1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR: Regular Car Reviews

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
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  • Danny Hensley
    Danny Hensley 9 hours ago

    "first is just like KA PANK KA PANK"

  • PapaWheelie
    PapaWheelie 2 days ago

    Should have gone through drive through by yourself, see how great it is then.
    Or just reverse through I guess

  • Ryan Gallager
    Ryan Gallager 2 days ago

    I want to hear the rest of Roman's latest breakthrough song. I like the part where he goes BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN and can't wait for the chorus!

  • Miguel Genest
    Miguel Genest 3 days ago

    great car! awfull video

  • ChemicalNBC
    ChemicalNBC 4 days ago

    My favorite generation of GTR.

  • Karma Akabane
    Karma Akabane 4 days ago

    This is one of my dream car

  • Phroden Dekia
    Phroden Dekia 5 days ago

    Is there a sw version of the r32?

  • kimw Kimw
    kimw Kimw 5 days ago

    This car is the best ever made❤️❤️❤️

  • Tim A
    Tim A 7 days ago

    We demand armpit ballad closer

  • Nigel A
    Nigel A 8 days ago

    Who stopped listening at 4:06?

  • Super Sunny
    Super Sunny 9 days ago

    Nissan/Datsun ftw

  • Daisuke's
    Daisuke's 9 days ago

    I know this car is a giveaway , but What is the value on a clean R32 GTR with 46k on it like this these days ???

  • LastActionJoe
    LastActionJoe 9 days ago

    God damn, birthyear car and I missed entry by two days. Fml.

  • Raw and Uncensored
    Raw and Uncensored 9 days ago

    My 2nd favorite Skyline. So modest. I just love those tail lights and the expression it gives in the front. It's as if it just took a hit off a blunt and cloud 9 is just ONE more puff away.

  • Jimmy870
    Jimmy870 12 days ago

    Mr Regular, are you wearing two pairs of glasses at once?!

  • Khb 888
    Khb 888 12 days ago

    Well shit, just found the video and only have under 2h left

  • sacredgear
    sacredgear 12 days ago

    Now that you’ve done this, time for the R33, the ugly stepsister of the GTR family.

  • diego
    diego 14 days ago

    1989 Nissan Pulsar !

  • M Capponi
    M Capponi 16 days ago

    that point about the wipers/indicators confusion is a funny one for me in aus, because for some reason we have both configurations. changes from car to car. so annoying.

  • JDM Cartunez
    JDM Cartunez 17 days ago

    Wish you could still get a GTR for $10k, but now dumb people think they're worth $30k+ and dumber people are buying them for that

    DTINC WORLD NEWS 18 days ago

    This is not a "regular" car

  • escapeDMC
    escapeDMC 18 days ago

    God bless this intro

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen 19 days ago

    The proportions are super duper. So good.

  • dreamrealitysyndrome
    dreamrealitysyndrome 19 days ago

    Ok who else saw his face in the car mask?

  • Jaliya Udagama
    Jaliya Udagama 20 days ago

    Of course the r32 is better than the supra. The r32.'s intended rivals are Porsches not flabby supras.

  • Elite Gains
    Elite Gains 21 day ago

    I Nutted On Myself

  • Nick Swing
    Nick Swing 21 day ago

    Who ever gets to win this car....will be living the "I jizzed in my pants" song...this is like me getting a 80' jeep....never going to happen..
    But a dream.

  • Alexandr
    Alexandr 21 day ago

    it has the steering wheel on the wrong side lol

  • Connor Flys
    Connor Flys 21 day ago

    Brit over here getting HYPED when he says RHD is the correct side of the car at 8:30

  • brapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrap

    Lets face is the HKS Hi Power is the best JDM exhaust EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaA

  • brapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrap

    Dat Honda shift knob dough

  • Kris
    Kris 22 days ago


  • Kryptokilling01
    Kryptokilling01 23 days ago

    Please review the B5 a4

  • Logan Deeter
    Logan Deeter 23 days ago

    I have an 88 300zx and I can tell you the door clunk is just as satisfying. Shows you that Nissans used to be well made

  • funny time oof man
    funny time oof man 24 days ago

    46 thousand miles.
    Shit my 93 had about that when I bought it just recently.
    Near stock too.
    I guess my mustang needs some company.

  • Andrew Duong
    Andrew Duong 24 days ago


  • Brian Sulowski
    Brian Sulowski 24 days ago

    who else saw that nice dinger on the hood?

  • 7ViewerLogic
    7ViewerLogic 24 days ago


  • Steve Durman
    Steve Durman 24 days ago +1

    "Has rear-wheel steering." *shows two angles of the ABS actuator*

  • JakeTheGamer6000000
    JakeTheGamer6000000 24 days ago

    I saw a R32 on US I-83 yesterday.

