commercial gives me so much life...😍😍

  • A H
    A H 6 months ago +2

    Binge watched it on Halloween and still in love with the show, wish season 2 was out rn, and already wish it was longer than 2 seasons lol

  • Gilo
    Gilo 6 months ago

    But for real, don’t bring up riverdale as much as much in season 2, this show should be in an unrelated universe, and plus this is actually an amazing show and riverdale is only surviving on merchandise at this point, it wasn’t good then and definitely isn’t any better now. PLEASE DONT RUIN THIS SHOW BY BRINGING RIVERDALE INTO IT!!

  • ØP々 LoneWolF
    ØP々 LoneWolF 6 months ago

    Anyone having crush on her?😍

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47 6 months ago

    I am not going to lie i watched this show just because of Sabrina

  • Mel G
    Mel G 6 months ago

    LOVE the background music. 😍😍😍❤

  • PhebeTV
    PhebeTV 6 months ago

    Where does she get that head band from like seriously!!!?????😁🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    TODYYNHO GAMER 6 months ago

    Kiernan Shipka and Chance Perdomo!!!

  • Abdul Kalam
    Abdul Kalam 6 months ago

    it's so much breathtaking. absolutely fantastic

  • jprasad gangwar
    jprasad gangwar 6 months ago +3

    I don't why but I'm obsessed with this ad

    • All Belony
      All Belony 6 months ago

      +tarush waghela I have cable only for this ad

    • tarush waghela
      tarush waghela 6 months ago

      nowadays i watch tv only for this ad

    UTSAV TRIVEDI 6 months ago

    Name of the background song?