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  • Опубликовано: 30 янв 2017
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    Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films are at the forefront of the fight to create a just America. Using new media and internet video campaigns, Brave New Films has created a quick-strike capability that informs the public, challenges corporate media with the truth, and motivates people to take action on social issues nationwide. Brave New Films’ investigative films have scrutinized the impact of U.S. drone strikes; the prosecution if whistleblowers; and Wal Mart’s corporate practices.

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  • Luis Avila
    Luis Avila Месяц назад


  • Jeff Fowler
    Jeff Fowler 3 месяца назад

    Let's hope they care abut their constituents and America and its heritage. It is very representative of "progressives" that they would think people don't care about America as a whole. What a bunch of self-centered, anti-American value idiots. Why did you not resist former President Obama who was clearly a globalist? Oh that's right, you are too . . .

  • cvcoco
    cvcoco 5 месяцев назад

    How about a practical guide to accepting losses like a man? How about a practical guide to the electoral process? How about a practical guide to civility and taking the higher road and showing that one is better than the bottom of the gutter? How about a practical guide to answer the question of why liberals dont want to make such guides?

  • sweettatorwill
    sweettatorwill 10 месяцев назад

    Trump is focused on America 1st.
    Dems are focused on stopping trump.
    Think about that for a minute.

  • renwulf 16
    renwulf 16 10 месяцев назад

    The #Resistance is the Establishment.

  • Motoman74
    Motoman74 Год назад

    These people don't even understand what they are resisting for God's sake and are by default defending the establishment. They should have been resisting the build up of years of corporate fascism, monopolies, globalism, job exportation, illegal immigration, corruption at all levels of government including all of the major departments that do our tax payers a true disservice, failures in education, the fed keeping interest rates too low for too long making life more expensive, removing the glass steagal that protected us from the big banks, high costs of healthcare, socialism and more importantly communism. These people don't seem to understand that this was the greatest country in the world with a free market system that produced the wealthiest nation in the world. Now they want to turn it into a communist cess pool. All Marxism. Resist that!

  • george cushing
    george cushing Год назад


  • george cushing
    george cushing Год назад

    Become used by this group try and overthrow a elected prez

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones Год назад +1

    Hahaha Trump 2020!!!!!

  • platipot
    platipot Год назад

    Barack Hussein was accused in raping little boys. Is this true?

  • platipot
    platipot Год назад

    Who is this talking cunt?

  • Rixar13
    Rixar13 Год назад

    ← Irish Bunny → "Created by a group of former congressional staffers, the guide, now a website, provides specific tactics for fighting against President Donald Trump’s agenda by taking a page from the tea party’s playbook." ← 3:)

  • Count Nomis
    Count Nomis Год назад


  • my Montana dream
    my Montana dream Год назад

    lets say it together! President Donald J. Trump!

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones Год назад

    This is such an obvious front for communist agendas.

  • pastelpurpledeathbed
    pastelpurpledeathbed Год назад

    I honestly hope that you guys keep this attitude when we have democrats in office. I'm a liberal but this idea of being politically active only when we have conservatives in office is really counterproductive.

  • luis garcia
    luis garcia Год назад


  • Toa Hero
    Toa Hero Год назад

    Reich Wingers love to call us resistors "snowflakes."
    You know what they call it when a bunch of snowflakes get together and get moving?
    An Avalanche.
    The Republicans are getting nervous, because they know that come 2018, they're gonna get buried in it.

  • Flying Blogger
    Flying Blogger Год назад

    You do not look like a non-profit organization to me. You look like a Soros tool.

  • Patsy Hoolahan
    Patsy Hoolahan Год назад

    Resist the devil and he will flee from you. I mean the Liberal agenda. Give Trump a chance.

  • RockRiver 6
    RockRiver 6 Год назад

    One has to wonder why such a large percentage of anti-Trump protesters cover their faces like the KKK?
    And why do the anti-Trump people verbally and physically attack Trump supporters like the Nazis attacked those who had a differing view? In the end one can only surmise that the vast majority of anti-Trump people are the 21st centuries KKK/Nazis.
    How pathetic and demoralizing this must be for the children of these leftist bullies. These impressionable children of the leftist mobs have to witness their parents act like lunatics in public simply because they cannot or will not accept the results of a fair election.

