Painful Laughter on Comment Commentary!

Ava, Candy, and Suptic explore the various talents of their nostrils, and also read your comments.

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Автор Madison Schmidt ( назад)
Does anybody else want Candace and suptic to be a couple?

Автор osbely ( назад)
Who is going to read my comments back to me now?

Автор Wanda Tapscott ( назад)
And I'm usally not attracted to millennial because of just our basic viewpoints and age difference but I don't know something about that gurl gets my blood flowing

Автор Wanda Tapscott ( назад)
Man idk but I've got the hugest crush on candence and Ava but candence has it going on for sum reason

Автор BetaRayJack501st ( назад)
steven looked buff in this episode

Автор Kimchi ( назад)
Jesus Christ I love COMCOM with the hosts, I don't want to see this go. This is like the weirdest most random shit ever and that's why it's great.

Автор Dog ( назад)
6:06 7.5 out of a possible score of 10.

Автор Alex Camacho ( назад)
who knew Ava could sing

Автор animevampireknight ( назад)
I ask people all the time if they remember out of the box and no ever does lol u made my day Ava!

Автор vashkun1 ( назад)
where did the smoothantha bit came from? I like it

Автор ZeroApostle4Ever ( назад)
What's the music they use for Smoothantha?

Автор cinnamonvanilla24 ( назад)
Out of the Box! Ava, that made my day.

Автор George Colwell ( назад)
Candice reminded me so much of Lee in this, so so happy!

Автор Maya Taylor ( назад)
holy shit how long has that poster of Whitney been there?? Whoa baby

Автор ItsNikki ( назад)
Ava singing the Out of the Box goodbye song at the end made my day!

Автор Santy Valens ( назад)
c a n d a s s

Автор Squirtle, The Aeons Torn ( назад)
As a wise man once said, "I work for no man."

Автор Uconn Marn3000 ( назад)
the a team👌oooooo baby YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Автор alex grizzly ( назад)

Автор Brody Lewis ( назад)
I like what you guys are doing, keep it up.

Автор Dominic Ditmyer ( назад)
Steven is so cooool for hanging out with more girls than there are guys! :O

Автор Jamalio Inc ( назад)
i love the editing these days

Автор carzrock1 ( назад)
love the SourceFed Crew but these 3 are some of my absolute favorites!!

Автор TiffanieSpeaks ( назад)
It's ok Ava, I did the hand-snap-clap w/ u

Автор Paul Dee ( назад)
racist sims = blackface

Автор Jay Y ( назад)
can we please have a video of Candace singing?

Автор tammystiletto ( назад)
Oh my gosh thank you so much for singing the out of the box goodbye song. Your voice was beautiful

Автор peter garrett ( назад)
Candace I love you

Автор devilsreject2785 ( назад)
Love the combo of these three together.

Автор Gabriel Mendoza ( назад)
Damn suptic is looking swoleeee!!! 😍🔥🔥

Автор Björn Hellman ( назад)
candy with that beard looks like zaragoza :o

Автор awsomeoish ( назад)
Ava with those high kicks😂

Автор Failed Pixel ( назад)
15:17 is the look you give your friends when you begin contemplating murder.

Автор Dexter O. ( назад)
shout out to the editor's..yall are the REAL MVP'S

Автор Evlboy ( назад)
It's so sweet that Sourcefed only hires people on the spectrum as their hosts , bless their heart.

Автор francesca quaranto ( назад)
Ava, I am so excited you sang the Out of the Box theme with the clapping ish. that show was EVERYTHING lol

Автор Emily Gillett ( назад)
night hearing is a reference from The Office

Автор Cavalina Redorrio ( назад)
Ava sings really good kind of.

Автор Baby Wolf42 ( назад)
9:00 Wow, who knew Ava was a ducking "bist."

Автор ThePartyboy1331 ( назад)

Автор xTheEmilyx ( назад)
Oh, Candace <3

Автор funkypapi ( назад)
Supitic is BUFF i wish i could be his friend he would insipre me to get in shape, we could talk about cool games and make funny random jokes. It's just a fantasy...

Автор Diego Schwartz ( назад)
11:28 is the best, ava trying to play off her almost dropping her ipad

Автор Darth Yoda ( назад)
lol that "out of the box" reference was great Ava...brought back some childhood memories

Автор Adolescent ( назад)
Ava's singing though was on point

Автор CMMaddenJr ( назад)
Ricky was the guy on Out of the Box

Автор Ken Harrison ( назад)
Ava is thicker than cold peanut butter!

Автор DocMD dejoy ( назад)
I want to hear Candy sing for real, from what I have been able to tell se actually has a really good voice.

Автор Charlsie Fowler ( назад)
You know what would be an amazing video? A challenge where all the hosts have a serious, unfunny conversation. Then each of the editors compete to see who can make it the funniest video! They'd totally nail it!

Автор Yavuz Baysal ( назад)
Idk why, but I feel like id rather cuddle with Candace watching tv for a few hours then have sex with her.

