Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 vs. Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye vs. Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE - Drag Race

  • What do you do when you have a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE, a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye and a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500? A muscle-car drag race, obviously. And one that features over 2,200 horsepower combined.
    Full 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 Review:
    In this video, we pit these three super muscle cars against one another for quarter-mile bragging rights. Which one is the quickest? Watch to find out.
    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
    The Shelby GT500 is a high-performance version of the Mustang coupe available in a single trim level. Essentially a track-ready, street-legal Mustang, it has many performance features not available on the standard-issue car.
    When you're the top horse in the stable, expectations are high. And nothing short of world-beating performance is expected of the new Mustang Shelby GT500. Since Ford ended production of the previous-generation GT500, Dodge has normalized pony-car extremes with its Challenger Hellcat variations, and Chevrolet has set new records on the crucible of test tracks, Germany's Nürburgring, with its Camaro ZL1.
    The Shelby GT500 appears well equipped to reassert itself as the top horse in the stable. Ford developed a new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission specifically for this engine and fitted huge 16.5-inch-diameter front brake rotors clamped upon with six-piston calipers. The adaptive suspension can adjust to various modes, including settings for track-day heroics or drag-race showdowns.
    Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye
    There aren't a lot of vehicles we consider to be muscle cars. The 2019 Dodge Challenger, with its outlandish horsepower and classic styling, certainly qualifies. Muscle cars are also known for their lack of practicality, but the Challenger bucks that trend by making fewer sacrifices in everyday usability thanks to its large trunk and relatively spacious rear seats.
    The new 797-hp SRT Hellcat Redeye is basically the retired Demon but with a slightly detuned V8 and less drag-race-specific hardware. There are also some changes in the supporting trims. All-wheel drive is now available on the base SXT, the Widebody treatment is offered on the R/T Scat Pack, and a new dual-snorkel hood increases the Hellcat output by 10 hp. Some trims also come with fewer standard features and corresponding price drops.
    Even without these latest changes, the Challenger would have remained one of our favorite vehicles in any class. It doesn't have the corner-carving chops of the Camaro or the Mustang, and we're quite fine with that. Not many cars have this kind of sinister style or performance that won't break the bank or overtly compromise your daily drive.
    The Challenger may not be as quick or as responsive as the Mustang or the Camaro, but it's always a hoot to drive. The Dodge's sheer size makes in-town maneuvering a bit tough (the wide-body fenders don't help), but the meaty tires and upgraded suspension aid handling and body roll.
    Full 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Review:
    Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
    The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro has been refreshed, with new fascias, front and rear lights, and some tweaks to trim-level equipment lists. But the only quality-of-life improvement is the upgrade to Chevy's newest and quickest infotainment system, the aptly named Chevrolet Infotainment 3. Nothing that makes the Camaro a tremendous performer and rewarding car to drive has changed, but nothing that makes it an unappealing choice for daily living has changed either.
    Spend any time behind the wheel of a Camaro, and you'll quickly realize it's sharper and more purposeful than its American muscle-car rivals, especially when equipped with the 1LE package - an assortment of performance upgrades meant to improve handling, steering and braking. For 2019 models, Chevy has expanded the 1LE offering, making it available with all three engine options, including the turbocharged 2.0-liter.
    In many ways, the Camaro feels like the odd man out in the American muscle-car trinity. The Dodge Challenger has stayed true to form and is basically a rolling couch you can equip with a 797-horsepower V8, while the Ford Mustang has turned into a solid all-arounder with broad appeal for coupe buyers. But the Camaro has become a true sports car with all the ups and downs that entails, essentially abandoning all the traditional muscle-car traits except high-output V8 engines.
    Full 2019 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Review:
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  • Edmunds
    Edmunds  2 months ago +232

    Read all the performance data, specs, and testing notes from our drivers here:
    To clear things up: We ran each car separately at our test track (off camera) with the same driver and better weather conditions and got the results you see at the end of the video.
    Do you think the outcome would change on a prepped surface and if each car had drag radials?

