5 Times Canelo Alvarez SHOCKED The Boxing World

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    Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez, looking to cement a place in boxings hall of fame, takes one of the biggest tests of his career this weekend, moving up to face Sergey Kovalev in Las Vegas. Moving up two weight classes, his 53rd professional victory would make the Mexican star a four weight world champion - and further emphasise his position as boxings biggest draw.
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Comments • 80

  • Daniel Christandy
    Daniel Christandy 4 months ago +1814

    Im a simple man, i see motivedia post a video, i press like

    MANNAS 48 minutes ago

    Steroid champ and corrupt system

  • Oscar hernandes
    Oscar hernandes 8 hours ago

    El boxrador mas inbesil de la

  • That Mishimi Guy
    That Mishimi Guy 10 hours ago

    Did Anyone notice corona😂

  • O. C.
    O. C. 19 hours ago

    Beating Trout by decision was a shock to the world? Beating old Cotto by decision? A shock to the world???

  • Signkutter signkutter

    Canelo has got Julio Chavezs chin, Dela Hoyas speed and his own heart and intelligence. Damned fine fighter. Mayweather was a great boxer...Alvarez is a great FIGHTER

  • Athletic Bastard

    Dont disrespect canelo by calling him "golden boy"

  • KatKat Bukid
    KatKat Bukid Day ago

    Mayweather will never fight him again ..

  • THEPURGE3000 P
    THEPURGE3000 P 2 days ago

    Do one for el Rey Martinez.

  • Danny Birman
    Danny Birman 2 days ago

    GGG beat him twice fight me 😂

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson 2 days ago

    Best boxer I've seen since sugar ray

  • Joseph Thang
    Joseph Thang 2 days ago

    I wanna see him fight against manny Pacquiao

  • Marcos F. Molina
    Marcos F. Molina 3 days ago

    Canelo knows he's a monster. He knows he doesn't need much technique. His opponents can defend if they want, at the end it won't make any difference. He is an unstoppable force. A realization that sooner or later, all of his opponents face eventually.

  • Franklin Altamiza
    Franklin Altamiza 4 days ago

    Esta claro esta echada esa pelea x dinero kovalet vendio el c.....
    .lo x dinero ese es canelo saca ventaja un campeon miedoso y mediocre aprende a pelear como un verdadero mexicano sin poner condiciones cuando sera el dia q no se escuche q canelo ya uso sus clausulas sus desidratacion cuando .para mi o la gente creo q nunca x q sino como es campeon y ese de reynososo otro corrupto y lo elijen mejor entrenador y al pecoso el mejor jajajaja eso q re lo crea tu mama pero aca en el mundo del boxeo no julio marquez salvador verdaderos campeones de clase de nivel uno ellos se reirab con carrera q haces eres una verguenza pa mexico y el boxeo mundial medocre

  • Thomas Minikus
    Thomas Minikus 4 days ago

    Canelo is overrated and should have more loses then record show's. Just show's me how corrupt boxing really is. Trout, Lara , GGG twice all should have won.

  • Emilio Ayoub
    Emilio Ayoub 4 days ago

    Are you not mentioning the fact that Canelo is often chasing old dudes nearly reaching the end of their careers and never fight them at their prime ? Golovkin is the perfect example...Furthermore he needed a bit of corruption towards judges and some clanbuterol to obtain his success during the rematch with the kazakh...their he also shocked the world of boxing

  • Joebert Sarol
    Joebert Sarol 5 days ago

    Favorite 1

  • PipNyce
    PipNyce 5 days ago

    anyone kno what beat this is????

    STAX onDECK 5 days ago

    Canelo the drugs cheat Alvarez

  • Kev Blah
    Kev Blah 5 days ago

    Awesome figher

  • Fight Talk 2020
    Fight Talk 2020 5 days ago

    Around 6:50 it says “super middleweight wins” but Smith was Liam Smith not Callum that fight was for the WBO 154

  • Humberto Nicolas Caballero Cruz

    5 times that cinnamon bought boxers and made clauses to win

  • p boss
    p boss 5 days ago

    This man is epic his counter punches be impeccable his dodge game is nice speed is lighting fast foot work is on point definitely a heavy hitter all this equals to hard work that’s paying off. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🦾🦾🦾

  • ivan gonzalez
    ivan gonzalez 6 days ago +1

    2:55 rip ankles

  • Anoxx
    Anoxx 6 days ago

    7:40 that left hook though 😤

  • JR
    JR 6 days ago

    What sold me on Canelo is when he jumped weight to fight guys that looked huge compared to him and he whooped everyone’s ass so far! They were guys with weight in there names too! What I see is Canelo getting better and stronger each fight! It’s crazy bruh.

