Noah Antwiler (Spoony) | Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Published on Mar 30, 2018
  • When an early internet reviewer receives remarkable fame, he turns it into his career, but finds that his greatest obstacle is his own behavior.

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  • Fredrik Knudsen
    Fredrik Knudsen  Year ago +6627

    This was another one of those videos where I had to leave a lot of information out for the sake of brevity; this is in no way a "complete history." This also was a very self-reflective one, for obvious reasons.

    • a very chronic tonic
      a very chronic tonic 6 days ago

      i mean he did not threaten rape he asked foe connect still inappropriate and he took it to far but i really dont think it was all that bad they are just words at the end of the day action and intent is all that means anything to me

    • Electric Boogie
      Electric Boogie 19 days ago

      @Clay3613 I meant metokur brainlet

    • Clay3613
      Clay3613 20 days ago

      @Electric Boogie Spoony was a RUclipr and game reviewer, not a comedian. You're definition of "crying" is ridiculous. I pointed out that Fredrik got many things wrong.

    • Electric Boogie
      Electric Boogie 20 days ago

      @Clay3613 Its just telling when you look at the kind of people who cry about a comedian

    • Clay3613
      Clay3613 20 days ago

      @Electric Boogie This means what exactly? My comment is nearly two years old.

  • Maioly
    Maioly 2 hours ago

    Every single time I watch this video I forget how much of a miserable pathetic piece of scum lordkat was.

  • Rock
    Rock 5 hours ago


  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason 12 hours ago +1

    I hope he's alright. Some of his recent tweets are a bit concerning.

  • the dude
    the dude 17 hours ago

    Sounds to me like this LordKat dude is just a part of shill media.

  • Carl Manvers
    Carl Manvers Day ago

    TGWTG were a lot of big fish in small ponds eating themselves.

  • Yuriy Chizhov
    Yuriy Chizhov Day ago

    I know theres a lot to feel emotional about in this story, but xcom 2012 - a betrayal? really? no wonder noah can't produce proper critique of video games

  • anthony risola
    anthony risola Day ago

    An unemployed mental case living in his parent's basement. Sounds about right.

  • The BloodSwiper
    The BloodSwiper Day ago

    21:15 - Isn't he contradicting himself now?
    Ranting on him like a manbaby. Yes, he's Noah ain't great, but by him saying "you're a loser, has a small pee-pee!" does not make him seem the wiser.

  • zack rudinski
    zack rudinski Day ago

    'Dad:'Johnny, be a good boy, or one day you'll be on Down the Rabbit Hole",
    Johnny: ;_'

  • Amelia Sailune
    Amelia Sailune Day ago

    this dude's head is so far up his ass holy shit
    you can tell that he just can't take responsibility for any shitty thing he does and is permanently immature

  • PigCake
    PigCake 2 days ago

    i dont get why this LordKat dude is cutting a wrestling promo just cause a dude was making terrible jokes at a convention

  • believe it
    believe it 2 days ago

    been binge watching your "down the rabbit hole" vids and I'm annoyed at myself for not discovering them sooner

  • videon Mode
    videon Mode 2 days ago +8

    Spoony: "I can take whatever insult you throw at me"
    Also Spoony: _Bans people and posts his tantrums when people criticize him_

  • It’s Bubs
    It’s Bubs 2 days ago +2

    I never watched spoony but you made me wish he got better.

  • Shen
    Shen 2 days ago

    I love learning about weird internet shit

  • Matthew Rodriguez
    Matthew Rodriguez 2 days ago +1

    I hope he does spokenreasons, that man’s life is just sad

  • GasmaskAvenger
    GasmaskAvenger 2 days ago +1

    Controversial opinion: I never cared for Counter Monkey.
    My least fave Spoony project IMO. It has its fans but it was never my cup of tea.

  • Zona
    Zona 2 days ago

    I got about 28 minutes in and then was like... I just don't care about these people and have no connections to their scene.

  • Mr Kitrid
    Mr Kitrid 3 days ago

    Looks like E3 presenters took notes from Noah.

