The Ultimate MEXICAN STREET FOOD TACOS Tour of Mexico City! (ft. La Ruta de la Garnacha)

  • Опубликовано: 4 мар 2018
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    Welcome to the best tacos in the world - the ultimate guide to Mexican street food tacos in Mexico City!
    I met up with Lalo from La Ruta de la Garnacha (, he’s from Mexico City, he makes videos about street food as well. And he took me to his favorite tacos in all of Mexico City. We each ate the most tacos in one single day that we’d ever eaten in our lives, and it was the greatest taco day of my life!
    Here are all the places we ate in this video:
    Tacos Joven - They are known for their tacos de canasta, which are basket tacos, famous in Mexico City. They are served from a basket, and they keep hot the entire day as they are served. The highlight here was the chicharrón taco with chicharrón salsa.
    Price - 13 MXN ($0.70) per taco
    Taqueria El Abanico - This is Lalo’s favorite restaurant in Mexico City for carnitas, the wildly popular braised pork taco. The entire rib in my taco was the highlight, so tender and flavorful.
    Price - 20 MXN ($1.08) per taco
    El Pescadito de Sonora - Originating from Hermosillo in Sonora, El Pescadito serves Mexican seafood tacos, especially shrimp or marlin tacos. Their tacototo is a taco that will change your life. This was as good as food gets for me.
    Price - 35 MXN ($1.89) per taco
    Tacos Charly - When it comes to Mexican street food, suadero is one of the greatest, a massive pan of slow braising beef in its juices. When you order your tacos, they slice up the meat, dip your tortilla in the fat, and you eat it with onions, cilantro, and salsa - pure meat heaven.
    Price - 13 MXN ($0.70) per taco
    Taqueria Los Güeros - Tacos de tripa, intestines, are very popular in Mexico City as well. They may not be the most pretty tacos, but they are immensely flavorful and have all sorts of different textures going on in your mouth.
    Price - 13 MXN ($0.70) per taco
    Tacos Los Juanes - This is a great Mexican street food restaurant in Mexico City that serves all sorts of different tacos. We came for the tacos de cabeza and tacos de lengua, both of which were fantastic
    Price - 10 MXN ($0.54) per taco
    El Vilsito - For Mexican street food in Mexico City, the ultimate taco, the most loved by everyone is no doubt, Al Pastor. Cooked in the vertical spit, a technique brought over from Lebanese immigrants, Al Pastor is usually made with marinated pork that’s juicy and flavorful it might make you weep tears of joy. Lalo and I ordered, not just your ordinary tacos de al pastor, but the King of all tacos, the Gringa!
    Price - 50 MXN ($2.70) each
    Thanks again to Lalo from La Ruta de la Garnacha:
    This was the greatest taco day of my life. Thank you for watching!
    MUSIC: Down For The Long Run
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