Dave Chappelle | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

He's back. And with plenty on his mind. Dave Chappelle returns with two stand-up specials from his personal comedy vault that are now streaming on Netflix.

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Dave Chappelle | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Длительность: 1:17
Комментарии: 2072

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Автор stellvia hoenheim ( назад)

Автор jayye 90 ( назад)
the king is back

Автор Chris ( назад)
w for coming back and W for having a tribe called quest's we the people

Автор Odin Aesthetic ( назад)
Best comedy I have seen in years. Killer comedy. Putting other comedians to shame.

Автор Money Mitch ( назад)
The fuckin audience don't know what funny is

Автор Tanya Blyther ( назад)
I laughed the whole show! 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор tittiesncream balls ( назад)
I missed this man.

Автор checklistbeach ( назад)
i was there! it was amazing

Автор TheVandrell ( назад)
Damn! These 2 specials is what is needed right now in these PC obsessed times! Not nearly as great as Killing Them Softly or For What its Worth, but still darn good.

Автор D-SCAR Navy ( назад)
If you are watching the first episode, when u hit 45:23, the people in the background are making out. Smoooooooth, hahahaha

Автор XXX XXX ( назад)
He's ok for a clone!

Автор Focus Immersion ( назад)
time to reactivate my Netflix account..

Автор fgfdhjjgj ( назад)
do we up for the Amy Schumer special calling it!!

Автор Dbo Thebeatman ( назад)
Best comedy special In years. If you haven't seen it, please do.

Автор weepingserpentsong singswithjoy ( назад)
For crying out loud can't the whole world get the same content? Why the fuck did I pay for premium? Plz release in Korea

Автор cesar pena ( назад)
Great as always , but what about those fake ass audience members in the front rows?

Автор SoulEjecta ( назад)
Just watched both videos on Netflix and man... Dave is genius. Dave hasn't lost his comedy acumen at all. His shit is brilliant.

Автор Daxkalak ( назад)
This skinny guy has gotten bigger.

Автор CuspofCarabelli ( назад)
Kevin Hart is funny, but he's a one dimensional comedian that makes funny faces like Jim Carrey. Chappelle is on another level because he can do that and dissect serious issues. The best comedians are the ones that can make you laugh while exposing social controversies. IMO of course.

Автор LordClydeofOMAR ( назад)
I guess after the "Dear White People" debacle, netflix came up to Dave and were like "SAVE US!"

Автор archetypeparadigms ( назад)
I wonder if he'll steal jokes from Amy Schumer, he might even be talented enough to make them funny.

Автор IntheInternet Wetrust ( назад)
This is a perfect time for Dave to be on stage

Автор Tony Grady ( назад)
yo this shitwas funny as hell.. shootout to Chappelle!! that second part.. I actually saw that in concert when he came to NC in 2014

Автор Ed Stack ( назад)
Epic! 👍

Автор Joshua Marquez ( назад)
I love Dave Chappelle but I have to be honest these specials weren't that great. I laughed here and there but it doesn't compare to Killing them Softly or For what it's Worth or even his show. His past specials were timeless. These Netflix specials were full of current events that are already irrelevant.

Автор kvivzy ( назад)
He's still got it.

Автор Dellon Mark ( назад)
Comcast owns Netflix and they provide some gd shit on there lately

Автор Dellon Mark ( назад)
Easily the best comedian alive right now.he makes any and everything funny and can freestyle to

Автор Dominique Ames ( назад)
of course people going to bring up Kevin Hart smh always got to tear a person down in the praise for another

Автор Jose B. ( назад)
Though Kevin Hart is financially more successful, Dave Chapelle actually brings up important topics while throwing some hilarious jokes. Dave has always been my favorite comedian along side Jim Carey. Finally he's back!

Автор Channing Parker ( назад)
I'm a HUGE fan of Dave Chappelle!! I've watched everything he has ever done, but honestly.. he's lacking the high level of energy he used to have

I'll just blame on the "Illuminati" and be done with it lol

Автор Thiago Santos ( назад)
Loved the specials! Thank you Netflix for bringing back Dave Chappelle!

Автор Mosab Hijazi ( назад)
The return of the Legend !

Автор TheTrippleTKA ( назад)
It was okay. stop over hyping this shit.