  • Josie Profio
    Josie Profio 3 days ago

    I kind of wish there was more concrete clarification on whether or not he's alive and well, honestly. Considering that last tweet the video ended on, and the fact that a different Channel Awesome reviewer did commit suicide, I am a little worried about him now?

  • Andy Carver
    Andy Carver 3 days ago

    Damn, LordKat was salty.

  • FruitNDoggie
    FruitNDoggie 3 days ago +2

    12:15-13:54 It is always a really bad sign when someone being praised for their comedy takes that time to grandstand about their issues. Using that opportunity to say something sentimental or touching can work, but if you use that platform to call out haters... it always just seems to lead to the end of the comedy, because the person is letting things get to them and taking it too personally, which doesn't lead to hilarity. I used to tune in and watch Spoony's content, but it just trickled off.

  • Tavish
    Tavish 4 days ago

    Lordkat is such a salty fatass

    FRITZLITZ 4 days ago +1

    Spoony a man with a bad psych and a general weirdo with a redhead girlfriend sounds fimiliar

  • luketfer
    luketfer 4 days ago +3

    What Lord Kat failed to realize was that perhaps he'd have had more success IF he didn't just up and quit his 'Until We Win' video series. Yes I get that completing the hardest video games is kind of grueling but it was his literally only claim to fame in the wider internet. After he stopped doing it he went back to being a nobody. People remember Spoony, good or bad, you see multiple videos on his rise and fall.
    You don't see shit about Lord Kat unless it's being mentioned along with Spoony. Must be heartbreaking that the only time the internet remembers you is as some pissy nobody screaming into a microphone about how he 'robbed' you of becoming a corporate shill.

  • elliot rat baby
    elliot rat baby 4 days ago

    scarlet looks exactly like my mom if she had one too many chromosomes

    • elliot rat baby
      elliot rat baby 3 days ago

      @mohosavich oh my god

    • mohosavich
      mohosavich 3 days ago

      that's not a very nice thing to say. Didn't you learn anything from the video? It's time we stop our trolly ways

  • Kevorka
    Kevorka 4 days ago


  • OutOfTheBoxThinker
    OutOfTheBoxThinker 4 days ago +2

    IMHO, Spoony's greatest accomplishment will always be his RIFF for the movie "After Last Season" (one of the worst movies ever made), which managed to make this barely watchable movie not just watchable but hilariously entertaining!

  • Die - Hearts
    Die - Hearts 5 days ago +1

    I need a down the rabbit hole on Channel Awesome along with the Change the Channel movement
    Because that movement has opened a lot of truths of the people behind it

    • mohosavich
      mohosavich 3 days ago

      Have you tried searching for one? I never even knew what the hell channel awesome was and I've watched like 4 video essays on it.

  • 𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕠𝕡𝕪

    I’d never heard of this lardkat dude until this, but he seems like rampant dick fungus.

  • CalibratedGallow
    CalibratedGallow 5 days ago

    Everytime I see something related to stuff to channel awesome I remember how I know someone who's related to an ex-member

  • bigchief4206969
    bigchief4206969 6 days ago

    Do a video about Boogie, we need more people to see how much of a piece of shit he really is!

  • Teemo Main
    Teemo Main 6 days ago

    Jesus, why did he have to do all that on Twitter and ruin his career? That was literally the spark that caused the rest of his downfall.

    • Deep Ghoul
      Deep Ghoul 4 days ago +1

      Again, Spoony lived to see himself become the villain.

  • Minotaur-Man
    Minotaur-Man 6 days ago

    Lordkat sounds like a gay bitch

  • James Hosie
    James Hosie 7 days ago +3

    These videos are fascinating, and well made. Well done! I learn something from every one of them.

    • Deep Ghoul
      Deep Ghoul 7 days ago +1

      Let's face it, when you're in show business, you need to have a thicker skin - something Spoony didn't have.
      I'm not necessarily saying he is a good or bad person (that's up to everyone's interpretation, and life is not black and white), just that his behind-the-scenes conduct is too much for me to give him a free pass anymore. I think we all deserve a few "free pass"' cards, but there comes a point where you say no.

