Gorillaz - Song Machine Theme Tune

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  • Calvin Coolidge
    Calvin Coolidge 3 days ago

    Lmao I love how people in the comments really believed this was for the tv show

  • Ulquiorra Arck
    Ulquiorra Arck 5 days ago

    the A from Ace it´s over there....

  • Fawie Collins
    Fawie Collins 7 days ago

    Let me explain
    Piano with different coloured keys: Different people working on damons song
    Playboy bunny: Its gonna be sexy songs
    Small pink piano: Applying childrens playing techniques which means the songs will be experimental
    The Ace card symbol: Ace is back with noodle
    Kitty cat symbol: Noodle is back with Ace
    The solar system: Casio watch reference resembling they are all over the known solar system
    The demon: Wants his music through murdocs help
    Murdoc: Manipulates people through his rubbish talk LOL
    we listen to this tone and the MISS OSIM must be a reference to gorillaz past music lyrics or something upcoming hmmmm
    Well if you dont understand what im saying just understand this is called a music SYSTEM! similar to human body systems.

  • juan arias
    juan arias 16 days ago

    mucho color!!!!

  • Azra A.G
    Azra A.G 20 days ago +1

    666k views. Nice

  • Ale-Stuffs
    Ale-Stuffs 22 days ago +2

    This is like a cartoon:
    Season 1:
    Momentary Bliss

    Season 2: ????????

    I love this concept ❤❤

  • Ananas Aka Ur Mom
    Ananas Aka Ur Mom 28 days ago +2

    Memories of being confused as f*ck about this...

  • Extran Taves
    Extran Taves Month ago

    three years in a row

  • my name is chef
    my name is chef Month ago

    So strange.

  • Twilight Zone Official

    They released a 30 second extended version for some reason...

  • V3RZ3
    V3RZ3 Month ago

    This reminds me of the beginning of stuff & sam from Brandon Rodgers

  • Sink Drink
    Sink Drink Month ago

    i really like the little playboy bunny sticker on the machine👀

  • Lee Hitashi
    Lee Hitashi Month ago




  • Brendan Stubbs
    Brendan Stubbs Month ago

    Is this some type of metre game

  • ebi
    ebi Month ago

    im glad to announce that the gorillaz fandom is on fire 6 of the 7 days of the week

  • Racso Hurnandez
    Racso Hurnandez Month ago +1

    Can someone who know how use a computer extend thia masterpiece?

  • Jayden Abalos
    Jayden Abalos Month ago +2

    Sounds like something from splatoon

  • Coop C.
    Coop C. Month ago

    When I first saw this I thought Gorillaz were actually releasing an instrument 😂

  • Taidgh Daly
    Taidgh Daly Month ago


  • el michi walker :v
    el michi walker :v Month ago

    Ok no entendí nada like :v

  • P P
    P P Month ago

    What type of music are you into?
    I like this! It's very grown up!

  • Oisin Nicholls
    Oisin Nicholls Month ago

    *gorilaz* Hey! What about we made a 12 second song!* me*. WTH

  • Matias Delersse
    Matias Delersse Month ago

    my new ringtone

  • Ralsei
    Ralsei Month ago

    Playboi rabit: *AnGeRy*

  • Porsché
    Porsché Month ago +1

    This some heavy Ben Wheele type stuff

  • luis fer salas
    luis fer salas Month ago

    Think outside of the box, maybe it means the song is already mastered and done... now we have to wait to see it

  • Ляйля Байтанова

    Эти 23 секунды самые прекрасные

  • paralyticdreams
    paralyticdreams Month ago +1

    why do i keep replaying this

  • Some random guy On the internet

    What happened to ace

  • erika quijano
    erika quijano Month ago


  • Shambolè
    Shambolè Month ago +2

    this tastes like Stauber-ry

  • PapaFrank
    PapaFrank Month ago

    I desperately wanna use this as my comic review series intro music

  • TeamArdillaOfficial


  • Dittogalaxy11
    Dittogalaxy11 Month ago

    This song hits hard doh

  • Animegirl's channel


  • Giancarlo Rodriguez
    Giancarlo Rodriguez Month ago +1

    The fuck did I just get myself into

  • Diaper Money
    Diaper Money Month ago

    23 seconds

  • sorrychangedmyusername

    Gonna predict Gorillaz x Joji before it's actually true.

  • Dianita Chan uwu
    Dianita Chan uwu Month ago +1


  • Tessa Claborn
    Tessa Claborn Month ago +2

    We know now, it's a theme song to the modern version of G-Bitez. I think.

