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Автор Rumaysa Shaikh ( назад)
please create a video about arowana journey from the day you have purchased to today if possible.

Автор Abhinav Singh Rathour ( назад)
how to know the gender of stingRay??how can you diffirenciate??

Автор Rudra Das ( назад)
Discus with Arowanaaaaa!

Автор kang kirun ( назад)
arowana made in indonesia

Автор ChrisDaFish ( назад)
how big will the arowana grow

Автор Oswa Ch ( назад)
could a discuss be with angel fish?

Автор Ali_daboss52 ( назад)
Will u get more rays

Автор Noah Lear ( назад)
you are good

Автор Tyler powell ( назад)
I'm not exactly a fan of arowana but fresh water rays are so Amazing id really enjoy your tanks if they weren't empty? why is that you keep them completely empty?

Автор lonnie Mullins ( назад)
dude you should get a couple more sting rays they looked so awesome with your Asian arrowona

Автор lonnie Mullins ( назад)
dude you should get a couple more sting rays they looked so awesome with your Asian arrowona

Автор Trestres 23 ( назад)

Автор The Fine Bros ( назад)
Where do you buy Arowana

Автор Chris Blackthorn ( назад)
who do you order from?

Автор Juan Winner ( назад)
I actually seen your devastating update on your stingrays first. I didn't totally feel you pain until I saw this video of your build up to having them. Now I feel your pain. Sorry you had to go thru that.. Must of been very upsetting being it effect you in so many ways. Are you planning on getting them again? or will you just move on to something else?

Автор Clarky Cutieee Omisol ( назад)
i like that

Автор Jorge Figueroa ( назад)
who would have said how big and beautiful that arowana is right now :)

Автор Natural Cyborg ( назад)
Where did you buy your rays

Автор Ray Lee ( назад)
can a 4-5 inches of discus eat rosy barb?

Автор Antonio Santiago ( назад)
It's ok to have leopolidi's stingrays, asian arowana and discus in the same tank? I love the combination but don't want to lose my discus.

Автор AnkumFishTank/ Oscar Lover ( назад)
tlk more on Oscar fish you rise plz

Автор RAMPAGE ( назад)
plz tell the dimensions of the aquarium ......

Автор RAMPAGE ( назад)
joey I'm your one of the biggest fans .
For me you r the best aquarium advisor
I have a question.....I wanted to buy an aquarium to house an arowana .....so what would be most appropriate size .....plz tell

Автор rommel tagacanao ( назад)
could you try to make the diy twinstar? thank you for reading it.

Автор Blue Pineapple ( назад)
Is he saying marijuana

Автор Joseph Ferdon ( назад)
aren't the panda gold arrowanna illegal in the us

Автор guillaume nel ( назад)
this is by far his best tank was so sad when he took it down !

Автор عامرر عامرر ( назад)

Автор The king of DIY ( назад)
A devastating update on my stingrays ► https://goo.gl/LGMIIY

Автор Vuze Droid (1044 года назад)
beautiful rays, RIP

Автор Jack P ( назад)
Love the tanks and the fish. Out of curiosity do the tanks stay bare for a reason? Do they just tear up plants and logs and stuff or do they just not really mind? Those huge tanks wound look sick with sand substrate, some bogwood and large plants.

Автор Casey Bussmann ( назад)
asian aros are illegal in usa

Автор CheeseMahoney ( назад)
So, is this your fish video or more of a shameless plug for a sponsor?

Автор Seth Calandrelli ( назад)
Two questions

Why is there fresh water fish and salt water stingrays in one tank

Why is there no place for them to go in and hide

Автор John Arnestus ( назад)
Joey help! Or anyone, help! I have a 7-8inch peacock bass in my tank. And i want to add a 11,8 inch motoro stingray.. Will they workout? Thx .
P.S. : my tank is approx. 200gallon

Автор Matthew&Sara MacLean ( назад)
Deff am getting the book ASAP

Автор Matthew&Sara MacLean ( назад)
Tought* I ment ..oops,.. And yup I deff am now addicted ..I can't believe the setup u made!!! Amazing