    • Bodhi Plays
      Bodhi Plays 7 days ago

      awesome race

    • thudtheace
      thudtheace Month ago

      And you still couldn't do it right huh Edmunds... Don't post shit if you can't do justice to each one of these vehicles...

    • BillHK
      BillHK Month ago

      The Chevy would run faster without the track package. That's too much downforce intended for grip in turns, not for drag racing. That said, the result might be about the same, as the Fors is really fast. Edmunds did a better job than these guys who only dragged it once and forgot the launch delay on the Ford.
      Dodge has a faster drag machine called the Demon, and it's rated at 9.65 seconds at 140mph.

    • Challenger SRT 392
      Challenger SRT 392 2 months ago

      @billy heaton I was surprised the GT didn't crash..garbage.

    • Tom B.
      Tom B. 2 months ago

      Hellcat wins every time in these conditions!

  • John is having a divorce

    Press 👍 if hellcat lost because a woman was driving it

  • Zack Stanfield
    Zack Stanfield 2 days ago

    Warm the tires up.

  • CurbsideUnderwood
    CurbsideUnderwood 2 days ago

    Epic. Epic. Epic. 🏁🏁🏁 This was awesome.

  • بدران علي
    بدران علي 5 days ago

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  • Bodhi Plays
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  • Pappy
    Pappy 8 days ago

    The mustang just didn't win, it handed out a can of whip-ass!

  • TrulyJoseph
    TrulyJoseph 8 days ago

    Shelby on too

  • Nick Roberts
    Nick Roberts 9 days ago

    gt500 smokes the competition lol

  • Alex Flores
    Alex Flores 9 days ago

    🚗 💨 #1🏅

  • Caelan Thompson
    Caelan Thompson 10 days ago

    should try a dodge demon instead of a hellcat

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  • Aaron Zubia
    Aaron Zubia 12 days ago

    All other test has ZL1 and hellcat beat the GT500 at Least with something, this video is super bias on the mustang and just praising it and making the other two look bad

  • Kendall McAdams
    Kendall McAdams 13 days ago

    Dude didn’t spell camaro right!!! Lmao

  • Kaiden Coleman
    Kaiden Coleman 15 days ago

    Can we get a dude driving

  • Jake Burbridge
    Jake Burbridge 15 days ago

    So, I think throttle house did the best

  • Антоненко В'ячеслав

    Make Russia subtitles, please

  • frosty l
    frosty l 19 days ago

    Put drag radials on all cars , redeye has the worst all season tires .

  • Big Dom
    Big Dom 20 days ago

    Put some respect on that 🐍

  • LTZ 863
    LTZ 863 21 day ago

    Roll race is the ONLY way! 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Low Boi 21 day ago

    Mustangs are better what can I say

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    Ted v 23 days ago

    Should have switched drivers too

  • Jaman n
    Jaman n 24 days ago

    can i just watch drag not you!

  • James Wise
    James Wise 26 days ago +2

    Told yall from day 1.....FORD kicking dodge and chevy ass since 1903. Gave that redeye a black eye. When ppl show you the redeye winning in the 1/4 there not telling you if has tires and the gt500 has stock😂😂😂 ford wins hands down. All these are stock and a fair race and no surprise here gt500 wipes its ass with both of them

  • Ashton TheGamer
    Ashton TheGamer 27 days ago

    The read eye is just a copy of the demon

  • ZxSkyLineKidxZ
    ZxSkyLineKidxZ 28 days ago

    Is it me or is the Challenger just very slow off the line? 🤔

  • nightmare Green
    nightmare Green 29 days ago

    Mustangs rule fool lol mines a beast

  • John Beckham
    John Beckham Month ago

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  • wluobmai
    wluobmai Month ago

    ZL1 will be the winner with cup2 tires

  • Luke Rohlfing
    Luke Rohlfing Month ago

    #keepthecamaro 🥺🥺

    CAR LOVERS Month ago +2

    My favourite is that Shelby GT 500

  • Cooper Wilde
    Cooper Wilde Month ago

    Who is here from motor tube

  • MrNelsonE18
    MrNelsonE18 Month ago

    Is there a hellcat driver that doesn’t fall asleep at the launch? 🤔

  • 정의
    정의 Month ago +2

    Yeah~ The best one is certainly MUSTANG!

