What's inside a REAL PokeBall?

We CUT OPEN a REAL Pokeball!?! As real as you can get outside of the game or show.

Giveaway is Over and has been awarded.

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Автор Heba Abdelfattah ( назад)
you are amazing

Автор Stuart Nethercott ( назад)
AFL Ball

Автор Renu Dutt ( назад)
hey bro plz cut
a PlayStation

Автор Jason Bourne ( назад)
You just killed whatever Pokémon that was inside

Автор jorge falcon jr ( назад)
cut down your house down

Автор XxDoge4lifexX Skrt ( назад)
he kicked the football wrong

Автор Ayden Barthold ( назад)
think of the poor pokemon you just MURDERED.

Автор Evelin Deleon ( назад)
í want one

i can punt WAY farther than that kid

Автор Sandie Whyte ( назад)
is that real

Автор Anradh Awasthi ( назад)

Автор Haadi Nasir ( назад)
Cut open your brain to see if it gets better because nobody is as idiotic as you to cut open a toy. Should've sold it or given it to somebody (that means me because I love pokemon). Did you think there was a pikachu or something you dummy?

Автор AlecoXD Gaming ( назад)


Автор Ty Hanson ( назад)
Just looked like needless destruction to me *thumbs down*

Автор Erik Garcia ( назад)
wacht s

Автор Sub G ( назад)
Poké is pronounced 'pokay'

Автор Sarahingram73 Ingram ( назад)
my hand

Автор Sarahingram73 Ingram ( назад)
your beast

Автор Brian Gutierrez ( назад)
Do a video we're you cut open a Apple Watch

Автор eean Bailey ( назад)
cut in half ATV

Автор Martina Carmona ( назад)
What i am so unupdated my sisters b day is october 1

Автор Shelly goel ( назад)

Автор Maria Galicia ( назад)
i what it

Автор Eiad Wehady ( назад)
Did you know that you could use it to play Pokémon go

Автор Jacob Roberge ( назад)
gimme the watch

Автор Eugene Knaus ( назад)
Cut open a coffe maker

Автор the crazy cousins ( назад)
I like pie

Автор Savita Gupta ( назад)
Go to 2:10 thank me later

Автор Itz Davis! ( назад)

Автор harish chandra Behera ( назад)
where did you get this apple watch and what is the watch name

Автор Nuklear Skeleton Vlogs ( назад)
whats inside a

Автор Jonny marvel17 ( назад)
yea pokemon go

Why why did you do that I do not like Pokemon I love pokemon

Автор Kevin Yang ( назад)
What is inside of it

Автор Wowaronjakelol7 Sub ( назад)
what if there was a pokemon in there

Автор Abhiraj Agnihotri ( назад)

Автор Afsheen Waseem ( назад)
Whats inside you ........ Haha

Автор Rachel Santiago ( назад)
Cut open a phone

Автор Mine Men ( назад)
Can i fave the poke ball please

Автор dAN ANGELES ( назад)
baseball ball

Автор wargreymon is the best digimon!!! ( назад)
I want it

Автор ELSORO 076 ( назад)
that poor glove

Автор lyss10 aj ( назад)
u break so much things ppl could have wanted ._. but nice vid.

Автор Om Kumar ( назад)
well you did nice job sir.......can you able to cut living fireflies and do find out connection which on disconnecting light goes off...

Автор Danell Mackey ( назад)
i want it

Автор James Cook ( назад)
or call me at 615-226-2674 and my address is 1301 Belle Grove Lane like if you see a blue if you see it like a blue garage that's my house so yeah just call me 645-226-2674 can I have that Apple watch

Автор James Cook ( назад)
or call me at 615-226-2674 and my address is 1301 Belle Grove Lane like if you see a blue if you see it like a blue garage that's my house so yeah just call me 645-226-2674 Facebook can I have that Apple watch

Автор Frederick Frempong ( назад)
my address is 19020 hiwhay 148 in Fishervile Kentucky in case I win

Автор Wafflenator ( назад)
What's inside if a vacuum cleaner

Автор PRO BRO ( назад)
YOU KILLED THE POCK BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Sarah Webb ( назад)

Автор 이예정 ( назад)
다 외국인 이네

Автор shane kirkland ( назад)
Gotta cut them all

Автор Damn Daniel ( назад)
can you give me your giveaway?

Автор The wonderful wonder ( назад)
What's inside a apple watch

Автор The wonderful wonder ( назад)
What's in side a apple

Автор Sean Evasco ( назад)
what inside a toy robot

Автор Landen Reed ( назад)
I really want it plz I also subscribed

Автор Eliza PATERSON ( назад)

Автор Dhshgshs Hdhzhdb ( назад)

Автор goonies skate crew ( назад)
can I have a that watch

Автор Brit Loud ( назад)
cut open a kite

Автор Blake Guajardo ( назад)
What's inside of a ipad

Автор Indian Recipes and Home Remedies ( назад)

Автор David Gigliotti ( назад)
It's not a real poke all otherwise you would be able to catch objects it's not something you throw but a real poke ball you do

Автор contlm\ the lapis minecart ( назад)
plz every giveaway I enter I don't win

Автор HarpDoesIt ( назад)
What's inside a apple watch

Автор LitSports15 ( назад)
Cool video

Автор The robloxltra King roblox murder mystery ( назад)
Is not call pokéball is call Pokémon

Автор Golden getaways Hussaini ( назад)
i want that watch

Автор Skyviper321 ( назад)
My love for pokèmon is gone!!🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😭

Автор Alfred Valentine ( назад)
what do you hate pokemon

Автор Leonardo Christman ( назад)

Автор Kai Animation ( назад)
How do you get that

Автор Ariel Klinefelter ( назад)
I love you guys

Автор Chris B. ( назад)
I met poor boll

Автор Chris B. ( назад)
poor noll

Автор Marisol Rodenco ( назад)
go! Pokémon go!
the game kkkk 😋

Автор James Metzger ( назад)
I play Pokémon

Автор JuStIN PrO 5000 ( назад)
I want it

Автор Sanjay Sanchaniya ( назад)
Me me

Автор Cathy Gleason ( назад)
I love you

Автор Cathy Gleason ( назад)
I love you

Автор Antonio Valadez ( назад)
What's in it

Автор Grace Casselman ( назад)
lol dad can't say pokeball right

Автор Aidan Cabeen ( назад)
i want you

Автор babysanta devi ( назад)
i have a question what's inside a youtube

Автор babysanta devi ( назад)
very cool

Автор freecandysugar ( назад)
Thats the American way of doing things, you dont use an old cloth, use a glove, we can always destroy things and buy new ones...

Автор Learning With Lizzie ( назад)
Can you cut open a locso bear from toy story

Автор Jeuti Athparia ( назад)
i love pokeballs and pokemons i need pokemon like pikachu

Автор Daniel barr ( назад)

Автор The First Time Mateen15 ( назад)
I want the apple watch

Автор Cosmic Phoenix Rising ( назад)

Автор XxCupQuake QueenXx ( назад)

Автор Amy Dembowski ( назад)
I want the prize box

Автор Amanda Duran ( назад)
why a pokball

Автор Mineing_ Kid ( назад)
Why destroy a cool poke ball. You guys are weird but I still subscribe

Автор Fuzzy Creepers ( назад)
I want it

Автор Lesly Mendez ( назад)
What was it in

And I give you 50,000,000,000 views

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