Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Desert

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
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  • Its GeoDash
    Its GeoDash 3 hours ago

    I dont play fortnight

  • Aqeel Qasim
    Aqeel Qasim 4 hours ago

    irl Don't starve together

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 4 hours ago

    Is chandler eating again, CHANDLER lol

  • 44 maroc
    44 maroc 4 hours ago

    MR BEAST : hey Chris
    CHRIS: what ?
    MR BEAST : hold on chandler is peeing.

  • Masha Shonia
    Masha Shonia 4 hours ago

    chris: what did you do?
    jimmy: …
    jake: i ate your food!
    i came

  • Indica Ivie
    Indica Ivie 4 hours ago

    I would love to see more survival challenges from you guys! Maybe one with Chris vs. everyone else?
    Stay safe dudes! Love what you do!

  • sushii animatiions
    sushii animatiions 4 hours ago

    "The key elements for fire are flame, fuel, and _oxygen_ "

    *_proceeds to blow CARBON DIOXIDE onto the fire_*

  • Daisy
    Daisy 5 hours ago +1

    This how many times there are these comments

  • A6 Films
    A6 Films 5 hours ago

    allahu akbar

  • Nathanial Alvarez
    Nathanial Alvarez 5 hours ago

    So that’s we’re my Cheeto bag went

  • Ken Larson
    Ken Larson 5 hours ago


  • ya boi
    ya boi 6 hours ago

    While Elon Musk fucks around with the fabric of space Mr. Beast fucks around with the concept of money

  • Kai Little
    Kai Little 6 hours ago +1

    How did Chris manage to finish his in *does maths* I don't know

  • Some_Random _LLAMA_
    Some_Random _LLAMA_ 6 hours ago

    You have to only travel at night in the desert

    • Noob
      Noob 5 hours ago


  • Anime Yedi
    Anime Yedi 6 hours ago

    I’m doin my own challenge
    It’s called watch mr beast 4 24 hrs

  • Cecilia Lobo-LaFore
    Cecilia Lobo-LaFore 6 hours ago

    Chris minding his own business and making the fire:
    Chandler: oh my gosh ! Put it out someone help 🤣🤣👏

  • God of hyper death
    God of hyper death 6 hours ago

    The key ingredients for fire are flame, fuel, and oxygen. WELL NO DUH YOU NEED FIR TO MAKE FIRE

  • Ayaan Mufti
    Ayaan Mufti 6 hours ago

    He spelt fort nite wrong

  • Danielle Burke
    Danielle Burke 6 hours ago

    Beast: First one to breath wins
    Oxygen to chandler: I about to end this whole mans career

  • jon lucas
    jon lucas 6 hours ago

    8:46 in the back chris smoking

  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers 7 hours ago

    die bitch

    • Noob
      Noob 5 hours ago


  • Ninjajack 64
    Ninjajack 64 7 hours ago

    “Can I throw my poop?”

  • Gamer God
    Gamer God 7 hours ago

    Now we know never to take Chandler to the desert bc once u turn your back his face is stuffed.

  • Henzy1hennessy Vega-ortiz

    If chandler is hungry make him make hus own food since chris is the only obe who knows how to make it

  • Natalie D
    Natalie D 7 hours ago

    Who thinks this should be a series called living in the desert

  • Scribbly
    Scribbly 8 hours ago

    if wish i could do these things with mr beast

  • Angalo Mercado
    Angalo Mercado 8 hours ago

    Mad and going insane because of chandler

  • BluefaceKato 925
    BluefaceKato 925 8 hours ago

    Chandler protec
    Chandler atac
    But most importantly
    Chandler eat all the Snac

  • ThePyramid Gamer
    ThePyramid Gamer 9 hours ago

    This is how many times chandler has lost challenges

  • Dvbs
    Dvbs 9 hours ago

    They should’ve bought a four wheeler or a dirt bike

  • Emma’s Roblox and more


  • Elizabeth Mcnulty
    Elizabeth Mcnulty 9 hours ago


  • The Family Meyers
    The Family Meyers 10 hours ago

    Make more vids

  • Armaan Bhomisa
    Armaan Bhomisa 11 hours ago

    Can you tell me what is this golden ticket for

    • KirqX
      KirqX 10 hours ago

      Armaan Bhomisa money

  • anthony vasquez
    anthony vasquez 12 hours ago

    Chris! its really dry out there! did you moisturize!?