  • twh7406
    twh7406 Год назад

    Will be a great day when the traitors of this nation are exposed. Tar and feathers work great i'm told...Soros and his paid for 'gang' of lowlife government extorting parasites should be gathered together and run over by a large asphalt roller. But it's just about that precious money right? Got to get that government money. Everyone is in on it today, the taxpayers (workers) are to be bled completely dry, isn't that the way Soros want's it? The Left in this nation has been turned into a communist money extortion racket with instructions to completely takeover and bring the working class back to serfdom, or did Soros not tell everyone of the ultimate goal?

  • Mega Hitler
    Mega Hitler Год назад

    grandma diapers lost. get over it.

  • Mr MkJr
    Mr MkJr Год назад


  • KnightsRadiant
    KnightsRadiant Год назад +1

    Helicopter rides for everyone in this video

  • KnightsRadiant
    KnightsRadiant Год назад

    Georgie-boy and his Satan spawn strikes again.

  • kevin chavez
    kevin chavez Год назад

    more astroturfing ehhh ?

  • Import Coke
    Import Coke Год назад +1

    fucking jews

  • Chris James
    Chris James Год назад

    "Brave New Films"
    You know what's utterly HORRIFYING about this???
    The people behind this "totally organic, 'grassroots citizens movement' are familiar with Huxley's novel and decided: "heck yeah!!! Let's be the force supporting the government in BRAVE NEW WORLD... but in the real world!!!"
    They will kill you for their Orgy-Pordgy and Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy!
    You have been warned... kill them where you find them!

  • Dougal Mexedrone
    Dougal Mexedrone Год назад +1

    treasonous, soros funded propaganda. dislike. next.

  • Seagrams Gingerale
    Seagrams Gingerale Год назад +1

    Your cult is fucked, m8. Hope you have an easy time reintegrating into society when the liberal delusion comes to an end.

  • JP Brewer
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  • JP Brewer
    JP Brewer Год назад +1

    Trump 2020 MAGA!

  • JP Brewer
    JP Brewer Год назад +1

    Thank you Mr. Soros, now we know and knowing is half the battle!lel

  • MR Smothers
    MR Smothers Год назад +1

    Illuminatus trilogy 101.

  • Trip Gil
    Trip Gil Год назад +1

    "4 simple tactics to engage them"
    no there's 5, "brib...lobbying"

  • Sega City
    Sega City Год назад

    rofl such tools. does it feel nice to do a trillionare's bidding?

  • Daniël V
    Daniël V Год назад +1


  • KatsaPoBane
    KatsaPoBane Год назад

    0:40 Hey look, a poser!

  • Don Peterson
    Don Peterson Год назад

    GOOoooo TRUMP =))))

  • Shanghai Road
    Shanghai Road Год назад

    Impeach the Draft Dodger in the White House... Trump Approval Rating 37% and sinking... time to impeach the Court Jester...

  • Rhombus
    Rhombus Год назад +1


  • Malachor8091
    Malachor8091 Год назад

    Every day I check to make sure Trump is still president. When I see he is, I smile and go about my day with joy.

  • E J
    E J Год назад

    You lost! Deal with it and stop your crying.

  • Miss Heathen
    Miss Heathen Год назад

    For the bigots who voted for Trump and blindly supports a misogynistic white wealthy elite can go fuck themselves.

  • chzzyg269
    chzzyg269 Год назад +1

    Hilarious how this translates into banshee screaming, disrupting political speeches, blocking main roads, destroying property, and completely shutting down when opposing questions are asked.

  • Tsunkuotaku
    Tsunkuotaku Год назад

    Brave New Films. Brave New....Films.
    You're not even trying to hide it, are you? It's a fucking joke to you that people who receive your message are so indoctrinated they can't even see what you're doing to them.
    Thank the Gods for Wikileaks. Day of the Rope soon!

  • midwestkatie
    midwestkatie Год назад +3

    Reading many of these texts, the threats of violence, the angry use of alternative facts, it is more important than ever that We stand our ground. we cannot lose our country to these people who cannot see past their anger and biases. RESIST!!

