Just Another Day: How to Survive an Active Shooter Event on Campus

  • Published on Aug 15, 2018
  • Just Another Day: How to Survive an Active Shooter Event on Campus. A Public Service Announcement by the Towson University Police Department and the Office of Public Safety. Brought to you by Towson University and the Department of Electronic Media and Film. Visit TU's Emergency Resources Guide at www.towson.edu/publicsafety/emergencies/preparedness/guide.html.

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  • Lilith Gacha
    Lilith Gacha 33 minutes ago

    Once you watch this you'd think "PFTTT like THAT will happen to me" until it does
    Me: I jinxed myself.. * Gets shot * I owe me a soda in heaven...

  • AllthingsJada Xoxo

    This is terrifying, I pray for the hearts and minds of our troubled youth

  • FlamingCrystal
    FlamingCrystal Hour ago

    The scariest thing about my school is it’s mainly windows(you can see into the halls ) I’m sure there’s a proper plan(I moved so it’s new to me) and it’s in Canada so guns are illegal, but still a girl worries.

  • King Dice
    King Dice 4 hours ago

    When i make a hate comment on a trump video and trump supporters find and get to my house: 4:58

  • XWxllow RøseX
    XWxllow RøseX 5 hours ago

    Honestly the shooter wouldn't be able to kill me because i would have a panic attack before he/she does. I mean, that sh*t is scary as fu*k.

  • Ender Dragon
    Ender Dragon 5 hours ago +1

    *or you could just grab a desk or chair and hit the shooter in the head with it*

  • Cole Sprouse Audio edits
    Cole Sprouse Audio edits 10 hours ago +1

    Student: I got shot please help

    Nurse: here’s an ice pack

  • Cole Sprouse Audio edits
    Cole Sprouse Audio edits 10 hours ago +1

    *Shooter comes to school*

    My mom: it’s because of that dam phone

  • yee wtf fyck u
    yee wtf fyck u 10 hours ago

    Oh thanks for advice

    *Now I can properly think about my shooting plane*

  • Raphael SalumbidesOfficial

    Whoo, thanx for recommending me things that aren’t taught in school youtube

  • yuri김
    yuri김 18 hours ago

    I live in Ireland and lowkey hate it here bc it’s so boring, but after watching this, I’m glad guns are banned.

  • Ashley The Unicorns Biggest Fan!!!

    I live in Australia were guns are banned so umm yeah

  • Real Imsku
    Real Imsku 22 hours ago

    This is america

  • Bee friendly Or not

    How to survive a shooting
    and I would suggest to use scissors as a knife and jump that man/woman
    And zig zag when getting out

  • Michelle Garcia
    Michelle Garcia Day ago

    Honestly i would forget all of this and pretend to be dead

  • LemonZ YT
    LemonZ YT Day ago +1

    “Avoid, deny, defend.” Deny? *gets shot* how bout no

  • mary elizabeth
    mary elizabeth Day ago +5

    just watching this video made me scared
    as a 12 year old i should not be worrying about things like this

  • Aroha and Jinjin biased

    *school shooter looking around the classroom*
    Me: *remembers that one kid who made fun of me for having an Android*
    Me: *whispers* Hey Siri

  • I Need Help! These 7 Boys Are Killing Me

    People: *AVOID*
    Other people: *DENY*
    A soul: *DEFEND*
    Me: *Screams*

  • cholmney
    cholmney Day ago +1

    Maybe there should be no guns anywhere!

  • Narayantowson
    Narayantowson Day ago +3

    If this will happen I know self defence and I always keep some sharp pencils to kill that nasty shooter lol

  • Yoldo Walter
    Yoldo Walter Day ago

    If you get shot just put a wet paper towel on it

  • GalaxyTUFG
    GalaxyTUFG Day ago

    This is what we should be learning
    Not how to escape a fire we have done that a million times
    But thank the lord that my country is really rare to see a school shoo

  • Doritos Master
    Doritos Master Day ago


  • michael Kyriakacis
    michael Kyriakacis Day ago +1

    Never going to need this I live in Australia

  • Awesome DT
    Awesome DT Day ago +1

    Wow AK-47!

