Best 5 Humanoid Robots 2017, You'll Intend to Buy in Future - Inmoov, EZ Robot, Poppy, Plen 2,

  • Published on Jun 19, 2017
  • Best 5 Humanoid Robots 2017, You'll Intend to Buy - Inmoov, EZ Robot, Poppy, Plen 2, Kengoro,
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    JD Humanoid - Products - EZ-Robot
    Do you have any idea about smart home robots? Here are the best 5 humanoid robots that you can buy right now. the futuristic
    modern robots are available in the market now. They are very intelligent robots. These all are so expert and very helpful
    to be part of your daily life. They can do lots of works even think like a human being and help you in your every task of
    your dailies life, you can not imagine. In a word, They are superb, Incredible. Here are the details and the links for the
    robots are given below.
    1. JD Humanoid - EZ Robot.
    JD Humanoid - Products - EZ-Robot
    JD is a fully functional humanoid robot kit built with ez-bits and invented in Canada. This WiFi enabled humanoid robot
    is easy, fun and educational! JD boasts 16 degrees of freedom with metal gear heavy duty servo motors. That means he has
    16 motorized joints for walking, dancing or anything that you teach him!
    The camera in the head of this robot provides vision recognition to track color, motion, glyphs, QR codes, faces and more.
    There are 18 RGB LEDs in the eyes of JD, which can be easily programmed and animated for unlimited expressions of up to
    1 million colors. The included EZ-Builder Software makes it easy to create movements, programs and personalized mobile
    apps for your phone!

    2. Kengoro The Robot :
    Just like human muscles, the motors that drive a humanoid robot generate a lot of heat. But unlike humans, robots haven’t
    had the chance to evolve cooling mechanisms like sweat-until now.
    A robot built by the University of Tokyo tackles the problem of overheating by sweating water through its metal frame.
    This allows the robot to keep its slim, humanoid frame while taking on tasks that would have previously burnt out its
    motors, according to IEEE Spectrum. In tests, the robot could perform pushups for 11 minutes continuously.

    3. Inmoov -
    InMoov, the first life size humanoid robot you can 3D print and animate. You have a 3D printer, some building skills,
    This project is for you!!
    InMoov is designed with the Open Source software Blender.
    InMoov is powered with the Open source software MyRobotLab.
    4. Poppy -
    Poppy is an interdisciplinary community of beginners and experts, scientists, educators, developers and artists, who all
    share a vision: robots are powerful tools to learn and be creative.
    5. Plen 2 -

    PLEN2, the world’s first printable open-source humanoid.
    PLEN2 guides you to the advanced technology world and help you grow. Anyone can easily build and personalize it.
    Music credit
    Song: Freedom [Top Shelf Shelf Sounds Release]
    Artists: Da Finchy
    Music provided by Top Shelf Sounds :
    Download/Stream :
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  • Inventions World
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    Best 5 Humanoid Robots 2017, You'll Intend to Buy - Inmoov, EZ Robot, Poppy, Plen 2, Kengoro,
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    • christoffer Gustavsson
      christoffer Gustavsson Year ago

      should it not be top 5 open source because only 1 one is available to buy .....

    • Simon Levin
      Simon Levin Year ago

      Inventions World wAspsaiaaisiaiiauajjajw a aosz

    • Byambadorj Battsogt
      Byambadorj Battsogt Year ago

      Inventions World амьтадын ертөнц

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      Inventions World Hey dude I saw your comment gave the video a big thumbs up and subscribed it would be awesome if you could subscribe back.

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  • kitty kitty
    kitty kitty 7 months ago

    This old man, he played three, 😅

  • Friskca da siken
    Friskca da siken 9 months ago

    Pretty cool

    *H U H ?*

  • Brad Adult
    Brad Adult 10 months ago +1

    Nobody can afford them because apparently to them it's worth 21 thousand or whatever other ridicules number.

  • M Odyssey
    M Odyssey 10 months ago

    Where is the hot female robot in swim suit?

  • Hue Lu
    Hue Lu 10 months ago

    Those are really ugly robots!!! and pretty dumb to be honest... why would I need any of those?! Some even look dangerous. And why do you want a robot that can sweat??? 😐Honestly, I’d rather playing with my cat than those weird robots

  • joseph buck
    joseph buck 10 months ago

    Look alike you guys are working against yourself especially the fact on her all them little internal parts how come you don't have an interactive Skin I'm In The Skin being part of the muscles

  • Morgana Le Fay
    Morgana Le Fay 11 months ago +1

    / Yeah
    (In movie 3:37) ;D

  • gleidson Lima
    gleidson Lima 11 months ago +1

    Robot 3 hadouken!

