Space Shuttle Launch Audio - play LOUD (no music) HD 1080p

- - Created through FAIR USE for educational purposes - - STS-121
You need a sound system with a lot of power and a great sub (turned up to house shaking level) to get the right effect of this video. I made this for all the people who dreamed of seeing a launch in person but were never able to make the trip themselves.

Using dozens of different video sources and countless audio versions of Shuttle launches I mixed this little clip together to mimic as close an experience to the real thing as I could. I know that the exact sequence of countdown events is somewhat compressed and not time-accurate but I was going more for the 'feel' of a high energy launch experience rather than a technical documentary. Throttle Up and SRB Separation are sounds as might be heard from onboard acoustic transducers picking up resonant vibration in the vehicle's structure.

Please take care not to damage your sound equipment during playback. I did not do anything to boost the low frequency roar of the Shuttle during liftoff but the SRB and SSME thrust noise may be taxing to even high quality sub-woofers and speaker cones if played too loud.

For those who sit through the last few frames you can catch a glimpse of my home theater system I built a couple of years ago. This video really is best viewed at 165 inches or better!

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Автор DONGSU KIM ( назад)
우주왕복선 타려면 어느나라로 가고 얼마정도 있어야하며 어떻게 할수있을까요?

Автор Theodore Brandon ( назад)
start "Gravity" soundtrack Tiangong at 1:30

Автор Duplicator ( назад)
Just came here from that flat earth theory

Автор Rinoa Super-Genius ( назад)
i wish the narrator would just STFU and let us hear the rockets for once.

Автор susmoy s ( назад)
1:25 - 1:32 can anyone explain what are these? first gas, fireworks, fire and then at last prism shape light

Автор THR33STEP ( назад)
That's totally awesome!!!! Audio and video quality is epic!!!!

very cool!!

Автор Amator Astronom ( назад)
My dream :)

Автор Törőcsik O'Connor ( назад)
1:25 "Warriors of the sky up there, you are heroes already!"

Автор TheTallMan35 ( назад)
2:15. You can see the shuttle beginning to break the sound barrier as it hits 750 mph.

Автор LiamCoasterFan ! ( назад)
The top speed for this rocket is about 17,500 mph. It could travel around Earth in 90 minutes. It is a very hypersonic vehicle.

Автор sixfittyonembitties ( назад)
Wait, so is it in space by the end of the video? For sure it looks like it leveled out and didn't continue going vertical. Maybe it's easier to go into space at an angle.

Автор Drew Smith ( назад)
That feeling you get at 1:35 when Discovery says "Fuck you, gravity!" B-)

Автор Dean Court ( назад)

Автор Brendan Sayers ( назад)
For something designed in the 70's my god that is a beautiful mixture of man and machine at it's most fine of points. Australian here, what happened America? you where once the land of dreams, of hope, of scientific achievement at its best. Private exploration is great, and SpaceX is doing wonders, but at one point, you guys nearly united humanity. Sure it was backed by money, oil money some will say, but come on it was for the greater good back then. You guys really believed in a better world for all, what happened?

Автор Sarbjit Singh ( назад)

Автор Michael Fleming ( назад)
It truly inspiring to see this beautiful man-made creation launch with fire and smoke. Heading deep up toward the heavens. With power and grace. Destined right for...yo mamma's pussaaaayyy!!!

Автор xKarma _ ( назад)
I still can't comprehend how it would feel when you're inside of a shuttle and about to launch in seconds to the dark abyss of space.

Автор me nefcanto ( назад)
2:30 magic beans tree

Автор Kevin Sellers ( назад)

Автор Mohammed Ali ( назад)
Wow !!

Автор Rob Lee ( назад)

Автор Poop Diaper ( назад)
Never even went into space .. I'm. It a flat earther but why he curv and go down horizon

Автор Entertainment and Fun ( назад)
owsome work #bro :) keep it up :)

Автор Henrik Kragh ( назад)
Imagine how it must feel for the astronauts, when they have to issue the response: "Roger, go at throttle up". There must be this short period where time just stands still in that cockpit. I know I feel emotional, so I refuse to believe they can ignore it themselves.

