Top 10 Best Hockey Players of All Time


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  • Mobile Maniac
    Mobile Maniac 10 часов назад +1

    1. Gretzky
    2. Lemieux
    3. Orr
    4. Crosby
    5. Brodeur
    6. Howe
    7. Messier
    8. Wad
    9. Jagr
    10. Forsberg
    Don’t agree? Idgaf!

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy 21 час назад

    Pavel Bure

  • unkonw unknow
    unkonw unknow День назад

    no one is better than bobby allround player ever...#4 bobby orr

  • Randy Bailin
    Randy Bailin День назад

    I can think of a lot of guys I'd put on the list before Esposito. Excellent, HoF player but nowhere close to the top 10. Better than Lidstrom, Dionne, Lafleur, Selanne, Forsberg, Bure, Ovechkin, Bobby Clarke, Perreault, Potvin, Trottier, Bossy, Beliveau, Bobby Hull, Mikita, Hasek, Yzerman? Not a chance.
    and the list should be called best NHL players.

  • Eddison Tollett
    Eddison Tollett День назад

    My top 10 :
    1. Wayne Gretzky
    2. Mario Lemieux
    3. Bobby Orr
    4. Gordie Howe
    5. Maurice«Rocket» Richard
    6. Eddie Chore
    7. Jean Béliveau
    8. Doug Harvey
    9. Bobby Hull
    10. Patrick Roy

    Honorable mentions : Howie Morenz, Guy Lafleur, Mike Bossy, Mark Messier, Terry Sawchuk and Jacques Plante.

  • Archie Blevins
    Archie Blevins День назад

    Logan Conroy im 45 yrs old I know bout all the great players I grew up watching them n I played for 15 yrs

  • Simon Olejnik
    Simon Olejnik 2 дня назад

    Jagr should be top 3 easy

  • Tom Ace
    Tom Ace 3 дня назад

    Steve yzerman should be in this list bf jagr

  • The Hours Productions
    The Hours Productions 3 дня назад

    Top 5: Gretzky, Lemieux, Howe, Orr, Roy. Next 5: Jagr, Crosby, Messier, Datsuk, Hasek

  • Money Maker
    Money Maker 6 дней назад

    WRONG TOP 10

  • HOT LAP F1
    HOT LAP F1 8 дней назад

    Tretjak Larionov Makarov Krutow Fetissov Kasatonov?

  • Cole Gibson
    Cole Gibson 8 дней назад

    Henry Richard won 11 Stanley cups but isn’t in here?

  • Cole Gibson
    Cole Gibson 8 дней назад

    Crosby sucks

  • Louis Rousseau
    Louis Rousseau 9 дней назад

    people are F*&%#G annoying with Datsyuk and Forsberg, stop whining JEEZ, what about Jean Béliveau, Bobby Hull, Marty Brodeur, Hasek, Doug Harvey, Mike Bossy, Ovechkin, Lidstrom, Bourque, Sawchuk, Sakic, it's a top10 not a top50

  • Big B
    Big B 9 дней назад


  • Christine McLaughlin
    Christine McLaughlin 9 дней назад

    U do not know ANYTHING abt hockey

    HOCKEY KING101 9 дней назад

    Lemieux is better than Gretzky

    HOCKEY KING101 9 дней назад

    Where Is dasyuk the magic man be braking people's ankles and he no on the fucking list

  • Jorrma Ollila
    Jorrma Ollila 11 дней назад

    Dominik Hasek > Patrik Roy

  • Nick 488
    Nick 488 12 дней назад

    Lmfao this is embarrassing. The list is all wrong and Gretzky has nearly 3000 points. Not “nearly 1000 points.”
    And also, Lemieux is ALWAYS #2. He didn’t even play 1000 games. Had he played a full career he’d be number one. So always put him second.

  • babyface76
    babyface76 13 дней назад

    No Datsyuk?

  • Gabriel Ganske
    Gabriel Ganske 13 дней назад +1

    Umm Connor McDAVID

  • Judy Swiger
    Judy Swiger 14 дней назад

    For my school project I had to do Wayne Gretzky for biology fair cause I guess he changed something

  • Rere E
    Rere E 15 дней назад

    The fact that brodeur is only a mention... okay

  • Andrew Hartog
    Andrew Hartog 16 дней назад

    I don't think if I tried I could have gotten more facts wrong

  • Sir Jiggy XIII
    Sir Jiggy XIII 16 дней назад

    This is stupid my guy Gretzky has like 2800 points not "nearly 1000"

  • Stilmis
    Stilmis 17 дней назад

    Points? They are goals dumbasses.

