• Published on Apr 26, 2019
    3Dio Binaural (Ear to Ear Eating Sounds)
    All vlogs food related.

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    ***This is an ASMR video. To ensure all tingles please wear headphone. If you do not enjoy EATING SOUNDS and light whispers PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IT. Eating, chewing, gulping sounds ect...are done very loudly for video purposes. THANK YOU.***

    ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a euphoric experience identified by a tingling sensation that triggers positive feelings, relaxation and focus. Listening to whisper voice and eating sounds are some examples that trigger ASMR. Everyone has a different ASMR triggers. I hope you find one that can help you to relax.

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  • edward Quing
    edward Quing 5 days ago

    where do you get all of your food im very hungry

  • Ella Dustinnn
    Ella Dustinnn 14 days ago

    I love her channel but whenever she says, "you can have the first bite" it creeps me out lmfao

  • A.A.A _xx
    A.A.A _xx 15 days ago +1

    This is how many people want to try it

  • Gopala Krishnan
    Gopala Krishnan 16 days ago

    where I want to buy like this food.
    OMG this is so cool 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Saanvi Domakonda
    Saanvi Domakonda 19 days ago

    My stomach hurts that looks amazing

  • kelleyixx
    kelleyixx 20 days ago


    no one at all:

    not a single soul:

    me: *calls psychologist* hi, i have a strange addiction to asmr eating videos. can you HELP me? thanks.

  • Zeynep Şıvka
    Zeynep Şıvka 22 days ago

    Gızzz canım çekti valla

  • Julia Reid
    Julia Reid 22 days ago

    OMG it looks so good 😍 I want it!!!!!

  • USARMYvietnamVET1969
    USARMYvietnamVET1969 23 days ago +1

    Love a soft shelled crab sandwich on a toasted bun & a good gob of tarter sauce.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 27 days ago

    How many shrimps do you have to eat, before you make your skin turn pink?

  • Phương Nghy Nguyễn

    Im from viet nam is great

  • Glenda Richardson
    Glenda Richardson Month ago

    I really would like a bite of that Sandwich.

  • That’s the tea
    That’s the tea Month ago

    / \
    | |

  • •Goth Gacha•
    •Goth Gacha• Month ago

    Next time tell us who you got this from because long asmr did this first

  • Camper4life22
    Camper4life22 Month ago

    I like the talking videos.

  • Ani b
    Ani b Month ago +1

    god this just looks so good omg 🤤🤤

  • Giao Kim
    Giao Kim Month ago

    Your video make me so hurry now

  • Umi :'c
    Umi :'c Month ago +1

    Empieza a hacer ASMR
    Para los q no quieren escuchar la vos de la mina

  • Sıla X
    Sıla X Month ago

    Canım çekti be oruç oruç

  • A.A.A _xx
    A.A.A _xx Month ago +3

    **WARNING** watch when your full

    Ah.. I'm full and this still makes me hungry.

  • Rando12YO
    Rando12YO Month ago

    Is it just me or it sounds like she's in a movie

  • Nastha play
    Nastha play Month ago

    Good video🤗

  • Alice Michaelis
    Alice Michaelis Month ago

    Talking ruined the video

  • Amanda Lee
    Amanda Lee Month ago +1

    Use me as the “I’m hungry button”

  • Narmy Castañeda
    Narmy Castañeda Month ago

    Like si hablas español y no les entiendes nada a los comentarios en inglés

  • Christzelyn Taehyung

    Wow u dont get fat

  • Nauriah Islam
    Nauriah Islam Month ago

    do an ice eating video

  • alex all
    alex all Month ago


  • Admiral Stiffplank
    Admiral Stiffplank Month ago

    what a world we live in

  • Isha Butt - North Park SS (2432)

    babes we don't hear the motorcycle. its just you. ps. me and me friend, Erika are low-key turned on by your ASMRs. we're watching this in our law class and this kid named Cole is being a hater to your ASMR. dw we defended your name. much love, Erika and Isha :)

  • Astral_Fox
    Astral_Fox Month ago

    You know it's a good sandwich when you have trouble keeping it together

  • aptnyc aptnyc
    aptnyc aptnyc Month ago

    Love that green salsa. Its better in the hotness than the red. Not sure why.. you try.