    • transgreaser ftm
      transgreaser ftm Год назад

      midwestkatie so many people are so hurtful in comments on RUclip. The hate is bewildering and then I imagine how I must look with how terrified I am as a human being by the direction power mongers the world throughout are heading. I put on a stream on RUclip of NASA and the view of the earth LIVE Even viewing that stunning beauty folks were saying pro-hitler jargon and more. Is that all real? Or just some horrible hateful bot? Are all the people here saying those hateful things really this mean and angry and destructive and spiteful and murderous? Sob. Stay true. 💕

  • Eric Atkinson
    Eric Atkinson Год назад

    yea, im sick and tired of mr. trump not letting me gallop through the puplic streets, with a dildo straped to my forehead. i believe im a cockicorn, and so u must respect that position. u must tolerate me galloping down the street in front of your children, i feel so free. ok guys, so what we do now is start trolling our congressmen, and other congressmen so we can have our way. RETURN OF THE COCKICORN.

  • Toon Link
    Toon Link Год назад +1


  • Leo Moran
    Leo Moran Год назад

    Strikes me that this group are what may correctly be called "Domestic enemies of the Constitution"... you know, the people that every U.S. soldier is oath-bound to fight against. These people, every one of them, are a legitimate drone target

  • obyvatel
    obyvatel Год назад +3 politics _*_really_*_ work..._
    Uh oh, did she just give the game away? .....bribery, extortion, blackmail.....

  • wilhelm leo
    wilhelm leo Год назад +2

    This stupid nonsense is getting Donald Trump re elected , I am starting to like this guy who do not care what Hollywood "celebreties" and blown out political figures think about him. Keep up the good work !

  • Franklin Stumbo
    Franklin Stumbo Год назад +1

    be like Bob Creamer and Scott Foval, hire homeless folks and mentally challenged folks for cheap to incite violence at the meetings and disrupt everybody. isn't that the DNC way........

  • Kaldan
    Kaldan Год назад

    You know how to get the Government to Listen? If you listen!!! Going around a disrupting town halls to "Make a Point" is sad. Indivisible is a lie. if anything you are doing the opposite to our Country! FREAKING LIBTARDS!

  • byLEM
    byLEM Год назад

    Paris is always Paris ...
    And Paris supports you!

  • Jim Walker
    Jim Walker Год назад

    Can anyone please direct me to where I can get my check for protesting? I have tried for weeks to get paid to protest and I can't seem to find out where you get the cash?

  • Global Threat
    Global Threat Год назад +1

    LOl. I've never seen more brainwashed fuckwit sheep, in my life. Just fucking lolololol!!!

  • Macus Aurelius
    Macus Aurelius Год назад

    I seriously doubt that JFK could get the DNC ticket these days. Trump is doing everything JFK did. Hell, Trump IS a Democrat. I remember all the anti-Vietnam protests, those very same people back then are now what makes up the (older) DNC today. And they were holding the same signs in their protest that the Tea-party and other conservative protesters are holding today. "No Taxes, No War, etc"
    Liberals, they'd bitch even if you hung them with a new rope.

  • arm bender
    arm bender Год назад

    is this frightened wacked out babe single ... anyone know

  • JFPriest
    JFPriest Год назад +2

    10' higher...

  • The Whitest Boogeyman
    The Whitest Boogeyman Год назад

    The right side of the issue? Isn't that an arbitrary concept?

  • starandanchor
    starandanchor Год назад +1

    This group of people are a pack of liberal IDIOTS!!! I heard them speak at a town hall and the so called "Smart Questions" were freaking gibberish!!!! Just the gurgling sound of dying LIBERAL FILTH!!!!

  • Disgusted Deplorable
    Disgusted Deplorable Год назад +1

    Fuck You!..And Your Organization! Obama And Soros!

  • sparkyy0007
    sparkyy0007 Год назад +1

    How can I support LGBT and Islamic immigration at the same time ?
    Are there 2 separate stupid pills, or can you give me the full dose in just one ?

  • Mike Potter
    Mike Potter Год назад +1

    So we finally get a President in office that works hard for the American people and you globalist lemmings working being controlled by billionaires and corporations want to Detroit the entire country. Wake up! Break free from this mind control. President Trump is the best thing to happen for the American people. It isn't racist to want borders and the rule of law.

    • shyspitfire
      shyspitfire Год назад

      You mean the one who is appointing his billionaire friends to his cabinet? Oh, right.

  • Taqiya kebabs
    Taqiya kebabs Год назад +1

    You pathetic pieces of shit.Punching Trump supporters the ducking into the hoardes of flakes.Whacking old women in the head with a chair.Burning American flags.Ganging up and beating the shit out of ppl who oppose your backwards logic.Try that in a carry conceal state.Please???

