Just Another Day: How to Survive an Active Shooter Event on Campus

  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
  • Just Another Day: How to Survive an Active Shooter Event on Campus. A Public Service Announcement by the Towson University Police Department and the Office of Public Safety. Brought to you by Towson University and the Department of Electronic Media and Film. Visit TU's Emergency Resources Guide at www.towson.edu/publicsafety/emergencies/preparedness/guide.html.

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  • プレイズIcygalaxy
    プレイズIcygalaxy 34 minutes ago

    My school and around that area has no signal what so ever.

  • Nik Vuc
    Nik Vuc Hour ago

    I have seen this video pop up in my reccomendations, at least a 100 actual times

  • Lm ao
    Lm ao 3 hours ago

    Knowing this could happen every time even in germany gives me anxiety :0

  • DafOskia
    DafOskia 6 hours ago

    Professionals: Barricade the door
    My school: HiDe UnDeR YoUr DeSk! YOu’rE deFiNiteLy BullEt Proof UnDeR TheRe!

  • DafOskia
    DafOskia 6 hours ago

    At school I was told to hide under the desk, which is absolute bs, if he wanted to kill u he would. In a school shooting go into a proper hiding spot which would increase your chances, if you hear gun shots from the other side of the building, bolt out of the school in the opposite direction, he’s not going to go after 1 person, and it will take him time to get across the school

  • Tmnt stop motion Hero’s

    The hell nobody is gonna be quiet everyone is gonna be crying

  • Apple
    Apple 10 hours ago

    Class:Hears multiple gunshots during lecture.
    Class: Sounds pretty normal to me.

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith 10 hours ago

    Yeah the guy that was on his Computer NEVER saw the shooter and yet he called the police and described him perfectly

  • Senpai Dark wolf
    Senpai Dark wolf 10 hours ago

    Imma kid but I’m learning dis in case 😕

  • Story Lover
    Story Lover 11 hours ago

    Almost everything around me almost seems unreal for me for some reason so when others see something like a ride at a amusement park literally break in half with people still on it they would freak out, but if I ever see one everything goes numb around me I can still think strait and properly but my body just tells me "it's normal" while my mind tells me "we need to make sure everyone is ok!"

  • Angelina
    Angelina 11 hours ago

    It's sad knowing I'm watching this so I can stay alive in school....

  • CharlieRashi
    CharlieRashi 12 hours ago

    Step 1: don’t go over to America
    Step 2: live a happy life

  • that one guy
    that one guy 13 hours ago


  • Casey Hicks
    Casey Hicks 14 hours ago

    Wait but if you leave your phone how would you call?

  • Twice Tea
    Twice Tea 14 hours ago

    She's trying to hide near a all glass corner

  • Jaraiya Jones
    Jaraiya Jones 15 hours ago

    Thank you soooosososo much

  • Bananaboi 12345678910
    Bananaboi 12345678910 16 hours ago

    I never seen police run into the building during a shooting

  • Ichimellow
    Ichimellow 16 hours ago

    My teacher has a bat in the classroom and told us to throw scissors if this happens😳

  • Radi4ted Virus
    Radi4ted Virus 16 hours ago

    bruh i got an amber alert after the “message will be sent out to warn everyone”

  • killer 1560
    killer 1560 17 hours ago

    Bruh im suicidal its a 50/50 chance i could become what a want or become what i want

  • Up To Tech
    Up To Tech 19 hours ago +1

    4:06 leave all belongings behind: takes off watch and shoes

  • Just an average commenter with 6 subs.

    If it’s a gunman, go after him.
    If it’s a kniferdude, Run.
    Heard it somewhere, don’t listen to me though,
    I’ve never been in one.
    But don’t run if he’s right there-

  • boba seok
    boba seok 19 hours ago

    imagine: your in the bathroom

  • Poppy Farrar
    Poppy Farrar Day ago

    This should not be an everyday worry for children

  • Megami Noir
    Megami Noir Day ago

    Isn’t it sad we have to learn about this though.

  • Marc Montbleu
    Marc Montbleu Day ago +1

    The best option is to change the fucking gun laws.

