Top 10 Best Hockey Players of All Time

  • Published on Oct 4, 2017
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    Top 10 Greatest Hockey Players of All Time
    Who’s the most talented hockey player to ever lace up his skates? Is it Mario Lemieux? Sidney Crosby? Patrick Roy? Or the Great One himself? They’re all some of the greatest players in NHL history. WatchMojo counts down ten of the best NHL players to ever pick up a stick.
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    #10: Phil Esposito
    #9: Mark Messier
    #8: Jaromir Jagr
    #7: Sidney Crosby
    #6: Patrick Roy
    #5: Maurice Richard
    #4: Mario Lemieux
    #3, #2 & #1???
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Comments • 2 629

  •  4 months ago +53

    We're Canadian, so obviously there's no excuse for the error in this video. We meant to say Gretzky leads BY 1000 points and not WITH. It's a big mistake and we regret the error.

    • Conner Barnhart
      Conner Barnhart 14 hours ago

      @Oliver Arnone Of course you do, your a Pittsburg fan so you automatically think u sidney crosby is the Goat, but he aint. Most don't even put him top 5. Also goaltending was less advanced back then because there was no curve in the blade of the stick making it extremely hard to get the puck off the ice.

    • dig bick
      dig bick 3 days ago just because you’re Canadian doesn’t mean you know about hockey

    • William Lacombe
      William Lacombe 7 days ago

      @R L esposito can get on his knees and kiss bobby orrs ass although i know his huge ego would never alliw that .35bgoal scorer without orr

    • William Lacombe
      William Lacombe 7 days ago

      @John Smith not to mention orr played less than 10 yrs worth of games fue to injuries around 8 yrshe played and 4 of those was at about 50 % due to injuries.bobby orr had his knee ligaments torn in the 3rd game of his carreer.

    • William Lacombe
      William Lacombe 7 days ago

      @Oliver Arnone the players were jast as fast in the 80s its the rules that are different with 2 line passing aloud

  • DUFFdanihell
    DUFFdanihell 18 hours ago

    Without Hasek and Ovechkin, this list is just a joke.

  • JDP Trooper
    JDP Trooper 2 days ago

    Comment sections hilarious. They can only put 10 people on this list chill. It’s a solid list and it’s hard to judge players currently in the NHL but by the end of his career Crosby will probably be at least top 7.

  • Orcus
    Orcus 2 days ago

    Howe should be over Orr

  • William Hild
    William Hild 3 days ago

    And not a mention of Doug Harvey. How sad.

  • Derek Compton
    Derek Compton 3 days ago +2

    Mario is the most talented player to ever play the game. If not for injuries and cancer he would own every record possible by a forward.

  • JD
    JD 5 days ago

    Marty Brodeur is my all time favorite goalie.

  • Tom Griffin
    Tom Griffin 7 days ago

    Sorry, but Lemieux was better than Gretzky.

  • William Lacombe
    William Lacombe 8 days ago

    Even gretzky will tell you the one thing he always regreted was that he couldnt skate like bobby orr. Im sorry folks but the # 1 most important talent in hockey is skating ability

  • William Lacombe
    William Lacombe 8 days ago

    Nick named the great one because the spelling is so similar to his name.i will give him #2 but im sorry there has never been a player on the pkanet better than bobby orr

  • William Lacombe
    William Lacombe 8 days ago

    Orr orr orr orr orr orr orr orr.put orr on the ice alone 1 on 1 with who you think is better than him for ten minutes and at the end of 10 minutes orr will have had the puck for 10 minutes and your boy!! Well he will just be one more guy chasing orr around the ice and never catching him

  • Dick Ass Production
    Dick Ass Production 8 days ago

    Yep Ovi isn’t even a honorable mention

  • Chase Krouse
    Chase Krouse 8 days ago +1

    I don’t think goalies should be in the top 10 list because it is hard to compare them to players

  • Pancouver venguins
    Pancouver venguins 9 days ago

    Learn how to pronounce lemieux you idiots

  • Pancouver venguins
    Pancouver venguins 9 days ago

    God damnit I watched......fuck you mojo you guys suck lol.