  • ale——
    ale—— 2 months ago +3

    more videos of deep fried soft shell crab!!!🤤🤤

  • Semra çalık
    Semra çalık 2 months ago

    Iam hungry 😩😩😩

  • Henry Ton
    Henry Ton 2 months ago


  • Sarah Rousing
    Sarah Rousing 2 months ago +1

    I am so hungry 😋because of you🤣

  • Gallery Banjar
    Gallery Banjar 2 months ago


  • Daisy Flower
    Daisy Flower 2 months ago


  • Faddahz
    Faddahz 2 months ago

    Watching this high

  • Violet Spring
    Violet Spring 2 months ago

    Mmm that looks good

  • Jennifer Alexandru
    Jennifer Alexandru 2 months ago

    Tbh I love the fan sound, it's relaxing

  • davina syaffa
    davina syaffa 2 months ago

    enakk bangett kriuk kriuk

  • Varagoth
    Varagoth 2 months ago

    That was a crusty crab

  • laur lauryn
    laur lauryn 2 months ago

    Why am I just now discovering such an awesome video?!! This gave me an tingles ☺️❤️👍✨

  • sara khan
    sara khan 2 months ago

    _Ur smile is so pretty_ 😊☺🤗

  • Gayle Robinson
    Gayle Robinson 2 months ago

    Has anybody mentioned throughout the videos I have noticed all her lipstick is like stays on there I really want to know like what kind of lipstick she uses

  • fungirl GR
    fungirl GR 2 months ago

    oh l am watering!😂😓😪😫

  • Mar Mar
    Mar Mar 2 months ago


  • Barbaatar Unurmaa
    Barbaatar Unurmaa 2 months ago

    maybe you number one

  • Itz dameh
    Itz dameh 2 months ago

    Sas- um can you pls finish the food for once~

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M 2 months ago +52

    Just once
    I want sas to upload a video and I’ll be eating what she’s eating and I won’t starve

  • Davin Ahmad
    Davin Ahmad 2 months ago

    masaaaa pengeeeeen

  • Từ Sư Tử Leo
    Từ Sư Tử Leo 2 months ago +1

    Món ăn có tên là gì vậy bạn ơi có ai là người Việt Nam 0 hay là biêt

  • Khushi Singh
    Khushi Singh 2 months ago

    Recipe pls

  • ajeng studies
    ajeng studies 2 months ago

    Masya Allah yang nanonton pas puasa

  • ThatLastGuyHD
    ThatLastGuyHD 2 months ago +5

    When im hungry I always watch asmr videos

  • Lucky Destian
    Lucky Destian 2 months ago

    Ra nate Poso jane

  • athena c.
    athena c. 2 months ago +3

    How does she make foods that i hate look so good

  • Wat the fung Is this?
    Wat the fung Is this? 2 months ago


  • Caitlin D
    Caitlin D 2 months ago

    SAS- Deep Fried Shrimp
    Australians- PRAWN

  • Lucia _19
    Lucia _19 2 months ago

    I'M VERY HUNGRY 🍇🍈🍉🍊🥭🍋🍑🥭🥑🥝🥬🌶🥬🥨🥐🌽🥐🌰🥦🌶🍖🥨🍖🥓🌯🥘🌯🥣🥫🍲🍲🍱🍘🌭🍚🍳🍿🥙🍳🍟🧀🍔🍔🥓🍖🍔🍖🍔🌮🌭🥗🌭🥙🌭🍛🌭🥗🥪🌯🌭🌯🌯🌭🍿🥟🍤🥟🍤🍠🍦🍦🍱🥧🍬🍼🍩🍼🍪🍯🍪🍯🍯🍭🍼🍭🍸🥂🥢🍶🥢🍶🥃🏺🍹🍵🍹🍵🍸🍬🍼🍬🍼🍭🍼🍭🍼🍭🍼🍪🧁🍪🧁🥫🍚🍚🥫🥗🥫🥣🥘🥗🥘🥘🍕🌯🌮🍕🌮🥪🥪🍕🌭🥓🧀🥓🧀🍔🍖🍔🍞🍔🥯🍖🥖🥨🥖

  • MooMemeQueen
    MooMemeQueen 2 months ago

    How are you not overweight

  • Best Tiktok and muiscal tutorials

    اللهم اني صائم

  • Hilal Fenni
    Hilal Fenni 2 months ago

    Oruç lu oruç lu bu videoları izleyen varmı

  • Elza Hemivhiana
    Elza Hemivhiana 2 months ago +1

    lgi puasa nntn'nin ginian hhf tambah nikmat dh puasa gua🤓😂

  • Puput Puput
    Puput Puput 2 months ago +1

    You eat Mr. Krab's😱😱

  • Daraylin Quabon
    Daraylin Quabon 2 months ago


  • Miekook subs
    Miekook subs 2 months ago +2

    im a muslim and today is a first day of fasting and watching this make me drooling🤤

  • Lyla Horvath
    Lyla Horvath 2 months ago +5

    i learned something new today, never watch her videos when your hungry😂

  • JadaTheAwesome Unicorn
    JadaTheAwesome Unicorn 2 months ago

    this is what I listen to before i go to bed