Which 10 players should start the 2020 NBA All-Star Game? | The Jump

  • David Fizdale and Brian Windhorst join Rachel Nichols to present their starters for the 2020 NBA All-Star Game, with Luka Doncic, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kemba Walker, Ben Simmons, Bradley Beal, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Pascal Siakam and Joel Embiid getting votes, but Jimmy Butler on the outside looking in because of positional concerns.
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Comments • 80


    *NBA 🏀🏀🏀*
    0:49 🔥❣❤

  • Dusan Radivojevic
    Dusan Radivojevic Month ago +1

    Where is Nikola Jokic?????

  • Borut Rogelj
    Borut Rogelj 2 months ago

    Team lebron james its verry cool doncic,harden,lebron james,leonard, davis 👍👍👌👌.

  • David Gee
    David Gee 2 months ago

    Ben Simmons deserves more respect

  • NC channel 39
    NC channel 39 2 months ago

    Why is everyone ignoring Damien lillard

  • Quang Lộc
    Quang Lộc 2 months ago

    Why PG-13 not there

  • Black Black
    Black Black 2 months ago

    Picture this line up, tell me what you think PG-curry SG-Thompson SF-kawhi PF-LeBron C-Davis imagine that line up leave a comment on what you think " it's just a fantasy"

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 2 months ago

    Trae Young gets no respect

  • lol
    lol 2 months ago


  • Real Life Atlanta
    Real Life Atlanta 2 months ago


  • Darryl Harris
    Darryl Harris 2 months ago

    I’ll know Joel embiid off . No cap he’s so fragile

  • Mac-Gustave MULONDA K
    Mac-Gustave MULONDA K 2 months ago

    Lol... We fans voted for Kyrie,you media idiots continue with your hatred but WE LOVE THOSE MOVES THOUGH AND YOUR GUYS,your overglorified average players are not gonna get this time anything... Haha,the power belongs to the people

  • Ohgrowup1
    Ohgrowup1 2 months ago

    As long as you DON'T include Irving, I'm good!

  • Nate Daugherty
    Nate Daugherty 2 months ago

    Wow... the West All Stars are soooo much better than the East... hahaha

  • KJ H
    KJ H 2 months ago

    What can Ben Simmons actually do tho I've never seen a game of his , can some one tell me .I know he's bad at shooting threes.

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      侯凱介 then go watch some ben simmons highlights..

  • Nick Jim
    Nick Jim 2 months ago +1

    Simmons should start

  • Purpill
    Purpill 2 months ago

    Fizdale acting like a true Quasimodo

  • flegmatee
    flegmatee 2 months ago

    East against west is boring. The allstar game should be usa against world.

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      flegmatee its not east vs west

  • Marcelo Flores
    Marcelo Flores 2 months ago

    Get Ben Simmons outta there

  • Samsun55
    Samsun55 2 months ago

    Embiid? Im not sure...

  • killerqueen2000
    killerqueen2000 2 months ago

    They Looove to overrate Simmons smh

  • Dejan Aleksic
    Dejan Aleksic 2 months ago

    Only good thing about all stats s that Nikola Jokić doesnt care....he ll be MVP of final very soon,i never watch that all stats games,it s only for retards who dont know anything about basketball....so watch your harden to shot 1 of 20 threes n be happy...i ll be watch rookies n 3 point contest

  • Nisrin Bhatnagar
    Nisrin Bhatnagar 2 months ago +1

    Woo hoo Harden is in

  • Comment Gawd
    Comment Gawd 2 months ago

    Somebody should let D Rose start. He doesn’t deserve to be a starter but he been balling all year

  • Jhun kenneth Señora
    Jhun kenneth Señora 2 months ago +1

    D rose should be an all star this year

  • TriBoro Gigolo
    TriBoro Gigolo 2 months ago

    Embid probably wont start if he's still injured so drummond should take his place , butler should be starting tho. Even tho Trae young is a rookie, i would start him, he's one of the best guards not just in the east but in the league.

  • Yoshi Punch
    Yoshi Punch 2 months ago

    Who would love to see D🌹 in the All-Star game?