  • Abalone Jelly
    Abalone Jelly Day ago +1

    secretly very glad that guns are illegal in Australia

  • DV RubyGames
    DV RubyGames Day ago

    3:17 is that minecraft?

  • HopefulVesspillo

    What if theres 2 or 3

  • Stacy Mitchell
    Stacy Mitchell Day ago

    Pause right here.
    Looks like Cap in Civil War

  • H a p p y V i b e s

    Okay, my school is way different. The only way of getting in the school is if you have a pass, or the office let's you in. You can't just walk in through the doors, you can only get in this area right next to the office and there is a door that is always locked and the lady the sits at the desk has a thing where she can unlock it by pushing something. We have locks on our doors, and we hide in a small conner of our rooms. There's a back door that you also need permission to get into. I'm not saying my school is completely safe, knowing that the grade im in is on the second floor, and the classrooms are pretty small. But one time in second grade the loud speaker said "Teachers and all staff members, this is not a drill, please go into lock down. I repeat this is not a drill" So yeah. All my classmates were freaking out, but my teacher got up and turned off the lights and shut the door and locked it. We were safe, no one was hurt and that's what I'm thankful for.

  • HopefulVesspillo

    Do the dance from the OA

  • Abdul Abbas
    Abdul Abbas Day ago

    7:38 is the most effective one

  • Lɨʟ Lɨʋʏ
    Lɨʟ Lɨʋʏ Day ago +1

    I was in a situation like this in 2nd grade u wonderin here it is
    I went 2 use the bathroom and when i was walking back 2 my class room i was beside the lunchroom doors and princable said CODE RED CODE RED and sowhen the first grade teacher was shuttimg her door i ran to it and jumped in like 4 feet and next thing i no i lamd on my head and on my right side of the hip and i was in tjere 4 like an hour and den princeable said CODE GREED CODE GREEN so 1st grade teacher lets me out and i went back to my homeroom and everybody was worried oof and so also it was someone who broke in i cant rememner wut weapon or anything i think he was tryna take stuff but anyways im in 6th grade

    K bai

  • Convirtiendo a mi mamá en ARMY

    This just gave me anxiety, i'm scared of going to school

    • testyhawk 7
      testyhawk 7 Day ago

      Dont worry you Asian bitch Il do you a favor what school do you go to

  • Zia Watcher
    Zia Watcher 2 days ago

    in my choir class, we have those chairs that you have a small desk you can fold up. they're not that hard to lift but they hurt if one gets chucked at you. My choir teacher said that if pushing piano up agains the door doesn't keep the shooter out of the room, then we need to grab whatever we could and throw it at the shooter.

  • Jeremy Camacho
    Jeremy Camacho 2 days ago

    Stay away from the white kid be nice to everyone that's it

  • Tonyisgay 13
    Tonyisgay 13 2 days ago

    the fact that this video has to be made because it’s so common nowadays is sad

  • That’s Chloe
    That’s Chloe 2 days ago

    Our tech ed room gots hammers and saws for building shooter would regret even trying to get in there of course we aren’t allowed to use them but in case for defending they would be good

  • Cassandra Major
    Cassandra Major 2 days ago +1

    A white man wearing all black

    Must be a zebra

  • Abby Tv
    Abby Tv 2 days ago

    This is way better than wat they teach u in school

  • Carmen Di Leo
    Carmen Di Leo 2 days ago +1

    7:59 why shouldn’t u pick up the gun?

    • Lucy Pinksparkles
      Lucy Pinksparkles Day ago +1

      Your fingerprints could go on them the cops will suspect and think you were the shooter

  • emr0xbtc
    emr0xbtc 2 days ago

    Ladies and gentlemen. We got em

  • Echo
    Echo 2 days ago +2

    Just imagine you life could depend on this video

    And your scrolling through the comments looking at everyone’s jokes

  • Mrs. GangsterHamster

    *"They do anything for clout"*

  • DaytonmadeMOODERS' ‘

    This shit cringed

  • Very Komunist My comrade

    Give him all you got.