  • Ryan Tunbridge
    Ryan Tunbridge 18 дней назад

    Did everyone just forget about Bobby Clarke

  • Mr. Canucks
    Mr. Canucks 18 дней назад +2

    This list is missing lots of players. Wheres Pavel Bure? Alex Ovechkin, Mcdavid, Datsyuk, The Sedins, Steve Yzerman? I could go on for hours!

    • Louis Rousseau
      Louis Rousseau 9 дней назад

      the Sedin? in the top 150 maybe, Malkin and Jumbo Joe didn't even make the top100

    • Trevor Rogers
      Trevor Rogers 11 дней назад

      The Sedins top 10 all time ?! Clearly no bias

    • Mr. Canucks
      Mr. Canucks 12 дней назад

      My bad. But my point is that this video is missing TONS of things.

    • Stevie Wonder
      Stevie Wonder 17 дней назад +1

      Mr. Canucks McDavid? really? He’s barely played more than 3 seasons.

  • Scott wilson
    Scott wilson 18 дней назад

    Patrick Roy does not belong, Dominic Hasek is easily the greatest goalie ever, Brodeur #2.

  • Larry Drozd
    Larry Drozd 20 дней назад

    You do not even mention Stan Mikita? The man who invented the curved stick? The reason goalies wear masks? If that didn't have an effect on the game..........seriously, what does it take?

  • Zäta
    Zäta 21 день назад

    Börje Salming ? Niclas Lidström ? Peter Forsberg ?

  • Mats Nyman
    Mats Nyman 23 дня назад

    This wasn't as bad as I thought it would be so it was pretty good actually^^

  • These olous
    These olous 25 дней назад

    Lemieux should be second, the guy kept the Penguins in Pittsburgh and was an amazing hockey player. Also two cups for Crosby? He has three due to 2008. Jagr is good, however I do think Crosby is better than him because through his ages he became worse and worse.

  • Bigfoot
    Bigfoot 26 дней назад

    Where is marc andre fleury

  • Amy DeSanto
    Amy DeSanto 27 дней назад

    Steve Yzerman?
    Nicklas Lidstrom?
    Terry Sawchuck?
    Ted Lindsey?
    Alex Delvecchico?
    And that's just the Red Wings

  • Eli Ragland
    Eli Ragland 27 дней назад


  • kantáre
    kantáre 27 дней назад

    What about Hašek and McDavid?

  • PreHistoric Playa
    PreHistoric Playa 28 дней назад

    This list is all messed up and how is Brian Leetch not on this list

  • Ace Rothstein
    Ace Rothstein 28 дней назад

    No way Gretzky is ahead of Howe and no way Orr is #2

  • Alaniya Johal
    Alaniya Johal 29 дней назад

    Watch mojo knows nothing about hockey they did not even say Patrick Roy’s name right 3:58

  • Archie Blevins
    Archie Blevins 29 дней назад

    Unbelievable that Crosby is in there n Stevie y that's a disgrace no way Crosby is better

  • John Donigan Jr
    John Donigan Jr Месяц назад

    Orr is #1

  • John Donigan Jr
    John Donigan Jr Месяц назад

    No Mike Bossy! Are you smoking DOPE?

  • Tim Done
    Tim Done Месяц назад

    Patrice Bergeron

  • Magisktification
    Magisktification Месяц назад

    Forsberg not on the list hes was a far better hockeyplayer than for example Crosby.

  • stuebes177
    stuebes177 Месяц назад

    Just stick with movies and tv. This list is just a joke.

  • Staci Lamoureux
    Staci Lamoureux Месяц назад

    No ov you suck

  • Kaikki Hirtee
    Kaikki Hirtee Месяц назад

    Jari Kurri?

  • KapitanPisoar1
    KapitanPisoar1 Месяц назад

    1. Gretzky
    2. Out of respect one of Howe/Orr/Richard/Lemieux
    3. Jagr
    Anything else is BS

  • muzik note
    muzik note Месяц назад +1

    haha what a stupid list..............bobby orr is number 1 ahead of all these donkeys on list............lemieux skated like the titanic a huge lug that sank to the bottom after running into iceberg ........messier skated with his mouth wide open catching bugs...........gretzky stood at center ice looked like he was always waiting for a bus........after gretzky got hold of the puck he skated like he digging for clams with head below the water line...........

