Trump Calls Non-White Countries "S**tholes": The Daily Show

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  • Fabián José Dorta Romero
    Fabián José Dorta Romero Час назад

    I'm venezuelan, is indeed a shithole, and Haiti is even worse; those who atack Trump are downright idiots who never had the missfortune of belonging to a shithole country. Blacks aren't good at anything, the only thing that Africa gives is AIDS, sorry but not sorry. I'm not even white; i'm "hispanic" (what that really means is that i'm a mongrel with no race whatsoever) even so, i still admire Donald Trump for his strenght and good will; I don't know if he's sincere; I hope so.

  • jew sheckelstein
    jew sheckelstein Час назад

    Hey Kaffer, South Africa is a SHITHOLE because you morons forcefully took over and now we are all on a downward spiral to nothingness. Idiot blacks.

  • Ed will
    Ed will 2 часа назад

    Trevor Noah is a doos!

    • Ahimsa _
      Ahimsa _ Час назад

      En jy is 'n p**s!

  • Maryam
    Maryam 2 часа назад

    Seriously! You can’t expect anything nice or good from this man!

  • 박지원
    박지원 3 часа назад

    But the african countries and haiti is a shit hole. What is the problem?

  • Danie Jacobs
    Danie Jacobs 3 часа назад

    50 people a day are killed in South-Africa (Trevor Noah's birth country). Second most dangerous country in the world.

    • Danie Jacobs
      Danie Jacobs 50 минут назад

      Unfortunately i do. Most stuff happening in SA is not covered by the media, the government is controlling the media. I myself was almost murdered in my own house 2006.

    • Ahimsa _
      Ahimsa _ Час назад

      Then you must not be living in the country you described, hey? :)

    • Danie Jacobs
      Danie Jacobs Час назад

      I'm not shivering, sorry Ahimsa :-)

    • Ahimsa _
      Ahimsa _ 2 часа назад

      I see you shivering Danie LOL what crap.

  • Zeeba Neighba
    Zeeba Neighba 8 часов назад

    Whether the orange one said it or not, it seems every time he opens his mouth he shows his ignorance or lack of stability. He speaks before he thinks, he contradicts himself and leaves others to clarify his statements. He's a buffoon. And now, he wants to end DACA, the very group of young people (through no fault of their own live here illegally ) who can make huge contributions to the American financial system, will there by be deported out of the USA. To a country they have never known. Yep. Orange Face Supreme doesn't know shit. And is a racist.

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper 9 часов назад

    Uh yeah, that's why these brown little shit bags are constantly coming to the US which they are turning into a shit hole as well.

  • Keith S
    Keith S 9 часов назад

    Trevor South Africa is a shit hole.

    • Ahimsa _
      Ahimsa _ 2 часа назад

      Only a shit could say that with absolute certainty.

    MILO MUNCHER 13 часов назад

  • ƝƁƘ.Crepper
    ƝƁƘ.Crepper 15 часов назад

    Trump liker Norge det er bra for meg fordi jeg ble født i Norge

  • peace maker
    peace maker 15 часов назад

    Hahahah so funny
    I live in norwey

  • Jazs and ari
    Jazs and ari 16 часов назад

    Probably he meant Dominican Republic too for most of them being black and siblings of Haiti.

  • _blod
    _blod 17 часов назад

    They clap and cheer when he says he is "offended". WTF!

  • MJ Sanchez
    MJ Sanchez 17 часов назад

    Trump is the biggest racist in America.
    He should be impeached.
    The shit hole is his foul mouth.

  • Exotic Wolve
    Exotic Wolve 17 часов назад

    The fuck, there’s almost more colored people in Norway than white??

  • Aaron Rubio
    Aaron Rubio 17 часов назад

    If the country's in questions are so good the all you sensitive liberal can move there and see for yourself. Its a shithole!!!!

