The Walking Dead 7x15 PROMO: "Something They Need"

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TWD Season 7 Episode 15 "Something They Need": Alexandrians visit a distant community.

The Walking Dead 7x15 Promo/Preview
The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Promo
The Walking Dead 7x16 Trailer The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Promo will be uploaded next week!

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Автор Sophia ( назад)
Am I weird or something bc I don't want Negan to die I love that son of a bitch! I love this Negan storyline

Автор cooldan CZ ( назад)
Outro song?

Автор Rachel Tafinnys ( назад)
quando vao fuzilar o negam?

Автор Arnel Crnkic ( назад)
when 8th seasons goes out

Автор Zac Anderson ( назад)
This looks like the best episode yet

Автор Mr Blue Sky ( назад)
Tobin and Eric going on a run for the first time seen in TWD? Bye bye to them two.

Автор kim gonzales ( назад)
gregorio intenta matar a magi

Автор mcatv ( назад)
Possibly the worst season of TWD so far. Independently of what may come. The time spent not really enjoying the product was more than expected.

Автор TB08 05 ( назад)
,,This could be the beginning..." so epic!

Автор xXPurple guy aka KyleXx ( назад)
Gregory: PREPARE TO DIE BIT*Michonne slices Gregory's heart with sword"

Автор Bolachfful ( назад)

Автор Bite Me // ( назад)
Everyone saying that there isn't enough action would be complaining that there's too much if every episode involved a death, anyone else enjoy the Walking Dead for the cinematography and the character development and not just the gory aspects?

Автор Kevin Cloke ( назад)
I need a wee and its more exciting than all this season so far!

Автор Dead Head 102 ( назад)
I wish Gregory would join Ocean Side so we can blow up and kill him with the others their

Автор RadekCrazy1 ( назад)
Maggie said she would like to see all of those assholes being hanged. Foreshadowing? :-)

Автор piper Halliwell ( назад)
I swear if Maggie dies I jump into the television and kick some one ass and feed him to the walkers after taking his damn knife away I hate him I hope he dies

Автор x00p3 ( назад)
At 0:22 Negan has a sad look. Did something happen to Lucilie?

Автор Carol Feijoo Moreno ( назад)
Does anyone know the song?

Автор Mikayla Prince-Brown ( назад)
can't wait for this 😊😊😊😊😊

Автор Brad Krieger ( назад)
Good to see Tobin and Scott getting screen time, I think this is the first episode that Tobin goes outside Alexandria

Автор Hannah campbell ( назад)
Who wish Edin would die I hate her and I love carl .

Автор Brian Davis ( назад)
i know one thing there will alot of tv ads like every 5 minutes

Автор eduardo Gmaia ( назад)
quando sai o ep 15 de twd da 7 temporada?

Автор NINJA_TG #1K ( назад)
cade os br nessa poha

Автор The Hugo ( назад)
The worm will pick up these last 2 episodes.

Автор Jimmy Sundqvist ( назад)
whats with the music lmfao

Автор Pedro Souza ( назад)
i think i say blood on gregory fucking face on 0:29

Автор S0LiD Spectrum ( назад)
Gregory is an asswipe

Автор Fortwodays Theoden ( назад)
That fucking coward Gregory Maggie is gonna hang his bitch ass

Автор Bruce Forrest ( назад)
"...next episode of AMC's 'The Walking Dead'....more boring shit."

Автор Juanm678 ( назад)
did anyone catch the savior simon as an old spice guy? he's got a body

Автор GrizzlySkater234 ( назад)
Tell my why the fuck the episodes only gets good the last 10 minutes , then the next episode doesn't even pick up where the last one went on . Every episode - filler boring bs , gets good last 10-15 minutes , cliff hanger .
Don't even get me started on the commercials every god damn second

Автор 1234 X ( назад)
3 good episodes this season... fucking hell

Автор deeelalah07 ( назад)
Lately walking dead previews have been more exciting than actual episode

Автор Miss Nuker ( назад)
will be there war in 16 against negan? would be very sad if not and how long we need to wait for season 8, six mounths?

Автор Alex mcmovies ( назад)
Tobin and Eric finally do something, they are dead......

Автор NerdyBurd Recaps ( назад)
im actually kinda glad they changed how gregory attempted to kill maggie, outside in the open w/a knife behind his back &only then does jesus save her from him and he denies ever harming maggie. meanwhile in the comics, he poisoned her &unborn hershel in the bathroom and the other thing i wont mention here and jesus still busted down the door to beat the living hell outta gregory. srsly, kids watch this show remember. AMC has censored alot of things, and only allow one curse word every season. but still, this looks nothing like the bathroom scene b/w maggie&gregory from the comics, more like the dialogue is outside away from everyone, rather hope this isn't the decoy scene where he failed to attempt to kill her and we have the bathroom later on. if anything, ill be sad 2c xander go, but like the comics he betrayed rick as he has on the show. still loyal to negan, a card the latter has against rick. i thought for sure, negan wouldn't find out about maggie esp w dirtydavey walking around enid. i mean, even i knew darryl wasn't safe the moment negan didn't show up, but simon did. it's just w sherry still... and everyone else. not2mention eugene not wanting to be saved. im sure there's a reason. and he's rick mole in the santuary, not dwight. bc so far, he hasn't done shit to see how sick negan &his ppl are, esp all he's ever done is protected sherry when most of us know. all she ever cared about was herself, not dwight. not do i want him hooking up w laura, but still if like the comics. sherry could still be the new saviors leader next season SRSLY thats why she's still missing. she's probably recruiting new saviors once negan gets captured by rick.

Автор MrJabez89 ( назад)
This show really needs to go back to 8 episodes in a season.

Автор shah nutrition training ( назад)
something has to happen because so far the episodes have been whack 2 episodes to up there game

Автор James Ferraris ( назад)
oh really if anyone watches Star Wars Rebels this is the same music from the season finale promo Zero Hour

Автор Dickhead ( назад)
two episodes left. two chances for an episode that dosnt suck.

Автор King Zone ( назад)
I swear a god if he hurt my Maggie

Автор Ms.Bubba123 ( назад)
This is going to be a good episode.

Автор Jesse Tuominen ( назад)
Daryl will survive

Автор RPG/Killer Gamer ( назад)
This is stupid if Rick choose to kill the Oceanside community [ if you don't know what that is, is the community when Tara was spying the place is was all woman there with a lots of guns] if he talk to them to joined them to defeat negan that's better if he choose to kill them and take their stuff he is no better than negan he is more fucked up than negan

Автор Joshua Hisoler ( назад)
the last two episodes are going to be intense

Автор Chris Kirk ( назад)
only two episodes left? WTF????

Автор mgamer 5555 ( назад)

Автор Liam lovell ( назад)

Автор Guilherme Souza ( назад)

Автор jasminesdr35 ( назад)
Awwww Richonne

Автор Luna alvarez ( назад)

Автор marcelo martins ( назад)
Vai ser louco

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