I Proved My Stepmother Was Evil

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
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    Hello, I’m Audrey, and I revealed who my stepmother REALLY was and what she was hiding.
    My Mom left our family when I was a little kid, so it was always just me and my Dad. He was always a good Father, but of course he was lonely, so at some point he met Helen. She was a sweet person, always attentive to my Father, but there was something off about her.
    You see, she would say that she was working in another city, and her work was like several days a week, and then she would work from home. Sometimes I would return home early and she wasn’t really working, more like... relaxing? But as soon as she would see me, she would make it look like she was really busy. It was very suspicious! Also she asked my Father to help her with money sometimes, because she needed it to “get back on track.”
    I became even more suspicious when I saw her in the city when she was supposed to be out of town. I decided against approaching her or telling my Dad, but instead I just watched her and gathered more evidence. Of course I took a photo of her hanging out in the city, but it wasn’t going to be enough.
    Basically, she was drinking with her friends, and my Dad definitely didn’t know anything about them. But she couldn’t possibly be doing this every time she was “away”! So I decided to track her down. I started following her, and it was very scary.
    After a while, she FINALLY went somewhere... with a man. I followed them to the house where they stayed, I wrote down the name of the building and went home. My Dad was very tired and a little bit sad. He was clearly missing Helen and I wanted to tell him right away, but it was too early.
    After a few days she came back. I cringed really hard when I saw them being so sweet to each other and she was acting like she was such a good partner to my Dad. Ughhhhhhhh.
    When she left “for work” again, I started to monitor the house she was in, and asked friends who were living nearby to do the same.
    Pretty soon, all of us had several photos of that man and my stepmother leaving together or separately, but it was clear that she was living there.
    I finally felt like I had enough evidence and it was time to tell my Dad. I approached him, asked him to sit down, and told him everything I knew. He started laughing, like, “Haha, you’re just imagining things, this sounds crazy!” But then I showed him the pictures and he wasn’t laughing anymore. In fact, he wasn’t saying anything. He was just staring at the photos. Then he put the phone down and hid his face with his hands, muttering, “No, no, no..."
    I didn’t know what to say, so I just hugged my Dad. I’ve never seen him so heartbroken. He really deserves better than her. And I thought this was the end of it. But it wasn’t.
    One day, when Helen was supposed to return home, my Dad took the day off. While I was at school, I was very anxious to get back home and see her gone from our house. Imagine my surprise when I returned and both of them were sitting on the couch, watching TV, hugging each other, and smiling. They didn’t notice me come in, so I said, “Dad, can we talk?” He looked at me, then at Helen, and we went to talk. I saw how Helen looked at me, it was the look of an evil witch.
    I asked my Dad what happened and why she was still here. He said that he wanted to throw Helen out and she started crying and said how difficult her life was and how she wanted to end it with the other guy, but she was too ashamed and she didn’t have a job or any money and that was the only way for her to survive. I rolled my eyes through the entire story and couldn’t believe how a person could lie so masterfully. But then my Dad dropped the bomb.
    They had decided to get MARRIED. Like, she would leave this other guy and my Dad would take care of her and they would be like proper family and NO MORE LYING. Yeah, riiiight. I tried to talk my Dad out of it, but he asked me to just give her another chance, and told me that he didn’t want to be alone again. I told my Dad that he didn’t need her, he was such a good guy, he could find someone better! But he was really in love with her. We couldn’t finish our conversation because Helen knocked and asked in a sweet voice what we wanted for dinner. I wanted her out of our house for dinner!
    Over the next few weeks I didn’t talk to either of them, but every time I was left alone with Helen, she tried to gain my trust. She would try to make me some delicious food or share some of her dresses (and I hated her dresses). But I didn’t believe her for one second! So no, I wasn’t going to give Helen another chance, no way. She still hadn’t even found a job!

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