I played a Roblox UNFAIR Obby (it wasn't very fair)

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
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    I played a Roblox UNFAIR Obby (it wasn't very fair) - Thanks for watching!
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  • Oliver Sama
    Oliver Sama 22 hours ago

    Can you do 360s in all of your videos though and happy holidays

  • Oliver Sama
    Oliver Sama 22 hours ago

    I love your videos I think you should make another video on this Abi I don’t know how to spell I’ll be so that’s how I spell it but I love all your videos

  • H1pwan
    H1pwan Day ago

    That is bill from gravity falls but it will find real life

  • Zachary Gilmore
    Zachary Gilmore Day ago

    Can you invite me to your roblox

  • Jason Stineback
    Jason Stineback 2 days ago

    Denis= Roblox Obby king
    Preston’s plays=minecraft Obby king
    Bothe = do a vid together

  • Jennie Waning
    Jennie Waning 2 days ago

    Thx u are very nice and cool 😎

  • Peyton Black
    Peyton Black 2 days ago

    Sorry my Siri is little messed up today...

  • Peyton Black
    Peyton Black 2 days ago

    I’m almost old enough to get The Sir meows a lot the white onesie but I’m only seven I need to be eight :(

  • Peyton Black
    Peyton Black 2 days ago

    You are one of the random RUclips chosen to be drawn on a piece of paper

  • nadhiya Shafeek
    nadhiya Shafeek 2 days ago +1

    Denis add me as a frend i give you a frend request

  • Jayden Bruce
    Jayden Bruce 3 days ago

    Denis you are one of the best RUclip

  • Bart Brown
    Bart Brown 3 days ago

    When Denis said everyone be quiet I heard my sister scream in the bathroom!

  • AylakinSkywalker
    AylakinSkywalker 3 days ago


  • Teh Farm
    Teh Farm 3 days ago

    Sir meows a lot is soooooo cute!!!!!!

  • Angelica Sardina
    Angelica Sardina 3 days ago

    Picky is chubby and so is denis and messenger manatee and sir mir a lot squishy

  • caught_clan elaijah
    caught_clan elaijah 3 days ago

    Is sir meows alot an actual cat

  • Jaycen Nicholson
    Jaycen Nicholson 4 days ago


  • Boonji Boonchan
    Boonji Boonchan 4 days ago

    wow bill cipher

  • Crystal Boate
    Crystal Boate 4 days ago +1

    No one:
    Not a soul:
    Denis:See these guys the invisible ones
    Me:no..... I don’t see it, it is invisible:b

  • ThinkBedrock Demon
    ThinkBedrock Demon 4 days ago +1

    0:03 Anybody Hear OOF In his new Merch Intro?

  • Dhanush Krishna
    Dhanush Krishna 4 days ago

    Adurite from Booga Booga. I miss Booga Booga.

  • c 8
    c 8 4 days ago


  • Ella Bartley
    Ella Bartley 5 days ago +1

    A person wins the ticket: Everyone here’s the code to the Denis private server with me!
    All of the subscribers: 😮😮😮👍

  • Ella Bartley
    Ella Bartley 5 days ago +1

    Denis: Look at my soft and stretchy clothes! 😮

  • ladybug040506
    ladybug040506 5 days ago

    Do it again

  • Xd_niki_xox 123
    Xd_niki_xox 123 5 days ago

    I wish I could get a golden ticket I bought over 10 stuff but still didn’t get it 🙁🙁

  • ming keng
    ming keng 5 days ago

    I love you and your video very much Denis

  • ming keng
    ming keng 5 days ago

    Denis i love your music in all the video everytime !!!!! 😍😍😍

  • Dᴏʀᴋ Dʀᴀᴡᴇʀ

    Paws you cat me serious! You have to be kitten! I love this! You gotta Siamese this >:D

  • Porgsy Says
    Porgsy Says 6 days ago

    That was the best longest intro ever

  • a digusting human being

    2:02 Denis is covered because of the plushies hes cuddleling (wrong spelling maybe) too many plushies and hes proud 🐱

  • IPM BS
    IPM BS 6 days ago

    I can feel the happiness

  • Martha Torres
    Martha Torres 7 days ago


  • Martha Torres
    Martha Torres 7 days ago

    I love his merch

  • Majella Gray
    Majella Gray 7 days ago +1

    Denis: everything for sale in this room!

    Me: buys denis

  • Isabella Jean-Baptiste

    are you going to do the kitty of the day????????

  • Hunter Schwabe
    Hunter Schwabe 8 days ago

    0:40 *tf 😂*

  • StopMotion HQ
    StopMotion HQ 8 days ago

    I wish I could do golden ticket but my mom does not allow me


    Lol stone age man say oo...o...ooo!and say ooo...oo...o!

  • Gacha Blue
    Gacha Blue 9 days ago

    I’m sad. Because i can’t buy anyone’s merch until I turn 16 🥺

  • THE Little Nate
    THE Little Nate 9 days ago

    I dare you to play my game

  • David Ghimpau
    David Ghimpau 9 days ago


  • Bonnie The Bunny
    Bonnie The Bunny 9 days ago

    Denis I need you a friend request on roblox

  • Ms. Potato
    Ms. Potato 9 days ago

    I went on the merch store and it said one ticket left and why did I go to the merch store? Bc I wanted to see the secret under the pocket BUT I DIDN'T SEE THE SECRET

  • Sandra Ross
    Sandra Ross 9 days ago

    Play admin paridise

  • Vincent Robinson
    Vincent Robinson 9 days ago

    Please show me what’s under the pocket PLEASE

  • Andres Romero
    Andres Romero 9 days ago


  • HURCAINE2000 Me
    HURCAINE2000 Me 10 days ago +1

    How long Dennis stood there thinking of math

  • HURCAINE2000 Me
    HURCAINE2000 Me 10 days ago

    Me: skips forward while Dennis is talking about his merch

  • Christopher Frederick
    Christopher Frederick 10 days ago

    Anta wa saikodsu! (Your the best :) )

  • Tammy Reeves
    Tammy Reeves 10 days ago


  • llawrence rush
    llawrence rush 10 days ago

    Sience 2016

  • llawrence rush
    llawrence rush 10 days ago

    I have

  • llawrence rush
    llawrence rush 10 days ago

    What about the obby myth

  • Kuwo uwu
    Kuwo uwu 11 days ago

    Me skipping the merch part knowing i will need it then realizing my savings are 76 cents

  • Isabella Goff
    Isabella Goff 11 days ago

    Lol 😂 I just Sticked my fingering coffee ☕️

  • Lesley Phillips
    Lesley Phillips 11 days ago

    Hey when you where unboxing where is dawn??? Lol

  • Jeff Schaible
    Jeff Schaible 12 days ago

    Btw cool squishy but.... but Why. Now then..... I will be typing randomly. Sujeud duru didir duei.....l sorry bout dat

  • DrewCraft
    DrewCraft 12 days ago

    I not have ur toys :( *cry*

  • DrewCraft
    DrewCraft 12 days ago