  • Flamestar320 power to the people

    I'm not the only one that finds the gong sound very adorable, right?

  • ɤ̞
    ɤ̞ Month ago +1

    It make sense now

  • E H
    E H Month ago +1

    I imagine this is how Detroit was made

  • arai06 •__•
    arai06 •__• Month ago

    Uhm what....

  • Chance Eldritch
    Chance Eldritch Month ago +1

    Is this giving anyone else 70s-80s pbs educational kids content vibes? Just me? Okay then...

  • The- potato-warrior

    Someone should let them know that the new vids aren’t appearing 1st in the video section.

  • Pablo Cabral
    Pablo Cabral Month ago

    I love the mini-gong

  • Christian Santiago
    Christian Santiago Month ago

    sounds like a remix of the stranger things theme

  • Fernando Muñoz
    Fernando Muñoz Month ago +1

    Jack Stauber?

    • 13 SURGO
      13 SURGO Month ago

      Fernando Muñoz probably

  • Jojo Pingu
    Jojo Pingu Month ago +1

    Man, ten years sure does just fly by doesn't it

  • erin wade
    erin wade Month ago

    love that i only just got back into gorillaz after demon days first came out, and yall are as lost as me :') IVE BEEN HERE A WEEK x

  • Santi el gamer Lol
    Santi el gamer Lol Month ago

    This is the new phase 5 of gorillaz

  • LordLucario99
    LordLucario99 Month ago

    deedoodoo deedoodoo deedoodoo bibibidibibibi bibibidibibi

  • Katatonic
    Katatonic Month ago


    MC. STORM Month ago

    Awwshit its time fellas

  • Derek Studley
    Derek Studley Month ago

    This might be a new album

  • Michael Alexander
    Michael Alexander Month ago

    N-new album?

  • Aesthetical Twat
    Aesthetical Twat Month ago

    I swear I’ve heard a lot of these sounds on GarageBand/Logic Pro.

  • Princesoulger
    Princesoulger Month ago

    This looks like the opening if Gorillaz had a tv show.

  • UnluckyTaaru54
    UnluckyTaaru54 Month ago

    I thought this was phase 6 (sorry I'm losing track) for a sec

  • Nathan Games7
    Nathan Games7 Month ago

    Make a longer one

  • R3sh1200
    R3sh1200 Month ago

    gorillaz have another album coming out ? thats awesome

  • RednDead
    RednDead Month ago

    As someone who has been listening to Gorillaz since Feel Good Inc. went public... I am also confused 😂

  • GooseBun
    GooseBun Month ago

    I want this little short to be extended and made into a full on song cuz the beat got me feeling some kinda way

  • Nikla Vek
    Nikla Vek Month ago

    ok so you bleached the 8 ball and painted the cue to align the forcal spheres but how on earth did you get the devmfone to balance above the seerhit without overloading?
    ...I gotta say I'm curious to see if and how this song machine works

  • MoTheCow
    MoTheCow Month ago

    Yall ready for momentary bliss

  • Alex Bonda
    Alex Bonda Month ago

    Great original exclusive Gorillaz fan tone for a phone!

  • JuKe
    JuKe Month ago

    Next, banksy makes a reveal

  • i do not kno
    i do not kno Month ago +1


  • Cameron
    Cameron Month ago +1

    I can hear it saying, “The Gorillaz Song Machine.”

  • Ferocitty
    Ferocitty Month ago +1

    What is going on

  • Ice Cream Wasabi
    Ice Cream Wasabi Month ago +1

    Why is the tune lowkey cute???? W/ gorillaz usually you be expecting something in your face but they made the song cute & it’s tripping me off.

  • The Good Humanz Don't Do Drugs.

    Check ig @Slaves

  • Succubi Pie
    Succubi Pie Month ago +1

    First 10 seconds is like a classic adult swim bump.

  • deejus
    deejus Month ago

    in case youre in the comments trying to figure out what this is, no its not exactly a new album. they said in a interview that song machine is gonna be a series that spans throughout 2020. every episode is gonna have a song released with it. we already have a trailer for episode one "momentary bliss"

  • Sonia Valdespino
    Sonia Valdespino Month ago

    Estoy muy emocionada por su estreno🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • lintlickerize
    lintlickerize Month ago +1

    **confusion dance**

  • Emily Kang
    Emily Kang Month ago

    Did I see


  • Eric O'Grady
    Eric O'Grady Month ago

    Where is Ace?