  • Miguel López
    Miguel López 6 days ago

    Update: 4 Division World Champion🍻

  • derrek williams
    derrek williams 6 days ago

    None of these shocked the world at all... he was expected to win them all. He waited until GGG was too old and he still couldn’t definitely beat him. Fighting him a third time doesn’t prove anything

  • samuel Hernandez
    samuel Hernandez 6 days ago

    For being 35, Cotto held his own again Carnelo. I wonder if a prime Cotto would have won?🤔

  • Lidio Sisneros Mendez

    Este muchachito ni parece ser un boxeador mexicano se comporta como un fififresa fafricado en manos de mafiosos y medios de esencia chayoteros que te venden pura chatarra boxistica con el mata chatarra de boxeadores al borde del retiro pura crema y nata de la basuras boxistica especialmente cuándo lo comparan con Ali, Chávez, Leonard, hagler, hearns, Márquez, finito López.

  • antonio xd chan
    antonio xd chan 7 days ago

    Polemicos triunfos, noches que nos dejaron al borde de la anciedad, debates divididos, opiniones en desagrados, el que sea capas de KO a canelo sera historia como marquez vs paquiao, solo asi se ganara.

  • tico tico
    tico tico 7 days ago

    Who narrate this? Daddy Oscar? The only thing I can see greatness on his part is he is great at cherry picking opponents and make himself look good. He remains me of hyena! Attacking weaker prey, or waiting for free food, when lion come he runs away. Fight old washed up kova, when lion Nicol and bettering come he runs away, this pattern repeat again and again, at any division only fight paper champ or grandpa. Hea a disgrace to Mexican warrior legacy like Chavez snr.

  • Jett Z85
    Jett Z85 7 days ago


  • haragan webas
    haragan webas 8 days ago

    canelo es caca inflada por las televisoras

  • Instinct_Zjue
    Instinct_Zjue 8 days ago +1

    Mayweather Is nothing against canelo Rn bro, he’s a pussy

  • David Barrera
    David Barrera 8 days ago

    Soo watching the fight vamos caleno

  • Francisco Diamond
    Francisco Diamond 8 days ago

    Nunca ví una pelea verdadera de ese deportista fabricado solo que los mexicanos no tenemos algo sólido y real algunos quieren soñar despiertos

  • Ha Fis
    Ha Fis 8 days ago +1

    This is fighter man. Nice skill

  • Charlie Lodge
    Charlie Lodge 8 days ago

    Love to see canelo fight Mayweather 5 years later. But in truth I think that loss to Mayweather helped to create the canelo we know today

  • 44.Caliber Brain Surgery

    The result of mixing two of the scrappiest nations into one man.

  • Jaime Moncada
    Jaime Moncada 9 days ago

    Who’s juiced for the 3rd GGG fight?

  • Angel Maldonado
    Angel Maldonado 9 days ago

    Conelo v GGG III I want to see it. 2020 fight of the year if it happens.

  • gatos peludos
    gatos peludos 9 days ago

    And Here is how he needs to dodge pounches in order to earn respect from mexican people...we all talk shit about his boxing style. #he is so damn slow ruclip.com/video/-vRIPMdoM6Q/video.html

  • Josue Holguin
    Josue Holguin 9 days ago


  • Memo M
    Memo M 9 days ago

    Canelo is great. However, he's been protected and waits for the right time or opponent. He has a huge advantage if a fight goes to a decision. He will never make it to the top 10 fighting has beens, Fieldings, Kovalov, Kham or GGG, Cotto,Mosley (at 40) past their prime. He now fights who he likes when he wants. Plus being a drug cheat will stain whatever he accomplished. Is Canelo good for boxing? Only if you're a fan or Mexican

  • Myles Roberson
    Myles Roberson 10 days ago

    I don't think he could beat Mayweather today

  • COMMONlogic
    COMMONlogic 10 days ago +1

    GGG Won the second fight! Proof! Slow the fight to 0.25 and count the punches! GGG landed 1million jabs!!

  • Fernando Cabanillas
    Fernando Cabanillas 11 days ago

    I’ve never heard of Canelo being referenced to as THE GOLDEN BOY
    Oscar yes but when did this start for Canelo?

  • Harry K
    Harry K 11 days ago

    So when were the 5 times Canelo shocked the world?

  • Aaron Esteban
    Aaron Esteban 11 days ago +1

    Canelo cherry picked Kovalev. Canelo fought him at least 3-5 years past his prime. Had he fought a Kovalev 3-5 years earlier, he would have been "Krushed".

  • Daniel Arias
    Daniel Arias 11 days ago

    When did he agree to be called Golden Boy? I don’t think so.