  • rusyda maheswara
    rusyda maheswara Month ago

    Toreto will not happy to see this

  • Tone Deaf
    Tone Deaf Month ago

    Why dont they use the demon tf

  • Patrick Chamberlain

    Three super cars and then add the spice ....shack them up and put them on the track..Like my Ford!

  • Mikołaj Przykucki
    Mikołaj Przykucki Month ago


  • sam -
    sam - Month ago +1

    Yeah those cars roars aren’t anything compared to that mustang 💀

  • Anwar Aliessa
    Anwar Aliessa Month ago


  • DeadMeat
    DeadMeat Month ago

    Kurt Niebuhr's horrific reaction times easily cost the GT500 a few tenths in average 1/4 mile times.

  • Mr Perfectionist
    Mr Perfectionist Month ago

    ZL1 1LE Exorcist vs Dodge Demon vs Mustang Shelby GT500

  • Leslie Greenberg
    Leslie Greenberg Month ago

    Why didn't u go to a dragstrip...get true time mustang...
    10.7....132. Chevy. 11.5. ...127. Dodge11.4.....128. What they. Should. Of done!!!!!

  • Marvin Lyons
    Marvin Lyons Month ago +1

    Should do the demon🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers Month ago

    In most cases it all defends and ends up with the driver of the car...!!!

  • CJgot Everything
    CJgot Everything Month ago +1

    Hellcat and ZL1 and Shelby and CHARGE y'all should have add it the charger. But of all muslce cars I like the Shelby mustang

  • BigSlick40
    BigSlick40 Month ago

    They had to make a girl drive the challenger to give the other guys a chance.

  • Richard Diaz
    Richard Diaz Month ago

    It’s never apples to apples comparison , isn’t the Shelby a car that has been modified by Shelby so they should have a Hennessy Zl1 in that video

    • Richard Modglin
      Richard Modglin 9 days ago

      No. Its Ford racing and Shelby but mostly Ford. It's not aftermarket... its stock production.

  • Loser Squad HD 123
    Loser Squad HD 123 Month ago

    The fact that none of them spun their tires to heat them up, and neither of them brake torqued off the line, and the fact that Carlos Jumped it, yet that Mustang GT500 still won.

    Edit: Also The biggest heaviest and most powerful car there, was on the skinniest tires.

  • Eduardo Carrillo
    Eduardo Carrillo Month ago

    Watching this is better than any of the new fast and the furious movies...

  • hurtnem76
    hurtnem76 Month ago

    How lame . All of these cars being automatics . An unfortunate sign of the times when your 90 year old grandma can get inside any one of these cars and just mash the gas pedal without having to know how to drive or use a clutch pedal . Yes Automatics are faster 😴 but they are boring and don’t require any skill . I would never buy any of these in a automatic transmission.

  • hitandrun117
    hitandrun117 Month ago

    I wonder if having the Michelin’s on the hellcat would change anything? Or if it’s just because the weight kills it

  • William Felix
    William Felix Month ago

    Bring in the super snake dragon snake to kill the demon.

    100PERCENT DRE Month ago

    Somebody can't drive. Motor Trend's Great Race, the Hellcat took the Mustang in both the 1/4 and 1/2 mile.

  • ramazan tanbi
    ramazan tanbi Month ago

    you need to put ZR1 to the test which has just about the same H.P and see what happens. and try half a mile or a mile afterwards.

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels Month ago

    Should have done a mile or half mile watch the hemi smoke em all

  • Kevin Dupont
    Kevin Dupont Month ago

    Mopar..All the way!!!!...Stangs just sound real good...but they are not stop stangs ...yall are killing me with this...