  • Baby kids VAMOS BRINCAR
    Baby kids VAMOS BRINCAR 11 months ago

    Today's artificial intelligence is similar to Adolf Hitler when he was a baby, imagine people finding that baby on the street at that time and saying, "Look what a most beautiful baby." There, if they knew he was going to turn into a "devil"! VAIDAMERDA666

  • Spider man and deadpool fan

    3:00 lol middle finger

  • Blanka Popovic
    Blanka Popovic 11 months ago

    Whose brains did you use for your robots? Who volunteered brain, motor system and everything else except for breath and heart.
    I sent yesterday and today a request to police to investigate this crime. Blanka Popovic

  • javier hernandez
    javier hernandez Year ago

    I was born too early

  • Preteen Dhillon
    Preteen Dhillon Year ago

    Robotic companies supported by governments . These artificial beauty is a veil on reality. Beautiful faces are used to win people's heart and make them fool. It is not natural beauty. Artificially you can make anything beauty. Martian were all died hundreds years back due to high technology used to kill. Now it is time of earthlings. Do not let these companies use your sex fucking weakness to enter robots in our society or prepared for the worst to come in future. Do not make it fucking planets of dumbs. Robots act as fed. If used by dangerous groups it can kill whole Human race. It is the worst weapon of future. Do not let anyone fool you.

  • psysonator
    psysonator Year ago

    for the brave new world after ww 3

  • chee vang
    chee vang Year ago

    I'm not the creater and people never seen one shuch as life like dolls walking. From the Korea nor Japan movies or so. It can be weighing 300 pounds so and Hmong people is asking me if I may willing to help them pay the beautifull doll a wellcome. Told him no for angry at me because I had a deffrent life doll. He as if I willing to give the doll up cause looks cute.

  • Angi Lka
    Angi Lka Year ago

    cool cool cool!

  • Freestyle Elyas
    Freestyle Elyas Year ago +1

    I have a HUMAN robot can you see on my channel😁

  • Shuji Tsuruoka
    Shuji Tsuruoka Year ago

    Let us move out toys. Have the motion and tactile sensor in order to make it human like motions: Find another RUclip

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  • American Eagle
    American Eagle Year ago +4

    I wanna buy an AI Real Doll...

  • Ibrahim2010 Max
    Ibrahim2010 Max Year ago

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    CHRIS BOYD Year ago +3

    guess I'm the only technophobe around here

  • sherry mclauren
    sherry mclauren Year ago

    Umm i robot just comes to mind

  • Heidi K.
    Heidi K. Year ago

    AI is part of the end times scenario, please listen to Jan Markell and pastor Billy Crone:
    Judgement is coming soon, the 7 year Tribulation with the antichrist is right around the corner! Don't accept his mark (666, probably a micro chip) and don't worship him or you are doomed! Accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal Lord and Savior who paid on the cross for your sins and came back to life on the 3rd day!!! We have to come to the cross as broken sinners.

  • Saseendran Raman
    Saseendran Raman Year ago

    Wonders of science and technology

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow Year ago

    so close.

  • TakeShot Films DJ MARCELUS

    Boston dynamics is way better

  • Александр

    Russian "Fedor" sucks!!!

  • EnDSchultz
    EnDSchultz Year ago

    Most of these are lab experiments that, for various reasons, will never be able to leave the lab, much less be turned into a commercial product.

  • Mr Trick
    Mr Trick Year ago

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  • Francisco Burgos
    Francisco Burgos Year ago

    nice... now, when are you going to build human-like robots?

  • じぱんぐ丸Zipangumaru


  • Darrell Westphal
    Darrell Westphal Year ago +2

    I heard a lot of people saying they would not be able to buy one because they'll be too expensive only the rich will be able to afford one this is not true they will be financed just like a car they will have insurance just like a car Robot Obamacare and if you will fail hahaha. But on a serious note don't worry all will be able to afford one the rich will be content with getting the new models whereas we poor will have to accept the late models but that was still be better than nothing. Plus they will be mass-produced and made out of Cheaper material it won't be long before almost everyone has one the only ones that won't have them is the religious fanatics that sees these robots as a threat. The Baptist will try to baptize them 4 sinful parts and the Muslims will go Jihad on them for not converting and the Catholics won't have them because they're not willing to confess their sins to the Pope hahaha .

    • Ian Shaw
      Ian Shaw 3 months ago

      If the market for them grows, then the prices will come down.

  • Jacob Direwolf
    Jacob Direwolf Year ago

    That third robot jus did the dab

  • Fred Fadungy
    Fred Fadungy Year ago

    is it me ? or is the music drowing out the guy talking ?

  • Md Faim Ansari
    Md Faim Ansari Year ago

    md Faim Ansari



  • 득도자 경주 최00

    very good~! &&^^&&

  • Dick Neva
    Dick Neva Year ago

    Not me! I want no fucking Robot in my home!