    Takes out infinity gauntlet.

  • ImmaUnicorn_ Duh777
    ImmaUnicorn_ Duh777 2 days ago +2

    They teach us this in school that’s why we have glass windows so during fires shooting etc u can open or break it and the jump but u won’t fall from 3-1 stories down cuz there are like these platforms so u can jump on those and then the ground soo ya

  • Stephany MS
    Stephany MS 2 days ago


  • abdul mohamed
    abdul mohamed 2 days ago

    the shoter must die

  • abdul mohamed
    abdul mohamed 2 days ago

    I think it’s great 👍 I

  • Castag77
    Castag77 2 days ago

    should have looked the door

  • Chance Sims
    Chance Sims 2 days ago

    If anyone here's a school shooter would it make more sense to check if anyone else is outside then bust the window and get out

  • Rose. Elle
    Rose. Elle 2 days ago

    I would literally just cry after the shooting. I would panic and run around finding my friends and would cry again if I don't find them.

  • Emma Ellison
    Emma Ellison 3 days ago

    Me too no buddy ever told me this

  • forest flies :
    forest flies : 3 days ago

    this bitch really stood up like
    “we’ve got to fight back!”
    as if this is some lgbtq+ rights shit or sum


  • Wyvery
    Wyvery 3 days ago +3

    Teacher: There's a school shooter in the building, hide under the tables!

    *proceeds to breakdance on desk*

  • Nurture Your Skin
    Nurture Your Skin 3 days ago

    If I saw him getting arrested I’d just flip him off and just... “LOOK AT THAT! THE POLICE GOT YOU! WE GOT YOU! SHOVE THAT GUN UP YOUR A-“

  • 태태
    태태 3 days ago

    now days the schools don't teach sh*t about this all they say is "lock the doors, turn off the lights, and put a piece of paper on the windows and you won't die"

  • Sarah's World
    Sarah's World 3 days ago +1

    Why do I watch this stuff?

  • Ah ramy is scheiße
    Ah ramy is scheiße 3 days ago +1

    *Me takes out belt*
    Me: alright got this handled now watch and learn

  • Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera 3 days ago

    that slow haaAAa has me dead. 7:37

  • Jayden Moore
    Jayden Moore 3 days ago

    Istg if i went school in america im keeping a gun on me everysingle day incase this shit happens idc if i get arrested as long as id kill a murderer and not innocent ppl like they was about to

  • Moorece Dankson
    Moorece Dankson 3 days ago

    What if there were two kids who really hated each other and planned to shoot up the school at the same day and time without knowing that the other person was also gonna shoot up the school, and during the shooting they saw and found each other. What would happen?

  • tactical green gecko

    Teacher: there's a active shooter on campus
    Me: good maybe he can kill me so I'm out of this shitty performance.

  • CєƖєѕтιαƖ Mσση

    “Give him all you got!”
    *throws my stash of cinnamon toast crunch*

  • Miners Architect
    Miners Architect 3 days ago

    How to defend yourself from a shooter: Read them your math homework, they'll kill themselves.

  • Saniabid Sar
    Saniabid Sar 3 days ago +1

    A violin is built for violence it’s the perfect weapon!!❤️❤️

  • Bloxie Gamer
    Bloxie Gamer 3 days ago +1

    Give him all you got
    Me:Gives him my roblox account

  • MindGod
    MindGod 3 days ago

    Welcome to America

  • JuanCarlos Reyna
    JuanCarlos Reyna 3 days ago

    Hold on......what if the schooner uses a silencer😢

  • Wanaly Chann
    Wanaly Chann 3 days ago +1

    *takes water bottle that can spray water* HA YOU BLIND *sprays water* HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA HUEHUE

  • Allsek
    Allsek 4 days ago

    why the fuck do we need to physically need to go to school, we have technology and the internet its not the fucking 1800's and and the late 1900's

  • Xoxo- Amanda
    Xoxo- Amanda 4 days ago


  • Anthony Salgado
    Anthony Salgado 4 days ago

    Just dont make fun of a kid or make fun of his sketchers

  • No Fluff
    No Fluff 4 days ago

    Who else cried?