  • Andre Lamarche
    Andre Lamarche 9 days ago

    1. Lemieux
    2. Orr
    3. Gretzky
    4. Richard
    5. Howe
    6. Roy
    7. Jagr
    8. Hasek
    9. Beliveau
    10. Messier

  • TropicJonttu
    TropicJonttu 9 days ago

    Wow you fuckers obviously dont know shit about hockey.

  • Foxy and Lucy
    Foxy and Lucy 10 days ago

    So 1 out of 10 wasnt born in Canada? Really?

  • Bryan Flores
    Bryan Flores 10 days ago

    Is there a reason Jagr is the only non-Canadian on this list?

  • badkarma44
    badkarma44 10 days ago

    Ok 2 things.... when you showed Marty B, you guys had the Rangers goal song on " which is great since I'm a nyr fan " but no. Also..... Crosby at 7? Child please

  • fisichella78
    fisichella78 11 days ago

    LMAO, I understand you don't like Putin, but where are Fetisov, Makarov, Tretiak and Fedorov in this ranking ?

  • darko81779
    darko81779 13 days ago

    Ranking Crosby in front of Messier? No shot. Messier retired as the 2nd leading scorer of all time. He won Five Cups. He also has perhaps the most iconic moment of any great player on this list, having scored 3 goals in the third period of Game 6 against New Jersey after guaranteeing victory for his New York Rangers. Crosby can't touch that.

  • MMGJ10
    MMGJ10 16 days ago

    Good list. Everyone's list is going to be different and it's only a top 10 list. After the top 4 of Gretzky, Lemieux, Orr, and Howe you're more or less splitting hairs with a lot of players.
    I could probably write a list of 25-30 players to consider for a top ten list before narrowing it down to 10.

  • Thorndog
    Thorndog 18 days ago

    Steve Yzerman? no can argue that he was minimum top 10, Crosby needs to be taken off the list

    • Thorndog
      Thorndog 16 days ago

      @MMGJ10 sorry didn't mean to come off harsh I just finished watching yzerman retirement clip, Pittsburgh penguins were my alt team to root for, always loved Pittsburgh teams.

    • MMGJ10
      MMGJ10 16 days ago

      @Thorndog True man, I wasn't bashing Yzerman, and I know exactly where my nuts are. Ha. I have a ton of respect for him and he was awesome.
      Crosby only had a rough first couple years before all their high picks started paying off.
      A top 10 is almost impossible to do because there's probably 20+ players that could be in there. The top 4 seem to be a notch above, then probably 20 guys you would have a hard time picking through. Everyone's gonna have their opinion too.

    • Thorndog
      Thorndog 16 days ago

      And Crosby came into a team that totally revamped itself and he played with top tier players and he his still playing so who knows maybe he gambles like Pete rose did lol joke so do t lose your nuts about it, stevie y came until a mediocre team and it took a lot to rebuild it so he didn't come in to a food team like sid the kid.

    • MMGJ10
      MMGJ10 16 days ago

      Crosby definitely deserves to be in the discussion for the top 10. Look at everything he's accomplished and he's only 31. Yzerman hadn't even won a cup at Crosby's age, let alone 3.
      No knock on Stevie Y, he's a legend but Crosby belongs.

  • Allan Caesar
    Allan Caesar 19 days ago

    No Steve Yzerman? Have a downvote.

    KEVEN 20 days ago

    This is such a hard list to do, because of so many great hockey players. For sure top five belong there.

  • co70 boudreau
    co70 boudreau 21 day ago

    When you're the one guy who thinks Gretzky shouldn't have been mentioned on this list...

  • Nikhil Lowe
    Nikhil Lowe 21 day ago +1

    I’m done Grant Fuhr was the greatest goalie that there ever was you know that

  • Eric Day
    Eric Day 21 day ago

    This list surprisingly, is not as bad as I thought it would be, however it clearly has a North American flavor. If you are going to include Jagr, and I would have had him about 9 or 10. You have absolutely gotta have Hasek or Tretiak. Two of the 3 best goalies ever. And where is Slava Fetisov, only the greatest 2 way defensnan to ever live. But not a bad list howeve. Except Mark Messier has this aura about him, he is clearly not better or more deserving then Hull or Clarke or Lefluer or some others. Mark was good, not an all time great though.