  • Kieran
    Kieran 2 months ago +1

    Keep disrespecting Trae. We will show you in a few years

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      Kieran trae has been involved in 9 wins...we r almost in february!!

  • Sam Lucas
    Sam Lucas 2 months ago

    Luka Harden Kawhi Lebron AD
    Kemba Butler Tatum Siakam Giannis

    • Sam Lucas
      Sam Lucas 2 months ago

      THE WOAT u dumb or something

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      Sam Lucas tatum isnt even a reserve

  • Neillon Da'Prince
    Neillon Da'Prince 2 months ago

    Ben Simmons is not an all star... I want to argue!

  • Zigatron
    Zigatron 2 months ago

    simmons as starter??? LMFAO

  • CarVie16
    CarVie16 2 months ago

    The NBA internet is not a safe place if you're a fan of Ben Simmons, which I am, unfortunately for me. Sure, I'm the *idiot* who thinks Ben should've been picked over Kemba for the past two All-Star games, but still... I can understand calling Simmons overrated. I can understand criticizing his jumper. But I don't understand saying he's not an All-Star.

  • David Muse
    David Muse 2 months ago

    Trae should start over Walker all day long

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      David Muse 9 wins lmao...we r almost in february!!

  • coldskin1
    coldskin1 2 months ago

    Pg trae young: litteraly second best in offensive stats in the east, fans just bais and going by media
    Sg bradely beal
    Sf pascal siakam: better scorer and 3pt % than jimmy butler this season
    C Gianniss
    Pf joel embid

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      coldskin1 trae has been involved in 9 wins...we r almost in february!!

  • c chan
    c chan 2 months ago

    Fun fact: Ben Simmons only PG in NBA history who doesn’t have a jump shot.

  • c chan
    c chan 2 months ago +1

    East starters
    1. Trae Young
    2. Kemba Walker
    3. Giannis
    4. Siakim
    5. Jimmy Butler(Embiid injured)
    Bradley Beal
    Jayson Taytum
    Zach Lavine

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      c chan cant be a starter when uve been involved in 9 wins

  • Markos70
    Markos70 2 months ago

    How is Pascal starting over JimmyB?

  • YaBoyeeGreg
    YaBoyeeGreg 2 months ago

    My west lineup. Pat Bev, Lou Will, Kawhi, Pg13, Montrezl Harrell. Facts

  • Cody Hang
    Cody Hang 2 months ago

    Simmons shouldn’t start put van fleet or put my dog in . Simmons an all star ? Tf haha never a dude who can’t shoot . No offense to Simmons fans but he shouldn’t start lmfao . Put anyone else but him I take it back he’s garbage Ahha for the love of God put butler or even jaylen brown

  • Nouman khan
    Nouman khan 2 months ago


    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      Nouman khan 15 games

  • AceClarke
    AceClarke 2 months ago

    Ben Simmons shouldn’t start period. This not even hate let’s just be real, philly is 6th seed? Ben is averaging 13-14 points? Did he not regress? How can you think about picking him over Kemba?

  • jhunex gaming
    jhunex gaming 2 months ago

    Tf Simmons middleton is even better than him

  • Joseph Luna
    Joseph Luna 2 months ago

    kemba and jimmy on the back court

  • Tony Rame
    Tony Rame 2 months ago

    Jimmy could NOT guard Kawhi last year in the playoffs, only Simmons managed to slow him down a little. Simmons has been killing recently since Embiid has been out of the lineup. He definitely could be a starter if he keeps playing like this before the break.

  • Adrian Henderson
    Adrian Henderson 2 months ago +1

    Butler and Simmons ain’t starters! They ain’t putting up the numbers and get too much credit for their team winning! Heat ball without butler. LaVine is an all star and can take both of their spots. Gotta throw D Rose in the conversation with Middleton

    • nmessai215
      nmessai215 2 months ago

      Adrian Henderson why do you think Kemba is a starter, because he’s putting up good numbers on a team with a good record. Record plays a huge part in all star voting. Why do you think Devin booker has never been an all star? If the suns were in playoff contention, same with the bulls. Both those players would be all stars

    • Adrian Henderson
      Adrian Henderson 2 months ago

      nmessai215 man his team is way better than the bulls pieces so yeah they are winning more but all of the bulls wins strictly we’re because LaVine has to do some crazy Kobe stuff and win the game

    • nmessai215
      nmessai215 2 months ago

      Adrian Henderson Simmons is actually leading his team to wins tho. And his numbers are 16, 8, 8 and 2.1 stls. 1st in steals, 4th in assists

  • Danny Foglesong
    Danny Foglesong 2 months ago

    Ben Simmons shouldn't even be all Star if he can't shoot the ball.

