Last Names

  • Published on Jan 24, 2018
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  • Ms Korosu
    Ms Korosu 8 minutes ago

    I'm a Pilipino. Any other Pilipino fans here?😄

    My last name is Tolentino.

  • flacon halcon
    flacon halcon 19 minutes ago +1

    I have a fricken Mexican name. Well last name it's de dios

  • bae max
    bae max 24 minutes ago

    Omg i can relate! My name has an s and y next to it which sounds like sh-. Thank God they asked me how to pronounce my name before the real prize giving ceremony

  • Emil Goldfire
    Emil Goldfire 26 minutes ago


  • Tricia Low
    Tricia Low Hour ago

    Ng is pronounced as eng in Singapore

  • PuppyLovey Dovey
    PuppyLovey Dovey 2 hours ago

    My last name is Jovanovska
    Say:(jov ah nos ca)

  • Kadouci Abdenasser
    Kadouci Abdenasser 2 hours ago

    Bangaban 🙄🙄

  • Pia Lianne Magpayo
    Pia Lianne Magpayo 3 hours ago

    Actually the *ng* thing is pronounce *nang*

  • N O E L D E J E S U S
    N O E L D E J E S U S 5 hours ago

    Hi dom em also a filipino

  • DaNoobyGamer
    DaNoobyGamer 6 hours ago

    2:41 mom: DID SOMEBODY SAY P-

  • Decibone
    Decibone 7 hours ago

    Well hello there sir *p u n j a b o b*

  • PandaCake Playz
    PandaCake Playz 7 hours ago +1

    During elementary school during award assemblies, my teachers were always mixed up with my Vietnamese last name Ngo. One time my fourth grade teacher gave up and said. " I'm not even gonna try to say that. "

  • Rachel is weird
    Rachel is weird 7 hours ago +1

    My last name is hundal

  • Lara Sofia Avila Diu
    Lara Sofia Avila Diu 8 hours ago +1

    filipino hereeee

  • Scarlet Witch
    Scarlet Witch 8 hours ago +1

    My name is Bea Simangca

  • Shelby’s Life
    Shelby’s Life 9 hours ago

    Lol my last name is Shelby 😂 only my friends would understand this

  • A12tmoreno -
    A12tmoreno - 9 hours ago

    My name is Robert Moreno

  • Alton Jinseo
    Alton Jinseo 9 hours ago

    Goddamn... same story

  • we know
    we know 9 hours ago

    Lets have name contest : (Weirdest) My name : Faithe Alpha Montero Lomoljo (the *jo* is read as Ho)not hoe XD
    It literally means "trust in the End*

  • Eriko Chū
    Eriko Chū 10 hours ago +1

    My dads name last name is panganiban

  • Oliver Gacha PH
    Oliver Gacha PH 10 hours ago +1

    Im Filipino and my last name is Castañares XDDD

  • Jude Jones
    Jude Jones 10 hours ago

    I have the same problem with my first name so my name is jude and people ask WhaTS YouR FIrSt NaMe entirelY

  • Angel P.
    Angel P. 11 hours ago +1

    My last name is Pepper ..... I hate my last name oof

  • sanyu yang
    sanyu yang 11 hours ago

    This is like pronoucing long japenese names

  • Exploding Meme
    Exploding Meme 11 hours ago +1

    My last name is three letters. Don’t be jealous thought because people still make fun of it because it’s spelled differently than how it’s pronounced.

  • Kenialys Garcia
    Kenialys Garcia 11 hours ago

    I understand even though my last name is short

  • alex soto
    alex soto 12 hours ago

    Aka bob

  • alex soto
    alex soto 12 hours ago


  • Doge Boi
    Doge Boi 12 hours ago

    I'm Jack Keegan so it works either way

  • Akime 1020
    Akime 1020 12 hours ago


  • Bam Slam Kabam
    Bam Slam Kabam 12 hours ago

    T s a r e g o r o d t s e--- wait I forgot the fbi is watching.