  • LostBoyDanny
    LostBoyDanny 22 days ago

    How the fuck Crosby is on this list? No offense he’s good but he’s not in the top 10 greatest hockey players

  • Konstantin Kazakov
    Konstantin Kazakov 22 days ago

    Who is the Magic Man??!!!1

  • Psycho Byard
    Psycho Byard 22 days ago

    1. Gretzky
    2. Orr
    3. Howe
    4. Richard
    5. Beliveau
    6. Lemieux
    7. Jagr
    8. Messier
    9. Brodeur
    10. Roy
    11. Esposito
    12. Yzerman
    13. Bobby Hull
    14. Bossy
    15. Hazek

  • Anthony marchetti
    Anthony marchetti 22 days ago

    Where’s Mike Modano

  • David Palmaeus
    David Palmaeus 23 days ago

    I Think peter forsberg sould be on the list

  • Denny Serino
    Denny Serino 25 days ago

    Crosby #7 ?? really? i think this video is just trying to get children to hit like. Oh my what a joke. No Beliveau? No Yzerman? No Brodeur ? not right.

  • Boy island Gilraine
    Boy island Gilraine 26 days ago


  • Mates Kolas
    Mates Kolas 27 days ago


  • M Riippa
    M Riippa 28 days ago

    Teemu Selanne, Jari Kurri, Ovechkin, Henrik Lundquist, Peter Forsberg. And Many Russians

  • Shone Cornish
    Shone Cornish 29 days ago

    Good list but I think Patrick Roy should be top 5

  • Felix Andersson
    Felix Andersson Month ago

    Lidström? Best D ever. Check Patrick Kane's comment on him.

  • GJ Productions
    GJ Productions Month ago

    No no no mojo dont you dare fucking disgrace gordie howe like that, first off orr should be #3 then gordie and gretzky tied for #1, if youre not gonna make a video correctly then dont make one at all

  • GJ Productions
    GJ Productions Month ago

    Marty broduer>roy by a mile and the red wings absolutely owned roy his whole career

  • GJ Productions
    GJ Productions Month ago

    Yea no crosby can kiss my fucking ass, there been wayyyyyyyyyyy better players

  • Jordan 91
    Jordan 91 Month ago

    They should have done these by each position. I would like to see that one.

  • Evan Atwood
    Evan Atwood Month ago

    Why Roy above Brodeur?

  • Bill Beliakoff
    Bill Beliakoff Month ago

    Roy populized the butterfly style ? I believe that Glen Hall started it in the '60's and most goalies were using it long before Roy came along.

  • Alex Bos
    Alex Bos Month ago

    wait... ovi didn't even get honorable mention...

    • Kevin CG94
      Kevin CG94 Month ago

      This was before his 2018 Stanley Cup Championship, would be pretty foolish not to have him as a top 10 or at least HM if they did it now though

  • bobby fisher
    bobby fisher Month ago

    Patrick riwah...

  • LOBYY_ _
    LOBYY_ _ Month ago

    Where’s McDAVID in all of this

  • Atv Boy
    Atv Boy Month ago

    The Canadians goalies are always the best

  • ZyX
    ZyX Month ago

    Lidstrom should atleast be mentioned

  • Western Spy Remover

    Not trying to be that guy, but where is Ovechkin?

  • Rod Pearson
    Rod Pearson Month ago

    Roy popularized butterfly. Tretiak?!
    I get this is an nhl list. But the russkis need a shout here

  • Toby Sullivan
    Toby Sullivan Month ago

    No it's Patrick kanyeee

  • silver black
    silver black Month ago +1

    Stevie Y is better than Crosby

  • Bjørn Pedersen
    Bjørn Pedersen Month ago

    Slava is missing.

  • Ghost Reborn
    Ghost Reborn Month ago

    Peter Forsberg??