  • SmartAssChandy
    SmartAssChandy 12 hours ago +1

    Has pooped 33 times.

  • Noah Lovell
    Noah Lovell 12 hours ago +1

    8:46 anyone else see chris smoking in the back

    • KirqX
      KirqX 10 hours ago

      Noah Lovell you’re right

  • rayann boyle
    rayann boyle 12 hours ago


  • Grace Neicho
    Grace Neicho 13 hours ago

    chanler has a friends short so is he chanler in friends?

  • It’s Haylee
    It’s Haylee 13 hours ago +1


  • Darrell Staley
    Darrell Staley 14 hours ago


  • BGSADMIN Watchout!
    BGSADMIN Watchout! 14 hours ago

    subscribe to my channel: @UCnc1aIu2SYmYqzX7mhl6-aQ

  • Richardo 2
    Richardo 2 15 hours ago

    Try a gay one next!

  • Yzz_ TheUnifox
    Yzz_ TheUnifox 15 hours ago +1

    Did they find fenec fox footprints -.-

  • GregPaul
    GregPaul 15 hours ago

    13:46 lol what’s fornite?

  • Daemon The Greaser
    Daemon The Greaser 15 hours ago

    in the far distance you hear Ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora

  • wallapeng vlogs
    wallapeng vlogs 16 hours ago

    Mr beast you are my favorite RUclipr I love you so much

  • hi how r u?
    hi how r u? 16 hours ago +1

    This is how many love for chandler❤

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee 16 hours ago

    MrBeast? SHIRTLESS??!??!?!!

  • Iron Bappo
    Iron Bappo 16 hours ago +1

    MrBeast: Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Desert!


  • Eric Everyday
    Eric Everyday 17 hours ago

    Chandler: has pooped 7 times

  • Eva Mae
    Eva Mae 18 hours ago +2

    Chris: The main fuels for Fire is flame, Fuel and Oxygen
    Chris: *blows carbon dioxide*

    • Ryan Lee
      Ryan Lee 16 hours ago

      when you exhale there is leftover oxygen your body didn't use

  • uɴknʘWN ЌEή
    uɴknʘWN ЌEή 18 hours ago +2

    8:42 look at Chris, is he vaping?

    • KirqX
      KirqX 10 hours ago

      uɴknʘWN ЌEή yes

  • Levi Petry
    Levi Petry 18 hours ago

    Jake the Viking needs to get a haircut

  • Ed&Whit E.Manuel
    Ed&Whit E.Manuel 18 hours ago

    1:39 mrbeast: this is what the military's eat

  • Mera Alexander
    Mera Alexander 19 hours ago +1

    I would’ve rolled down the hills

  • Smoothily Doodily
    Smoothily Doodily 19 hours ago

    What’re you thinking about?
    Mr. Beast: *How many grains of sand do you think are in this desert?*

  • Zain Hernandez
    Zain Hernandez 19 hours ago

    This is how much times chris makes there food

  • za mac
    za mac 19 hours ago


  • J- WolfZ [Trac8335]
    J- WolfZ [Trac8335] 19 hours ago


  • Aaron Becar
    Aaron Becar 20 hours ago

    the spikey bushes were T sereis fans and jimmy chandler and chris are pewdiepie

  • Spottedleaf Productions
    Spottedleaf Productions 20 hours ago +2

    legend has it chandler is still wandering the desert, looking for mcdonalds

  • Dalton Enck
    Dalton Enck 20 hours ago

    did anybody else see the trident at 9:03

  • sewer rat
    sewer rat 20 hours ago

    Chandler how much food do you want

  • warsee 1
    warsee 1 21 hour ago

    No one knows how to make MREs

  • Hectic Shadow
    Hectic Shadow 21 hour ago +1

    I hope Chris knows he said oxygen as he was breathing out that’s carbon dioxide

    • Ryan Lee
      Ryan Lee 16 hours ago

      actually when you exhale you breath out oxygen that your body doesn't need :)

