Chocolate vs. Real Food Challenge

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • We’re playing Peeker Picker Poker Face: Chocolate Edition for Valentine’s Day! See who gets the sweet treat and who gets the nasty reality... GMM #1483
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Comments • 4 600

  • Zack Haynie
    Zack Haynie 14 hours ago

    Deer heart seasoned and cooked is good

  • Pandy the Panda
    Pandy the Panda 17 hours ago

    This is a freaking SNAKE!!!!!

  • Austin Franklin
    Austin Franklin 23 hours ago

    Rhet: it’s so ThICk

  • RageDpxbro 08
    RageDpxbro 08 Day ago

    Rhett : Looks like yours is a little bigger again
    Link : You can say that again

  • crow
    crow Day ago

    bro, buttered garlic snail? delicious.

  • Marcus V
    Marcus V Day ago

    Omfg i love chicken feet

  • Horse lover Star

    "You don't want what's under here"
    "You just gave that to your self"
    "Good point"

  • Lukas Hansen
    Lukas Hansen 2 days ago +1

    9:32 he got so angry😹😹😹

  • laney Hesse
    laney Hesse 3 days ago

    thats the one YUAHHH gonna GET

  • tirza trash
    tirza trash 3 days ago +2

    “it smells like one of those dry aquariums. what are those called?”
    a... zoo ?

  • Tilden Huffaker
    Tilden Huffaker 4 days ago

    I've had rattlesnake. If I had to eat that snake, I think that I would've liked it.

  • Monster Gamer021
    Monster Gamer021 4 days ago


  • Setyo Budi Utomo
    Setyo Budi Utomo 4 days ago

    Fyi, We in Indonesia often eat chicken feet as a complement to chicken noodles

  • Brittany Davis
    Brittany Davis 6 days ago

    Y’all should go on fear factor that would make my year

  • Zenos Villondo
    Zenos Villondo 7 days ago +2

    “Looks like fate has chosen for me”
    “You know what I think about fate.”

    *that was so cool*

  • Abhi Dutta
    Abhi Dutta 7 days ago

    3:36 that’s what she said

  • The Werewolf of Wagga Wagga

    You: Terrarium
    Link, an intellectual: Dry Aquarium

  • Catty & Pandauni
    Catty & Pandauni 8 days ago +2

    10:26 this is a month old snake
    Me:aren’t snakes poisonous...AND IT’S A MONTH OLD

    • Uh Oh Spaghetti-os
      Uh Oh Spaghetti-os 8 days ago +1

      Not all snakes are venomous lol and even if it was venomous you can still eat it without eating the venom.

  • Bobonator 222
    Bobonator 222 9 days ago

    What kind of snake was it

  • Un-Professional Duck

    I, like Link, enjoy seeing Rhett suffer (in a comedic sense, not a literal sense).

  • Snake
    Snake 11 days ago +3

    Sometimes I forget how fun watching GMM is.

  • Hlynn Yates
    Hlynn Yates 12 days ago

    I have never seen Link smile so happily at a snake before

  • Bella Kroner
    Bella Kroner 12 days ago +1

    Why is link so dramatic lmao, escargot is so fucken good stg

  • Tara Grace
    Tara Grace 12 days ago +1

    just replay 13:48-13:50 over and over again. i cant stop laughing idk why 😭

  • Beautiful styles
    Beautiful styles 13 days ago

    Im now in the mood for chocolate and the sad part is that I don’t have any😢

    • Los Trem
      Los Trem 10 days ago

      I'm in the mid for escargot

  • Narancia Over Heaven
    Narancia Over Heaven 13 days ago

    13:48 no (right arm has spasm)

  • Trailer park Dudes
    Trailer park Dudes 13 days ago

    I love sgargo

  • Lemon Slayer
    Lemon Slayer 14 days ago

    “Does it taste like a peepee organ?”