  • Rootus and Loongus
    Rootus and Loongus 25 days ago

    this car is so fucking beautiful!!!!!

  • Jose Miguel Morante
    Jose Miguel Morante 25 days ago

    TT stands for penis, nope jk

  • roccorostagno
    roccorostagno 25 days ago

    That thing is clean.

  • Quattro Bageena
    Quattro Bageena 25 days ago

    R32 Skyline GTR with a trash Skunk2 shift knob.
    Also. well maintained, yet the weatherstripping is obliterated.

  • Unko Toire
    Unko Toire 25 days ago


  • Josh Partin
    Josh Partin 26 days ago

    Sounds like a bunch of bs

  • Bigngreen
    Bigngreen 26 days ago

    You don't get why it is in English? Was probably an import from Australia.

  • Admin Admin
    Admin Admin 26 days ago

    **ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY**: Does the person with the most entries automatically win? Or is the winner randomly selected?

  • jaimemilio Nazario
    jaimemilio Nazario 27 days ago

    Hi hellow,, i came by cause heard you people were giving a way a R32japan godzilla car..? Im i in the right place?🌴

  • Nick Kiedaisch
    Nick Kiedaisch 27 days ago

    Rcr has a bunch of viewers, prime driven has like a thousand on their videos. Wonder what the chances of winning are. Anyone know how popular their site is?

  • Retrocidal
    Retrocidal 27 days ago

    cool i wish i had it

  • JoeSloppyJoe
    JoeSloppyJoe 27 days ago

    98 Postal Legacy wagon has the wipers and blinkers in the normal left hand drive spot, but his right hand drive, I got one in Seattle if you want to drive it...

  • Cody
    Cody 27 days ago

    All that nice shit and the cheapest tein coilovers

  • N0AH TAI
    N0AH TAI 27 days ago

    This ain’t no regular car

  • AyDee
    AyDee 27 days ago

    P E R F E C T I O N

  • Dwight Walden
    Dwight Walden 27 days ago

    You should come review my 92 Mazda 323. It's only got 58k on the clock. And it's stock!!

  • Jared Jeanotte
    Jared Jeanotte 27 days ago

    So what does Roman actually do besides sing?

  • Ebaneezer Good
    Ebaneezer Good 27 days ago

    These with a mk5 engine in but running a mk4 gearbox are totally awesome, and yes it is possible don't try and tell me it isn't.
    I know this because i do electrical work at litchfield (UK) and although everyone at Nismo apart from a retired Nismo guru said no chance, and they've done it.
    Why you ask, because the mk5 box they were finding it loses about 100 hp at the wheels through the gearbox.
    to my knowledge they are the first to do it.

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson 28 days ago

    You’re disrespecting Godzilla, don’t like this video at all. You are not a JDM fan or a fair car reviewer.

  • Mariano Ibañez
    Mariano Ibañez 28 days ago

    dream fucking car

  • Lefteris Gaming
    Lefteris Gaming 28 days ago


  • samuel wilson
    samuel wilson 28 days ago

    Are you gonna do a regular review for an impala?

  • GoodeZilla
    GoodeZilla 28 days ago

    I like your take on the R32 GTR. I should do a review of mine like this lol

  • MeMelomis
    MeMelomis 28 days ago

    *N A S T Y S I D E O P R E S S O*

  • Noah Singman
    Noah Singman 28 days ago

    Review the Chrysler LeBaron!

  • griplimit
    griplimit 28 days ago +1

    This is my second favorite car...
    Right after my S14.
    Thanks Initial D.

    HAPPYFUNTIMEx2 28 days ago +1

    Welp, this company just made a ton of money. They are definitely gonna make a nice profit out of this GTR! Whoever gets this GTR is one lucky lucky sob. The R32 and R34 are in like the top 10 dream cars for every dude who lived through the 90s

  • Philip Versfeld
    Philip Versfeld 28 days ago

    Infinitely more entertaining than Doug DeMuro - any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

  • Vukasin Meseldzija
    Vukasin Meseldzija 28 days ago

    I love the clean non overpowered skylines, i am not saying that i don't like those crazy boosted cars i love them, but this clean jdm perfected cars satisfy me so much

  • BiGFaT DOobie
    BiGFaT DOobie 28 days ago

    Kurwa, ale maszynka!

  • phantomspaceman
    phantomspaceman 28 days ago

    Remember when Nissan could still make a classy car?

  • Medln
    Medln 28 days ago

    I can't watch this in these years..

  • Paul D
    Paul D 28 days ago

    Gotta love it!