  • Wize305
    Wize305 7 days ago +1

    I watched a lot of his videos back in 2007 - 2008 even before youtube was a common thing. I thought he was great and seemed like a genuine good dude. I only recently thought about revisiting his content and seeing what he was up to. I figured he had moved beyond the online platform, I have to say I am crestfallen to see his current state its a real shame .

  • jason nordstrom
    jason nordstrom 8 days ago

    If that fat cunt lordkat ran his fucking mouth like that about me, he'd need help eating for the t St of his fat worthless cousin fucking life

  • Scott Peltier
    Scott Peltier 9 days ago

    Such an unfortunate turn of events

  • GLiTCH-Rpersonal
    GLiTCH-Rpersonal 10 days ago +3

    I think it's funny that I have nostalgia for The Nostalgia Critic.

  • Baex21
    Baex21 10 days ago

    For every Desert Island Graps Listener/Watcher, jump to 16:16.

  • RobotsPajamas
    RobotsPajamas 10 days ago +1

    Wow weird. I ran across this guy in some old videos talking about D&D. I thought he had some talent and wondered why he wasn't making more of them. Had no idea he was a thing before them.

  • Abdullah Ayatrollah
    Abdullah Ayatrollah 10 days ago

    this is about video games? i never really played them but this is funny.

  • Christian Carter
    Christian Carter 11 days ago

    What a sad sack.

  • Stephen Wyatt
    Stephen Wyatt 11 days ago +1

    Jason Pullara was right. The guy is a mess.

    • Deep Ghoul
      Deep Ghoul 10 days ago +1

      Well, this whole scenario wasn't black-and-white, it was shades of grey.

  • 465marko
    465marko 11 days ago +1

    People with Bi-polar need to be really careful about making promises on Patreon accounts!! Seriously, it's one major headache here that could be fairly easily averted with some careful self-checking.
    You feel great, productive, optimistic, anything's-possible one minute....then, the money comes in and it coincides with a depressive episode and you can't deliver, and people rightly see you as a massive flake. They feel taken advantage of.
    Gotta watch that shit and only promise what you can definitely deliver.

  • KamenCJ
    KamenCJ 12 days ago +1

    I think you need to do a down the rabbit hole on justin carmichael aka jewwario

  • jamila bee
    jamila bee 12 days ago +3

    Damn I’ve never felt such a sting when that guy said “you’re a LOSER.” Fuck. That’s true anger 😂

  • Jaded Southern Belle
    Jaded Southern Belle 13 days ago

    Ahhh the fickle nature of the masses... *throws petals to the wind*

  • Buick Debaron
    Buick Debaron 13 days ago

    21:57 Ok but that sounded pretty epic for having been recorded on a regular microphone in the middle of a convention

  • ZMan1471
    ZMan1471 13 days ago +21

    I've noticed a life cycle of these types:
    1) discovery
    2) fame & raised ego
    3) chick leaves them
    4) drama
    5) they go off the deep end

    • Deep Ghoul
      Deep Ghoul 10 days ago +2

      Again, you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  • Jory Rayton
    Jory Rayton 13 days ago +1

    Not gonna lie I do miss when he would do final fantasy reviews.

  • don't matter
    don't matter 13 days ago +3

    Lordkat is a fucking prick... simple as that.
    Where is the down the rabbit hole for him

  • don't matter
    don't matter 13 days ago

    Hard to tell who is terrible in this 1. Seems like its lordkat

  • Newborn hippie99
    Newborn hippie99 14 days ago +2

    The trend with the people these videos are about is a lack of self awareness and unwillingness to change causes a steady and sometimes sharp decline in career where it seems these guys just can’t catch a break but it’s all their fault. Wasted potential but it happens I guess

  • David Dunn
    David Dunn 14 days ago

    Hoping the nostalgic fk' follows the same suit and goes down

  • john carlo Rayas
    john carlo Rayas 15 days ago

    Down The Rabbit Hole on the rest of Channel Awesome when?

  • TheNignag89
    TheNignag89 15 days ago

    Just saying that there are currently 11,111 comments on this video

  • Wurzel
    Wurzel 15 days ago


  • grxvzy
    grxvzy 16 days ago +1

    Common theme with the channel. Who in the 1st place would watch someone with less personality than a level 1 NPC.