Homemade Motorcycle Throttle Lock in detail $0.18

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  • Part One contour.com/stories/throttle-lock-using-catamount-l-14-120-0-l GO HERE TO SEE MY OTHER TRIPS contour.com/users/carlinaz
    Better view of how it is done on the above link.

    For Action Camera vibration mount check out ruclip.com/video/wdVBKNEimTY/
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  • Terry Allen
    Terry Allen Месяц назад

    Thanks, I was going to design a safe one till I saw this and as God as my witness you win "Motorcycle Accessory of the Year Award" and recommend your device for a "Five Star Safety Rating" to address the fatigue issue for extended distance rides. But seriously, give yourself a pat on the back and my praises for your simple but laughably awesome and safest cruise control on YouTube. I'm installing one :-)... Thanks... ps: My son shows off to me that he has cruise control when we ride hahahahaha...

  • sancochito75
    sancochito75 2 месяца назад

    you are a genius. So simple.

  • ScknessVic
    ScknessVic 3 месяца назад

    Awesome!! I have big thick Panduit tie wraps I can use that will work perfectly! You just saved me about $30.

  • 33mayko
    33mayko 3 месяца назад

    No bad. Thank you

  • Kenetic12
    Kenetic12 Год назад

    Thanks for the idea..works fine and cost a couple bucks for 3 ties.

  • Matt  Hayduck
    Matt Hayduck Год назад

    there's being cheap, and then there is this. But if it works for you then good for you.

  • Tar Snake
    Tar Snake Год назад

    I plan on a two week, 5,000 mile trip. How does this setup do for hours and hours of cruising?

  • Brydon Medeiros
    Brydon Medeiros Год назад

    hmm never thought of this since the ties i have around are all thin.. might have to go pickup some HD ones and try it out. I like that you can easily deactivate it

  • Sam Chowdhury
    Sam Chowdhury Год назад +1

    You will not be able to adjust speed with this crap.

    • HGAviator
      HGAviator 11 месяцев назад

      use a stainless steel hose clamp instead. you can adjust the friction by turning the to tighten or loosen it on the grip.

    • Sam Chowdhury
      Sam Chowdhury Год назад

      +Carl Knapp I will give it a try then. Thanks.

    • Carl Knapp
      Carl Knapp  Год назад

      That's not totally correct. I could easily move it slightly to adjust speed. I now have electronic cruise control on my Triumph but this worked well for many years. The trick is 125lb tys. These tys are thicker and have the right amount of thickness.

  • darren lim
    darren lim Год назад +2

    omg this is the best and cheapest throttle hack lol thanks.

  • gapadry
    gapadry Год назад

    Make sure you buy thicker tyes, i bought the white ones 4,6/200 mm and they bend.
    Thanks for the video

  • GM G
    GM G Год назад

    what about having it done in metal? I have seen a hook type one that holds a bit better and disengages too when braking. just a 3-5 mil metal bent wire cut and rounded/bent how you like it better.

  • surg23
    surg23 Год назад

    What a great idea. Actually looks safer than the marketed devices. Thanks for sharing.

  • Graham Ball
    Graham Ball Год назад

    That is a great idea and it works .nice one .

  • Jorge Villablanca
    Jorge Villablanca Год назад +1

    very simple, very efective, congratulations

  • Ade Hadipurnomo
    Ade Hadipurnomo 2 года назад +1

    good idea

  • demetria warren
    demetria warren 2 года назад +1

    freaking awesome

  • Silvina Monteleone
    Silvina Monteleone 2 года назад +3


  • Island728
    Island728 2 года назад +1

    thats very smart

  • TIMEtoRIDE900
    TIMEtoRIDE900 2 года назад

    Another method - tie a shoe string to the mirror, and wedge some between the grip and control pod.  Enough to cause friction, not jamming.  Practice before riding, and be safe !!

  • sasha m
    sasha m 2 года назад +1

    Freakin genius man! That is great!

  • utp216
    utp216 3 года назад +2

    Looks like you need a new brake lever.

  • John W
    John W 3 года назад


  • AngeV2
    AngeV2 3 года назад

    neat trick. although doesnt this wear a groove around the grip causing premature replacement?

    • Carl Knapp
      Carl Knapp  3 года назад

      T&B Ty-Raps are smooth plastic unlike their Catamount brand and others that have ridges on the plastic. I had over 35K miles with this zip ty on my heated grips and it showed not wear when I sold the bike. Working for T&B at one time I would suggest black tys from all mfgs because they are made for outdoors. I am not sure how Tys with ridges on the plastic would affect the grips.

  • WheelsNotHeels
    WheelsNotHeels 3 года назад +1

    Great idea!  I might just have to give this a try!

  • 2ndchildhood
    2ndchildhood 3 года назад +3

    I tried this with a cable tye I found at Menards.  Three to a bag, about 30 cents a piece.  Works great.  Thanks for posting this great money saver.

    • Tappan M
      Tappan M Год назад

      Harbor freight sells a bag for about $1.70 —

    • Mickey Authement
      Mickey Authement 3 года назад

      +Carl Knapp Home Depot has a bag of 10 for about $1.98

    • Carl Knapp
      Carl Knapp  3 года назад

      I am glad you found a source. I wish I had a Menards near me again. Home Depot and Lowes makes you buy a huge expensive bag. 

