• Published on Jan 19, 2017
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Comments • 402

  • Yuna M Parker
    Yuna M Parker 29 days ago

    That not actually mozzarella😅😂

  • desmond deaundre
    desmond deaundre 9 months ago


  • Sania Love
    Sania Love 10 months ago

    Am I the only one that still watch her old videos?😂

  • Js World
    Js World Year ago

    I can’t 😂😂

  • Splash_Boi. com
    Splash_Boi. com Year ago

    You even stole the process of first dipping the cheese stick in the flour and so on and you stole wat they said by saying" don't be afraid to get your hands dirty at least you say that you got this idea from BRODIENE! I'm not even a hater I just hate it when RUcliprs do things or copy it from other channels but change like one thing up and act like nobody else did it but the thing that you changed up was probably the song or the taste of whatever or the way game goes and so on

  • Splash_Boi. com
    Splash_Boi. com Year ago


  • Amy Benton
    Amy Benton Year ago

    Looks good

  • Young Donnie
    Young Donnie Year ago

    My mouth is watering 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    NBA SHAWN Year ago


  • Dhestin Johnson
    Dhestin Johnson Year ago


  • I'Onna Dimitri
    I'Onna Dimitri Year ago +1

    Mozzarella sticks need bread too!!😁😂😎😍😘😊

  • Denisa Stephenson

    on a piece of plate

  • Anthony Hall
    Anthony Hall Year ago

    That's my favorite song because I am selfish

  • Princ3ssmimi Breyell

    Where yo braces

  • Angelica Coles
    Angelica Coles Year ago

    Mario:"Itz not that bad" XDD

  • Jay Sanders
    Jay Sanders Year ago

    That’s not mozzarella cheese tho😂that’s cheddar

  • Patryce Davis
    Patryce Davis Year ago

    Mannnn now I'm hungry

  • Qiannaaa
    Qiannaaa Year ago

    So technically it's not a mozzarella stick🤣

  • Audrea Jay
    Audrea Jay Year ago

    That looked so disgusting

  • Kam’ri Applewhite

    You should do cool ranch dorito fried chicken

  • tiff salmeron
    tiff salmeron Year ago

    homegirl said piece of plate 😂😂😂

  • SoPhilly 215
    SoPhilly 215 Year ago

    2:27-2:50 PNB Rock-selfish
    Philly Gang 💓

  • Jasmine Norals
    Jasmine Norals Year ago

    U look very nice looking #PerfectLaughs

  • cece Vaannsmarie
    cece Vaannsmarie Year ago

    You Kno Mario was waiting for that piece

  • Talia Thompson
    Talia Thompson Year ago

    Me and My ugly brother loves your videos and we can't get enough of them so I hope you read this comment to know how much we love you =D

  • kelli bickham
    kelli bickham Year ago

    it looked so good tho

  • Saucey A1
    Saucey A1 Year ago

    To much cheese 🤢

  • iam her
    iam her Year ago

    the cooking video you be doing macking me hungry like frfe now i want so burger and hot fries like ahh see what you did to me lop

  • Amanda Marcelle
    Amanda Marcelle Year ago

    no lie I wanna make this shit

  • Angel West-Sinclair
    Angel West-Sinclair Year ago +2

    Aye my song selfish came on I was turned up and its 3:30 and the morning I was yelling saying ayeee I hope my mom didn't wake up

  • Isabel Castaneda
    Isabel Castaneda Year ago

    Eww that look nasty tbh

  • Queen Dej
    Queen Dej Year ago



    Late squad where u at

  • Blugraé
    Blugraé Year ago

    What's the intro song name

  • 21 savage S.w
    21 savage S.w Year ago

    Lol 😂 give me so if it TACE good

  • amiracle clemons
    amiracle clemons 2 years ago


  • SunsetBallers242
    SunsetBallers242 2 years ago

    Aren't u suppose to have mozzarella for a mozzarella stick

  • Makiyah Jackson
    Makiyah Jackson 2 years ago

    I could have sworn she said me and Mario gonna be making this giant mozzarella stick Mario didn't do shit but eat and hold the camera

  • Drake
    Drake 2 years ago

    at 27s (you will see) it actually sounds kinda racist for the chesse

  • Kaitlyn Lloyd
    Kaitlyn Lloyd 2 years ago


  • S and L Creation
    S and L Creation 2 years ago

    on the nxt diy make slime

  • Robert Hilton
    Robert Hilton 2 years ago

    boy that GIRL Stayslaying

  • Breyana R
    Breyana R 2 years ago +1

    I thought you have to use white cheese for it to be a mozzarella cheese stick

  • Kayla Mitchell
    Kayla Mitchell 2 years ago

    that's my song 2:28

  • Avaya Webb
    Avaya Webb 2 years ago

    love yall

  • Kobi Knight
    Kobi Knight 2 years ago

    can i get some

  • Jay R
    Jay R 2 years ago

    Mozzarella stick w/o mozzarella

  • Nathaniel Owens
    Nathaniel Owens 2 years ago

    they now that shit is cheese

  • Jeremiah Jackson
    Jeremiah Jackson 2 years ago

    I made one it was good

  • Malique Warren
    Malique Warren 2 years ago

    Lil ron ron would love that! 🤤🤤

  • Angel bradley
    Angel bradley 2 years ago


  • Angel bradley
    Angel bradley 2 years ago


  • beyhive killa
    beyhive killa 2 years ago

    Omg u changed so much. Last time I saw you vine was still alive.