    • Charles Rillera III
      Charles Rillera III 2 months ago

      Danny Foglesong If you think he shouldn’t be an all star just cus he can’t shoot then you must be stupid.

  • Trey Neal
    Trey Neal 2 months ago

    Trae young

  • legofan1799
    legofan1799 2 months ago +28

    "sO bAsiCallY hE viOLatED tHe RuLeS" - Brian Windhorst 2020

    • Reiss Bruin
      Reiss Bruin 2 months ago +1

      Brian's going to be calling for Fizdale's impeachment soon.

  • Witteny Cineus
    Witteny Cineus 2 months ago +1

    Simmons definitely deserve it, as big of a fan I am of Kemba. Butler should have been before him.

  • Drew McMonegal
    Drew McMonegal 2 months ago

    The Kyle Lowry hate continiues...

  • Nightrain92
    Nightrain92 2 months ago

    Trae young? Anyone?!

    • Nightrain92
      Nightrain92 2 months ago

      @THE WOAT well it is mostly based on popularity

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      Nightrain92 all stars r based on individual and team performance my guy...9-31 after 40 games is horrendous. He can be a reserve tho

    • Nightrain92
      Nightrain92 2 months ago

      @THE WOAT that's a stupid argument imo. He has zero help, especially with Collins missing 20 games

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      Nightrain92 the 9 wins guy?! No

  • Deon Sotó
    Deon Sotó 2 months ago

    They better pick DRose they robbed him last year when he was with the TWolves I can't recall the exact votes he had it was 2.7 million votes number 2 behind Steph Curry

  • Kede Ngoma Protais Michel

    What about donkey is he not an all star lol

  • Ricky Garza
    Ricky Garza 2 months ago

    Rachel looking like a snack as always 😏

  • King H
    King H 2 months ago +1

    All star 3 vs 3 tournament !!

  • King H
    King H 2 months ago +1

    3 vs 3 tournament with every team would be the best.

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 2 months ago

    Jaylen Brown > simmons

    • Charles Rillera III
      Charles Rillera III 2 months ago

      Patrick Bateman What r u smokin? That’s why you have zero likes😂

  • R T
    R T 2 months ago

    Fizdale shouldn’t be allowed to talk hoops after the job he just did with the Knicks

  • nandwani88
    nandwani88 2 months ago

    If this event is about the fans, why do we only get 50% of the vote? Who cares if Taco and Caruso play? It’s clearly what the fans want so just give it to them.

  • MatP111 -
    MatP111 - 2 months ago

    Lol, it's going to be so awkward for Khawi in that team. 🙊

    • Myk Q
      Myk Q 2 months ago

      Easy lebron should just not choose him

  • Peter W. Dunn
    Peter W. Dunn 2 months ago

    Not Simmons.

  • S3WEeN
    S3WEeN 2 months ago +10

    It's gonna be played in Chicago!
    So the player will be:
    Derrick Rose!

  • TheGoldenhill
    TheGoldenhill 2 months ago

    Simmons is a starter no question!

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson 2 months ago

    Hate how the media is trying to make something out of Ben Simmons

  • Tommy Canlas
    Tommy Canlas 2 months ago +1

    Luka, Harden, Lebron, Kawhi, Jokic
    East: (Jimmy Butler will always be a guard in my eyes, but since he’s not I cannot put him as a starter for the front court)
    Trae Young, Kyrie Irving, Giannis, Siakam, Embiid

    • Tommy Canlas
      Tommy Canlas 2 months ago

      coldskin1 Kyrie is the most box office show in basketball though.
      No one is more entertaining to watch than Kyrie.
      I feel you on that though.