  • Eric Tovar
    Eric Tovar 12 days ago

    🇲🇽 !!

  • BeadHand _96
    BeadHand _96 13 days ago

    Man this narrator would be great for porn

  • Elon Kabumbu
    Elon Kabumbu 13 days ago

    Pound for pound the best in the world

  • adrian calvillo
    adrian calvillo 13 days ago

    Beast 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Betin Vj
    Betin Vj 13 days ago

    Who believe this guy? I not. Solo los tontos

  • Rusda Yati
    Rusda Yati 14 days ago

    Kovalev is divided into 2 versions : The 1st one faced Yarde, the original Kovalev. The 2nd version is the one who faced Canello, which is the fluke one. Money boxes more effectively in t ring.

  • russel mc oniel
    russel mc oniel 14 days ago

    I don't admire Alvarez because he is using illegal substance in his fights

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia 14 days ago

    Great video and narrative man. Really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work.

  • Leon Castañeda
    Leon Castañeda 14 days ago

    El mejor rey de reyes aunque les arda

  • Mr Zeus
    Mr Zeus 14 days ago

    An yet Mayweather made Canelo look ordinary.

  • Neftali Colon
    Neftali Colon 15 days ago

    Lara le ganó

  • jmb
    jmb 15 days ago

    crazy.. ggg shouldve won 1st fight and draw the 2nd fight.. and that split decision against mayweather is also equally crazy.. these are 3 times canelo shocked the boxing world.

  • Morvidus
    Morvidus 15 days ago

    Golovkin was definitely shocked when he spotted the injection marks on Canelo's belly during the first fight, but then not so shocked when Canelo tested positive for PEDs before the second fight.

  • Adrian Vargas
    Adrian Vargas 16 days ago

    The first time ever that I don't read the comments before the video ending or after lol I had chills down my back this whole time orgasmic

  • Abraham Soto
    Abraham Soto 16 days ago +2

    7:40 Holy s**t! I cant believe he took that like nothing.

    • Angel Huerta
      Angel Huerta 12 days ago

      Perfect example of rolling with the punch, watch it in slow motion and you can see he started rotating his face before Jacobs connected, in normal speed it looks like the punch turned his head, but in slow motion you can see what actually happened, it didn't connect fully, most of the impact was glancing thanks to his perfectly timed head turning.

  • Paul Surinamo
    Paul Surinamo 17 days ago

    That Mexican beef helps too

  • Ed Payano
    Ed Payano 17 days ago

    canelo is fucking sharp 🔥 always keeps his chin tucked too. his finesse is incredible to me

  • YaBoa DuummyThicc
    YaBoa DuummyThicc 17 days ago

    7:14 My boa has ultra instinct

  • Rubin Turner
    Rubin Turner 17 days ago

    We see Canelo getting better but that L he was willing to continue on from with Floyd made a big difference and obviously shows us what a lesson taught if we truly learn from it how it can improve what we strive to do. To be great you have to stay hungry and focused. That's hard to do in a world that tells us to interact and communcation in the moment and suggests old school values are a waste of energy and time.

  • Jordan Rodriguez
    Jordan Rodriguez 17 days ago

    So we are just gonna act like he didn’t take Floyd’s advice and wait years to fight ggg after HE brought him in the ring to challenge him... Naw REAL boxing fan’s especially Mexicans are still pissed on that. That was Oscar and since Ggg was so humble and 35 years old and avoided that was almost as bad as may and pac mans whole drama.

  • Stephen Buffery
    Stephen Buffery 17 days ago

    Quite simply the best

  • Korea Dash - Paris to Seoul

    Watched this after watching a Billy Joe Saunders highlight. BJS going to sleep

  • E-M D
    E-M D 19 days ago

    This dude could do my eulogy. Greatest eulogy ever.

  • E-M D
    E-M D 19 days ago

    Callum Smith wasn't a man of his words. The fight was offered to him and he didn't go for it.

    MOBILE GAMING & MORE 19 days ago


  • Sam Blasian
    Sam Blasian 20 days ago

    Tell Canelo to fight Charlo, Andrade, Plant, Benavidez, Beterbiev, Bivol, or Beterbiev. With no catch weight or quick turn around. Then we'll see how great he is. They are all in their prime and the best fighters in their respective divisions.

  • Zak0nIPadYT
    Zak0nIPadYT 20 days ago

    GGG got robbed canelo easly lost

  • Shanghetta Gerhard27
    Shanghetta Gerhard27 21 day ago +1

    He should rematch Mayweather he will win that rematch 💪

  • Paralyzed Gaming517
    Paralyzed Gaming517 22 days ago

    You're the greatest voice in boxing love your videos someone needs to hire you 4 play by play on calling a fight