    Are u gay? Transitioning?

  • niraa
    niraa 2 years ago +1

    PnB rock!!!

  • Layia B
    Layia B 2 years ago

    It looks Great!

  • Larry Jason
    Larry Jason 2 years ago

    You got this from ChadWithaJ

  • ViggyStar
    ViggyStar 2 years ago +2

    yooo I love your edits😄😄 how did you do that edit on 2:28

  • Chloe Jones-Lee
    Chloe Jones-Lee 2 years ago

    U got that peace thing from cj so cool

  • Curly heads Demi
    Curly heads Demi 2 years ago

    your so pretty

  • Max
    Max 2 years ago

    Late squad!!!!!! Wya!? 😂🤣

  • Makenya Jordan
    Makenya Jordan 2 years ago +1

    I tried it and it was so good👌👍

  • b and b nation
    b and b nation 2 years ago +1

    Yo that look good

  • Vibe Family
    Vibe Family 2 years ago +1

    You used the worng cheese

  • rashanda bonner
    rashanda bonner 2 years ago

    that look good as ever

  • Lovely Lush
    Lovely Lush 2 years ago

    I like how u didn't waste money on a Pringles can u smart

  • Jonae DIY
    Jonae DIY 2 years ago

    that's my favorite song

  • Dream MSP
    Dream MSP 2 years ago +1


  • miyah j
    miyah j 2 years ago

    you used the wrong cheese you was post to use mozzarella cheese it would have been better

  • Jada Penn
    Jada Penn 2 years ago

    That thing look nasty

  • Shay Mack
    Shay Mack 2 years ago

    Wwhere faith I don't know what to talk in about oh well what do you doing

  • Elliott Allen
    Elliott Allen 2 years ago

    it's so good my sis did it I ate it all

  • kesha Bae MSP
    kesha Bae MSP 2 years ago

    when she played pnb ooooouuuu

  • MusicLover_ Xoxo
    MusicLover_ Xoxo 2 years ago

    So do y'all not like y'all assholes or...

  • Marlinfastestdriver
    Marlinfastestdriver 2 years ago

    Yo krabby patty lookin ah

  • niraa
    niraa 2 years ago

    i love your openness and how your not afraid top be yourself. BTW i like that song by PnB Rock.

  • Rosie Pasquier
    Rosie Pasquier 2 years ago +1

    that is so fattening

  • Timia Johnson
    Timia Johnson 2 years ago

    what possessed u to do this?😂😂

  • King J11
    King J11 2 years ago

    discusting man 💀💀💩💩

  • MiQayla Tucker
    MiQayla Tucker 2 years ago

    u always use hot Cheetos 😭😭😭

  • Samai Hall
    Samai Hall 2 years ago

    That song is Pnb Rock Selfish

  • Kk Jenkins1
    Kk Jenkins1 2 years ago

    da selfish part got me dead😭😂😂

  • Perfect Giggles
    Perfect Giggles 2 years ago

    it look hella bom

  • Makayla Playz
    Makayla Playz 2 years ago

    I thought u said u were only doing reactions 🤔🤔🤔

  • OMG_TY
    OMG_TY 2 years ago

    She said "we gon put that on... seven"😭😭

  • Faze Tyler
    Faze Tyler 2 years ago

    so cool 🏋🏋🏋🏎🏍💸☺😊🙂😇🔥🌩

  • Faze Tyler
    Faze Tyler 2 years ago

    so cool🏍

  • J Gaming
    J Gaming 2 years ago

    ong I'm finna make this

  • Ms Cece 31
    Ms Cece 31 2 years ago

    that girl is cool

  • Dmighty TV
    Dmighty TV 2 years ago

    you stole this from chadwithaj

  • Faissal Mohammad
    Faissal Mohammad 2 years ago

    Why in the fuck are you copying ChadwithaJ!!!

    You ugly bitch

  • Cj The Saint
    Cj The Saint 2 years ago

    Selfish was perfect with the food 😂😂😂

  • Gwendolyn Simpson
    Gwendolyn Simpson 2 years ago


  • Trippy Red
    Trippy Red 2 years ago

    2:45 that looks fire

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson 2 years ago

    oh my god

  • bestofmercedes
    bestofmercedes 2 years ago

    I like the end of the videos because of the pictures

  • GoldLisa Norva
    GoldLisa Norva 2 years ago

    meghan trainor

  • SPaZzZ oUt
    SPaZzZ oUt 2 years ago

    why do you look thicker in your vines but now you look skinny af!!

  • Thurl1naya Xo
    Thurl1naya Xo 2 years ago

    She said "Ima go ahead and put it on a piece of plate"😂😂😂😘

  • Baxty81
    Baxty81 2 years ago +1

    Why you Steelin chadwithaj idea... RAAH

    CJ GANG 2 years ago

    where the early squad at👌👌