    • coldskin1
      coldskin1 2 months ago

      U can switch kyrie for breadey beal , kyrie barely played any games

  • Terry Gyimah
    Terry Gyimah 2 months ago +1

    Zach Lavine should be there considering it is in Chicago and he plays for the Bulls

  • Legends of Sleepy Hollow

    I can't believe what I am reading on these RUclip Streets. KLo isn't deserving because his team wins without him. What is Leadership? That's leadership - when your team can fend for themselves and hold it down when you aren't there. If the team can't hold it down because you aren't there, you are a POOR LEADER but a Great Player who is d@#$ selfish.

  • brs rafal
    brs rafal 2 months ago

    Beal really?

  • brs rafal
    brs rafal 2 months ago

    Jimmy butler numbers no all star sorry nun dragic carry team

  • Bryan Moffatt
    Bryan Moffatt 2 months ago

    Trae Young isn't starting for the East??

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      Bryan Moffatt the 9 wins guy?? No

  • BBGOD25
    BBGOD25 2 months ago +1

    Zach Lavine is better than beal though and you cant say it's because zach is losing because the bulls have a better record than the wizards.

  • J Alva
    J Alva 2 months ago +1

    Why is no one talking about the kid in Phoenix. He's averaging 27 a game with a crazy efficient 51% fg percentage

    ASTROCADe 2 months ago

    Ben Simmons continues to be overrated

  • edon hetemi
    edon hetemi 2 months ago

    Where the actual f is TRAE YOUNG!!!

    • THE WOAT
      THE WOAT 2 months ago

      edon hetemi the 9 wins guy cant start

  • kaza 2002
    kaza 2002 2 months ago


  • BigTrap Cash
    BigTrap Cash 2 months ago

    Why is Ben a starter ? 🤔

  • Brady Houck
    Brady Houck 2 months ago +13

    Those who are saying Simmons doesn’t deserve to start don’t watch the games. Dudes defense is unreal. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Brady Houck
      Brady Houck 2 months ago +2

      Subba Kumpatla He’s averaging 16-8-8 and he’s elite at everything on the court except scoring.. and even then he’s still giving you 15-20 a night

    • coldskin1
      coldskin1 2 months ago

      @Kyle Drumm ben simmons stats is barely all star material. Even non all stars avg more than that. And trae stats is laughably better than ben simmons over 12 pts higher and avg more assists

    • coldskin1
      coldskin1 2 months ago

      @Kyle Drumm elite scorer? 16 pts per game is below avg for an all star. An elite at the bear minimum should atleast over avg 22 pts game. 8.5 ast is barely above avg on its own. john wall and chris paul could avg 18-20 pts ppg and 10 assist per game.

    • Kyle Drumm
      Kyle Drumm 2 months ago +2

      Subba Kumpatla but Ben also is an elite playmaker and occasionally elite inside scorer. All that together and yeah, he deserves to start

    • Subba Kumpatla
      Subba Kumpatla 2 months ago +1

      Brady Houck defense isn’t everything. 👉If so, gobert would start. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Eric
    Eric 2 months ago

    Toronto fan here but Siakam isn't ready, it should be Kyle Lowry or FVV at a guard spot

  • Patrick Hoey
    Patrick Hoey 2 months ago

    If Caruso isn’t an All-Star this year, the NBA might as well admit the fan vote means nothing

  • Yrn Trenton
    Yrn Trenton 2 months ago

    Starting east team:
    PG: Kemba
    SG: Jimmy Butler
    SF: Siakim
    PF: Giannis
    C: Embiid
    Backup PG: Trae Young
    Backup SG: Lavine (they probably gonna snub him for Kyrie like some clowns even tho he's misses most of the season)
    Backup SF: Tatum
    Backup PF: Sabonis
    Backup C: Bam
    Reserves: Lowry, Simmons, Middleton.
    Starting west team:
    PG: Harden
    SG: Luka
    SF: Bron
    PF: Kawhi
    C: AD
    Backup PG: Dame
    Backup SG: Russ
    Backup SF: PG (doesn't deserve to get in due to all his missed games but I can't think of another forward that deserves it more than him lol)
    Backup PF: Ingram
    Backup C: Jokic
    Reserves: Mitchell, Booker, Gobert.