  • Littlehoss 8
    Littlehoss 8 Месяц назад

    Are you FUCKING kidding me?
    Crosby? #7?!
    PATRICK HOWE AT #6?!?!

    HOCKYLIF3 Месяц назад

    Where is John Scott

  • chtistian Myers
    chtistian Myers Месяц назад

    Steve Yzerman?

  • Brian Vinson
    Brian Vinson Месяц назад

    I was already getting suspicious of this list with Messier being so low on it, but no Brodeur really the guy only owns just about every goaltending record in the NHL and some of those records are Gretzky like and won't be broken for a long time. Where is the Dominator on this list I mean come on and Ken Dryden and Denis Potvin can't even get a mention on this list sheez

  • Tanner Simpson
    Tanner Simpson Месяц назад

    Where the hell was jacques plante

  • Chase MacKay
    Chase MacKay Месяц назад

    No Lidstrom? Not even a mention? Despicable!

  • Joshua Groen
    Joshua Groen Месяц назад

    Yah Gretzky had definitely more than 1000 points, he had over 2000

  • Nihal Kandola
    Nihal Kandola Месяц назад +1

    Where’s mcdavid

  • yotta93 meister
    yotta93 meister Месяц назад

    When Marty owns every goalie record but didnt make the list....Hasek and him were both better than Roy too

  • C.J. Harris
    C.J. Harris Месяц назад

    We have 3 players on our list. #Gopens

    but what about Connor McDavid

  • Coach Chris
    Coach Chris Месяц назад

    Gretzsky no.1 ,yes sir

  • Ad3n Prouductions
    Ad3n Prouductions Месяц назад

    Here’s my list.
    1 Wayne Gretzky
    2 Bobby Orr
    3 Gordie Howe
    4 Mario Lemieux
    5 Maurice Richard
    6 Sidney Crosby
    7 Bobby Hull
    8 Patrick Roy
    9 Peter foresburg
    10 guy lafleur

  • Jack DiPaolo
    Jack DiPaolo Месяц назад

    This is trash

  • kiima
    kiima Месяц назад

    Where is teemu selänne😭

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson Месяц назад

    I imagine Crosby will eventually score enough to land on this list but his appearance here now is premature, especially if you factor in all around play. Not even and honorable mention for Yzerman, Sakic, Forsberg.

  • NoMussLou!
    NoMussLou! Месяц назад

    My Personal favorite is Mario Lemieux but I can respect this #1-4 order.I'm OK with this list because the reasons for Lemieux to be forth are justified by the explanations.I think Gretzky always takes the #1 spot though because his stats are just mind boggling!If you look over 99s numbers and records it is insane and numbers are facts and not 'What ifs".But if I had to hypothetically start a team and could pick players from any era my first pick would be #66

  • Jason Doza
    Jason Doza Месяц назад

    what a shitty list, do your homework.

  • Carl Hudson
    Carl Hudson Месяц назад

    LETS GO PENGUINS!!!!! (I'm a fan just so you know)

  • Artie Gustafson talk show and more
    Artie Gustafson talk show and more Месяц назад

    What ! ...... you people cannot forget about the legend Wayne Gretzky

  • danny lofaro
    danny lofaro Месяц назад

    I think you forgot Potvin, Trottier,

  • Josh Clark
    Josh Clark Месяц назад

    Pretty sure he has over 2000 points

  • Josh Clark
    Josh Clark Месяц назад

    I’m pretty sure that Lemieux was not a Defenceman

  • SeahawksandNationalsFTW 01
    SeahawksandNationalsFTW 01 Месяц назад

    No ovi?

  • Alpha 1157
    Alpha 1157 Месяц назад

    Make a good list

  • Gabriel Ganske
    Gabriel Ganske Месяц назад

    So where is Conner McDAVID DID YOU FORGET 🙄🙄😠😠😤😡👎👎👎

  • simon b
    simon b Месяц назад

    Orr is not better than Howe or Lemieux

  • Beauty Agnetha
    Beauty Agnetha Месяц назад

    .Peter Forsberg was really good player he should be on the list.

  • Kevin Daunais
    Kevin Daunais Месяц назад

    Quick poll
    Does anybody agree with this list?

  • Sharpie
    Sharpie Месяц назад +1

    100% agree for the top 2 besides that ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH?