  • Adeept Studio
    Adeept Studio Year ago


  • Teofilo Trujillo Asencios

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  • Garry Mac an Tanaiste

    Why are they bothering to make humanoid robots? Isn't that what they have turned most humans into, with social engineering etc...

  • Bella
    Bella Year ago

    Creating demons. the world will very soon face judgement!!!

    • Ian Shaw
      Ian Shaw 3 months ago

      Judgements by whom?

  • jaja
    jaja Year ago

    I am waiting for my slutty sexbot with real vagina and asshole

  • अजब ग़ज़ब हरियाणा

  • Unicorns 23
    Unicorns 23 Year ago

    THE ROBOTTS ARE PLANNING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE LEARNIG TO BE LIKE HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oleg Konor
    oleg Konor Year ago

    Терминатры почти готовы, до 2021 года осталось чють чють !

  • Анатолька з Менску

    The world of idiots. Woe from Wit.

  • zoyzoycornface
    zoyzoycornface Year ago

    1:30 (and Strong) a nerd hitting

  • R Verro
    R Verro Year ago

    I was waiting for that expensive "coat hanger" to give me the finger @ 3:00.

  • Victoria Donald
    Victoria Donald Year ago +2

    These are creepy, well gotta prepare for the AI cause Siri is gonna take control soon ;(

  • {Da - Queen}
    {Da - Queen} Year ago

    Mm i don like this

  • eyemkoreaq
    eyemkoreaq Year ago +1

    robot 앞으로도 놀랄만한 세계가 로봇을 통하여 열릴것이다.

  • Olamide Makinde
    Olamide Makinde Year ago +1

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  • big d
    big d Year ago +1

    This is supposed to be the future of mankind? Count me out. Why would anyone want to live in
    a world only to interact with robots? Seems pretty ridiculous & probably scary to some. I think
    it's pretty idiotic & assinine. Fuck you & your innovative robots. I'm glad I won't be around when
    all this so-called advanced technology that's made to enhance your life & make it easier comes
    back to bite you, maybe literally, in your sorry robotic-loving ass!!
    PS- and for the record, I will not or do not intend to buy any kind of robot, EVER!! If
    people do buy robots, they're not too smart. ANd are in a lower class of people than myself.

  • mahdi mirhafez
    mahdi mirhafez Year ago +1

    سلام کاش تو ایران یه شبکه تلویزیونی داشتیم همه میتونستن در ارتباط با رباط ها نظر بدن

    MARCELO JAVIER Year ago +1


  • Kyler Rogers
    Kyler Rogers Year ago +2

    Inmoov reminds me of Irobot the film.

  • Nazrite Vow
    Nazrite Vow Year ago
    My eyes are open I can see it blow in the wind, with my eyes closed and not physical, I feel it beating across my skin, means the realist thing is the unseen, I HAVE FOUND IT

  • Electric How To
    Electric How To Year ago +2

    Good video, did you know inmoove is also open source! You can find him on thingaverse

  • Béla Lukovszki
    Béla Lukovszki Year ago +1

    illuminati satanic world...


    aiu proton accelerator accumulates atoms to create any thing it the world at the seed of light from sun gamma ray and from computer images 21 year ago


    aiu proton accelerator accumulates atoms to create any thing it the world at the seed of light from sun gamma ray and from computer images 21 year ago

  • Rytmik King
    Rytmik King Year ago

    So... InMove is freaking awesome with those fluid movements! And then we have Mr. Angry Thomas the Train over here doing pushups.

  • Tengshain Nongsiej

    in my sarouding area have use by rabot to destroy enemy

  • Lafancer
    Lafancer Year ago +1

    2:06 - the robot loafs and idles. )))

  • First Last
    First Last Year ago

    Pretty cool

  • michael djarmotsky
    michael djarmotsky Year ago +2

    Robots are just beginning to take flight and us earthlings will become the new super alien race

  • Tito Young
    Tito Young Year ago

    Come to the Amy Robot booth at the CES2018 and get a Demo

  • countryboy6767
    countryboy6767 Year ago

    More here now!

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  • Darrell Westphal
    Darrell Westphal Year ago +2

    as a kid I always want a robot but they did not exist accept what you could make with your erector set but now they do I'm going to get one but the kids today have a lot to look forward to a brand new future and Frontiers to explore.

  • Charlotte Bankston
    Charlotte Bankston Year ago +1

    Silly, overpriced, overrated toys, really.

  • Alex Cherkasov
    Alex Cherkasov Year ago +1

    home made robot

  • KingOfChaos213
    KingOfChaos213 Year ago +3

    Why is knick knack paddywack playing in the background....weird.

  • Horse lover
    Horse lover Year ago

    Outstanding video! You just got a new subscriber!