  • Mike Holcomb
    Mike Holcomb 12 hours ago


  • K A Z M A O O J I
    K A Z M A O O J I 12 hours ago

    It’s easy when you’re from a spanish country

  • Mr. Sandman
    Mr. Sandman 13 hours ago

    *pan gan knee ban*

  • •KitsunePlayz•
    •KitsunePlayz• 13 hours ago

    My name is Narnia in itself. My first name is always misspelled but easy to pronounce. My middle name is HELL. It's hard to pronounce and hard to spell. My first last name is easy in both ways and mt second one is just weird to say because it sounds like 'tounge.' We in the same boat, bro.
    P.S. I said your name right uwu

  • FearlessCatLover 213
    FearlessCatLover 213 13 hours ago

    "Porn- Porn! O.o"

  • Andy Vaudreuil
    Andy Vaudreuil 16 hours ago

    Oh really pronounce this vaudreuil my last nam.

  • axa sack
    axa sack 17 hours ago

    yo im asian tooo i can relate

  • _-Golden Tickle-_
    _-Golden Tickle-_ 17 hours ago

    Turkish names aren't easy in Germany too =w=''
    My last name means Kılıç = Sword (i think)
    But my last name has an N in front of the ç and some other letters after it so yeH it ain't easy for the germans

  • Kayla Nguyen
    Kayla Nguyen 18 hours ago

    Or new win

  • Kayla Nguyen
    Kayla Nguyen 18 hours ago

    It’s win

  • Kayla Nguyen
    Kayla Nguyen 18 hours ago

    Your wrong on nguyen my last name is nguyen

  • Deidara Debut
    Deidara Debut 18 hours ago


  • Snake
    Snake 18 hours ago

    1:01 bitch that romania

  • evil art fox
    evil art fox 19 hours ago

    My friend said Paninamagahmehsas

  • GeneralTuber
    GeneralTuber 19 hours ago

    You just put the romanian flag in this vid im proud cuz im romanian

  • Maria Nel Cajudo
    Maria Nel Cajudo 20 hours ago

    Pure filipina here and yet my last name is Cajudo

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos 21 hour ago

    Try to said my name Turcios its hard as heck

  • emily 137
    emily 137 21 hour ago

    My last name is Amed is weird but you well get it if you say a lot😁

  • Alice Nyberg
    Alice Nyberg 21 hour ago

    My name means new mountain in Swedish

  • H.B I
    H.B I 22 hours ago +1

    nononono not ALL korean names are easy....


    btw my last name is Im NOT I´m

  • Мери Попинс
    Мери Попинс 22 hours ago

    Ha, you're lucky, you're not from Russia. Your last name sounds like “Banana F*ck,” and this is no joke ._.

  • studentlounge23
    studentlounge23 23 hours ago

    I teach in the phil and we always introduce the letter(yes its a letter) NG as /nguh/

  • jingvinz
    jingvinz 23 hours ago

    Panganiban is like so easy to pronounce.

    I get it all of y’all Americans, English and etc.
    Also sorry for saying y’all.

  • Hoang Nam Vo
    Hoang Nam Vo 23 hours ago

    wow your

  • Sbendis Abuyen
    Sbendis Abuyen 23 hours ago

    Try pronouncing *ABUYEN*

  • Aaaa Bbb
    Aaaa Bbb 23 hours ago

    I already got this in the first time

    Im also filipino

  • Adelina Rogozan
    Adelina Rogozan 23 hours ago

    1:02 Romania! 😍

  • Ivano Pavic
    Ivano Pavic Day ago


  • Ronald Rivero
    Ronald Rivero Day ago

    the "ng" last name is pronounced "nang" because that what filipino pronunce it

  • HeyItzMePat !
    HeyItzMePat ! Day ago

    Btw I’m Thai and I think most of my friends with Thai names are quite difficult to pronounce their names

  • Zeen Zones
    Zeen Zones Day ago

    5:15..... One Punch Man??? With Hair

  • Zeen Zones
    Zeen Zones Day ago

    My name is Rydoen ..... Everyone say it as *REIDOEON* but is RIDIEON(is still weird tho)