  • Dracosp
    Dracosp 3 года назад

    Simple ideas are the best. Good job

  • Gerald Gutoski
    Gerald Gutoski 3 года назад +1

    I bought a whole stockpile of these and put them up on ebay. Just search for T&B Cruise Control.

  • TheLordbal
    TheLordbal 3 года назад

    I have checked out some 175 lb cable ties and they seem way too flimsy to be holding the throttle like that? Your throttle must be super touchy using the 120's.

  • Jim Mcgrath
    Jim Mcgrath 4 года назад

    besides the obvious engine purr, I am rather familiar with the "custom" brake handle LOL

  • Jim Mcgrath
    Jim Mcgrath 4 года назад

    HA, I knew it...thought it was a Thunderbird Sport

  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  4 года назад

    Thicker tys work the best. Just give it a try and let me know how it works.

  • badjujuR6
    badjujuR6 4 года назад


  • taylorjesse21
    taylorjesse21 4 года назад

    Is that just a heavy duty zip tie?? I've got an extensive trip to take on my Ninja here at 6:00 and I'm scrambling for some temporary relief for my wrist. So just a heavy duty zip tie and then work it in at 65??

  • Matthew Mason
    Matthew Mason 4 года назад

    Great Idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Chris P.
    Chris P. 4 года назад

    Outstanding! This is by far the cheapest, safest, easiest to install and easiest to control throttle-lock idea. I've used it, I like it and recommend it to all my friends. Thanks!

  • MotoBlogTV
    MotoBlogTV 4 года назад


  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  4 года назад

    Yes it will stay at constant speed on a flat stretch for a long time. It also gives you wrist relief on long trips.

  • Suzuki H
    Suzuki H 4 года назад

    Simply ingenious!
    Do your invention allows you constant speed all the way? Or would it gradually gets slower?

  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  4 года назад

    I just sold my Triumph Sprint for a 2013 Trophy. I like the triple three engine and the ride.

  • carpe diem
    carpe diem 4 года назад

    @Carl Knapp

  • marcus abreu
    marcus abreu 4 года назад

    good idea simple and inexpensive

  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  5 лет назад

    Sorry just read this question. I got mine from my old job at T&B. You can also get them at a local electrical distributor or try Google T&B Catamount cable ty (Part #L-14-120-0-L). Good luck.

  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  5 лет назад

    From experience the shorter the better. You want to quickly override.

  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  5 лет назад

    I got mine from my old job at T&B. You can also get them at a local electrical distributor or try Google T&B Catamount cable ty (Part #L-14-120-0-L). Good luck.

  • niighthawk21
    niighthawk21 5 лет назад

    can you give us please where to buy thoses tyrap please ?

  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  5 лет назад

    Throttle Lock versus Electroinc Crusie Control test drive last weekend. Throttle Lock brand is not very forgiving. The electroinc crusie control is great if there are hills and no trafic in front of you. The T&B ty worked better than Throttle Lock becasue you can adjust the speed gradually. The electronic cruise control became a pain because the person in front of me could not maintane a constant speed so I was always hitting the brake or turning on an off the cruise control.

  • 3wrapframe
    3wrapframe 5 лет назад

    Sweet, I had some zippies in the garage and now I have cruise control, thanks for the vid.

  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  5 лет назад

    The Ty broke at 18K miles so I pulled out one from storage then cut it and was on the road within minutes.

  • Sibu Varghese
    Sibu Varghese 5 лет назад

    Best part is....its so darn simple! great idea ...the best one i have come across till now

  • thisistheme
    thisistheme 5 лет назад


  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  5 лет назад

    Other people I ride with have tried other ties but they snap. The only one to work is the T&B 125lb black ties. The white ones go brittle in the Arizona sun. If any one has tried others with success please let me know what type.

  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  5 лет назад

    I am now over 15,000 miles on the same T&B cable tie. I use it on all my rides and it takes away the hand strain and keeps a consistent speed with my two MSF motorcycle groups. It is not perfect but close to it.

  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  5 лет назад

    I keep the TY shorter so the it kicks off quickly if I throttle down. If the TY is too long it will break. Do not use a TY from Home Depot or Lowes because they stocks manufacturers like Tyton or some off shore product that snaps. I now have over 8000 miles on the same T&B TY.
    The one thing I like about the TY versus a Throttle Lock is the ability to relieve wrist tension while at the same time having complete throttle control..

  • Kenneth Hunt
    Kenneth Hunt 5 лет назад

    haha id like to see you hit a pothole with it locked would it help or hurt to make it a bit longer?

  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp  5 лет назад

    Make sure to use the T&B Catamount brand.The other manufacture ty's snap. So far I have put 8K miles on my ty. I have handed out a few to friends who still use the same Ty. One rider likes it better than his throttle lock..

  • AUQUA123
    AUQUA123 5 лет назад

    I'll try that. THANKS!

  • peter0139
    peter0139 6 лет назад

    nice, and so simple...

  • RocketBurn11
    RocketBurn11 6 лет назад