  • Sharpie
    Sharpie Месяц назад +1

    I can tell this will be a shitty list b4 watching it

  • Austin Browning
    Austin Browning 2 месяца назад +1

    Very questionable list

  • Random808
    Random808 2 месяца назад

    1.Mario Lemiux

  • Stro 62305
    Stro 62305 2 месяца назад

    You can’t compare Gretzky to Crosby. They played/play during very different time periods. The defensemen are much better now than they were back when Gretzky played. Plus the goalies pads were waaay smaller back then making it way easier to score. I don’t particularly like Crosby, but I believe that if Crosby has played back when Gretzky did he’d be equal if not better than Gretzky.

  • 11 Ariete
    11 Ariete 2 месяца назад

    Who is crosby? Where is Tretiak? Makarov-Larionov-Krutov_Kasatonov-Fetisov? ... Fedorov??.. Bure?...

    • Da Badguy
      Da Badguy Месяц назад

      Hahaha Calm down there komrad.

  • glenn joseph brophy
    glenn joseph brophy 2 месяца назад

    So The Greatest Of All Time Only Gets An Honorable Mention...Bobby Hull??? I Guess That More Than 600 Goals For The Blackhawks In 15 Years Is Nothing...And Hull Was Responsible For The WHA, The World Hockey Association, As Every Team In The WHA Paid For Hull's $1 Million Salary, And It Was The WHA That Allowed Messier And The #1 On This List...Gretzky...To Begin Their Careers In The Relative Obscurity Of The WHA As Gretzky Originally Was The Property Of The Indianapolis Racers...Which At One Time Was The Chicago Cougars...And Hull Had The Fastest Shot...A Little Less Than 120 Miles Per Hour, Was The Fastest Skater, And Hull And His Teammate, Stan Mikita, Were 2 Of Like 6 Players Ever To Win The Hart, Ross, And Lady Bing Trophy That Is Awarded To The Most Gentlemanly Player In The NHL...With Mikita Winning The Ross, Hart, And Bing Trophy In Back-To-Back Seasons...1966-1967 And 1967-1968...And It Was Mikita And Hull That Invented The Curved Stick...Which Made It Possible For Orr, Gretzky, Messier, And Lemieux To Enjoy The Success That They Enjoyed...And Hull Also Broke The Hat Trick Record Of Maurice "Rocket" Richard...Who Is What...5th On This List...With His 27th Hat Trick...And Hull, Mikita, Richard, And Howe Played Among The Top 125 Players In The NHL When They Played...Compared To Playing Amongst The Top 250 Players In The NHL Like Orr Did...And Phil Esposito Was Not Even The Best Player On His Own Team...That Was Bobby Hull And Stan Mikita...As Phil Esposito Was A Member Of The Chicago Blackhawks Who Was Traded By The Blackhawks Along With Ken Hodge And Fred Stanfield In 1967 After Making Derogatory Statements About Blackhawks Ownership At A Team Banquet In The Off-Season...As Both Orr And Esposito Greatly Benefitted From Expansion When The NHL Doubled From 6 To 12 Teams For The Start Of The 1967-1968 Season...And Gretzky, Messier, Lemieux, Crosby, And Roy Played Amongst The Best 500 Players In The NHL Every Season...4 Times The Number Of Players That Hull, Mikita, Howe, Richard And Beliveau Had Played With As The NHL Was A League Dominated By Defense Before The League Expanded From 6 To 12 Teams...And Hull Scored His 58 Goals Before The League Expanded To 12 Teams In The 1967-1968 Season Where Teams Played Each Other 15 Times A Season...Compared To The Watered Down NHL That Gretzky, Messier, Lemieux, Roy, And Crosby Had Played In That Had At Least 20 Teams...And It Was In Another Watered-Down Season As The League Had Expanded A Couple Of Teams Before The Season Where Gretzky Set The NHL Record For Most Goals In A Season...93 Goals!!!

  • jim ewok
    jim ewok 2 месяца назад

    if you're gonna start a team and don't pick ORR, you're crazy. anybody can hang over the blue line when you got solid defense n a cheap-shot artist to protect you.

  • Jakub Voracek
    Jakub Voracek 2 месяца назад

    The list should be:
    1. Gretzky
    2. Lemieux
    3. Orr
    4. Howe
    5. Messier
    6. Jagr
    7. Roy
    8. Lidstrom
    9. Crosby
    10. Hasek

  • Aidan Domenick
    Aidan Domenick 2 месяца назад +1

    Also wanye couldn’t play defense

  • Aidan Domenick
    Aidan Domenick 2 месяца назад +1

    Crosby should be higher

    • sean hartwick
      sean hartwick Месяц назад +1

      That's debatable. I do agree this list needs to be reworked though.