Автор Adam Urwick ( назад)
OH MY GOD Ava I love you so much... as soon as you starting singing the Out of the Box song I started singing with you, that was my childhood and it made my day hahaha!

Автор Frakon .Elite ( назад)
Out of the box themesong made my day

Автор Joshua Olson ( назад)
Friggin love the Out of the Box outro! Nice throwback Ava!

Автор allstarnewt ( назад)

Автор Mike Ward ( назад)
My life was made when Ava started singing the out of the box song.

Автор Steven Supthicc ( назад)
Cany does asmr huh huh lets do it

Автор Maggie Can't ( назад)
i want sourcefed to play a GIANT GAME OF THE FLOOR IS LAVA and then install security cameras and then live stream it

Автор Nathaniel Enriquez ( назад)
what is that violin sample
at 6:25

Автор Sam Smith ( назад)
you guys sing super awesome .. hahaba

Автор bigchukka123 ( назад)
9:50 I'm famoose!

Автор David Olivares ( назад)
almost a great ending with Ava's song.

Автор TheChocolateConnoisseur ( назад)
Omg the out of the box song at the end was PERFECT! Eva can sing pretty well!

Автор Pacman162 ( назад)
Ava, I feel you girl, Out of the Box was my shit!

Автор Alannah Broadley ( назад)
Out of the box goodbye song!! I love it

Автор Sarah Byerley ( назад)
Don't worry Ava I was singing along with you!

Автор Liyah ( назад)
That music that sourcefed keeps playing in their vids has me dead

Автор x Riizo ( назад)
Eva and that flexibility!
Also Candace still best host!

Автор Lane McFaddin ( назад)
Autumn is my goddamn spirit animal. She is amazing at editing.

Автор Lucas Fernandes Aguiar ( назад)
One of the best episodes ever.

Автор Ace ( назад)
I'm surprised they didn't get the office reference.

Автор kokoronotomoni ( назад)
4:05 At this moment Steven knew: he fucked up.

Автор Sirkristofer ( назад)
Editors saved this!

Автор Sirkristofer ( назад)
Candace: she thinks she's funny. She ins't!

Автор Mary Madigan ( назад)
Ava! You're singing voice is amazing!!!

Автор Amanda Walker ( назад)
Holy nostalgia Ava!

Автор Tomfissh ( назад)
When ava drinks out of a jar. Too poor for cups.

Автор Will MG ( назад)
I was expecting at 13:50 for the black bars to close in and end the video.

Автор Richabfilms ( назад)
i always love Ava's reactions to everything Steve does

Автор Jamual Harris ( назад)
The original cast was waaay better

Автор Tayo ( назад)
Ava and Candace's singing abilities 11/10

Автор Youbring ( назад)
Ava i just dont understand how you can be so beautiful! Feels like your breaking some laws of physics.

Автор molesticles ( назад)
I'm really sorry but at this stage it's getting silly. There is nobody with any real comic inclination left in the group. Since Steve left it's really been a drowning channel. It's just ignorant to stay subscribed at this stage.

Автор Ricky Estavez ( назад)
steven suptic more like steven sup

Автор CloudCellC2 ( назад)

Автор Mione134 ( назад)
Oh my god I lost my mind when Ava started to sing the goodbye song! Out Of The Box was my childhood!!! Ugh. I think the guy with the dreads was named Tony, right? Damn. And then singing One Tree Hill? What a nostalgic trip I'm having right now.

Автор Its QuackerDuck ( назад)
Avas legs are beautiful.That is all.

Автор Indie Trash ( назад)
Anyone else remember Suptic singing I Dont Want To Be by Gavin DeGraw during a minecraft video?

Автор devilhahalo ( назад)
itchy boobies
and then squish them....XD
im a perv
luv you suptic

Автор foopy57 ( назад)
that outro was fucken beautiful

Автор Matt Degutis ( назад)
Coworkers do karaoke sometime?

Автор Jazmin G ( назад)
I LOVED watching out of the box I was singing with ya Ava! 😂

Автор katie thebeautybee ( назад)
Candace should give coworkers voice lessons

Автор Jeremiah provence ( назад)
+Steven Suptic. I think your funny but the little boy jokes are getting old.

Автор Isaiah Thorne ( назад)
Stevens looking pretty sexy

Автор WateverWatever04 ( назад)
15:15 Hello darkness my old friend...

Автор TaylorIsThatDinosaur ( назад)
Daaaaaammmmnnnn Ava! That VOICE! I've never heard you sing before you're v talented

Автор WateverWatever04 ( назад)
I sang along lmao, I assumed Candace was drumming because she knew the theme

Автор jman8904 ( назад)
So cute at the end....and then real not lol

Автор notenoughtomes ( назад)
Might have to re-watch this episode in the morning. I'm nodding off, I'm so tired. 😴

Автор Duckie Parker ( назад)
Watching Steven eat that thing he dropped on the floor and lick his tablet reminds me of another video where he says he's been sick 4 times in the last month. Makes you wonder #wonderboy

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