Автор Matthew&Sara MacLean ( назад)
I tottaly just started watching your vids last nite and cannot stop,I'm new to careing for fish, just got 2,20gals and one 55gal (witch is still cycleing) you've thought me so much and you realy help a lot of people with your amazingly informative videos 👏🏻😊, please keep em coming as I have so much more to learn and would love to one day have a DIY tank like yours, thanks again for taking the time to do thease greatly helpful and entertaining videos!!! P.s love all your fish and rays ... They look so happy/healthy .. Cuz they got THE FISH WHISPERER for a dad lol 😜

Автор aizat aizect ( назад)
hye... what is the size of the tank? i hope you can state the measurement of high, width, and long.. tq

Автор The Raul Guerrero G (1765 лет назад)
It is a beutiful animal,makes me think of a minuature arapaima

Автор Chandan m n ( назад)
I'm really a fan of

Автор Vijay Thiagarajan ( назад)
Honestly my brother, I believe I should be the one thanking you for your videos. So as a fellow aquatic hobbyist freak, a huge THANK YOU!!!

Автор teja gowtham ( назад)
can we feed chicken meat to our stingray

Автор mike bounds ( назад)
Do you live in the states cause iv been wanting a Asian arowana for a while but there illegally

Автор Soy Alielfo ( назад)
Hey, Probably everybody is asking this but... Why don´t you have substrate in your aquariums?

Автор hamze alnajjar ( назад)
كل الاحترام لك انا من المملكه الاردنيه الهاشميه وقد تعلمت من فيديوهاتك الكثير .

Автор Sergio Martínez PHOTOGRAPHY ( назад)
Hola amigo!
Hey those sting rays are awesome! I have a question; I have a 150 gal tank and I like also the same type of fish that you own but I have never owned one of them so my question is if I could have the 3 types of fish in my tank ( maybe not the same type of rays that you have but a smaller type).
Other question is, have you check the Ponguru channel on youtube? He seems to be selling the best media in the market the BioHome media, do you think this would be better biological filtration media than the ones that you have currently? And the last question is, Do you use any type of chemical filtration? Thank you and congratulations for all the great videos!

Автор Patrick Zhang (943 года назад)
I got a new cycled 180 gallon tank that is 6ftx2ftx2ft
and I was wondering what type of sting ray I can keep because when i was 8 years old at a pet store I saw a baby motoro stingray and fell in love with sting rays.

Автор Kyle Wo ( назад)
Where did u get ur arowana

Автор Sandy ( назад)
what are you feeding them in this video. 

Автор Ziabis Oh ( назад)
the feeding was exciting to watch.

Автор Stephan Andersson ( назад)
The ray with the motoros in the start of The video. What is it a hybrid of??

Автор Ron Griese ( назад)
How do I PURCHASE YOUR BOOK? I can not seem to get the purchase to work.  Do I have to follow you on facebook first or what. I wanted to use PayPal, Enjoy your work and videos

Автор Travel Martinez ( назад)
Hi Joey, another great video.

I'm looking to grow my YouTube channel and was looking for any advise/tips you might have for my Discus Fish channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC79Q4eszrGjrzA57sM-BmhQ

Автор Lee Pinkcyanide ( назад)
Great to know about Montreal having that gem! I'm in taxed to the max Ontario. Great vid my friend.

Автор Reptiles King ( назад)
Why you not care a Green Arwana?

Автор Chi Chu ( назад)
NO ASIAN AROWANA IN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Luis Rafael Santos Colón ( назад)
Could you make a video about arowana care ? or atleast your experience on caring fordem? tnks (y)

Автор Benny Castillo Moreno my small fish tank ( назад)
Great job on your fish

Автор Kei Kurono ( назад)
Are you in Canada?  Cause I thought Asian Arrowanas are illegal in america? 

Автор Serrasalmus Rhombeus ( назад)
Thank you for sharing your tips about the hobby. That is an awesome arowana and a fantastic looking tank. Cheers.

Автор Ethan Flory ( назад)
you should do an Oscar tank. with your ability to have such large tanks you could breed them and maybe do cross breeding of perhaps lemon and wild Oscars. im just an Oscar lover but I would love to see you raise some Oscars.

Автор Elaa DJ ( назад)
I love ur tank dude...but could I add flowerhorn with arowana.....? Or do u prefer to put one in ur tank...?

Автор fishlaw1 ( назад)
Great video Joey, Aro and Stingrays are beautiful ! ! !

