MCU Phase 4: Shang-Chi And The Legend of the Ten Rings

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
  • On this video, Hayden returns to discuss THE SHANG CHI MOVIE! We discuss Shang-Chi vs Mandarin and the story they might do with the REAL Mandarin PLUS a clue about his identity. Check out Hayden on twitter: ssj5_tablos
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  • Isaiah Adams
    Isaiah Adams Month ago +1

    If Shang-Chi takes place prior to Iron Man’s death, the question on everyone’s mind including mine will be “Where was Shang Chi during the event of Avengers Infinity War & Endgame

  • Shadowstalker55
    Shadowstalker55 Month ago

    Well hopefully Iron Man/Tony Stark will come back for Iron Man 4. They can always resurrect Tony.

    • Shadowstalker55
      Shadowstalker55 Month ago

      Cali Yeah, and the same people also assume we were never going to see the Mandarin.

    • Cali
      Cali Month ago

      Shadowstalker55 Tony is DEAD! Bye bye!! Accept it and move on to phase 4!

  • Daniel Salazar
    Daniel Salazar Month ago

    Are you going to now talk about Spider-Man 3 in Phase 4 with a new deal being reach by Disney and Sony?

  • Samael
    Samael Month ago

    Geekdom appetite is wet

  • mammaboy1
    mammaboy1 Month ago

    I can’t wait to see this

  • Agent SuperArgo
    Agent SuperArgo Month ago +2

    Some people are doubting the MCU going into this next Phase....Not us.😼

  • David Yodo
    David Yodo Month ago

    Only Asian know how Good Tony Leung was.....

  • Mr. 8-Bit Doggo
    Mr. 8-Bit Doggo Month ago

    This is probably either going to be mediocre or really good. Hopefully, it's really good. There's so much potential for this to be a favorite of mine.🤩

  • Daz BonesTV
    Daz BonesTV Month ago

    Tony Leung is the most important casting here. He's the Chinese version of Daniel Day Lewis. Huge get for this film.

  • Kane Montana
    Kane Montana Month ago

    Have you done a video on Black panther 2 ??

  • bud
    bud Month ago +2

    Westerner are still very ignorant on their view on Chinese people, If Hollywood want to make money in China then They should have high budget with grand CGI Visual effects, worst thing Chinese audience would want is a Kungfu movie from Hollywood

    • Shadowstalker55
      Shadowstalker55 Month ago

      It will. The Mandarin’s ten rings will have powers that he utilizes.

  • bud
    bud Month ago +2

    @Marvel is ungrateful for all the money they made in China, Marvel and Disney thinks they are very smart with marketing lol, This movie is like digging their own grave in China, Shang Chi will 100% Flop,

    • John Honeycutt
      John Honeycutt Month ago

      Orrrrr you’re just ignorant. I love how a nobody like you is telling a successful studio how to do things. Because they will totally listen to some bum who hides behind a keyboard right?

  • bud
    bud Month ago +7

    I am from China and almost everyone in China is angry at Marvel,
    Shang chi is the worst racist stereotypical Comic character so why did Marvel chose Shang chi,
    Many people in China wanted a modern Chinese super hero not some racist stereotypical kung fu guy
    In China, we have too many kung fu hero and kung fu movies
    All the other MCU Hero possess cool magical power and Scientific gadget but first chinese hero is just a kung fu Guy, This is a big disrespect to Chinese people
    MARVEL Brand is in danger in China, I think many Marvel movies will get banned in China in future

    • ulric henry
      ulric henry Month ago

      Kung fu is respected and another thing when you have faced the racial struggles of brown or black people then thats a great discussion to have. The way china has treated simu liu is appalling

    • ulric henry
      ulric henry Month ago

      What exactly is wrong with kung fu

    • Al O.
      Al O. Month ago +4

      This movie is NOT for Chinese people. It's for CHINESE-AMERICANS starring a CHINESE-CANADIAN actor. As you can see, it's VERY westernized.
      I'm Chinese-american and I'm glad they're making this movie.
      As long as Shang-Chi is a well developed, badass character, with lots of development and depth, I don't care that he is a "stereotypical kung-fu fighter"

    • Dope Bcofwork
      Dope Bcofwork Month ago

      bud i mean is there any other chinese s.hero they could have taken from the comics ? Im not sure tbh

  • Bryce Fryar
    Bryce Fryar Month ago

    Sooo many things the host said made me cringe. Exactly how young is he?!? Geesh

  • Lamont Wilson
    Lamont Wilson Month ago

    I think this movie will work it’s about storytelling and fighting. Iron fist sucked. Because he couldn’t fight well and the script was terrible

  • Kyle Casey
    Kyle Casey Month ago +6

    My understanding of Shang-Chi is he is the best hand to hand fighter in all of Marvel which means we should get some great fights

  • Sleeping Troubles
    Sleeping Troubles Month ago

    Imagine a Taskmaster movie instead of Shang Chi. But honestly not knowing much about it could be good cause we and the whole world is going to see that in the movies and obviously willing to get invested, if they work on an amazing story and refreshing camera angles and shots (I kinda like old school Bruce Lee movies style or even frieza saga DBZ lol) it could be a really good new thing

  • Elliott Rodriguez
    Elliott Rodriguez Month ago

    This is a very specific thing regard to what greekdom said about having a bad ass fight scenes
    I would love to see a side scrolling center focus scene of just a can of whoopass is like

  • BronzeAlive
    BronzeAlive Month ago

    I think its set between the events of infinity war and endgame that 5 year time jump

  • Bruce Marvel
    Bruce Marvel Month ago

    If it was a female Super Hero you would be talking shit about it shut up!