  • SydneyChromatic
    SydneyChromatic 28 days ago

    Meh. Its not worth the trouble of owning one. Just way to much stuff to go wrong and break for a car thats fugly. An r34 thats a different story an S15... Is gorgeous and simple... Like an audi A5 before the A5 existed

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 28 days ago

    FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU talk to much

  • dakito fey
    dakito fey 28 days ago

    my old lexus doors dont even shut that smooth

  • William Boyle
    William Boyle 28 days ago

    Whats with all of these sweepstakes cars lately?

  • Salty McKraken
    Salty McKraken 28 days ago

    "I also don't get that this is a JDM car but it's written in english"
    Lol made me chuckle

  • Hal 1000
    Hal 1000 28 days ago

    Nice. I know of an unmolested 10000km black one sitting in a garage for 10 years now

  • Tnb Spotter
    Tnb Spotter 28 days ago

    The two dudes in the car look the same.

  • Schmidt54
    Schmidt54 28 days ago

    This car is beautiful. Timeless. In 20 years more it will be worth a LOT.

  • Shaq-boost
    Shaq-boost 28 days ago

    This aint no regular car.

  • Etb Etb
    Etb Etb 28 days ago

    The 2X turbo on an inline 6 is a low spool, high spool combo designed to stop lag.

  • d w
    d w 28 days ago

    finally a GTR thats well kept and not pulled apart by some kid

  • Bob S. Stevenson
    Bob S. Stevenson 28 days ago

    1uz was a v8 not v6 easy mistake tho

  • Subways Shenanigans
    Subways Shenanigans 28 days ago

    lol, i wish my 5th gear in the wrx was longer ahaha. burn through so much fuel sitting at 3k rpm on the highway. god forbid i do 110 instead of 100. tank empties faster than i can fill it

  • MiniRogue
    MiniRogue 28 days ago

    good car shit narration

  • Алексей Любимов

    ATESSA ET-S is to rear-wheel drive is what dining out with a trap is to dining out with a woman. Things are kinda same, but much better at the same time and you can not quite tell why.

  • tanoAE86
    tanoAE86 29 days ago

    2:36 yeahhh, that's the ABS module.

  • deegan463
    deegan463 29 days ago

    You sound surprised that the 4WS is hydraulic, as if it were newer it would be electronic (maybe on a road car but no dice here), and then give the most common explanation for the dual valve stems in the wheels which is entirely incorrect. Sounds like you know very little about the Group A Homologation Regulations of the late 80's, as well as race cars in general.
    Also, good job showing a close up of the ABS unit while talking about the HICAS...

  • Named User
    Named User 29 days ago

    hey I own one of those! I can agree with everything he has said 100% as well.

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson 29 days ago

    They do make good daily drivers, Ive driven mine from Phoenix to Los Angeles quite a few times

    GTR LIFE 29 days ago

    Proably the best review of an r32 gtr about everything that everyone doesn't talk about
    this is why when i modified my car I wanted to retain a stock feel
    Completely achievable with mild cams clutch and a quite exhaust

  • kayesem
    kayesem 29 days ago

    Right about the torque. It is super smooth, flat and just everywhere.
    I would buy one if I didn't think my drivers licence would spontaneously combust upon turning the key.

  • Owen Christy Jr
    Owen Christy Jr 29 days ago

    Tein is pronounced "tayne"

  • dillon james
    dillon james 29 days ago

    Plus 5k wtf

  • cupidstunt22
    cupidstunt22 29 days ago

    And RHD!
    Cool car
    Great vid

  • TRigg3rF3v3r
    TRigg3rF3v3r 29 days ago

    I know it isn’t related to this car, but I own a Pontiac Grand Prix 2004 Gt2 and would love to see what others were to say about it. I want to hear more than, “hey bud you drive your grand thix to school today?” From my friends every morning

    • 2018 Golf R-eady ?
      2018 Golf R-eady ? 29 days ago

      What do you expect people to say, it's a Grand Prix. I like them personally, I think there good looking and they were very quick for their time

  • Austin Ridings
    Austin Ridings 29 days ago

    A Skunk2 shift knob in a Nissan? That’s a bit odd.

  • Robert Tadic
    Robert Tadic 29 days ago

    Need an mk3 Supra for review, then it would be an accurate comparison, guarantee you'll find the Supra comfier then 👍🏼, back when it was actually a grand tourer and a quality luxury/ sport car.

    • 2018 Golf R-eady ?
      2018 Golf R-eady ? 29 days ago

      Mk3s are underrated. I love the body style, and it was a true GT car. Extremely comfortable for long distances and still able to hit 60 in the low 6s range and the quarter in mid high 14s.