  • bff SQAUD unicornss

    I want one please :D

  • Gritan721
    Gritan721 Year ago +1

    Robots look coll and all but that music gave me cancer... >___

  • Miia Kristiina Siimestö

    When Being selfaware they are threat to Humankind. I do not like those.

  • quique mata
    quique mata Year ago +2

    ok lets take out our guns this is some skynet shit going on :U

  • All Is Here
    All Is Here Year ago +1

    Here what is this?...Please don.t see under 18

  • sk8n barrow
    sk8n barrow Year ago +1

    All are pathetically lacking in balance, graceful flowing motions, A.I....that is, if compared to CHAPPIE.

  • thischannel
    thischannel Year ago +1

    I don't want a robot that can kick a fucking ball or do a simple dance move....that shits pointless


    subscribe yes

  • Mr Undead
    Mr Undead Year ago +5

    Everyone's so worried about robot's but the price your going to be paying for one is going to be crazy look at them robotic cleaners and now think of what a human sized robot is going to cost they're not gonna be cheap so they won't be everywhere talking abought robot's taking over you need to take your head's out of movies

    • SpongeBob's lesser known brother
      SpongeBob's lesser known brother Year ago

      Mr Undead robots, you're, about, robots (again), head, and like eight periods.

    • steftoons
      steftoons Year ago +1

      Mr Undead - When cars were first invented they were only for the previleged rich. Now they are everywhere but the rich get the newest technological cars so they pay for the "cool" factor. It will be the same for robots. Already most people can buy a robot bacum cleaner like rumba! In 10 years these everyday job tools-robots will be everywhere and the rich will have the first humanoid servants. In 20 y they will be everywhere.

  • gokmenn hickorkmazz
    gokmenn hickorkmazz Year ago +2

    mukenmel oyun

  • Gary Hough
    Gary Hough Year ago +7

    Am I the only person hearing "The Terminator" theme song?

    • Darrell Westphal
      Darrell Westphal Year ago +1

      Omkar Vendhyan I'm not the one freaking out I'm the one that says there's no problem with having robot. It is all the other commenters that is here in The Terminator song thinking that robots are going to enslave mankind as you can read I hope you will see from my very words that I like the idea of having robot. In the movie Cherry 2000 I have the extended version as we all know he chose the real woman over the robot but what you don't know is 6 months later she broke up with him because he had to stay in the city and work and she wanted to go back to the desert so he ended up getting a new model Cherry 3000 that's what he should have done in the first place.

    • Omkar Vendhyan
      Omkar Vendhyan Year ago

      +Darrell Westphal what he wanted to say is that you are freaking out for no reason.

    • Bernard Buhler
      Bernard Buhler Year ago

      Gary Hough 09

    • Baghira Darkrider
      Baghira Darkrider Year ago

      @Gary Hough:That makes two of us.In the near future robots&cyborgs will rule the world and humnanity will be enslaved or eliminated.Artificial intelligence on robots is developing fast and soon they will be 100% independent and super intelligent.By then I will not be alive anymore but that makes a dull future for our children...

    • Darrell Westphal
      Darrell Westphal Year ago

      to continue have you ever heard of people that we're watching Superman and thought they could fly and jumped out a window only the break their neck these people need a reality check as do you.

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  • Ricky Ricardo
    Ricky Ricardo Year ago

    Loud background "music" that drowns out the dialogue, is fucking retarded! Fucking zombie nation! Perhaps the robots will do better!

  • The Fabsisters
    The Fabsisters Year ago +1

    brilliant look at this

  • mureco sarl
    mureco sarl Year ago

    Regardez le robot de Boston Dynamics faire des sauts périlleux arrières.
    Les propriétés humanoïdes de ces robots ont tellement fait peur à certains actionnaires, que Google a été conduit à vendre cette activité robotique à Softbank.

    • R Verro
      R Verro Year ago

      L'armée n'ent veux pas...Trop lourd et la charge ne dure pas. Attendez quelques années. Les minis cellules qui retire l'hydrogènes dans l'air ne sont pas au point. Hé oui, ça va fonctionner a l'air ou sous l'eau. Efficace n'est-ce pas ?

  • Kristy Burton
    Kristy Burton Year ago +4

    Awesome 👏

    • Kristy Burton
      Kristy Burton Year ago +2

      I would love ❤️ to make one ☝️ very soon

  • Angelique Jones
    Angelique Jones Year ago +5

    Your very Welcome! I think that it would be Great if I could meet them! I have never met a Robot before. It would be so Exciting!😇💪💖👂👍

  • Martina Starkiss
    Martina Starkiss Year ago +1

    Poppy is so cute walking on tredmil. lol

  • Angelique Jones
    Angelique Jones Year ago +1

    😇 They are all Super CUTE!😘💖👀💪👍

  • Mark Groves
    Mark Groves Year ago +2

    The narrator in the beginning- was that the warden from Superjail?