Last Names

  • Published on Jan 24, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Mobile Legends Addict
    Mobile Legends Addict 36 minutes ago

    My Frickin last name is Yuchitcho my last name is pronounced Yu- Chit- Chew but my classmates even my frickin teacher prounounces my last name Yu- chit- co like wtf?!?!?
    Im pilipino half chinese

  • Antonete Opelena
    Antonete Opelena Hour ago +1

    Im a pilipino and my last name is Opeleña

  • peeper lmao
    peeper lmao Hour ago

    If youre filipino panganiban is pretty easy to pronounce tbh :V

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe Hour ago

    2:40 just died here. idk

  • Rob boss :3
    Rob boss :3 Hour ago +1

    Woodward is my surname.
    No it’s not woodWARD.
    it’s woodWOOD
    Pronounce woodWOOD
    spelt woodWARD.

  • sherrie simmons
    sherrie simmons 2 hours ago

    Omg I am laughing so hard

  • Do Thina
    Do Thina 2 hours ago

    Awww, you are right im Vietnamese's

  • Jussel DarkHybro
    Jussel DarkHybro 2 hours ago

    My last name is perol

  • Animating Gamer
    Animating Gamer 2 hours ago

    Can’t you just simplify panganiban into just the letter P

  • K Ryuga
    K Ryuga 3 hours ago

    0:28 OMG! You just mentioned all my friends' last name! IM NOT EVEN KIDDING!!!@

  • Ashiimichu
    Ashiimichu 4 hours ago +1

    2:34 It just looks like someone just smashed their keyboard lmaoooo

  • YEAH!SEEN 5:25
    YEAH!SEEN 5:25 5 hours ago

    This video was your best

  • Joel Mathew
    Joel Mathew 5 hours ago

    I have a first name for my last name

  • smh smh smh smh smh
    smh smh smh smh smh 5 hours ago

    I'm from Poland and my last name is krzykowski

  • Kathleen B
    Kathleen B 6 hours ago

    Now im curious about yo middle name... Anong tagalog sa foolish? Lol

  • Melio :P
    Melio :P 6 hours ago

    according to my filipino mother, Ng is nang

  • Jhaisy Fam
    Jhaisy Fam 7 hours ago

    mangulabnan buenavente 😂 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Lynette Lamb
    Lynette Lamb 9 hours ago


  • Lynette Lamb
    Lynette Lamb 9 hours ago


  • Valerie C
    Valerie C 11 hours ago

    Voice crake @ 2:25 😂

  • supersonic4335
    supersonic4335 11 hours ago

    Adesso parli pure inglese domics???o mio dio hai un canale inglese e uno italiano!!!lol

  • JoonaJee
    JoonaJee 12 hours ago

    3:09 like If u have 2 of toes

    I have

  • MU - 09LE - Turner Fenton SS (2572)

    Pan ga ne bun

  • xCameronx
    xCameronx 15 hours ago

    As a fluent filipino speaker, panganiban is so easy to say. 😔👌

  • Nflame
    Nflame 16 hours ago +1

    I cringed when he says Nguyen cause that was my first name

  • Rush B for Blyat
    Rush B for Blyat 16 hours ago

    Read my fam name Errua

  • Peenoise
    Peenoise 16 hours ago

    Im Filipino and my last name is Casabuena...
    It pronounced as Ka sa bwena na

  • WOW Kuzmanovski
    WOW Kuzmanovski 17 hours ago

    your lost name is SOOOO EASY when ypi sed it i tried it and i got it PERFECT so yeah its easy and love your vids

  • Rov Gg
    Rov Gg 17 hours ago

    I’m Thai My last name is very long

  • rEbaNE0 p3Kdor
    rEbaNE0 p3Kdor 17 hours ago

    I'm spanish and my name is Aitana “ AGUIRREZABALA ”