Автор Rafa 7GT ( назад)
best of all time

Автор Phil Buckhouse ( назад)
Fuckin' fantastic two shows he put out. The Austin show was funnier, the LA show was more thought-provoking. Can't wait to see his third show later this year. Welcome back sir, we have missed you terribly.

Автор CONZ 808 ( назад)
its the same Dave..hasn't changed..halarius..waiting for part two to come out..

Автор keggerous ( назад)
Wooooot! Dave Chapelle is the comedy jesus! coming to save the industry from PC outrage and self censorship! woot woot!!!

Автор maryan said ( назад)
why is he always smoking

Автор Jayson ( назад)
A solid 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Netflix. I guess the racist, sexist alt-right trolls got tired after their sabotage of Amy Schumer's special. OR the user ratings accurately reflect the quality of these specials.

Автор shaylee koneferenisi ( назад)
Anyone else notice episode 2, 17:29?? I think his girl had some gas. 😂

Автор Zone07 ( назад)
I'm not subscribed to Netflix but if Chappelle were to create a show like he had on Comedy Central, I would subscribe in a heartbeat.

Автор pwnmonkeyisreal ( назад)
Get a free netflix trial NOW AND WATCH IT.
Dave Chappelle is back in complete swing. He is not any less genius than he used to be. Honestly, maybe even better

Автор energeez ( назад)
dam people really be on daves dick, no wonder he bounced for 10 years and lived in the middle of nowhere.

Автор hateUmankind ( назад)
this way better than that other not so funny stand-up comedy on Netflix unlike Kevin Hart who gets overpaid is not funny but annoying he not ever closed to dave Chappelle who is more fun & funny to watch he is number #1 in my book

Автор bmetr1 ( назад)
he rapes but he saves more 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор asiabrown99 ( назад)
I'm gonna call him "Chappie"!

Автор KarniMahni ( назад)
fucking legend

Автор Nacho Gonzalez ( назад)
Too bad the audio quality fucking sucks. Why having the audio be like a room mic when you can get the direct sound from his microphone?

Автор Sean in Korea ( назад)
Wow. Dave got buff.

Автор LeahsWALKABOUT ( назад)
I super enjoyed this last night. Aloha from Maui.

Автор j0RDAN ( назад)
The people in the front row in the special kept changing
There different people !!

Автор FireTjue G ( назад)
AAAAAAAAAAAAnd the sixth time i met OJ.....

Автор abdul ahmed ( назад)
dave chappelle born to be comedian what make him uniek is when he make a jok he never lough i like the way he make jokes he dont have border everyone love it i think is the best comedian in the world he dont bush very hard to make you lough he simply open his mouth then you lough thats the comedian i like the his joke about midnigth in the gheto he seee the baby thats the best joke in the world and he talk about realty in the streeet the only famouse guy in america i have respect is him america must make him the best comedian and give him award his deserve the best off th best because its not easy to make peopal lough in this time he deserve to be givin king off the comedy

Автор Charles Bracewell ( назад)
My friend changed their Netflix password on me. Guess I'm gonna have to shit up my debit card 💳 to the corporate monster. Your welcome Dave. Your $60 million is on the way

Автор dawgyv72 ( назад)
Stop slamming the mic against your knee though...

Автор Ben Jo ( назад)
the King has returned!

Автор evolvOwns ( назад)
Wow Chapelle has been working out.

Автор AndreNGropo ( назад)
If you havent watched yet, start with the second one.
Both are great, but the first one is a MASTERPIECE!

Автор RetroSteve ( назад)

Автор xFalseAngelx ( назад)
Now that Dave is back Kevin Hart can finally get back to working on Soul Plane 2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Makaveli ThaDon ( назад)
Dave chappelle is for comedy like what 2pac is for rap...

Автор DAEMON33 ( назад)
it's official this guy is the GOAT

Автор Lucian Palievici ( назад)
Saw both specials ... Laughed so hard, especially at the second one, the one in Austin. Good job Netflix, and Dave!

Автор unrelated popcornfire ( назад)
Shit was weak AF. Sounded more like a podcast than material.

Автор Randy Reisig ( назад)
Well, i found it a lot funnier than the trailer. I went in not expecting much and ended up being pretty good. Its different watching him now though.. seems like hes like this epic giant icon thing now or something.. its weird..
hes a funny dude.. not saying hes not.. its just strange the way people act.