  • Ann Kristin Kolbu
    Ann Kristin Kolbu 18 часов назад

    Let me just say something real quick....
    I really don’t read comments on RUclip, but some of these comments are out of control! (Or at least that’s what I think)
    1. I think some of you might have read the title of this video wrong.
    (Btw, I do not agree to call countries where dark skinned people come from “shitholes”! Don’t get me wrong.)
    2. Please, don’t attach Norwegian citizens! That’s just cruel.
    3. Yes, we have a very light skin colour, and there aren’t very much sun here, but that doesn’t mean we are the whitest...
    4. And could someone please tell me why Noah said that we have no immigrants here in Norway? ‘Cause we do...?

    Btw, please don’t attach me, I’m just a Norwegian girl who wanted to say a few things in the comment section on a video on RUclip😌

  • Ron Atlas
    Ron Atlas 18 часов назад

    Haiti IS a shit hole country, watch James allsups video clearly explaining why, as a South African im dissapointed in you Trevor, being stupid to be politically correct, political correctness will run America into the fucking dust, thank God for trump

  • John R
    John R 19 часов назад

    Just more Libtard race baiting Shit Hole fake "news"

  • flitslig Pallanca
    flitslig Pallanca 19 часов назад

    So Trevor as one South African to another, why dont you live and work here where all is wonderful and great?

  • Higino Borges
    Higino Borges 20 часов назад

    You're right! I'm portuguese and I must admit that we're really just half white.....

  • Gonnie Bromehead
    Gonnie Bromehead 20 часов назад

    Trevor Noah is FAKE NEWS ... and i am from South Africa and DT did not reference white... he said shit holes... Trevor you know you working for a shit hole network... when you sleep you dream shit dreams because you know the truth... baba

    • Ahimsa _
      Ahimsa _ 2 часа назад

      LOL you know what, the Daily Show is meant to be fake news. Get a brain.

  • Lance Nicholls
    Lance Nicholls 21 час назад

    Who cares about this guy's show. Or opinions.

  • Charlikins
    Charlikins 21 час назад

    South Africa's a shithole. That's why you left..

  • Ortund
    Ortund 22 часа назад

    As someone from South Shithole, Mr. Noah, I have one or two questions for you:
    1. Where's the proof that Trump actually said this? There were only 6 people in that room and none of them have confirmed that he said this, so why do you believe this outright?
    2. If our country isn't a shithole, what do you think you're doing living it up in the US? Why'd you leave? Why not bring your millions of US dollars back here and maybe make some effort to make it a decent place again?
    Oh right, I know why... Because then you'd actually have to get off your ass and actually do something instead of virtue signaling to the world like you're actually not a piece of human garbage as well.

  • vapes for days
    vapes for days 22 часа назад

    CNN is an absolute joke

  • Bestwick1983
    Bestwick1983 22 часа назад

    Hold the fuck up. I don't agree with him labeling any country a shit hole, but there is zero evidence to support the claim that it has ANYTHING to do with race. Race-baiting, fuck wits.

  • Tekno G
    Tekno G 23 часа назад +1

    Greetings from Norway 😂

  • Alex Plüddemann
    Alex Plüddemann 23 часа назад

    Some countries are in the shape they are in simply because they have been mismanaged.

  • Terry Tselane
    Terry Tselane 23 часа назад


  • Errica Stakely
    Errica Stakely День назад

    Well he's who most of you monkeys voted for. You got what you were looking for, through the election period you seen it coming.

  • Sky Monkey Project
    Sky Monkey Project День назад +1

    I live in South Africa. And yes. It's a fucking shithole.
    I'm sitting in my room looking out of my windows with security bars on them. Crime is fucking skyrocketing. You fear for your life every single day in South Africa. Fuck this place.
    People can't handle the truth !

    • Ahimsa _
      Ahimsa _ 2 часа назад

      I feel sorry for you in your mental prison.

  • Sexy Pupper
    Sexy Pupper День назад +1

    fuck trump lmao

  • membs
    membs День назад +1

    As a girl from Norway, I am offended.

    • membs
      membs День назад +1

      At trump, that is

  • Sewer Shark
    Sewer Shark День назад

    I wish RUclip would stop putting this shithole program in my feed.

  • Harley Mills
    Harley Mills День назад

    Calling a spade a spade!

