• Published on Nov 6, 2018
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    Rick Grimes "DEATH" SCENE / Rick Blows Bridge ENDING SCENE Season 9 Episode 5 "What Comes After" The Walking Dead [HD] FULL SCENE
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  • josé canales
    josé canales 4 hours ago


  • Richard Torres
    Richard Torres 6 hours ago

    You know the saddest part about all of this everything about this is daryl is basically a ghost in the story because hes not in the comics and doesnt have a death so he will see everyone die or live long enough to not have anyone left and that's the truth

  • Cross!Chara
    Cross!Chara 21 hour ago

    Maybe the first movie can came out this end of 2020

  • Anonimss
    Anonimss Day ago

    I cry because Rick die

  • Brokenface Joe
    Brokenface Joe Day ago

    Aight I'ma head out.

  • Güven Kazankaya

    Bu sahneyi izlerken FX de kızının babasının ölümünü cesur adam diye anlatırken denk geldim gözlerim yaşardı amk ya

  • shielee habbah
    shielee habbah Day ago

    Rick . Is. Not . Dead. But still it was so sad

  • matt brendlen
    matt brendlen Day ago

    Still going, huh?


  • FredNorris1
    FredNorris1 2 days ago

    The moment the walking dead died. Show is unwatchable now.

    JIGSAW 2 days ago

    Daryl crying seeing the walking dead run went up in flames with rick

  • The West is the Best

    His last words should have been "CARL!"

  • Tyler Davie
    Tyler Davie 2 days ago

    Rick isnt dead

  • I’m Gay
    I’m Gay 3 days ago +1

    i know he doesn’t die but i cry everytime i watch this

    JEZTER CH 3 days ago

    Where do you guys watch the walking dead online though

  • Joven Sindac
    Joven Sindac 4 days ago

    So sad!

  • Prince Louie Santos
    Prince Louie Santos 4 days ago

    The only thing totally got me here is daryl.

  • Charlie Tango
    Charlie Tango 4 days ago

    He went out like a a man. There is no greater exit..

  • Viper,s Pit
    Viper,s Pit 4 days ago

    He will return.

  • Reo
    Reo 4 days ago

    Damn it. Why'd he had to leave the show.


    mmmm boring hahaha

  • OhMyDANZ
    OhMyDANZ 5 days ago

    In my opinion, I think Rick is not dead, Cuz he's to far from the dynamite that he shoot from the bridge. 😅😅

  • Dale Townskey
    Dale Townskey 5 days ago

    Song music is that

  • Eduzãø 12
    Eduzãø 12 5 days ago

    a legend died

  • MrFoxy851
    MrFoxy851 5 days ago

    Ricks Coming Back

  • Jin Draw
    Jin Draw 6 days ago

    Ok. ill not watchng twd anymore

  • KFC_ fatty
    KFC_ fatty 6 days ago

    That mother fkin horse is the Arabian horse from red dead redemption 2

  • jet skeeez
    jet skeeez 6 days ago

    once they killed glenn i gave up on twd cause clearly they don’t care about my feelings but rick not in the show ? guess i won’t try watching again 😭

  • Cu Falante
    Cu Falante 6 days ago +1

    *_ A vai toma no cuuuuu, me mama the walking deadddddddddddddddddd, já matou o glenn, o Carl, t dog, dale o hershell. Po eu adorava eles, q merda men. Pessoal não se aconstumen com algum pensonagem, eles sempre morrem, até de um geito besta como foi o Tyreese. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaA_*

  • Fl4wL3zZ
    Fl4wL3zZ 6 days ago


  • Alejandro Souza
    Alejandro Souza 6 days ago

    Rick dead nooo

  • Alejandro Souza
    Alejandro Souza 6 days ago


  • {Gacha_ Adam}
    {Gacha_ Adam} 7 days ago

    Can we get a rip in the chat for rick

  • LightGhillie
    LightGhillie 7 days ago +1

    This type of stuff makes me really wish TWD Would stop hyping things up and essentially spoiling things. Imagine how devastating this would've been if they stopped advertising it as "Rick's Final Episode"

  • Kaan Kırbaş
    Kaan Kırbaş 7 days ago

    I ate spoilers :(

  • shady039
    shady039 8 days ago +1

    Rick u big dumb :)

  • C. Rexus Gothopotamus

    Haha! Daryl out lived Rick!

  • Joaquin marquinos
    Joaquin marquinos 9 days ago +1

    Whenever a black guy dies they simply replace him by another one, so i atleast expect them to replace rick by a new rick

  • Helen Rodriguez
    Helen Rodriguez 9 days ago

    When is this show ending?

  • Gamers Sanctuary
    Gamers Sanctuary 9 days ago

    i havent watched in years but wow that hit me cause i used to love the show and ricks first lines coincide with his last i teared abit...... still dont watch though

  • Danil Chirva
    Danil Chirva 9 days ago +1

    First - Carl
    Second - Rick
    Third - I

  • NumbZkull
    NumbZkull 9 days ago +1

    Lol all these people saying he's dead.

  • Anna Rebstock
    Anna Rebstock 9 days ago

    Thank god. Hated that show.

  • Johnjeferson Suarez
    Johnjeferson Suarez 9 days ago

    Rick: I found them

  • jon roman
    jon roman 10 days ago

    They pulled a game a thrones

  • Jr Beauty
    Jr Beauty 10 days ago

    *I M S O D O N E W I T H T W D*

  • Shane walsh I miss rick and shane

    Rick it’s your turn now find the rage the hatrid find it rick i know you’ve got it in you

  • Oscar Leon
    Oscar Leon 11 days ago +1

    He was already dead inside

    ZA WORLDO 11 days ago

    Yo maybe it’s just me but can we point out that all the water these people drink just got hella tainted?

    DDG DDG 11 days ago

    nah hes not dead hell reappear 100%

  • Daryl Dixon
    Daryl Dixon 12 days ago

    “sorry brother”

  • Gerard
    Gerard 13 days ago

    Cool scene but this show is still 99% filler garbage lmao. Literally unwatchable

  • Jace Funmaker
    Jace Funmaker 13 days ago

    My reaction was literally like Daryls

  • Chungwa
    Chungwa 13 days ago +1

    This is a spoiler but he didn’t die

    • Denisha Leonard
      Denisha Leonard 13 days ago

      Chungwa I never believed he did! Thank you for this

  • GeorgeP_XD
    GeorgeP_XD 13 days ago +4

    Guys... Rick is not dead
    because if it were, the story would be over

  • Necati ÇİDEM
    Necati ÇİDEM 14 days ago


  • TimoPlays
    TimoPlays 14 days ago

    That’s how you write a main character death, rick went out like he always would of (if he actually died). Angela Kang really did this show some good.

  • ႦҽαɾシႦҽσɱɱιҽツ

    And carl?:(

  • xNet Flow
    xNet Flow 15 days ago

    If u see daryl cry u just know its serious 😭

  • Dark pocket822
    Dark pocket822 15 days ago +1

    The most saddest scene from whole twd

  • Dan S
    Dan S 15 days ago

    So is he dead?