  • Gwen Chanah
    Gwen Chanah Day ago


  • Hippity
    Hippity Day ago

    my surname is

  • GamePlayKing
    GamePlayKing Day ago

    People:Filipino names are hard
    Me: some Filipino words are difficult to say when put in a sentence eg.the way to say "nice to meet you" in Tagalog is "kinagagalak Kong makilala Ka" sorry if I make a mistake I am not Filipino and my Tagalog isn't the best

  • Yumi Gorospe
    Yumi Gorospe Day ago

    I have a Chinese surname and until now I can't pronounce and spell it cause I usually use my Filipino surname and now I'm going to a Chinese school so I need to use my Chinese surname now🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Cean Tiffany's videos

    I am a Filipino but I don't find it hard saying my last name but problem is it is so LONG it is Macahusay sometimes people spell it as Makahusay but I don't mind😑

  • Noted Fair
    Noted Fair Day ago

    O o tatay

  • Kanneki500XD The gamer

    i am a filipono

  • ItzBlaze
    ItzBlaze Day ago

    a filipino

  • 수얀
    수얀 Day ago

    " Im looking at you Koreans with your Kims and Parks and Lees"
    lowkey felt the salt in that attack

    • 수얀
      수얀 Day ago

      also 'ng' in Mandarin is pronounced "uh-ng"

    • 수얀
      수얀 Day ago

      my chinese surname is "tan" try pronouncing that as well HAHA

  • Pastel Blue Gacha
    Pastel Blue Gacha Day ago +2

    I had a classmate last year who's last name is "Panaligan"
    I'm the Philippines.... :))

  • Drawing Donuts
    Drawing Donuts Day ago

    It's easy for me to spell it

  • Samira Urustemova

    My last is really hard and it’s annoying when someone try’s to pronounce it

  • Jayden Britton
    Jayden Britton Day ago


  • muhid khan
    muhid khan Day ago +1

    my last name is khan

  • daisy Sun
    daisy Sun Day ago +1

    haha my last name is sun

  • Anger's and Vcut's Show

    What about GUTIERREZ?

  • Werewolfynations

    Dont worry im filipino to but i have a chinese last name -_-

  • Dar Baguiz
    Dar Baguiz Day ago

    Im filipino

  • Chicken Burrito
    Chicken Burrito Day ago

    I have a Polish last name “Szkiela”

  • Fl flames
    Fl flames Day ago

    My first name is Aaiez yeah it is pronounce it eyes weird I know

  • JanaThe Panda
    JanaThe Panda Day ago

    I understand my surname is Duran sometimes people say Durian like Wkdkxjdskksosoala

  • aya the cookies stealer

    after watching the tutorial 2 time i finally can read ur last name * roblox oof*

  • Inga Rohde
    Inga Rohde Day ago

    Kasia Andrzejewska or Katarzyna Andrzejewska only people knowing Polish pronounce or there is harder last name in polish Konstantynopolitańczykowianeczka

  • PhyCastic
    PhyCastic Day ago

    Where's the Filipinos out there?

  • Jason S
    Jason S Day ago

    Got it!!!!😄😀

  • Ana Banana
    Ana Banana Day ago

    Wow my last name is just Martinez

  • Lion Pagaduan
    Lion Pagaduan Day ago

    My last name is pagaduan 😆

  • Eli lee/e lie
    Eli lee/e lie Day ago

    Reeeeee my last name is Lee and I'm American

  • Lovelyn Porto
    Lovelyn Porto Day ago

    My friend's name is shine panganiban

  • Day Chan Pan Man Can Ran Sand Band Land

    3:51 when I eat flan oof

  • exoticgamer 1235


  • Ahreyah Uy
    Ahreyah Uy Day ago

    This is why I go by my middle name. My first name is always auto correct.y last name is stupid

  • Master chief 6871

    duregger try to pronouce that :)

  • thefatirati i
    thefatirati i Day ago

    2:40 lol

  • Drilid
    Drilid Day ago +1


  • BladeEdits
    BladeEdits Day ago +2

    Says Alanna Nicholson.
    Runs over to Alanna
    Me: bro you're popular
    No actually, I have a classmate whose name is Alanna Nicholson

  • StupidSallyArtz
    StupidSallyArtz Day ago

    UM ACTUALLY Ng is pronounced Norwegium, get your facts strait DOMINIC