  • mela bbn
    mela bbn Month ago

    1 Gretzky- 2857 points
    2 Orr
    3 Lemieux

  • Lee Namin
    Lee Namin Month ago

    Ovechkin > Crosby

  • Xx grave_stone xX
    Xx grave_stone xX Month ago

    Crosby should be 3rd best

  • Dennis Fleming
    Dennis Fleming Month ago

    Where was coffey and bourqe both better than crosby plus id take joe sakic peter forsberg steve yzerman mike madono eric lindross juri kurri brett hull and like 10 others before crosby

  • Gerwulf the Red
    Gerwulf the Red Month ago

    What about Gary Maddock, dovecot steelers.

  • Jusicleide Pinto Mole

    Gretzky and Lemieux top 2

  • Gord Sexton
    Gord Sexton Month ago

    #9 is #1 knob. It’s no coincidence he ended his career with a suspension. If the referees were doing their jobs 100%, the troubles with concussions wouldn’t be what they are now; so, in that regard, he’s very noteworthy. If I were in charge, he would have gotten 40 games for his dental work for Rich Sutter; and, if he ever repeated the act, he would have been thrown out, period. He should have tried baseball. If it’s possible, you might be able to see highlights of the Oilers-Canadiens series, in which he was swinging his stick at Larry Robinson. Too bad Robinson put up with it.

  • vimy 15
    vimy 15 Month ago +1

    tough to make a list .. yzerman, sakic ... so so many greats ...

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin Month ago +2

    mario scored 199 points with a team of minor leagers ive seen them both and i beleive lemieux was a better player than gretzky

    • Eric Day
      Eric Day 18 days ago

      Mario may well have been better, but my the numbers of Gretzky are staggering. But if you look with your eyes Mario could have been a tad better.

    • get Smarty
      get Smarty Month ago

      Ok bud

  • Not That Sad
    Not That Sad Month ago


  • lentäjänpoika 97
    lentäjänpoika 97 Month ago

    Where is the teemu selänne

  • Affi Åkerlund
    Affi Åkerlund Month ago

    Missä mörkö on?

  • Affi Åkerlund
    Affi Åkerlund Month ago

    Selänne deserves a spot

  • Anton Beijar
    Anton Beijar Month ago

    I think Teemu Selänne should have been on the list at least on the honebull mentions

    • Louis Rousseau
      Louis Rousseau Month ago

      not even in a top 20, because from 10 to 25 you would have: Harvey, Lidstrom, Bourque, Sawchuk, Brodeur, Hasek, Bossy, Ovechkin, Bobby Hull, Dionne, Lafleur, Mikita, Béliveau, Sakic, Yzerman, all before Teemu

  • Mr. PotatoHead
    Mr. PotatoHead Month ago +1

    Top 10:
    1. Wayne "The Great One" Gretzky
    2. Mario "Super Mario" Lemieux
    3. Connor McDavid
    4. Gordie "Mr. Hockey" Howe
    5. Jaromir Jagr
    6. Teemu Selanne
    7. Patrick Roy
    8. Ray Bourque
    9. Guy Lafluer
    10. Nicklas Lidstrom

  • Anjunafam Edd
    Anjunafam Edd Month ago +1

    Pavel dacyk?

  • HockeyDude98
    HockeyDude98 Month ago

    Ovi is better

  • Ken Craig
    Ken Craig Month ago +2

    in my childhood: dionne, perreault, lafleur, trottier, bossy, clarke, sittler, just prior to gretzky era.

  • Bert Brandon
    Bert Brandon Month ago


  • Boltsduckscup2018 Brezhnev

    To have Roy over broduer on this list is straight ludicrously broduer leads Roy in the win Collin by like 150 wins broduer also is the goalie with the most goals and shutouts

  • Mark Edmundson
    Mark Edmundson Month ago +2

    I think Mario Lemieux was the best player of time. After dominating the league he retired due to cancer for years. Then he came back. Who knows what he could’ve done if he hadn’t missed those seasons. Wayne Gretzky admitted he would most likely have more points than himself.

  • Micheal Hebert
    Micheal Hebert Month ago +1

    Psychological presence wgat is messier a soldier

  • Micheal Hebert
    Micheal Hebert Month ago

    Baby sound like you enjoy the word winger lol

  • Odyssey Guy
    Odyssey Guy Month ago

    Where is John Scott!?