  • Romeo Ramirez
    Romeo Ramirez День назад

    Trumps right , and this show is stupid lol

  • Sofa Boys
    Sofa Boys День назад

    Norway does have black people but we don't do anything special with them, they have the same rights etc... In 2010 we had over 160 000, and i bet the number is almost (or is) doubled this year

  • Sally
    Sally День назад

    I live in one of those shithole countries and he's not wrong to describe it as such.

  • When Grapes Pop
    When Grapes Pop День назад +2

    As a Norwegian (not white), it's clear that you have no idea about our country.

  • Jacob Silva the fishy
    Jacob Silva the fishy День назад +1

    He is stupid why did dumb people voted for him😡

    • 5x5
      5x5 День назад

      Because Hillary was a evil cunt

  • Lazy Nerd
    Lazy Nerd День назад +1

    If Hillary Clinton became president she would delete the launch codes on the computer like she deleted those emails

    • Lazy Nerd
      Lazy Nerd День назад +1

      Sally true

    • Sally
      Sally День назад

      Americans would have landed in the gulags under Hitlery.

  • ThatModdedChallenger
    ThatModdedChallenger День назад +1

    No, not cuz they aren’t white. Bcuz they are actual shitholes.

  • Dylan Gibbon
    Dylan Gibbon День назад +2

    I'm South African and I'm highly offended. I prefer the term turd-world countries.

  • ThisBishAwesome
    ThisBishAwesome День назад +1

    If we are such shit holes stop coming for our diamonds,rubies and freaking precious stones. If we are so shitty stop drinking our freaking premium coffee that u find at Starbucks labeled kenya, Ethiopia and the like...if we are so Godamn shitty stay in Ur countries and stare at Ur beavers, squirrels and foxes from your backyards and return our freaking lions, giraffes, zebras and the like.. #gtfoh yall racist ass got a biracial kid on side ass white people

  • xXExplosiveCookieXx
    xXExplosiveCookieXx День назад +1

    Well most of the countries are shitholes compared to the u.s.

  • Hanro50
    Hanro50 День назад

    Someone from South Africa here...
    You're assuming I want to move to America...Personally Europe seems more inviting

    • Hanro50
      Hanro50 22 часа назад

      Well...this is awkward

    • Sally
      Sally День назад

      I am South African.

    • Sally
      Sally День назад

      South Africa is actually downgrading fast.

    • Hanro50
      Hanro50 День назад

      or I can stay put...I hear Zimbabwe is stabilizing politically and South Africa, my home country, is having elections next year and our current president's two terms in office is done so mhe.

    • Sally
      Sally День назад

      Europe is going to become a shithole soon.

  • itzz hayley
    itzz hayley День назад +2

    Well he's not my president

  • Dogs Rule
    Dogs Rule День назад

    Dumbshit Noah thinks these countries don’t have white people. I have been to a couple, and they have a good population of whites. He is as stupid as dirt.

    • Sally
      Sally День назад

      He knows there are whites there. That doesn't change the fact that they are shitholes.

  • Connor Raabe
    Connor Raabe День назад +2

    Trevor Noah, you get paid millions of dollars to speak your opinion on your own tv show in the echo chamber that is New York City. You literally do not matter. Keep race baiting all you want but eventually your name will fade in to obscurity like the rest of us.

  • Thor nameless
    Thor nameless День назад +2

    Retarded main stream media. The capital of Norway has so many immigrants that white people are starting to move away from the capital of Norway.
    Oslo is becoming the new shithole of Norway. More rape, crime and violence than many european cities that are much larger.
    Young white people struggle to afford an apartment in Oslo while the government pays everything for muslim immigrants. Even driver's license and kindergarten.
    Oslo has neighborhoods that are almost purely occupied by muslims. There's people from Turkey that hasn't seen kid's wearing a hijab before they came to norway. That's how radicalized muslims in norway are.
    My daughter had a birthday celebration the other day. A muslim girl was invited with the rest of the girls in her class.. She couldn't eat chicken because it wasn't halal. The muslim girl was told that any meat other than halal would make her sick. That girls mother works with elderly healthcare in my city.
    Even the dialect in parts of Norway are heavily influenced by immigrants from the middle east , and the most common boys name in Oslo is Mohammed..
    Norwgians are losing their own country because of globalization and "multiculturalism"..
    The mono culture islam is taking over city after city. Our children are being brainwashed by the political correct elites. EU is governed by childless leaders and ethnomasochists who hate their own people. Our politicians follow the elite in EU.
    Nationalism and conservative values are labeled as racism and injustice against human rights. How can Saudi Arabia have a place at the table when UN talks about human rights? The same country who beheads people for no legit reason.