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens Day ago

    This is why we need gun control and trump is not going to do anything I know that for a fact

    • Maki
      Maki Day ago

      why would he possibly? it's not like it's his problem and he will just tell you

  • uuuhh hi
    uuuhh hi Day ago

    what if I need an inhaler

    • Maki
      Maki Day ago

      deal with it

    RAVED Day ago

    Just jump out of window xd

    • Maki
      Maki Day ago

      deal with it

  • LunaWolf RandomEntertainment

    Just imagine a school shooting. What if a student brought a gun and had a gunfight with the shooter. Weird to think about

  • Honestc04
    Honestc04 Day ago

    I’m just only gonna talk about the guy playing Minecraft when he got the notification

  • Connor Earnest
    Connor Earnest Day ago

    lol i aint calling campus cops im gonna dail 9 1 1

  • raissha nathania

    shooter : using AK
    cops : MW11

  • Ana Bry
    Ana Bry Day ago

    My teachers said block the door as much as possible because they will eventually give up and move on. And if your ceiling tiles can be removed, hide up there.

  • Ana Bry
    Ana Bry Day ago

    Don’t look behind you when running

  • Penguin Legs
    Penguin Legs Day ago

    Pray to Jesus and out your entire faith in Jesus and love him and you will be saved or is it is your time accept it

  • 1 Tru
    1 Tru Day ago

    um my schools doors swing out....

  • Paul Emmison
    Paul Emmison Day ago

    Does that mean to throw my desk,table and chairs at the shooter???

  • Lani Le
    Lani Le Day ago +1

    Who would be so shocked I would be if u want to live follow these steps

  • AO1337
    AO1337 Day ago

    We need to blockade the door

    CSGO players : Are you sure about that?

  • AO1337
    AO1337 Day ago

    How the hell do you get a literal assault rifle, oh wait.

  • AO1337
    AO1337 Day ago +1

    Everyone just going to ignore the cinematography, it’s not bad.

  • AO1337
    AO1337 Day ago

    This is America

    This comment was made by literally almost any other country on earth that has made an effort to control gun ownership.

  • Ethan Rodriguez
    Ethan Rodriguez Day ago

    that takedown was so fake

  • Makenzie Dobbins

    I got bullied and jumped a lot at school so I thought that one day the bullies would bring a fun to school to shoot me so I thought what if I bring a pocket knife for protection if that day comes.I couldn't find a pocket knife so my dumbass thought a carving knife would be the second best thing.guess what they found it and I got,expelled

  • SlaterReactsHD
    SlaterReactsHD Day ago +1

    3:15 Is my dude playin Minecraft during a school shooting?? Lol xD

  • Mɪs.ʙʟɪss
    Mɪs.ʙʟɪss Day ago

    They should show this to most and hopefully all students at school. This is very helpful information that people may not know.

  • anime_ kpop
    anime_ kpop Day ago +1

    meh idk if this will ever happen in Germany but if it does, thanks

    • anime_ kpop
      anime_ kpop Day ago

      when? I live in the south, and its pretty unpopular there where i live ( i mean the school ) just saying. 1-2k people probably.

    • Rob
      Rob Day ago

      It already happened

  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson Day ago

    “ We have to fight back! “
    *She yells*

  • Sniper Luna
    Sniper Luna Day ago

    I know how to avoid shooters... by not having them at all in the first place by making school care more about bullies and less about sitting on a bench lmao

  • j
    j Day ago

    everyone’s making jokes but i’m from the UK and shit like this NEVER happens, it’s breaking my heart watching this knowing so many babies around the US are killed because of this 😔💔

    • Rob
      Rob Day ago

      Lmaoooo it's not just the US 😂

  • SpicyMilk
    SpicyMilk Day ago +1

    Shooter: hey can i come in
    Child: no
    Shooter: ok have a good day

  • Jasmine Payne
    Jasmine Payne Day ago

    this is why i’m friends with the quite kids✋🏼💀

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson Day ago

    "Don't Move"
    Literally 1 second later...
    "Get up, Get up"
    to the shooter both times also

  • Abbigail Bootsma

    It was an airsoft gun for us, but they didn't tell us that until it was a week after. We had to sit in a classroom for three hours. police were banging on the doors. When i got out, there were police everywhere with huge guns. I cried. I'm weak.
    Yeah so... it's *fun* to watch videos about school shooters when you lived through it.

  • Bruh
    Bruh Day ago

    Get this. This was made because to teach students so real school shooting could be harder

  • Mia Grace
    Mia Grace Day ago +1

    my heart started racing when i saw him point the gun at them omgomgomg

  • EnergyZ
    EnergyZ 2 days ago

    i always eat alone and do stuff alone because if theres ever a shooter he would target bigger grorups than just one guy.
    and if im in classroom and hear shots above the classroom i would just run out of the door find nearest exit and just run a mile.

  • Samantha :D
    Samantha :D 2 days ago

    This is why we need our phones in my school.

  • Falcon
    Falcon 2 days ago

    *pumped up kicks instensifies*

    *im sorry*