  • Cyril Moore
    Cyril Moore Month ago +1

    They should have made a Iron Fists movie instead

    • Sidarane Song
      Sidarane Song Month ago

      Shang chi is the best fighter in marvel Iron fist show was a flop

    • Naren baradwaj
      Naren baradwaj Month ago

      @Cyril Moore dude they tried doing but iron fist character is difficult to adapt for a movie so they made series instead

    • Donovan jr
      Donovan jr Month ago

      @Cyril Moore Shang-chi is too

    • Cyril Moore
      Cyril Moore Month ago

      @Donovan jr because he's a awesome character and fighter

    • Donovan jr
      Donovan jr Month ago


  • Cyril Moore
    Cyril Moore Month ago +2

    For me I rather watch a lady Shiva movie

  • The 3rd King
    The 3rd King Month ago

    Can't wait for the Mandarin

  • Mr. Mobile Suit
    Mr. Mobile Suit Month ago

    Still kinda mad that Iron Man or any close to Iron Man won't have the chance to fight the Mandarin, the real one not discount Syndrome.

  • George Brown 3
    George Brown 3 Month ago +1

    I thought Psylocke was the first asian marvel character?Is he strong as GOKU???@George Brown 3

    • Naren baradwaj
      Naren baradwaj Month ago

      @George Brown 3 dude I just don't know I'm not a US citizen but I don't think that's gonna happen

    • George Brown 3
      George Brown 3 Month ago +1

      @Naren baradwaj How many more asians and mexicans are livng in the us compared to the depleating and murdered off race of blacks???I'm not sure,but arabic females may rule America soon!Explaine how true this and other expanations,please?No hate just love.@George Brown 3

    • Naren baradwaj
      Naren baradwaj Month ago +1


  • Malcolm Roache
    Malcolm Roache Month ago

    I can't wait for this one!! I've always loved martial arts movies. Saw all the Bruce Lee movies but Jet Li is undeniably my all-time favorite fighter. I don't know anything about this character and will be doing my research but all I hope for is the fight choreography to be sick. I want the old school style mixed in like in the Bruce Lee movies. The Ten Rings I'm glad are getting some shine and no question The Real Mandarin is back. He can fight and has rings that are very powerful. This is who I want to see instead him played for a joke in the end. Second most anticipated.

  • Kalidou Dio[p
    Kalidou Dio[p Month ago +14

    The choreography will be amazing considering he’s the greatest fighter in the Marvel universe

    • Kiran Punnoose
      Kiran Punnoose Month ago +1

      yuen woo ping should be the fight choreographer to choreograph this movie. He is famous for the crouching tiger hidden dragon, matrix trilogy, kung fu hustle, jet li's fearless, and ip man 3. Plus he is also a director for iron monkey, jackie chan's drunken master, and last years movie master z: the ip man legacy.

    • Cyril Moore
      Cyril Moore Month ago +4

      I can't wait for the new blade movie

  • Jose Arce
    Jose Arce Month ago +3

    The only time I saw Shang-Chi in a comic was in Marvel Zombies

  • Hokagevigo
    Hokagevigo Month ago +4

    This may sound dumb but I think he should already be an established fighter, explain his past as the movie goes on. It would take place after the snap, during the battle at Avengers HQ, and after. I feel they already flopped with Thor: The Dark World. The movie was too dark (in terms of cinematography not the story) and too much Darcy. It made it hard for me to rewatch the movie.

    • Hokagevigo
      Hokagevigo Month ago

      @Naren baradwaj that sounds like it could be a good movie. I'm excited to see how it turns out

    • Naren baradwaj
      Naren baradwaj Month ago +1

      There are rumors that this movie will be vfx heavy and the movie will be like where hip-hop meets matrix and this movie will take place btw infinity war and endgame

  • George Prendiz
    George Prendiz Month ago +34

    He's got a pride trooper outfit

  • Juan Padilla. Mr. Roo
    Juan Padilla. Mr. Roo Month ago +10

    I wonder if this movie will introduce or reference Iron Fist

    • Isaiah Adams
      Isaiah Adams Month ago

      Naren baradwaj Totally agree 💯💯

    • Naren baradwaj
      Naren baradwaj Month ago +3

      I think but at least they should mention kunlun

  • Self Elevation
    Self Elevation Month ago +2

    yeah I never heard of this dude...

  • Landon1195
    Landon1195 Month ago +40

    Remember when Marvel announced Guardians of the Galaxy and everyone was like "WHO?"

    • David Figueroa
      David Figueroa Month ago

      Marvel is doing all their B and C characters A list characters

    • Anijah Connor
      Anijah Connor Month ago +3

      Lol yeah but I'm actually glad they end up being popular

  • Rafael Soto
    Rafael Soto Month ago


  • Dante Caudillo
    Dante Caudillo Month ago +3

    Do you think there will be an Iron Fist cameo in this movie. Not Danny Iron Fist but a different one.