Автор Robloxian Gamer ( назад)
Space shuttle: Launch sequence intimidating
Houston: Liftoff, We have a liftoff
Space shuttle: Houston we got a roll program
Houston: Copy that Atlantis
Space shuttle: We are go for staging
Houston: Booster separation confirmed
Space shuttle: We are are detecting a malfunction in the external tank
Houston: We are checking it now Atlantis
Space shuttle: Damage Houston?
Houston: External tank is gone
Space shuttle: We are 5 kilometres from runway
Space shuttle: Out of oxidiser

Автор Yammo Yammamoto ( назад)
What morons would actually put a dislike on this pinnacle of science? o_O

Автор P1mpMyBr1de ( назад)
Hitler's rocket scientists were geniuses

Автор Revolution ( назад)

Автор James Hatton ( назад)
poor audio - a lot of clipping and no subwoofer frequencies. Be wary if you're playing on a decent sound system.

Автор Santa Monica Dentist ( назад)
Love it but don't understand why burning pipe left the rocket in the sky?

Автор Gaster UNDER ( назад)
maybe there like oh shit

Автор Bleach Master ( назад)
The booster looks like a huge R2D2

Автор vista7 ( назад)
I've watched this video at least 20 times and it gives me goose bumps every time. Amazing thrust and engineering.

Автор Vincent The Victorious ( назад)
What a beauty

Автор Darius Erhunmwunsee ( назад)
Why did some people say that the space shuttle launches are fake when people saw the launch in person and/or record it.

Автор Devonian ( назад)
So long, good riddance, now can we have some real Rockets back in service please??

Автор Ashleigh Parker ( назад)
See THIS is why NASA's budget cuts in previous years is such a tragedy. We need this technology if we ever hope to get anywhere beyond Earth. The space program could not only bring up knowledge, but resources, more living space, energy - the possibilities are endless. I hope Trump does well by the space program and gives it some more funding.

Автор ננה G G.nana. ( назад)

Автор Haidar Hussein Mahdi Ali Al-Beidhany 5B Højmeskolen ( назад)
1:40 this is cool

Автор Allan Zepeda ( назад)

Автор mylillambs ( назад)

Автор Devon Wilson ( назад)
Its funny how all the official launches ended in explosions and this launch looks computer generated. I mean, really? And then the video faded at the point where the shuttles is suppose to break the earth atmoshere

Автор cromusic ibra ( назад)
I would give anything to watch a rocket launch in real life.

Автор swimsoundwave ( назад)
Awesome video!!!!! The sound is insane!! Love it

Автор MystikalDawn ( назад)
1:35 VTEC kicked in yo!

Автор Mathi Traders ( назад)
this is air pollution

*When you go on NOFAP.

Автор Navdeep kaur Nany ( назад)

Автор Navdeep kaur Nany ( назад)

Автор SuperLuminal Man ( назад)

Автор DONGSU KIM ( назад)
i am from SOUTH KOREA and i want take the space shuttle how am i go to the location and take the space shuttle? Could you teach for me?

Автор * * ( назад)

Автор Saul Goodman ( назад)
all happening under the firmament

Автор tomar5e115 ( назад)
Imagine the noise and the vibration inside the cabin of that. Must be an incredible experience

Автор clarence Castile ( назад)
so no-one noticed it turns off from space wow the lies never stop

Автор Clinton-Crime Family ( назад)
Why does it go sideways and not just straight up???

Автор Batman ( назад)
Why does it go up, and then out? why not just up into space? It curves as if it's going far out of distance.. why doesn't the video show it going into space? I smell lies. 2:35 looks as if it's starting to come back down, then video cuts... and shows it flying not up, and into space... but away like a plane would.