Автор Kevin The Retic Guy ( назад)
When is this out?

Автор TriniCrew ( назад)
I have always been a FAN from way back and enjoyed every minute of his NEW Two Parter on Netflix.

Автор Sameer Rizvi ( назад)
This dude needs to host the oscars.

Автор Zakading ( назад)
See, Amy, THIS is how you make a good comedy show.

Автор Krishna - ( назад)
He's a million times better then kevin hart no doubt, but he's still not as good as the GOAT chris rock

Автор Adam Warlock ( назад)
He's so buff.

Автор IMOLDGREGG252 ( назад)
He saves more than he rapes and he only rapes to save

Автор Bill Archer ( назад)
DAVE FKIN KILLED IT... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Champ is Here !!

Автор SnailGuy ( назад)
just finished watching it and i have to say he was absolutely amazing! The audience on the other hand were complete zombies its like they forgot what a joke was they were making sounds of shock and some of them were even looking at other people for confirmation to laugh. i personally think he should of done the special at Chicago or DC atleast they have a sence of humor and aren't afraid to laugh at a "controversial" joke.

Автор Life Is Good ( назад)
welcome back!! Dave Chappelle the best comedian in my opinion !!!!

Автор steven williams ( назад)
Fucking hilarious

Автор rahshaunisyourdaddy sharpe ( назад)
People cant seem to watch a comedian without comparing them to or bashing Kevin hart Dave Chappelle IS my all time favorite comedian, but I do enjoy Kevin's work why can't people just shutup and enjoy both

Автор timothy gonsalves ( назад)
finally some real comedy

Автор Alvz422 ( назад)
Best thing you could've ever done Netflix!

Автор tubekyle2 ( назад)
Dave hasn't lost his touch all. I tell ya the world has changed since his last big special. Its seemed liked every other white women was trying to hold in her feminist attack mode. Especially at the rape bit. Being black isn't saving him. He makes such a great point about today's generation alway wanting to be angry all the time...

Автор Kyle Wheeler ( назад)
His head looks like Karl Pilkington's, just an observation:)

Автор UberTech ( назад)
Still the King.

Автор b07rivera ( назад)
I love it!!! I was the First Episode and I love it. "Man the Fuck Up!!" Perfect storytelling slowly climbing up to the climax of the punchline lol.

Автор Don'tHateMe CauseYou'reWrong ( назад)
episode 1 dropped and it is dope. All about the juice. Kevin just doesn't measure up.

Автор smoothcollected ( назад)
I love watching this and how his segment about Kevin hart was giving props and then seeing all these Kevin haters and I'm like Dave literally just said he was front row with his kid watching this and you dicksuckers are on here hating on Kevin

Автор Rasheen Ratcliff ( назад)

Автор Jon Cortez ( назад)
fuck it, man! ill get out the car!!

Автор Luke Chace ( назад)
I swear there is a laugh track...Dave?... is there a laugh track?...

Автор Bobby Z ( назад)
Why is Dave mad at key and Peele? By his logic he should give props to In Living Color.

Автор VALMER LYNN ( назад)
quit comparing Kevin to Dave.....Dave is best in out time, Kevin is the best in this generation,

Автор TheGGMan ( назад)
This isn't a spoiler but this special was awesome but was ruined by a few people who either didn't get Daves sense of humour or were offended. As evident by the 2nd episode. Please if you don't like his type of humour then you're better off watching someone else cos he will say stuff that the likes of Kevin Hart will not and might shock you.

Автор nimco sharaff ( назад)
Welcome back legend !!!

Автор Ian Morris ( назад)
Take note, Amy. This is how you do comedy, you disgusting oaf.

Автор Iceman 408 ( назад)
Every bit was hilarious! Must watch 👍🏻

Автор Mek Pree ( назад)
And I thought Kevin heart was the greatest....smh i'm so glad i started watching Dave's old specials on here.

Автор Larry Vanhaze ( назад)

Автор Tyler Higgins ( назад)
I just got done watching this..umm Amy schemer u might wanna take some notes..this was comedy

Автор thuglifezeem716 ( назад)
Hasn't been a good black comedian since Katt fell off, Kevin hart is just a actor he's not really that kind of funny

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