  • Ayoub Alrfadey
    Ayoub Alrfadey 17 hours ago

    Mr Panjabebob

  • Fire Egniter
    Fire Egniter 18 hours ago

    I am Filipino yay I now how to say your name ps can you speak Tagalog

  • Alberts 2nd New Flamingo

    Im da pilipaino pinoy


  • Justin Tangtawee
    Justin Tangtawee 18 hours ago

    I have the shortest name in the class.
    Tangtawee (Its short because this is how to spell in thai ตั้งทวี Lol)

  • Ima killer whale
    Ima killer whale 18 hours ago

    Bear-nar-tho “Bernardo” im Filipino hahaha

  • depressed guy
    depressed guy 18 hours ago

    Ill gice one filipino swear word, the most common now. Here it is: Putang ina mo

  • depressed guy
    depressed guy 18 hours ago

    My uncle has the same last name lol. Anyways, Hi from Russian-Filipino

  • Codename Aki
    Codename Aki 18 hours ago

    pronounce as
    pa nga ni ban
    am i right?

  • Codename Aki
    Codename Aki 18 hours ago

    3:47 nang i guess

  • Alexa Nicole P Cerezo
    Alexa Nicole P Cerezo 18 hours ago

    em stuck in 0:38 HAHAHAHHA

  • Codename Aki
    Codename Aki 18 hours ago

    well my surname is Comia (pronounce it as Comiya) still my teacher called it Coma

    SAM AMV 19 hours ago

    Your last name really is easy in our language witch is bangla. BTW my name is Salauddin Ahmed let's see can you pronounce it.

  • Just A. Boi
    Just A. Boi 20 hours ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not a single soul:

    Thai Last Names: *P O R N P I P A T P O N G ! ! !*

  • Aiden Meir Balce
    Aiden Meir Balce 20 hours ago +1

    Pa nga gi ban

  • Aiden Meir Balce
    Aiden Meir Balce 20 hours ago +2

    My Full Name Is Aiden Meir Dela Cruz Balce And Balce Is Pronounced Like Balsé

  • Bradley Ilagan
    Bradley Ilagan 22 hours ago

    People should know that NG like in gerunds is a Filipino letter. Stress is a thing. (looking at you stress marks)
    And I'm not calling you punjah-bob.

  • iconic_clover art
    iconic_clover art 22 hours ago

    My last name is welsh

  • Tishri Gabuya
    Tishri Gabuya 23 hours ago

    I am a filipino, so its not that hard, dominic foolish danger

  • Doki Doki Tiger Club
    Doki Doki Tiger Club 23 hours ago

    My last name is Vo.

  • Sherica Natulla
    Sherica Natulla 23 hours ago +1

    Mine is Natulla and my teacher mistakenly read it as Nutella.
    Ps: Im also a Philippinian.

  • Coffe Cat
    Coffe Cat 23 hours ago

    My last name is damn weird :'v

  • Dirkdyne Javier
    Dirkdyne Javier Day ago +1

    I’m Filipino like u and my last names is Javier even my Filipino friends don’t know how to pronounce it hahaha
    It’s pronounced as Havier not literally “j”

  • Juan Espino
    Juan Espino Day ago

    pare were relatives

  • Lutte Media
    Lutte Media Day ago

    My last name is TEJADA, some people pronounce it so wrong

    FRINT GAMING Day ago

    Pornpipatpong Hahaha Kinginang Yan Nakakatawa Ahm PORN?

  • kai uwu
    kai uwu Day ago

    it's easy.... cause i'm part filipino ...

  • Peachy Vibes
    Peachy Vibes Day ago

    Even if we're in the philippines THEY CAN NEVER PRONOUNCE MY LAST NAME CORRECTLY.

    I have been called flamingo so many times I hate it, but I love it at the same time

  • Volmat
    Volmat Day ago


    Naranjo, yes, Orange in English ._.

  • Vasili Virakov
    Vasili Virakov Day ago

    As a Filipino. I can really relate to that

  • Malachi Thomas
    Malachi Thomas Day ago

    My last name is Thomas some people call tell me I'm Thomas the choo choo train 😑