  • SpicyMemeGoodness
    SpicyMemeGoodness 2 месяца назад +1


  • Josh Wood
    Josh Wood 2 месяца назад

    Actually a pretty good list. Thoughts in no particular order: Selanne is undoubtedly a great player, but not in the top 10. I might've picked Bobby Hull above Esposito, because of the invention of the curved stick. I love Ovechkin, but whiner or not, Crosby is a more consistent and complete player. Forsberg would've been a lock for this list if he wasn't injured for half his career. There have been many great players from European countries, but tough for them to replace anyone on this list. The only compelling cases for me would be Kharlamov or Tretiak. Definite toss-up between Roy, Hasek, Brodeur, Sawchuck, Plante, Bower, etc...tough to pick only one goalie. Another toss-up between Messier and Yzerman. It's hard to stomach Lemieux being as low as #4, but who do you put him above, Howe or Orr?

  • BZAB Boys
    BZAB Boys 2 месяца назад

    Gretzky has 2,500+ points what do you mean Watch mojo better not post hockey ever again

  • BZAB Boys
    BZAB Boys 2 месяца назад

    Why is Crosby higher than Phil and Jagr the highest he’s had is 51 goals phil had 5 straight 55+ goal seasons

  • JohnAnderssonTV
    JohnAnderssonTV 2 месяца назад

    How the fuck does not guys like Peter Forsberg or Mats Sundin make the list? Fucking bullshit

  • Leon Maliniak
    Leon Maliniak 2 месяца назад

    It is all a matter of opinion, but I would have put MARIO at the top of the list as the greatest of all time, and according to a recent TV special where the PLAYERS voted, they picked him too.
    Gretzky has the most points but Mario missed several years because of illness and Gretzky also played at a time when the talent was the most diluted because of the rapid expansion of the league. As great at Gretzky was, and I still have to acknowledge that he was perhaps arguably the best, I remind everyone that he was surrounded by some other of the greatest players of all time...Lemieux had JAGR, another great, but that was all.
    Next, I remind everyone that in their first STANLEY CUP win it was not Gretzky who won the CONN SMYTHE as the most valuable was MESSIER. Then, after Gretzky was traded to the Kings, the Oilers still won a STANLEY CUP without him, proving Gretzky was not the main factor. Finally, Gretzky was never able to win a STANLEY CUP in he by himself could not affect the outcome of a whole series.
    On the other hand LEMIEUX could by himself almost control an entire game and an entire playoff series, as he did during the two back to back cups won by his Penguins. Lemieux was a threat to score every time he was on the ice and he overwhelmingly and manifestly DOMINATED the play...even when the heavy hitting started during the playoffs. Gretzky, on the other hand became more or less invisible once the big hitting started.
    In conclusion, both LEMIEUX and GRETZKY were the two greatest players to ever play but I pick Lemieux over Gretzky.
    Another issue is to define what is meant by the " greatest player "; Is it the most points, then Gretzky wins. Is the most overall impact on the outcome of a game, then Lemieux wins. But if it is the greatest " hockey skills' , like skating and shooting and creativeness....then has to be BOBBY ORR.

  • jessica lilja
    jessica lilja 2 месяца назад

    Are you dumb Crosby is at least to 3

  • Quentin Charrier
    Quentin Charrier 2 месяца назад


  • Tiago Avila
    Tiago Avila 2 месяца назад

    Actually no I don't agree with the list for 1 reason there's someone else besides Peter Forsberg who didn't make the list and it's not Joe Sakic or Brett Hull I'm talking about Tony Esposito how is it that Phil Esposito makes the Top 10 and Tony Esposito can't even get an honorable mention so I'm sorry I disagree for that reason other then that looks good to me as long as u got Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe in the Top 3 heck I agree but because Tony Esposito couldn't even get an honorable mention I'm sorry but I have no choice but to disagree.

  • Richard Cosmillo
    Richard Cosmillo 2 месяца назад

    Well, 6 Stanley Cups ? That is Mark Messier folks. He is right up there in the achievement department and …….he wins one the year after Gretzky is traded? Something special there. He willed his teams to victory not many player can do that. He made everyone around him a better player and that is how you win 6 cups my friends. You can't win a championship by yourself you get me? He has to be and is one of the greatest ever to hit the ice. How about his game 6 guarantee against the Devils in 1994? Doesn't get any better than that.