  • Wk5y
    Wk5y 14 days ago

    You:So snaky
    Me:Thats whats she said

  • Gghost Blue Gamer
    Gghost Blue Gamer 14 days ago +1

    Y'know, those dry aquariums

  • MixCraftPE
    MixCraftPE 14 days ago

    If Rhett were filipino he would love chicken feet

  • shut down
    shut down 15 days ago

    *GoRdON RamSAy haS aGrEsSivELy eNtEReD ThE ChAt*

  • Viet Pham
    Viet Pham 16 days ago

    Always find myself rooting for Rhett. Way more humble than Link.

  • Kris Art
    Kris Art 17 days ago

    the "weird fridge" ? What the....

  • Alana Hann
    Alana Hann 17 days ago

    I've eaten chicken heart before. Very tasty actually

  • Jordyn Celeen
    Jordyn Celeen 17 days ago

    I remember when I was about 7,8 or 9 and I used to watch your videos every day.I just remembered that you guys still made videos so now I am kinda binge watching the videos.

  • Aida Rodriguez
    Aida Rodriguez 17 days ago +1

    when nerds get a tv show LMFAO

  • Rusty Giant
    Rusty Giant 17 days ago

    Is it weird that I like liver and kidney

  • The_official_Asia
    The_official_Asia 17 days ago

    U guys remember the huge cereal bowl u should do something huge again

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein 17 days ago

    Forest Gump: You two are morons.

  • Slytherin_pride
    Slytherin_pride 18 days ago +2

    I loved the forest gump reference at the beginning

  • Chelsea VanDenHoek
    Chelsea VanDenHoek 18 days ago +1

    Pour Link he always gets the bad stuff.😥

  • Archer Boy 10
    Archer Boy 10 18 days ago

    Smell of that

  • Ashley_ Nicole
    Ashley_ Nicole 18 days ago

    I’m I the only one that likes escargot (aka snails)?

  • Running Lily
    Running Lily 18 days ago

    You can do it serpent king

  • Mia Belmonte
    Mia Belmonte 20 days ago


  • Marjorie Danis
    Marjorie Danis 21 day ago

    am i the only one who sees Dana Carvey when looking at Link?

  • John Feeger
    John Feeger 22 days ago +1

    And I oop sksksksksksk

  • stepan jeřábek
    stepan jeřábek 22 days ago

    3:35 well that's what pornstars are thinking everytime

  • Win Gershom Ilar
    Win Gershom Ilar 23 days ago

    Pork kidney, chicken feet, snail is common food in Philippines

  • Megan Glen
    Megan Glen 23 days ago

    12:50 I didn't realize this was a radio show

  • Person of marshmallow
    Person of marshmallow 23 days ago +1

    Rhett flipping Link off with a chickens food oh god I’m dead 😂

  • Taco Dragon
    Taco Dragon 23 days ago

    3:35 thats what she said

  • wagwagdude
    wagwagdude 24 days ago +1

    more cotton candy randy

  • Betsy Montellano
    Betsy Montellano 25 days ago +1

    Okay but like the chicken foot wasn’t that bad

  • That Bright Gaming
    That Bright Gaming 25 days ago +1

    I went to Paris and went to a place which I think that was called Cher Ribe and the escargot was amazing

  • Its Ya Boy Topsun
    Its Ya Boy Topsun 25 days ago

    That smell that snake gave off was it's defense mechanism snakes will give off a putrid smell to scare off predators or something it thinks is gonna hurt it i would know... I've picked up and regretted picking up enough snakes to know by the way it also stains clothes. Because its a semi damp and disgusting liquid.

  • Ricky The Humanoid
    Ricky The Humanoid 26 days ago

    9:28 my siri activated lol

  • Rigor_Mortis
    Rigor_Mortis 27 days ago +1

    Rhett eats pork kidney and chicken foot no problem, link freaks over a snake... GMM

  • Asenath Miller
    Asenath Miller 28 days ago

    8:23 rhett looks like a puppy