  • ACE_Spitfire L3
    ACE_Spitfire L3 Month ago

    Hellcat still cant put all that power down to the ground

  • CSAR392 T/A
    CSAR392 T/A Month ago

    Mustangs are so ugly

  • Michael Washington
    Michael Washington Month ago

    This was kinda the real race that was not shown the mustang still lost...

    • Richard Modglin
      Richard Modglin Month ago

      They ran the over a dozen times at two seperate locations and the Stang won the 1/4 every single time!

  • G K
    G K Month ago +1

    I love the Mustang

  • Bryan
    Bryan Month ago

    I LOVE all 3 of these cars,,,,,BUT,,,,,,I would love to see the Corvette ZR1 come rolling in. You could say it`s the KING of all 3 of these cars.

  • Ray Jay
    Ray Jay Month ago

    and with the smallest engine, engineering my friends!

  • DPM Racing
    DPM Racing Month ago

    Until the mustang throws a rod or spins a bearing.
    And isn't covered under warranty

  • R AJ
    R AJ Month ago

    Ford just keeps killing it. Mustang, SUVs, and trucks. They are already testing and developing new technologies that Dodge and GM only fantasize about.

  • Garrison Nichols
    Garrison Nichols Month ago

    Hey Throttle House
    This is how you make a test video!
    Thanks for making this video and not wasting my time.
    I hate 30 minute videos that are just all talk.

  • Johan Lebbing
    Johan Lebbing Month ago

    "Holy mary, mother of God"..

  • Yang 27
    Yang 27 Month ago

    Get a Demon out there to put Dodges best foot forward on the challenger, or even the Dragpak. Then that GT500 would be seeing tail lights

  • Logue Raps
    Logue Raps Month ago

    Of course, there’s a woman lol.

  • Mikel Sanders
    Mikel Sanders Month ago

    The hot girl kept the cobra tires warm.

  • Mikel Sanders
    Mikel Sanders Month ago

    Man I didn't realize how fat all three cars are.

  • Alphawolf
    Alphawolf Month ago +2

    Not going to lie that Mustang look like it was Pulling Mad hard and I love it 😁

  • John Hollins
    John Hollins Month ago +2

    Wow! All these cars are so neat! My heart goes out for the Ford Shelby GT 500 an outstanding car!

  • John Cena
    John Cena Month ago

    At throttle house the zl1wins

  • Phone Backup
    Phone Backup Month ago

    I call B.S. You guys are as fake as it gets.

  • Carlos De La Llave
    Carlos De La Llave Month ago

    They should have used the dodge demon instead of the redeye

    • JerseyMikeP
      JerseyMikeP Month ago

      @youngbreezy Actually it wouldn't be the same... Demon is alot lighter and has Drag Radials vs. Pzero all seasons, not to mention a suspension designed for drag racing. That being said if they didn't adjust the tire pressures and the Driver wasn't good...the results wouldn't be as good ass they could be. The Fact is, You have the Gt500 and Zl-1 1LE on sticky Track tires and the Redeye is on All Season... Bias Test. Do a Drag race with 4 adults in the car... Oh wait the Gt500 Track edition and Zl-1 1LE are 2 seats.

    • youngbreezy
      youngbreezy Month ago

      Results would of still be the same. Hellcats/Demon is just too heavy

  • Royce Verus
    Royce Verus Month ago

    Well I a mopar guy and I'd buy the Hellcat anyway but all of them are amazing and pretty much the Holy Trinity of American cars that put into a shame most of the European cars :D i love them all 😁

  • Richard Modglin
    Richard Modglin Month ago +1

    "No matter how many times we ran... The results were always the same. The GT500 won."
    Shelby is King!

  • Darren Robinson
    Darren Robinson Month ago

    get that stupid woman out of the hellcat. She can't drive. Get a man in there.

  • Syed Nazeer
    Syed Nazeer Month ago +1

    Ford id back