  • Ruben Soares
    Ruben Soares Год назад +2

    Portugal supports President Trump!
    M A G A

    • Ruben Soares
      Ruben Soares Год назад

      Welcome to the club! ^^
      Search about operation Gladio everyone, is time to expose this middle east LIE!

    • Global Threat
      Global Threat Год назад

      Poland supports MAGA!!!!

  • greenman7612
    greenman7612 Год назад +1

    Here is a bunch of disgruntled clowns who hate freedom and liberty. They hate being American and the prosperity that property rights and free markets bring to society.

  • Tom Wheeler
    Tom Wheeler Год назад

    Win at the ballot box.
    Just because hard working Americans dont have the free time to march and protest doesnt mean we dont oppose you 100% and support President Trump.
    Win at the ballot box and then we will listen to you.

  • Kevin
    Kevin Год назад +1

    Wow, the Libtard butthurt is STRONG!!!

  • Gman
    Gman Год назад

    Wow, you mean this is a new idea?

  • Martin Hugh
    Martin Hugh Год назад +13

    The incredible, but not-so-surprising, thing about Trump supporters, is that they actually truly believe Trump cares about them & their communities - they truly do. That's as sadly deluded as Trump's claims of empathy & honesty. I have yet to see a more narcissistic human being as Trump in my life - the man lives & breathes for no-one except himself: always has done, always will. Thanks, Indivisible, for the inspiration you're giving to those in your country who refuse to swallow Trump's fascist agenda, and those in the UK fighting the equally extremist insanity of Brexit. Great video - keep up the good work, you and the intelligence services.

    • Angel Lopez
      Angel Lopez 2 месяца назад

      The hard part is that you'll have to do it for 6 more years. Trump 2020!

    • ORD2 Indivisible
      ORD2 Indivisible Год назад


    • Import Coke
      Import Coke Год назад +1

      Id rather lynch you furfag. Your autism shows no bounds.

    • Google Pluz plus
      Google Pluz plus Год назад

      not so sad like believe that liberals or democrats are fixing the world when you're ruining it.
      Your ideology is destroying my country and my people doesn't have any historical guilt to become what you want to do.

    • Padpaw22
      Padpaw22 Год назад

      Neither should have been candidates, but we are stuck with Trump. We can at least work with him until he screws up. Then we can lynch him.

  • Rechts
    Rechts Год назад +4

    this video should be sub-titled "How to Start Your Own Useful Idiots Club"

  • Joshua Hernandez
    Joshua Hernandez Год назад +1

    if ur like me freaked out about trump. lol. U should be thankful he wants the laws that were already there enforced. Thank God for trump. We need a thank you group for Trump!

  • Pops150
    Pops150 Год назад

    Work on out, sluts and dweebs.видео.html

  • Jack Flash
    Jack Flash Год назад +1

    Let the Democratic Party move further left. The more they fire up their far left base, the more the Trump base is fired up. They are convinced that running the most corrupt politician since Boss Tweed wasn't the reason they lost the election. They have blamed everything else they can think of. If they believe they need to get more liberal to be it. I encourage it.

  • Alt-Right Press
    Alt-Right Press Год назад +1

    Wow. Over 90 million people genocided by Communism. This is incredible insanity.

  • bigstrudel
    bigstrudel Год назад +1

    I suggest you Democrats google the definition of the word: Sedition. You will a lot more of it in the near future. The line in which free speech is crossed is only when you say 1 of 2 things: Encourage physical violence, or seditious language.

  • Mulholland Execs How to And Instructions

    Ezra Levin, a former staffer for Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, and his wife, Leah Greenberg, are the president and vice president of the Indivisible Guide’s board, respectively.
    Levin is also associate director of the Corporation for Enterprise Development, an anti-poverty nonprofit. Melissa Bradley, who sits on that group’s board, previously worked for Green for All, a group founded by liberal commentator and former Obama administration official Van Jones. She was appointed as a Soros Justice Fellow through the Open Society Foundations, which Soros founded.
    Greenberg previously worked for Humanity United, which is funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute.
    The secretary of Indivisible Guide, Angel Padilla, works for the National Immigration Law Center, which is funded by GEORGE SOROS through his Open Society Foundations. And treasurer Matt Traidi is the research team director for the Service Employees International Union, a major donor to and endorser of Democrat politicians, Capital Research Center notes.