  • TheMaskedVlogger
    TheMaskedVlogger 21 hour ago

    I just realized at 1:30 Chris says oxygen then blows on the fire! I'm sorry Chris but that ain't right chief still love u tho
    When you blow you blow carbon dioxide

  • Fernanda Dangelo
    Fernanda Dangelo 21 hour ago

    Shiggly Shigglz

  • SirNoobington
    SirNoobington 21 hour ago


  • Jordane Wright
    Jordane Wright 21 hour ago

    Mr beast what happens if that ticket ends up in Jamaica?

  • Drawing Donuts
    Drawing Donuts 21 hour ago


    (Edit: There is no edit XD)

  • Monturtle Monturtle
    Monturtle Monturtle 22 hours ago

    Next challenge: *"last one to leave the nuclear radiation zone wins $1,000,000"*

  • ronan paterson
    ronan paterson 22 hours ago

    What desert

  • Pat Remillard
    Pat Remillard 22 hours ago


  • LPS Mini00veride
    LPS Mini00veride 22 hours ago

    Chris, They got thorns on them... I got wood.


  • caity_catt
    caity_catt 23 hours ago

    YOOOOOO... is this Glamis? The best time to go is during winter with offroad vehicles tbh

  • Tanner Larson
    Tanner Larson 23 hours ago

    Chris is the only reason they’re alive! They are sooooooooooooo mean to him!

  • KillerFreaqy_
    KillerFreaqy_ 23 hours ago

    8:46 chris vapes confirmed

  • adam sachanowicz
    adam sachanowicz 23 hours ago

    i eat nothing ether chandler dont feel bad

  • Riley Bertrand
    Riley Bertrand 23 hours ago

    At the end why did you bring a boggie board

  • Mr. Meow
    Mr. Meow Day ago



    If your in the middle of the dessert then how do u know ur in the middle

  • xXCheetahXx
    xXCheetahXx Day ago

    7.5 x 1018 grains of sand MrBeast

  • Customgamer 10
    Customgamer 10 Day ago

    Please delete my fortnite account

  • Oliver Brooke
    Oliver Brooke Day ago

    Last one to poop wins $10,000

  • Fiona
    Fiona Day ago

    chris+chanler sorry but your cute together!

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom Day ago

    Lol I’m just waiting for morgz to copy it

  • Kian Morshedian
    Kian Morshedian Day ago +2

    *When you realize Aquaman has a Batman tattoo on his chest*

  • Gracie McGill
    Gracie McGill Day ago +1

    *Mr beast post a vid*

    Morgz~ hippaity hopaity this is now my property

    _i know I spelt stuff wrong_

  • Sh4d0w
    Sh4d0w Day ago

    How did he get signal in the middle of a desert

  • Cup of Tae with a Suga Kookie

    I dont have a fortnite account.....

  • ToonkieTV
    ToonkieTV Day ago +1


  • Becky Lynn
    Becky Lynn Day ago +1

    mr beast is rood

  • Gamer Ghost07
    Gamer Ghost07 Day ago

    But I don’t play fortnite :/

  • MM Clan
    MM Clan Day ago

    Says flame fuel and OXEGON blows on it

    Ok buddy

  • Cylee Phillians
    Cylee Phillians Day ago +2

    MrBeast: i will give 50,000 dollars to whoever literally turns into Chandler.

    Chandler: *turns into Chris*

    • Sha dow
      Sha dow Day ago

      *turns into Chandler*
      WhErE’s My MoNeySz

  • crafts life 101
    crafts life 101 Day ago

    Does Chris moisterise

  • Jonh Kimble
    Jonh Kimble Day ago

    its chandler's foult

  • Hello Fortnite
    Hello Fortnite Day ago


  • Hello Fortnite
    Hello Fortnite Day ago