Автор Rogier Maas ( назад)
Wow.. I have a huge bass-module sitting under my desk. It is now sitting in a different spot! What an amazing video!

Автор dtones100 ( назад)
I still get a BUZZ at about 1.26 into the video when the thrust begins to flex!

Автор andy mahendra ( назад)
Humans are litt🔥🔥🔥🔥

Автор ConRon ( назад)
Why does this make me tear up?

Автор Kimx92 ( назад)
I got chills down my spine! Just love that crazy sound of POWER!!

Автор Kyle ( назад)
Good fucking job guys.

Автор Roy Andersson ( назад)
1:28 Watch those sparks being pushed by the thrust.

Автор CINEMA WORLD ( назад)
what a footage...!

Автор nick ( назад)
so it turned horizontally to leave earth?

Автор Potaet incroyable ( назад)
My favorite video on Youtube :)

Автор Randy Truthful ( назад)

Автор Z Kc ( назад)

Автор Young The Giant! # ( назад)
OMG what a pollusion

Автор Christian Doemling ( назад)

Автор Chris Goddard ( назад)

Автор FireDog659 ( назад)
Are You OK If I Use The Sound For Like 20 Seconds In One Of My Videos?

Автор lawofattractionc61 ( назад)
so fake ... thanks for spending our tax dollars ..... billions of dollars a year for nothing

Автор Amateur Dragon ( назад)
It actually doesn't enter space and just ends up in the ocean

Автор Trixie Cortezx ( назад)

Автор Angela O'Donnell ( назад)
my son is 20 months and asks to watch this nearly every day.. thank you!!

Автор London is blue ( назад)
I'm still baffled how a shuttle is flown safely to space bcoz to me it seems impossible

Автор Starset France ( назад)

Автор Gabriel Mikael Balon ( назад)
Well I guess they felt nothing during the flight.

Автор Aaron Luna ( назад)
I tear up every time I watch this. This is humanity advancing! The roar of the rockets shaking the ground and sky is amazing and sends a chill down my spine.

Автор เเหม่ม ศรีนอก ( назад)
สร้างให้ยานขับเคลื่อนโดยเเรงเเม่เหล็กไฟฟ้าไม่ได้หรอ หรือเวลาส่งยานขึ้นทำเหมื่อนหลอดกาเเฟโดยใช้เเรงดันจากโลกส่งออกไป เเต่มันสูงอยู่

Автор Ashield Gurlhosur ( назад)
The U.S.A # 1

Автор DONGSU KIM ( назад)
i want take the space shuttle.where am i go to the Space shuttle then go to the MARS?

Автор Fun 84098 ( назад)
Have so fun!

Автор Sam Harris ( назад)
I've probably watched the launch 20 or more times in a row now and still keep getting goosebumps as I watch. Freaking incredible.

Автор All the boost ( назад)
This video is just too damn good, The most amazing machine mankind has ever invented! It Sounds so good.

Автор atul chandra roy ( назад)

Автор Keith Ode ( назад)
Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings.

Автор maximusdarkultima ( назад)
*cue armageddon shuttle launch theme

Автор subtyrant ( назад)
Very nice work. Thanks for putting this together and uploading. But the shuttle actually sounds a bit puny compared to the high quality (but mono) recording James Cottle made during the Saturn V launch of Apollo 11. Basso profundo!

Автор doombreaker100 ( назад)
Why can't we do this anymore? so emontinal but amazing

Автор Yaegermx ( назад)
they see me rollin' they hatin'

Автор Deeponjit Bose ( назад)
Best rocket launching video m

Автор SoarkRoll • ( назад)

Автор telx2010 ( назад)
Best when viewed with the wool pulled over your eyes.

Автор larryboy2222 ( назад)
Trump just boosted the military's budget by $54 billion. NASA is able to do stuff like this on $18 billion. They're so under-funded

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