  • Matthew Nelson
    Matthew Nelson Год назад +1

    I laughed out loud at the part where she mentions how hard they need to work... cause we all know that this group of special village idiots aren't exactly known for their "work ethics" Where do I pick up my participation trophy?

  • a g
    a g Год назад

    These are the types of people that displace millions of minorities in the inner cities...all the while they live on their parents rent, while they seek a humanities major.

  • Roberto Mysterioso
    Roberto Mysterioso Год назад +1

    Screw you! You lost! Get over it!

  • George Schmunk
    George Schmunk Год назад

    Oh you guys are so deviant. Nothing good to come out of a communist coupe against our society. There are so many brainless retards that buy into your BS.

  • ghoshdarn
    ghoshdarn Год назад

    Radical socialists. Bye.

  • Art Vuilleumier
    Art Vuilleumier Год назад +1

    Just remember ... this tactic works for the opposition too !
    Consider resisting the resistors too ...

  • Patriot for Truth
    Patriot for Truth Год назад +1

    The last words out of the speakers mouth was, "let's get to work." Now that's a novel idea for a liberal. But, if you only had a brain!

  • Neal Ekengren
    Neal Ekengren Год назад +1

    you mean a #hashtag# won't be enough to change anything?????

  • Stephen Paul
    Stephen Paul Год назад

    This is just part of the coping mechanism they developed to deal with their TDR (Trump Derangement Syndrome)! they are all mad as hell that people actually went out and voted after they were told over and over again it was no use ,Hillary has this in the bag. on top of that someone has finally been able to expose them for what they really are, "a minority of voters" who with the help of their partners (the Main Stream Media) have been doing a pretty good job of deceiving your average American voter. It is so awesome to see these clowns so mad. we are no longer ruled over by a minority and against our will.

  • molon labe IV
    molon labe IV Год назад

    Marxist obama front group

  • Susan Acito
    Susan Acito Год назад +1

    It's so funny. Soros seems to be the only name right wingnuts can spew. How about James O'Keefe, the Kochs, and Sheldon Adeleson? How about the billionaires on Rump's cabinet who bought their way in?

    • cvcoco
      cvcoco 5 месяцев назад

      +susan acito No, susan. Start with yourself. You hate billionaires but I never saw you protesting against Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook who right there have 10,000X the wealth of anyone in the WH combined. Why not, Susan? There is more wealth gap and more wealth concentration with those five than any other group in the history of mankind and you dont say a PEEP! Why not?

  • Teri Bookless
    Teri Bookless Год назад

    This is a good educational tool. We are actively doing these things here in MN under Our Rev.

  • Teespring Shirt Designer
    Teespring Shirt Designer Год назад

    Smokey Says Resist What do you think for this word? I found the shirt on tesspring and ordered three for my family.

  • bydesign001
    bydesign001 Год назад

    Only a damn fool would fall for the illusion in this video. Fascists. SEDITION!

  • Joe Wisniewski
    Joe Wisniewski Год назад

    Reactionaries display a real mental disorder with a name, cognitive dissonance. They are also a flock susceptible to propaganda.

  • matsutakneatche
    matsutakneatche Год назад +2

    Smells like a big pile of dirty diapers filled with Communist Vomit.

  • Jonathan & Angela Mazon
    Jonathan & Angela Mazon Год назад

    We need to get the Tea Party up and going strong again. If we don't we will loose this golden opportunity. We can't trust that Trump will do what he said...we have to make him do what he said.

  • Marco Sandoval
    Marco Sandoval Год назад +1

    That is a very nice film. I appreciate that it is spoken in such a way that even I can understand it. Like kindergarten for how to voice intelligent leftist debate. Thank you very much. One question, I would like an instructional video that shows me how to "mask" up before the riot...errrr...protest.

  • Marco Sandoval
    Marco Sandoval Год назад +1

    Is this where you go to learn how to shout so loud that nobody else can speak?

  • aron davis
    aron davis Год назад

    I am suspicious of any "liberal movement" spoken of on the Rachel Maddow Show or MSNBC in general. Are we supposed to be obstructionists for the next four years...maybe shut down the government like the Tea Party did? And then what? The Democratic Party props up another corporatist, war hawkish and grossly unpopular candidate in 4 years? Sounds great. Where do I sign up:-/ Where is the activism when democrats are helping to send jobs over the boarders/sea, or when they are complicit in bombing countries across the globe? This is just the skinny jeans version of the Tea Party. No thanks.