Автор turtletimmers ( назад)
Wow thats my dream tank! Amzing fish! Hopefully one day ill have some!

Автор Matt Richison ( назад)
Jeez I thought my 300 gall was big.

Автор Cycnoches2012 ( назад)
You are to cool ! thanks for sharing !

Автор Koii Ng ( назад)
man ...i feel bad Asian arowanna not available in USA.

Автор TheCopylight ( назад)
The King of DIY, do you have a video that shows how to apply Weld-On 16 to patch leaks? All the times I've seen you mention it, it's applied off-camera. Thanks!

Автор Jack .Stravinsky ( назад)
What is on the bottom of that fish tank?  Sand, faux sand, styrofoam??  It looks good, do you have a vid on how you made the bottom of your tank?

Автор Bao Nguyen ( назад)
joey i have silver arowanas, could they go along with discus? im planning on moving my discus to my larger 150 gallon tank once they are all grown up. what do you feed your arowanas and discus? thankyou! keep up the great videos

Автор CARLOS181920 ( назад)
Wow stunning fish, I'm looking forward to buy a house this year and of course I want a fish room, I'm thinking on getting a big aquarium mounted on a wall just like you did with your big one, but I want it taller, anyway I keep on following your videos and have made some of your projects, just want to say thanks for helping us save some money:)

Автор Dan Barlow ( назад)
Awesome all around Joey, those rays are stunning. Looking forward to seeing your discus collection.

Автор skk supa ( назад)
When it comes to diy you are the best inspiration and I have been following you for very long time. Please do planted tank video diy some substrate and dump in some live plants me and my friends will be happy to watch it.

Автор RigzoTV ( назад)
wow...!simple, but amazing...

Автор Laszlo Illes ( назад)
Hy Joey !
Not those little thin rays! Shows are well kept. 

Автор Ryan Bishop ( назад)
Please set up a webcam so we can watch that tank all day lol

Автор Ryan Bishop ( назад)
Please set up a webcam so we can watch that tank all day lol

Автор Micheal Shawn ( назад)
Cool tank, joey!

Автор Jon Weaver ( назад)
Always enjoy your videos! Your tank and fish are beautiful.

Автор Nutter ( назад)
Beautiful fish! Personally I like the look of the tank...I prefer minimal tank decor, the focus should be on the beautiful fish! Forgive my ignorance, but why are arowana illegal in the US?

Автор grizzzzzz144 ( назад)
Very nice, you are an inspiration to all of us.  Keep up the good work. So nice to be able to chat on COC. 

Автор MungBoi ( назад)
Looking forward to the next video.

Автор absolutelyCICHLIDZ08 ( назад)
Awesome video Joey! Fish look great especially those rays

Автор ReeferGil ( назад)
Wow... fabulous display Joey... looking forward to seeing more.

Автор Sgt. Andy ( назад)
Great video, Great fishes, greetings from Sweden! :)

Автор Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More ( назад)
Must be Canadian eh?  Any States in the USA allow Asian Arowanas?

Автор NickMach007 ( назад)
Very cool story. Thanks for sharing!

Автор eman adan ( назад)
How d you keep your water crystal clear? And what feeds do you give to them? Im having trouble feeding my Arowana,

Автор SUM1SLY83 ( назад)
Prefered the 1st asian arowana you had.

Автор kyle miljour ( назад)
had one too but my fish beat the shit out of it  lol

Автор Pavle Novicic ( назад)
Sakana no heja :D
Love using my japanese and kanji knowledge.
Great videos, go on man!

Автор Yee FLK ( назад)
why a blue base? why not 24k gold arowana? its like owning a gold bar in your aquarium.. lol

Автор Aimane Chouhaibi ( назад)
Tnxx for the video

Автор MP112791 ( назад)
I'm jealous of your setup... That's my dream team of fish to own, i have 1/4 of the collection.

Автор Jesus Camacho ( назад)
Diy Automatic fish feeder please .

Автор thomas4202day ( назад)

Автор raul31081989 ( назад)
I live in india and i can get arowanas like that for cheap...
It's just i'm not into arowanas at all!!!

Автор BayAreaAquatics ( назад)
Great story joey! I remember your first rays and that arowana surgery. Lets start a petition to allow Asian aros in the US lol  

Автор J C Biotank supreme ( назад)
best one yet, do they have individual names? or is that too personal 

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