    • Aliasi_
      Aliasi_ День назад +1

      Det er så JÆVELIG sant ;-;

    • Sally
      Sally День назад +1

      It's devastating what's happening in Europe.

  • usaaffamily
    usaaffamily День назад

    Have any of you tried to call the White House comment line today, Jan 20? Uploaded a video of me calling on our channel. The message reads the following: Thank you for calling the White House. Unfortunately, we cannot answer your call today, because Congressional Democrats are holding government funding, including funding for our troops and other national security priorities, hostage to an unrelated immigration debate. Due to this obstruction, the government is shut down. In the meantime, you can leave a comment for the president at We look forward to taking your calls as soon as the government reopens.

  • Ethius Eximius
    Ethius Eximius День назад +1

    If you like your country so much why the fuck are you living in America?

    • Ahimsa _
      Ahimsa _ 2 часа назад

      We work where we get the best benefits, it doesn't mean we like our home any less.

  • T Stickdorn
    T Stickdorn День назад +1

    Haiti and most african countries are SHITHOLES

  • Gavin Schnoobee
    Gavin Schnoobee День назад

    And he is right. This is a fkn shit hole.

    • Ahimsa _
      Ahimsa _ Час назад

      Probably Orania.

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee День назад

    Fuck you trevor Noah I hope you fucking die you bitch race baiting fucker your the fucking racist one I hope you have a slow painful death

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee День назад

    Fuck this man fucking non-white fuck off always bringing race into it this is another intense of news media twisting shit

  • OnePunch Man
    OnePunch Man День назад +1

    Well this is our president. Why is he president? Dunno.

    • 5x5
      5x5 День назад

      Because Hillary was a evil cunt

  • Shaun K
    Shaun K День назад

    I too am from South Shithole. Every single member of my family, me included, has been a victim of a violent crime, more than once. South Shithole boasts some of the worst crime stats in the world, high unemployment, high inequality, and high poverty rates. I love my country, but lets be real. There's a reason Trevor Noah doesn't live here anymore.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader День назад


  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader День назад


  • christopher rembert
    christopher rembert День назад


  • christopher rembert
    christopher rembert День назад


  • christopher rembert
    christopher rembert День назад


  • christopher rembert
    christopher rembert День назад

    How many celebrities are going to vacation in these third world countries?

  • christopher rembert
    christopher rembert День назад

    Was it disrespectful? Yes but not racist.

  • christopher rembert
    christopher rembert День назад

    The CEO of SILICON VALLEY said the same about Middle America.

  • Pat Walshe
    Pat Walshe День назад +3

    When did Trump call "non-white" countries "shitholes"??

  • Andy Coins
    Andy Coins День назад

    NON WHITE COUNTRIES ? OH YOU FUCKING RACIST. So i guess we just forgot about Spain, Portugal, Greece.....lmao this guy is a fooooooooooooooool and a joke, anyways all theese daily shows are pure propaganda, one day you will realise. Realise that you didnt know shitt.

    FÁBIO ZOLI День назад


    FLEX ANAHEIM День назад

    Fuck trump

  • William F
    William F День назад

    He is putting us Norwegians in a bad spotlight. It’s not like we agree with Trump about African countries being shithole countries, i go to middle school in the capital, Oslo. There is 28 pupils in my class. There are only 8 fully Norwegians, and the rest are either partly Norwegian or not Norwegian at all.

  • longshot 246886
    longshot 246886 День назад +3

    If they weren't shithole countries why are people leaving them you fucking idiot's

  • Pink Stars
    Pink Stars День назад

    Sorry, but they are ShitHoles. The people that live there even say they are ShitHoles. Didn’t help that the Clintons stole all the funding money for themselves!!!!!!