  • DuhokiKurd
    DuhokiKurd Month ago

    Top 3 should be Orr, Lemieux/Gretzky

  • YoniTheGr8est
    YoniTheGr8est Month ago +10

    Ovechkin is #? Oh wait... he isnt on. Great list!

    • YoniTheGr8est
      YoniTheGr8est Month ago

      @Mark Edmundson he wont by the end of his career, next

    • YoniTheGr8est
      YoniTheGr8est Month ago

      @Mark Edmundson omfg the top 10 goals ever could all be Ovechkin goals wtf are you saying you dumbass, Sids goals are normal, atleast Ovechkin's one-timer goals are some sweet power shots. u clearly dont know anything about hockey

    • YoniTheGr8est
      YoniTheGr8est Month ago

      @Mark Edmundson the people who wrote that list are wrong just like watchmojo who put him over Jagr

    • YoniTheGr8est
      YoniTheGr8est Month ago

      @Mark Edmundson Ovechkin is more reliable, less injury prone and more physical. Also Ovechkin scores more, plays with more heart in my opinion

    • Mark Edmundson
      Mark Edmundson Month ago

      95% of his goals are one timers at the face off circle. You should see Sidney’s goals. 😂

  • YoniTheGr8est
    YoniTheGr8est Month ago +1

    Roy is on but Brodeur...

  • YoniTheGr8est
    YoniTheGr8est Month ago

    Jagr over Crosby... okay

  • Peter Pellechia
    Peter Pellechia Month ago

    You assholes,sidney crosby is not a top 20 player let alone a top ten player

  • Care Bee
    Care Bee Month ago

    Stanley cup check that 3 times 👍87

    NaTHaN WEiSS LmAO Month ago +2

    there is too many players to make this top 10 shouldve been at least top 20

  • Čára Grcka
    Čára Grcka Month ago

    Jagr 8# really?

  • Shamrockrancher
    Shamrockrancher Month ago

    WHAT ABOUT Dougie Glatt?

  • William Lepage
    William Lepage Month ago +11

    So Brodeur literally the best Goaltender in NHL doesn’t make the list...🤔

  • Mike Louis
    Mike Louis Month ago +1

    If Lemieux had a team around him from the start of his carreer like Gretsky did his numbers would look fake. But, being a singleton on a basically godawful team made him easy meat for opposing teams defense and yet he still posted crazy numbers. Wayne was a hockey machine, Mario was a hockey artist.

    • Mike Louis
      Mike Louis Month ago

      @J Pecci Thank you! Mr Orr was never a player to sneeze at, his game stats, footage and his cup winning goal in 1970 cements his status. But, for the first half of Mario's career he was operating in basically a talent vacuum. The toll that took on his body was terrible, the opposing defense, at times, basically TRIPLE teamed him using a winger to help out. Clutch, grab, dangle, molest and hell, they didn't even buy him breakfast or give him cab fare. If 1/20th of that nonsense was pulled on gretsky the player who did so would still be sitting in the penalty box.

    • J Pecci
      J Pecci Month ago +1

      Orr fan, but I agree with you totally. Lemieux is the #1 player I would build a team around

  • Bill Haines
    Bill Haines Month ago

    Dont watch hockey all that much do ya?????

  • Joe Baskow
    Joe Baskow Month ago

    What about bryzgalov?

  • Don't be a DEBIL
    Don't be a DEBIL Month ago

    Peter Stastny, Stan Mikita Dominik Hašek, Zdeno Chara, Robert Švehla, Peter Bondra, Marian Hossa etc. Deserved honorable mention. But I might be little biased for obvious reason.

    • Craig Kunz
      Craig Kunz Month ago

      Peter Stastny was a great player!

  • just a guy, let me walk

    Where’s Teemu Selänne... SAATANA!?

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington Month ago

    We all knew Gretzky was first and Orr was second

    KRAFTWERK 1 Month ago +3

    Eric Lindros was a great player.

    • ZyX
      ZyX Month ago

      Not a top 10 of all time tho. I would take Forsberg over him

  • RyanTheFireBall
    RyanTheFireBall Month ago

    Marty Brodour should be in Roy's spot

  • RyanTheFireBall
    RyanTheFireBall Month ago

    Yzerman anyone?