  • YezzyBrezzy
    YezzyBrezzy 4 days ago

    Don't even think about dancing to pumped up kicks when the shooter enters.

  • VA SA
    VA SA 4 days ago

    Ah yes, the land of freedom, guns and school shootings

  • Mosey fan 1320
    Mosey fan 1320 4 days ago +1

    If this happens I will remember these steps if I can run or hide I will get all of my friends to fight and defend ourselves

  • Lupis the Dragon
    Lupis the Dragon 4 days ago +1

    How to survive a school shooting: be friends with the weird kid

  • Simon
    Simon 4 days ago

    yeah, just another school day.

    students: aw shucks not today again
    school shooter: yeah man sorry but i just had to come today again you know.

  • Chase Hidson
    Chase Hidson 4 days ago

    Can't you just lock the doors? Our school has never had a shooting and our doors can be locked from the inside. Kicking it in isn't going to work since it is pretty thick and sturdy.

  • Juan Gama RETRO
    Juan Gama RETRO 4 days ago

    This is a pretty good movie

  • Vicky Machin
    Vicky Machin 4 days ago

    Did that girl really smack the guy with a notebook? ._.

  • Carla Abo Alshamlat
    Carla Abo Alshamlat 4 days ago

    In my school if this happens, we don’t hide, we just put our heads on our desks. I never really understood this because you give the shooter clear vision of your head which he or she would probably shoot

  • Kaylee Parsons
    Kaylee Parsons 4 days ago

    Canadiens:normal people
    Every country in the world:normal people

  • Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams

    *Shooter enters the classroom*
    *Students begin to throw textbooks and attack*
    The teacher: _"Hey, bullying is against the rules, I'm going to have to write this class up"_

  • Mr. PotatoSloth
    Mr. PotatoSloth 5 days ago


  • night_creeps
    night_creeps 5 days ago

    Ah, ANOTHER shooter?
    *Just another day..*

  • Nadine Morgan
    Nadine Morgan 5 days ago +1

    one time we had a lockdown where there was a shooter outside of our building but luckily they caught him before he could enter. anyways, my chorus teacher was like, “KEEP SINGING!” and then the security guard came in and was like uhh the doors aren’t locking.

    gotta love my school.

  • Morro is my favorite

    While I was in high school, we had to watch this along with the Columbine high school shooting. It was so disturbing and sad at the same time, but we had no choice

  • Nevaeh Hamilton
    Nevaeh Hamilton 5 days ago


  • Tomtom 2270
    Tomtom 2270 5 days ago


  • Marty
    Marty 5 days ago

    They shouldnt teach us how to survive, they should fucking change the gun laws

  • 11BulletCatcher
    11BulletCatcher 5 days ago

    At our school teachers and the SRO will shoot back, at the college I plan on attending students can conceal carry. Don't be a victim, defend yourself.

  • Death Dares
    Death Dares 5 days ago

    My school used to do drills and they’d have a pretend shooter guy (we’d know it was a drill) but they don’t do that anymore

  • Greninja Girl
    Greninja Girl 6 days ago

    We HAVE to fight back!
    Me- *gets ready to kick them in the crotch* let’s do dis

  • Greninja Girl
    Greninja Girl 6 days ago

    Let’s go
    Wait, my phone

  • ㅇㅕㅖㅁㄱㅅ ㄴㅐㅣㄷㅑ ㅣ

    I watched the whole video and forgot everything

  • ragdmah oreo
    ragdmah oreo 6 days ago

    This comment section is so immature and insensitive. Disgusting.