iPad (2018 Edition) vs iPad Pro (2017 Edition)

  • Published on Jul 3, 2018
  • What's the difference between the iPad and the iPad Pro? Let's take a look. In this video, I have the iPad (2018 Edition) and the iPad Pro 10.5" (2017 Edition). Which should you buy?
    iPad (2018 Edition): jer.fyi/ipad2018
    iPad Pro (2017 Edition): jer.fyi/ipadpro10
    iPad Pro 12" (2017 Edition): jer.fyi/ipadpro12
    iPad Pro Keyboards: amzn.to/2lR6zWY
    iPad Cases: amzn.to/2MJeMrG
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Comments • 27

  • Magnus Lindberg
    Magnus Lindberg 5 months ago

    Good review
    Its just like a masterclass session

  • Nikolay Nikolov
    Nikolay Nikolov 6 months ago +1

    Bro this music...I can't here you...

  • Fred Douville
    Fred Douville 7 months ago +1

    Too loud of background music. I turned off with out watching entire clip.

  • Mike Joll
    Mike Joll 9 months ago +2

    Omg the background music is 😡
    Sorry don’t understand why people take the time to record and upload reviews but have daft music intro and during the reviews

    • StateofTech
      StateofTech  9 months ago

      I know, sorry. That happened in this video but not in all our other videos.

  • i Margo
    i Margo 9 months ago +1

    Thank you for this review! I have the 2017 iPad Pro 512g and absolutely love it. It is fast, and more useful than I ever imagined. I use it for making art, image manipulation, lettering and graphic design. The Apple Pencil is worth every penny (at first I thought it was a little overpriced, but then realized that the 3 Intuos Wacom tablets I’ve purchased over the years has set me back over $1,000 bucks). The Apple Pencil absolutely blows them away! That being said, I think I might buy the less expensive iPad for my husband who uses it as a shopping device - and web surfing! He has an older model and I want to upgrade his (Christmas gift). Nice job on the video!

  • Robin Mascall
    Robin Mascall 9 months ago +2

    Your music track is too loud mate

  • Will Scott
    Will Scott 10 months ago +7

    whats up with the loud as a mofo background music? wow

  • cool4skull
    cool4skull 10 months ago +2

    What's with the background music? Very destructive.

  • TechnoLadz Vlogs, Tech, Minecraft and More

    I’m surprised everyone thinks the iPad Pro is too expensive, although myself I think it should be £499 or £549, I also think iPads should have higher PPI like around 350-450PPI since I can see the pixels at the viewing angle I use my iPad

  • MechanicalMonkey84 - SlayTheFleshFeedTheSpirit

    What about the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7 vs the 2018 iPad? Which is better you think?

  • ivcfrdd
    ivcfrdd 11 months ago

    does the ipad 2018 have a raise to wake and battery saving mode just like the iphones? Thanks!

  • mrk107
    mrk107 11 months ago +4

    Who cares about the high price iPad Pro. I just want the 2018 iPad.

  • Deadly Brain
    Deadly Brain 11 months ago +5

    Good review/comparison. Have the Pro and I’m loving it. Suggestion, please turn the music down. I would of rather had none after the review started. But as I said excellent review, 👍🏽

  • beetchhouse
    beetchhouse 11 months ago +2

    A great review but background music too loud and distracting.

  • Camille Hicks
    Camille Hicks 11 months ago +1

    I love my iPad Pro o agree with you, this tablet is breast

    • John Gotti
      John Gotti 10 months ago

      Camille Hicks breast 😂

  • Falcon
    Falcon 11 months ago +1

    fortnite is capped at 30 fps

  • D
    D 11 months ago +2

    Apple is only good for updates .

  • UttR Concrete
    UttR Concrete 11 months ago +6

    I got the first gen iPad Pro and it still rocks.