  • Dewox Noone
    Dewox Noone День назад

    Real racists made this video

  • Scott Sutphin
    Scott Sutphin День назад


  • Jesse Hopson
    Jesse Hopson День назад +1

    Most of those 3rd world countries are shit holes so get over it. I thought this guy was a comedian or something. He’s a talentless hack that only talks about Trump

  • Kräzekuchen 23
    Kräzekuchen 23 День назад

    I don't think that a president should talk the way Trump did, but how exactly are his comments racist? I never understood that, could somebody help me out here?

    PACKA PUNCH День назад

    That is great. I'm one of those Trump haters

  • Julia Grundling
    Julia Grundling День назад

    jy is die beste trevor !! :)

  • Cool JeansBro
    Cool JeansBro День назад +2

    “They’re so white they wear moonscreen”.....
    Idk if I’m perceiving this right, but that seems like a racist statement to me. Imagine a white person saying “they’re so black they can’t be seen at night.”

  • Jason Fullerton
    Jason Fullerton День назад

    Statistically speaking he's not wrong, but I'm sure there are "white shitholes". That being said, I am having trouble thinking of any.

  • Robert Dowell
    Robert Dowell День назад

    I was in Haiti after the earthquake to clean it up in the Army , No it is a shithole . before, during ,and after the natural disaster you would rebuild a bridge and two days later it was dismantled for scrap by the haitians . gfys Haiti . South Detroit is a gated community in comparison.

  • dineo wendy
    dineo wendy День назад
    💩hole Namibia is awesome 😂😂

  • Paulo Sá
    Paulo Sá День назад


  • kramaq
    kramaq День назад

    Now, exactly when did he say "nonwhite" shithole countries?

  • Lil Fiskebolle
    Lil Fiskebolle День назад +1

    Nooooooo. He want people from Norway.....I’m sorry I got to move to somewhere trump can’t find me. Wait a minute.... there is no such place.

  • 69LOLIN
    69LOLIN День назад +1

    Trump is a shithole!

  • 69LOLIN
    69LOLIN День назад

    Trump is a shithole!

  • 69LOLIN
    69LOLIN День назад

    Trump is a shithole!

  • Conrad
    Conrad День назад

    Nice job making it about race, those countries are shitholes. Tbh whether he really meant it in a racially biased way is up to you but look at these countries he's talking about. They are shitholes. Haitians don't even have proper waste disposal. That literally makes their country a shithole. I don't think Trump should put a travel ban on just one or two countries, how about everyone in America with clean records and an iq above 70 that are illegal become legal and we just attempt to fix that giant mess without letting anyone in after until we can make America a place where we can genuinely say anyone is welcome and has a chance at making it here.

    • Conrad
      Conrad День назад

      Even now though your chances of making it here if you put forth the effort instead of bitching about the "system" are pretty good.

  • Celine 001
    Celine 001 День назад

    Greeting from the South African shithole :)

  • Nerotso Rotzz
    Nerotso Rotzz День назад

    Well I guess leaders speaks the people's voice ....

  • Jason Parsons
    Jason Parsons День назад

    Race Bait

  • John Zoidberg
    John Zoidberg День назад +1

    Go live in Haiti with Haitians then asshole

  • Oneshotter_quickscoper_189
    Oneshotter_quickscoper_189 День назад

    As a Norwegian the stuff this nigga said offends me more than what trump did

  • Jeremiah sweeney
    Jeremiah sweeney День назад

    Not a supporter of trump or in any way support him saying this however they're shit hole countries... Just not how are president should be representing us.

  • Isaac Contreras
    Isaac Contreras День назад

    Look people Trump "shithole countries" is racist because like Trevor said he wants more white people that don't really need to leave their countries because their country is really nice instead of the black people who really want to get out of their country to have a better life. America was made from people who escaped their countries because at that time Europe was a "shithole" and they wanted a better life so they escaped and went to America. That is what people from Africa and Haiti want they want a better life and they think that in America they will find that security that in their countries they can't find.